The best tensiometers watches in the UK 2023

Hypertension affects 1 in 3 adults in the UK. And the worst thing is that half of them are unaware of it! If you are concerned about your health, you should know that a blood pressure watch can inform you at any time of your blood pressure and variations in your heart pressure. Classic or connected? Check out our guide to the best blood pressure watches to find yours.

Naixues A4

Best value for money

Nets A4

The best blood pressure watch

More than just a watch, the Naixues A4 is a true companion for all women who want to stay in touch with their bodies and take care of them on a daily basis.

39,99 £ on Amazon

The design of the Naixues A4 was made to resemble that of a pink iPhone. To complete its look, it comes with two straps, one in steel and the other in silicone. You have a wide choice of dial customization and about 5 adjustable brightness levels. More than 200 display styles are available.

The Naixues A4 has much more to offer than just an attractive design. The device tracks your health on a daily basis. It embeds a blood pressure monitor that takes your blood pressure automatically or on demand. The connected watch can also take your pulse, check the quality of your sleep or the number of calories you have burned and more. Note that this waterproof model has a 170 mAh battery with a life of 2 to 3 days for only 2 to 3 hours of charging.

Donerton P22

Best value for money

Donerton P22

The best entry-level blood pressure watch

While exercising and throughout your day, the Donerton P22 tracks you and provides valuable information about your health, including your blood pressure.

23,99 £ on Amazon

The Donerton P22 is an ideal connected watch for sports. Its thinness and lightness make it particularly comfortable while leaving you free to move. It is IP67 certified, making it waterproof and dustproof. No less than eight sports modes are available: soccer, cycling, walking, badminton, skipping... Simply download and install the Hero Band III application to view your health information at any time.

Several interesting features are available on the Donerton P22. You can, of course, receive call, SMS or social network notifications without having to take out your Android or iOS smartphone. The watch also comes with a host of features that help you stay in touch with your body. This includes a blood pressure monitor, a pedometer and an activity and sleep tracker.

Maxtop T6

Best premium value for money

Maxtop T6

The best high-end blood pressure watch

The Maxtrop T6 is a smartwatch that includes a blood pressure monitor and a whole host of features that will make your daily life easier and improve your health.

69,94 £ on Amazon

Find on the Maxtrop T6 all the options usually found on a connected watch. It works in conjunction with an Android (6.0 and later) or iOS (9.0 and later) smartphone and shares several features with the device. 2 hours is enough to fully recharge its battery, which will provide you with an approximate autonomy of 5 to 7 days. In standby mode, the watch will last up to 10 to 15 days.

The Maxtrop T6 is also an ideal watch for sports. It is waterproof, dust resistant, and helps you track the information your body delivers throughout your workouts. Heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, and more are displayed on the 1.4-inch screen.

Agptek LW11 Blood Pressure Monitor 1

Good alternative

Agptek LW11 Blood Pressure Monitor

A very good alternative

If you buy the Agptek LW11 blood pressure watch for sports, you won't be disappointed. And if you buy it to monitor your blood pressure, it will also live up to expectations.

33,59 £ on Amazon

Accurate and efficient, you won't regret buying this blood pressure monitor. In addition to measuring your heart rate and blood pressure at the touch of your wrist, the Agptek LW11 also tracks your sleep quality and your physical vitals when you play sports.

This blood pressure watch is both simple and practical and will not bother you. You can even wear it in the shower to stay informed about your health. However, avoid putting it in contact with hot water. And to relax, take the time to listen to good music, this watch is suitable for! You can use it up to 10 days without recharging.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best tensiometer watch

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The best blood pressure watch

The best entry-level blood pressure watch

The best high-end blood pressure watch

A very good alternative

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Comparison table of the best tensiometers watches

Naixues A4
Donerton P22
Maxtop T6
Agptek LW11 Blood Pressure Monitor 2
Nets A4
Donerton P22
Maxtop T6
Agptek LW11 Blood Pressure Monitor
More than just a watch, the Naixues A4 is a true companion for all women who want to stay in touch with their bodies and take care of them on a daily basis.
While exercising and throughout your day, the Donerton P22 tracks you and provides valuable information about your health, including your blood pressure.
The Maxtrop T6 is a smartwatch that includes a blood pressure monitor and a whole host of features that will make your daily life easier and improve your health.
If you buy the Agptek LW11 blood pressure watch for sports, you won't be disappointed. And if you buy it to monitor your blood pressure, it will also live up to expectations.
1.4-inch HD touchscreen display
1.4-inch TFT LCD
1.4-inch HD touchscreen color display
IPS HD 1.3-inch touchscreen
2 to 10 days
7 to 30 days
5 to 15 days
7 to 30 days
Protection index

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Buying guide - tensiometer watch

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How to choose your tensiometer watch

#1 - Precision

Keep in mind that having a nice watch does not guarantee accurate readings. Since your health is at stake, don't let aesthetics blind you. Of course, when you buy a blood pressure watch online, you don't have the opportunity to try the device. It's important to check user reviews to see how accurate the blood pressure watch you're interested in is.

#2 - Compatibility

A blood pressure watch is used to monitor blood pressure in real time. Be sure to choose a watch that continuously reads and records changes in your blood pressure, preferably one that is Android and iOS compatible.

Note, however, that most blood pressure watches only work with smartphones of the same brand. For example, an Apple blood pressure watch will only be compatible with an iPhone, the same goes for Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and other watches. You should therefore check the compatibility of the blood pressure watch with your smartphone to avoid unpleasant surprises.

#3 - Autonomy

The best blood pressure watches on the market have a battery life of 5 to 8 days in intensive use. If you are looking for a blood pressure watch that can work continuously, don't hesitate to go upmarket. Indeed, the entry-level models are limited to a battery life of 1 to 2 days.

#4 - Additional features

Blood pressure watches measure other parameters in addition to blood pressure. From your speed during a running session to the quality of your sleep, a connected watch concentrates up to 30 different functionalities, or even more.

However, the more features, the more it costs. This is why people interested in measuring blood pressure buy a watch specifically for blood pressure. However, if your budget allows, consider a more versatile device... Provided that the features offered are actually useful to you!

#5 - The design and the quality of manufacture

The market is full of blood pressure watches with different designs. Leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi usually offer the most beautiful blood pressure watches on the market. Beyond accuracy, this is where the big brands come out on top.

However, the elegance of a watch remains an entirely subjective criterion, unlike the quality of manufacture. Go for the lightest and strongest blood pressure watch you can find. This will give you a comfortable experience and a durable blood pressure watch.

Who should use a blood pressure watch?

If you already have an irregular heartbeat, a blood pressure watch will not be very useful. They are designed to prevent high blood pressure or other blood pressure related conditions, such as atrial fibrillation.

Most people learn about high blood pressure late in life, after a stroke or a chance visit to the doctor. Don't wait; it's best to know your condition before problems arise. High blood pressure is a silent killer with a high mortality risk if not diagnosed early enough, especially in overweight people.

Older people also tend to develop hypertension more often than younger people. This is related to changes in arterial stiffness as a person ages. But regardless of your age, a blood pressure watch could be helpful in preventing high blood pressure.

The different types of tensiometers watches

The appearance of blood pressure watches is not very different from each other. They all work in much the same way. That is, the straps exert pressure on the arteries to obtain the blood pressure. However, after studying the functions offered by these devices, we could distinguish 2 types of blood pressure watches.

Connected blood pressure watch

The connected blood pressure watch is linked to apps on your smartphone. It is supported by both Android and iOS. This tool has the advantage of being very accurate. In fact, it could even surpass the classic blood pressure monitor of doctors on this point. Thanks to the application, you receive all the information about your blood pressure directly on your smartphone. This transfer is done in real time. The same goes for the detection of the pressure itself.

Basic tensiometer watch

This blood pressure watch is less sophisticated than the first model. It just checks the blood pressure and displays it on the screen. However, the detection is not done automatically. You have to trigger the watch manually. Like all blood pressure watches, there are various models that come in different colors and shapes with this type of accessory. It is sold at an affordable price. However, you need to find a specific model to ensure its effectiveness.

Blood pressure watch or connected blood pressure monitor?

Tensiometer watch

A blood pressure watch checks blood pressure. Most are inexpensive, but do not offer the same accuracy as a medical device. You can find them in a wide range of designs and colors, but they do not offer any additional functionality. If you choose a watch to measure blood pressure only, comfort and accuracy should be your main concerns.

Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

More ergonomic, connected blood pressure monitors have many more features than blood pressure watches. In particular, the device can be used by a professional. Compared to a traditional blood pressure monitor, the results are immediately sent to your smartphone. This type of blood pressure monitor is more convenient, but also much more expensive.


The connected blood pressure monitor works in the same way as the blood pressure monitor used by your doctor. The margin of error is almost zero. But to take advantage of this quality of precision, you will have to put your hand in your pocket. The tensiometer watch is very practical. It is worn like a bracelet and will follow you anywhere. However, the margin of error is much higher. So if your mobility is relatively limited, and you can afford it, always choose a connected blood pressure monitor. You won't have to go to the doctor or have him come to your home.

Why buy a blood pressure watch?

To monitor blood pressure

If you are prone to blood pressure problems and do not have the means or the time to take your blood pressure with a traditional blood pressure monitor, the blood pressure watch is the best alternative. It will accompany you everywhere, guarantee you a regular follow-up and alert you if you need to consult a doctor.

To stay healthy

The blood pressure watch is not only for people with hypertension, it can be worn by those who are constantly concerned about their health. If you are in this category, you should know that a blood pressure watch has several functions. In addition to the blood pressure reading, this little device allows you to monitor your lifestyle so that you can adopt a more active or less hectic one if necessary.

To monitor the electrocardiogram

The most powerful blood pressure watches can give you information about your heart rate. This way, you will know if your heart is working properly or if you have a heart arrhythmia. It analyzes the electrical activity of the heart and displays it in the form of a graph or a value, depending on the option chosen and the watch model.

To observe the sleep rhythm

The blood pressure watch also allows you to know if you have slept enough or if you need to improve your sleep rhythm. This can be due to an inadequate diet, a simple sleep disorder, fatigue or a pathology. But most importantly, it is able to detect if you have sleep apnea.

To be informed in real time

Being a connected object, the blood pressure watch gives you real-time information on your health status. It is a kind of monitoring tool that alerts you in case of problems so that you can quickly consult your doctor.

The best brands of tensiometers watches

In our opinion, the best brands of tensiometers watches in 2022 are :


Samsung is a leading brand in the field of telephony and connected objects. Its connected watches are among the best on the market, whether in terms of performance, ergonomics or longevity. Its connected watches are sold at prices ranging from about 40 euros to over 200 euros.

YAMAY is a Chinese brand specialized in the design and distribution of Smartwatches. This brand is known for the quality of its watches, whether it is in terms of design or reliability and smoothness of applications. This brand offers some of the best entry-level connected watches at the moment.

Agptek is a Chinese brand created in 2008. It specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of a very wide range of high-performance and reliable products at unbeatable prices. Its connected watches are among the best entry-level products.

GARMIN is an American company founded in 1989 and is best known for its GPS navigation systems. However, its connected watches are now also becoming more and more talked about thanks to their innovative technology and performance. Its products are more of a high-end product.

ASUS is a Taiwan-based computer hardware and consumer electronics company established in 1989. Dedicated to creating products for the smart life of today and tomorrow. It is certainly best known for its laptops, but its Zenwatch line of watches is also starting to make a name for itself in the connected object market.

What is the price for a tensiometer watch

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Talk to your doctor.

To test the accuracy of the numbers displayed by your blood pressure watch, consult your doctor. He or she will compare the results of his or her medical blood pressure monitor with those of your watch and help you make appropriate adjustments in the future.

Always choose well-known brands.

The best-rated and best-selling blood pressure watches are made by major brands. Some of them, like Apple and Samsung, make all kinds of electronics. Others specialize in health products. Here's how they design blood pressure watches and their prices.

Get regular physical activity by using a blood pressure watch.

Without regular activity, using a blood pressure watch may be pointless. So if you really want to check your blood pressure, try to do some moderate-intensity activity every day.

Always maintain proper weight.

For some people, losing weight is all they need to get their blood pressure back to normal levels. That may be the case for you, too.


What is the best blood pressure watch?

The best blood pressure watch depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is a blood pressure watch?

A blood pressure watch has the same aspects as a normal watch. However, it has a device that monitors your blood pressure and displays it on a smart screen. Like any blood pressure monitoring device, blood pressure watches use the oscillometric method to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Are blood pressure watches accurate?

Although they check your blood pressure in the same way, blood pressure watches do not always produce the same results. Some blood pressure watches are more accurate than others. However, a blood pressure watch can be more or less accurate depending on how you use it.

Why choose a blood pressure watch?

Knowing your blood pressure is the key to diagnosing high blood pressure and making lifestyle changes and treatments quickly. Using a blood pressure watch reduces the risk of worsening and developing complications.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in your arteries. You need a certain amount of pressure for blood to flow through your body. Your heart pumps blood through your arteries, contracting and relaxing. High blood pressure, or hypertension, means that your blood pressure is higher than the recommended level.


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