The best children's toilet reducers in the UK 2023

When baby grows up, he can no longer relieve himself in a potty, especially since the toilet bowl is still too big for him. That's why parents buy a toilet seat reducer for children. This device adapts the dimensions of the toilet to younger children. For more fruitful research, discover our guide to the best toilet reducers for children.

Adovel C220

Best value for money

Adovel C220

The best child toilet reducer in 2021

For added convenience, the Adovel C220 is both foldable and adjustable. It has wide steps while the toilet seat offers enough comfort to build a sense of confidence for your child while learning.

26,39 £ on Amazon

The Adovel C220 can be installed without additional tools and uses high quality materials such as PP, PVC and sponge. The large step is 31 cm wide and fully non-slip, with a maximum load capacity of 75 kg. It can be used as a footrest when he needs to relieve himself and can be adjusted in height.

The Adovel C220 toilet trainer has a modern, yet simple design. It has been designed for all children between 1 and 7 years and is also suitable for all toilets up to 41 cm high, adopting the V and O shape.

Rightwell Upgrade Version

Best value for money

Rightwell Upgrade Version

The best entry-level child toilet reducer

With the Rightwell Upgrade Version, your child will be more comfortable when using the toilet. It also helps keep the seats clean, whether you're at home or in a public restroom.

10,39 £ on Amazon

The Rightwell Upgrade Version is equipped with 8 non-slip silicone pads to help secure the device to the toilet seat. Its beautiful bear-like design encourages children in their potty training. In this improved version, smooth edges are added for a better user experience.

It is as light as it is portable. You can fold it and take it with you at any time. In fact, you'll receive a carrying bag with your purchase. Its ability to fit any standard toilet is among its best features.

Réducteur de WC Enfant ElfRoutes

Best value for money

ElfRoutes Childrens Toilet Reducer

The best high-end child toilet reducer

If your toilet measures between 38 and 42 cm high, the ElfRoutes Child Toilet Reducer will suit you. It is ideal for U-type models, but also for O- and V-type models.

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The ElfRoutes Child Toilet Reducer is one of the most robust. Its one-piece design ensures maximum safety and comfort. The padded cushion prevents your child from slipping or falling. The footboard is relatively wide to allow your child to climb without difficulty. The anti-slip pads offer a better fixation.

It only takes a minute to set up the ElfRoutes Children's Toilet Trainer. This model is easy to fold and store. Plus, it's space-saving so you can lean it against the wall when your child isn't using it. It is easy to adjust the two feet to the floor.

BabyBjörn 058028

Simple and convenient

BabyBjörn 058028

A convenient, easy-to-use child toilet reducer

Although it is only suitable for children over 2 years of age, the BabyBjörn 058028 offers stability, comfort and safety to its user. Equipped with an anti-spill deflector, it is very easy to install, as well as to clean.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best toilet reducer for children

Any specific needs?

The best child toilet reducer in 2021

The best entry-level child toilet reducer

The best high-end child toilet reducer

A convenient, easy-to-use child toilet reducer

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Comparison table of the best children's toilet reducers

Adovel C220
Rightwell Upgrade Version
Réducteur de WC Enfant ElfRoutes
BabyBjörn 058028
Adovel C220
Rightwell Upgrade Version
ElfRoutes Childrens Toilet Reducer
BabyBjörn 058028
For added convenience, the Adovel C220 is both foldable and adjustable. It has wide steps while the toilet seat offers enough comfort to build a sense of confidence for your child while learning.
With the Rightwell Upgrade Version, your child will be more comfortable when using the toilet. It also helps keep the seats clean, whether you're at home or in a public restroom.
If your toilet measures between 38 and 42 cm high, the ElfRoutes Child Toilet Reducer will suit you. It is ideal for U-type models, but also for O- and V-type models.
Although it is only suitable for children over 2 years of age, the BabyBjörn 058028 offers stability, comfort and safety to its user. Equipped with an anti-spill deflector, it is very easy to install, as well as to clean.
PP + TPR + sponge + PVC
Polypropylene, ABS, silicone
BPA-free plastic
Height of toilet
Up to 41 cm
38 to 42 cm
Shape of toilet
V and O
U, O, V and square
In V, U and O
37 x 9.3 x 65.5 cm
20.6 x 15.8 x 6 cm
68 x 37 x 9 cm
29 x 9 x 36 cm
2.3 kg
420 g
2.26 kg
400 g

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Buying guide - toilet reducer for children

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How to choose your toilet reducer for children

In order to choose the best toilet seat reducer for your baby, you need to make sure that the product is healthy and safe for your baby. The toilet bowl is an elevated place, so you have to be careful that the model you buy does not increase the risk of falling. Therefore, I invite you to read the rest of this guide.

#1 - The comfort

This is the first step in your search. If the seat is too hard, your baby will refuse to use it. Many infant toilet reducers offer padded seats and raised sides with a raised back to complete the "cozy" picture. This is the type of product you'll want to consider even if it doesn't have the raised back option. The other comfort criterion is the design of the product. The toilet reducers are distinguished by the designs and colors present on the surface of the object. This criterion should also be taken into account so that the toilet session becomes a fun.

#2 - The material

You should choose a material that facilitates maintenance and without "BPA". Materials like polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS) are good choices. Children's toilet reducers made from these materials can be easily washed. Thus, you will be able to maintain good hygiene at a lower cost.

#3 - The safety

For the safety of our little cherubs, it is wise to get a toilet reducer with a handle on both sides for the child to hold. Moreover, it is more and more common to find toilet reducers for children with a step stool or a ladder as an accessory. This is very practical as it encourages baby to be independent. However, take grade, the accessory should have a non-slip material at its base. Thus, the object will not slip when baby wants to climb on it. Finally, having a deflector on the front is a good idea, as it will prevent splashing.

#4 - The size

Not all child toilet reducers are the same size. The right idea will be to buy a model that will match the size of your toilet bowl. If you use a product that is too big, the stability of the whole thing

will be challenged and your baby may fall out. On the market, you can find reducers with a standard size. These have the advantage of fitting almost all existing models.

#5 - The fit

Since the child toilet reducer will need to be placed on the toilet bowl, the attachment mechanism must be particularly strong. Here, the D-system is out of the question since it is junior's physical integrity that is at stake. Observe the clip mechanism if it is not too fragile and if the assembly is easy to install.

When to use a child toilet seat reducer?

According to the American Association of Pediatricians, the use of a toilet reducer for children is suggested between 18 and 24 months. Your child will not have full control of the toilet until about a year after the first use, so it is necessary to assist him/her during this time. However, these data are only indicative, since no two children are alike. In this story, the parents' observation and judgment must also be taken into account.

Normally, most parents start looking for a child toilet seat reducer when the child starts to stop using the potty or asks for it in the adult toilet. These are signs that will prompt you to make the transition from the potty to a toilet reducer. Children tend to want to imitate grown-ups, especially if they are family members. To make the transition, don't rush him, but teach him and try to explain things calmly. Be patient!

Don't be surprised if your child manages to go from the potty to the adult toilet without needing a toilet seat. That's good, but you'll need to keep an eye on him to make sure there are no accidents.

Removable or fixed?


Removable child toilet seats are versatile pieces of equipment. You can take it with you wherever you go, to your family's house or on vacation, and in this way baby's initiation will not be interrupted. The only problem is that you will have to remove the reducer after each use and hang it on the wall or in a corner of the toilet. However, you can easily wash it somewhere other than on the toilet.


In case your child has his own toilet, individually, this type of product is the best solution. The method of fixing these reducers is more complex, which makes them permanent, using screws or to be fixed on the toilet seat. Therefore, they are not transportable and for your travels you will have to buy a removable model. However, it is the best device to accelerate the independence of action of junior to the toilet. He will not need any help and he will learn the basics of the toilet by himself.


A removable toilet reducer for children is suitable in the situation where you only have a toilet or you are on the move.

The fixed type is suitable for households with an individual toilet for their child.

Why buy a child's toilet reducer?

Enjoy the ease of use

The child toilet reducer is designed to be easy to use and to fit the vast majority of toilet seats. In a few simple steps, the equipment is installed, stable and ready to use.


The child toilet reducer is portable. It can be moved from one place to another. So you can simply store it and take it with you, whenever you and your toddler visit someone else's house or other public space. This way, too, your toddler has easy access to it whenever she feels the need to go.

Encouraging independence

This is one of the major advantages of the toilet reducer over the traditional potty. The similarity with the way parents do things is very important when you know that children love to imitate grown-ups. Unlike the potty, the toilet seat reducer for children allows you to teach them to take responsibility more quickly, to climb on the toilet with the help of a step, to lower the seat and to flush the toilet after each use.

Right size

The small size of a child's toilet reducer makes it less intimidating and easy for a toddler to use on his own. Once your child is done with their activities, you'll just need to remove it. These children's toilet reducers offer the perfect size for kids. So, kids can enjoy a version designed for their smaller size.

Improved comfort

By taking advantage of the child toilet reducer option, kids won't have to worry. They will be able to enjoy kid-friendly colors with illustrations that will soothe their anxieties. This will improve the overall experience and help children use the toilet more easily.


Supervise the child.

It takes time for a child to understand the concept of cleanliness, including personal hygiene. Therefore, you should supervise your child every time he goes to the bathroom until he is 4 years old. He won't wipe himself completely until he's 4. But this is not an absolute truth, because no two children are alike. To find out, watch him carefully when he wipes.

Clean the reducer and your toilet!!


you have children, the most important thing in a house is to fight bacteria. That's why you need to maintain impeccable hygiene in your toilet. So, to clean a child toilet reducer you can use baby cleaning wipes and wipe the entire surface of the item ardently. This is a gentle way to have a clean toilet. The hard way is to clean it by spraying it with water and detergent. The worry is that you can get it everywhere.

Train the child to use the reducer.

Using a child's toilet reducer can quickly become a nightmare for parents. However, one way to encourage junior to use it is to make it like fun while explaining what it is.

Don't force things!

This is

the best way to gross him out for a long time. Kids like to imitate adults, but in another sense they don't want to be forced to do it. It's like a game!

During the

first week, bite your lip and accept that baby will make mistakes. Instead, praise and encourage him. You'll get better results then.


What is the best child toilet reducer?

The best child reducer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What do the PP or PE markings on child toilet reducers mean?


: Polyethylene is a polymer for making plastic objects. It is the most widely circulated plastic in the world. PP: Polypropylene, on the other hand, is a more advanced, rigid and strong plastic. These are the basic materials that make up the reducer. You can also find the mention "PS" for polystyrene or "PVC" for polyvinyl chloride. For technical reasons, avoid PE-based products for your baby.

Why do some child toilet reducers have a step?


are manufacturer packs. The ladder or step allows the child to independently and safely access the reducer. There are child steps for sale on online sales platforms for about twenty euros.

How do I install a child toilet reducer?


you have a removable child toilet reducer, you will need to place it over the toilet opening and push lightly on it. Normally, you will hear the click, a sign that it is well secured. For the permanent models, you must screw it on according to the user's manual. It usually takes only a few minutes to install.

How do I maintain a child reducer?


are various ways to clean a child's toilet reducer. To learn more, read our guide.


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Adovel C220
Adovel C220
Rightwell Upgrade Version
Rightwell Upgrade Version
Réducteur de WC Enfant ElfRoutes
ElfRoutes Childrens Toilet Reducer
BabyBjörn 058028
BabyBjörn 058028


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