The best thermostatic kitchen mixers in the UK 2023

Are you tired of waiting hours for hot water? Do you often burn yourself when you wash the dishes? Rest assured, all that is over now. If you want to wash your dishes at the right temperature and in complete safety, opt for a thermostatic kitchen mixer. In addition to providing comfort, this device is very environmentally friendly, as it consumes very little energy and water. Our buying guide will help you choose the thermostatic kitchen mixer you need.

MBYW 9664444398096 1

Editor's Choice

MBYW 9664444398096

The best thermostatic kitchen mixer in 2021

The MBYW 9664444398096 thermostatic kitchen mixer promises a long life with a rust and corrosion resistant design.

78,87 £ on Amazon

This high quality thermostatic mixing valve has a solid brass body and a chrome-plated surface. This design provides very effective protection against rust and corrosion. So you can be sure that it will stay in your kitchen for a few years. It will last even longer if you take the time to maintain it properly.

You should know that this product is in spare parts. However, there is nothing to worry about, as the assembly can be done easily. Normally, the packaging contains 55 mm copper screws extended from 32 to 48 mm, a 2 x 600 mm flexible connection pipe and a 3/8" to 1/2" adapter. Reliable and versatile, the MBYW thermostatic kitchen mixer guarantees exceptional quality. This device has been designed with the best materials and the most modern designs in the industry.

Futchoy FB-HJWJL-362-XBLB 2

Best Cheap

Futchoy FB-HJWJL-362-XBLB

The best entry-level thermostatic kitchen mixer

The Futchoy thermostatic kitchen mixer is ideal for the kitchen, but it can also be used in the bathroom.

47,20 £ on Amazon

The Futchoy thermostatic kitchen mixer has a high quality copper body. There is no risk of the device rusting. Its composition of copper, stainless steel and brass materials ensures a good quality device. A perfectly sound and rustproof design. It is equipped with a double support with a single-hole mounting.

The Futchoy brand thermostatic kitchen mixer has a somewhat simple, but very neat design. There is also a certain modernity. Its hot or cold index is located on the handle. The left side gives the water pulsation, while the right side gives the water temperature.

FZHLR NC-41478D2379 3

Best High End

FZHLR NC-41478D2379

The best high-end thermostatic kitchen mixer

The FZHLR NC-41478D2379 thermostatic kitchen mixer will work great in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. It is very easy to clean.

116 £ on Amazon

The FZHLR NC-41478D2379 thermostatic kitchen mixer is made from environmentally friendly materials. It contains no lead and its composition is totally non-toxic. Its high performance ceramic alloy significantly reduces scale, chlorine and impurities in the water that comes out of the faucet.

With a slim and compact design, the FZHLR NC-41478D2379 thermostatic kitchen faucet is corrosion and rust resistant. Preventing dirt from sticking to the surface of the faucet. This device has a very long service life. This is due to the high quality sealing performance of the valve core. In addition to that, a simple cloth is enough to clean it properly.

CGLOVEWYL 6904852051040 4


CGLOVEWYL 6904852051040

A great thermostatic kitchen mixer

The CGLOVEWYL thermostatic kitchen mixer can easily be installed in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

76,31 £ on Amazon

With its small design, the CGLOVEWYL thermostatic kitchen mixer will easily blend in with your interior. Its size is perfect for use in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. This basin faucet can be installed on the sink. Just a few minutes of adjustment and you can enjoy perfectly tempered water.

This product is made of copper materials and brass valve core. Its stainless steel-like color adds allure to the sturdiness. On the other side you have a handle designed to adjust the water temperature. It differs by the presence of a number on its turn.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best thermostatic kitchen mixer

Any specific needs?

The best thermostatic kitchen mixer in 2021

The best entry-level thermostatic kitchen mixer

The best high-end thermostatic kitchen mixer

A great thermostatic kitchen mixer

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Comparison table of the best thermostatic kitchen mixers

MBYW 9664444398096 5
Futchoy FB-HJWJL-362-XBLB 6
FZHLR NC-41478D2379 7
CGLOVEWYL 6904852051040 8
MBYW 9664444398096
Futchoy FB-HJWJL-362-XBLB
FZHLR NC-41478D2379
CGLOVEWYL 6904852051040
The MBYW 9664444398096 thermostatic kitchen mixer promises a long life with a rust and corrosion resistant design.
The Futchoy thermostatic kitchen mixer is ideal for the kitchen, but it can also be used in the bathroom.
The FZHLR NC-41478D2379 thermostatic kitchen mixer will work great in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. It is very easy to clean.
The CGLOVEWYL thermostatic kitchen mixer can easily be installed in both the kitchen and the bathroom.
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass
Faucet assembly
Single hole mounting
Single hole mounting
single hole
Number of handles
double handle
Double handle
single handle
single handle
Number of parts

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Buying guide - thermostatic kitchen mixer

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How to choose your thermostatic kitchen mixer

To find the best thermostatic kitchen mixer, you need to consider its versatility, design, brand, setting accuracy and flow limiter.

#1 - The versatility

If you want to perform your daily task in the kitchen with maximum comfort, it is very important to choose a versatile thermostatic kitchen mixer. In the kitchen, the versatility of your instruments greatly facilitates your tasks. On the market, you will find many models equipped with knobs. This will allow you to quietly clean your dishes, fruits and vegetables, but also hard-to-reach places.

#2 - The design

The design is a criterion that you should absolutely take into account when choosing your thermostatic kitchen mixer. Since the latter has rather a shape that does not necessarily go unnoticed, it must be in perfect harmony with the elements of your kitchen. Not only for style, but also so that it can easily blend in with the decor. There are several thermostatic kitchen mixers with natural, modern, industrial and many other styles. It is up to you to make the right choice, according to your taste.

#3 - The brand name

To benefit from a thermostatic kitchen mixer, the brand is a criterion that should not be overlooked. This one ensures and guarantees a solid and reliable device. There are many manufacturers today that offer very high quality sanitary products. Some even have NF certification. A collective European certification mark indicating that the item meets the imposed standards.

#4 - The accuracy of the setting

In terms of practicality, having a thermostatic kitchen mixer with precise adjustment remains a crucial element. This saves a lot of time and offers more safety when performing tasks requiring the device. Note that there are two types of models available on the market. Some offer settings by temperature range, and others a setting to the nearest degree.

#5 - The flow restrictor

Although thermostatic kitchen mixers are known to be very economical, it is still important to look into a flow limiter criterion. This will help you avoid waste and save even more energy. When choosing a faucet, look for one with an economy button. It is important to know that not all thermostatic kitchen mixers are equipped with this option. That's why this criterion is necessary. You can also find mixers with temperature lock functions.

How to disassemble a thermostatic mixer?

Removing a thermostatic kitchen mixer is always necessary. Even if it is to change a thermostatic cartridge or a simple descaling of the cartridge. Disassembly is within everyone's reach, provided you have the necessary tools and the time to do it. For the tools, you will need a wrench or wrench, flat wrenches, joint compound, sealing tape and gaskets.

First of all, you need to turn off the water supply and completely drain the residual water.

Disassembling the thermostatic mixing valve

To remove the thermostatic mixer, you need to do the work gradually. Using the wrench, unscrew the two sides of the thermostatic valve little by little. If you plan to change the thermostatic mixer, try to save time with the multi-socket pliers.

Remove the thermostatic cartridge

Here, we will remove the thermostatic cartridge to do a descaling. A crucial step to ensure better performance of the faucet. To do this, remove the caps on both levers. Then unscrew the screw on the inside to gently disassemble the control. The cartridge is now accessible. To remove it, pull the nut that holds the head. All that remains is to perform the descaling. To put everything back in place after the operation, simply proceed as before, but in the opposite direction.

Thermostatic kitchen mixer or mechanical kitchen mixer?

Thermostatic kitchen mixer

The thermostatic kitchen mixer has two handles. The first is used to regulate the water temperature. The second is used to control the water flow. Thanks to a specific technology, this device programs the temperature according to the needs. A scale is provided to allow the user to select the temperature he wants.

With the thermostatic kitchen mixer, even if there is a variation in temperature, you can always obtain a constant temperature. This avoids the risk of scalding. This appliance is ideal for a household with children. If the cold water is turned off, the hot water is also turned off automatically. A safety system that prevents possible accidents. The thermostatic kitchen mixer also allows for economical management of water consumption. However, thermostatic kitchen mixers are usually affected by limescale. Without rigorous and careful maintenance, the device can be damaged quickly, especially in a house with very hard water.

Mechanical kitchen faucet

Also known as the classic mixer, the mechanical mixer has only a single lever. This lever allows you to adjust the water flow and temperature manually. The lever is turned up and down and from left to right. As a rule, cold water is obtained by turning the faucet to the right. In contrast, hot water is obtained by turning the lever to the left. The balance between the two, i.e. lukewarm water, is in the middle. This is the most common mode of operation in households. Some models also come with a temperature control. This option makes it much easier to adjust the temperature. The classic kitchen mixer is very popular in most homes. This is because it is easy to use and requires no special skills. Especially since its lever is very easy to handle. This makes it particularly popular with senior citizens.

However, to find the ideal temperature, you have to let the water run for a long time. This increases the water consumption enormously. The mechanical kitchen mixer can also cause burns if the faucet is not operated correctly. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to always be careful when using it. To protect children, they should be assisted by an adult.


Thermostatic kitchen mixers are perfect for families with children. With their system, these devices are easy to use and offer users great reliability. However, to ensure that they last over time, they must be maintained regularly.

Mechanical kitchen mixers are ideal for people who have difficulty with new technologies. They are easy to handle and their operation is easily memorized. However, they must be handled with extreme care to avoid accidents.

Why buy a thermostatic kitchen mixer?

Water savings

Thermostatic kitchen mixers are known to be economical. Some models are equipped with a flow limiter. A device that helps to save even more energy. This option is especially interesting when you can set your own consumption.


With a thermostatic kitchen mixer, you can be sure that the water temperature will always remain constant during your kitchen activity. So there is no risk of burning yourself. In addition, there are brands that prevent the temperature from reaching a certain threshold. This is for the sake of safety. This means that your children can use it safely, even if the temperature changes suddenly. Most of these products guarantee that the outer surface is always at the right temperature when touched.

Robustness and reliability

Thermostatic kitchen mixers have been designed to be robust, reliable and flexible. These devices can withstand the temperatures set by their manufacturer without any difficulty. We can also say that they are made to last over time. Provided that they are well maintained.

Time saving

Thermostatic kitchen mixers offer considerable time savings when performing emergency tasks. If you need to do the dishes quickly, for example, you don't have to wait for hot water. You just turn on the faucet and choose the temperature that suits you and that's it. You can perform several tasks at the same time without worrying about the temperature of the water coming out of your faucet. An ideal device for busy mothers.


When it comes to comfort, the thermostatic kitchen faucet is still the device that provides the most. With its easy-to-use lever, you simply turn the control to get water as needed. You won't waste time fiddling with the settings to get the right temperature.

The best brands of thermostatic kitchen mixers

In our opinion, the best brands of thermostatic kitchen mixers in 2022 are :


Grohe is a German brand that is highly regarded for its creativity. Its great feature is precisely its ability to make its products unique.

The Aihom brand aims for a worldwide fame in faucet manufacturing. This brand highlights its dedicated research and designs to enrich the lives of its consumers.

The Hansgrohe brand is a direct competitor of Grohe. It is known for its great ability to see ahead, which is why it is the visionary.

It is a French brand that is making a name for itself throughout Europe. It is the European leader in faucets, accessories and sanitary appliances for public places and hospitals.

This brand is a key player when it comes to faucets. Its design is electronic, timed and sensitive.

What is the price for a thermostatic kitchen mixer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Set the temperature before use

Adjusting a thermostatic mixing valve does not require a handyman or plumber. However, you still need a thermometer and a flathead screwdriver to do it. The first element will allow you to set the water temperature at 38°. The second will be essential if you ever need to get rid of the temperature dial shaft. Finally, you just need to find the exact temperature that suits you the most.

Prepare the installation

Once your kitchen mixer is delivered to you have the habit of checking that the tools are complete before moving on to assembly. The next step is to turn off the water supply and get rid of the old faucet. Next, connect the connection hoses to the mixer stem and install the gasket. The last step is the installation of the faucet, making sure to insert the shim and gasket properly.

Test before you serve

We often have a habit of not really trying before we claim victory. After the hardware is installed, remember to double check that the water temperature matches the setting. In the case of a faulty thermostatic cartridge, the water temperature does not match your setting.

Give your faucet life

To restore the shine to your sink faucet, use half a cup of white vinegar to half a cup of hot water. Dip a cloth in the mixture and apply it to a small area of the faucet to see if it damages the finish. Finally, gently scrub the rest of the surface to be cleaned.

To get started, add white vinegar to a spray bottle and spray on your faucet. Leave it on for a few minutes and then scrub the faucet surface. Finally, soak a cloth with white vinegar and wrap it around the faucet. Leave the mixture on the equipment for an hour and rinse.


How to adjust the temperature of a thermostatic mixer faucet? How to clean an anti-limescale cartridge? Why doesn't my mixer faucet give hot water anymore?

To ensure that the temperature of your thermostatic kitchen mixer is correct, you need a thermometer. With it, set the temperature to 38°. After that, all you have to do is find the ideal temperature that suits you. On the other hand, if you need to get rid of the temperature knob shaft, use a flathead screwdriver.

To descale the cartridge of your thermostatic kitchen mixer, you will need a bowl or a bucket and white spirit vinegar. Take the bowl and put the thermostatic cartridge in it, along with the other parts of your mixer. Then pour in the white spirit vinegar and let it soak for a few hours. The minimum recommended time is 4 hours if you want to have better results.

To clean the anti-limescale cartridge of your thermostatic kitchen mixer, start by removing the diatomaceous earth. Then remove the filter elements. After that, you can perform the cleaning. Be careful, these parts should be washed with a water jet, but not with high pressure. Then soak them in a descaling and degreasing solution. Note that one dose of product corresponds to 6 doses of water.

Sometimes a temperature or flow problem occurs when you use your thermostatic kitchen mixer. In most cases, this is often due to limescale. Over time, limescale builds up and prevents the water from circulating properly. This will disrupt the internal system of the mixer. In such cases, the quickest and most effective solution is to completely remove the system that regulates the water flow and temperature.


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