The best table-top vacuums in the UK 2023

Are you wasting time clearing the table of crumbs, dust and other dirt? Make your life easier by buying a table vacuum. This lightweight, handy device is great at sucking up leftover cereal, pet hair and dust from nearby areas. Don't wait any longer, read our guide to the best tabletop vacuums to find yours!

Duomishu 1

Best value for money


The best tabletop vacuum in 2021

It's a versatile vacuum cleaner that can clean the dining table, a desk, even the inside of a car. Powerful, it has a large capacity, 600 mL, enough to clean an average surface.

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With a power of 7000 PA, the Duomishu table vacuum cleaner keeps a more than acceptable noise level of 70 dB. With its 120 W, you will be able to quickly and efficiently clean bread crumbs, cereal, pet hair and eliminate all dust on your sofa or carpet. The HEPA filter, removable and washable, allows it to filter, block, fine dust particles and it is a durable filter.

To make things easier, this vacuum comes with a versatile 600 mL dust pan. It also cleans liquids! The high capacity 2,200 mAh battery provides 25-30 min of runtime after a 5-6 hr recharge. In addition to the charger, this vacuum cleaner comes with 3 accessories and an extension tube.

FineInno 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level tabletop vacuum

Its small size allows you to easily clean the table, workstation or computer keyboard. Efficient, it allows you to quickly and easily collect cereal or bread crumbs.

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Don't let its size fool you. This little gem cleans up bread crumbs on the table quickly if you're on a budget. In fact, it has good suction power to clean the table, a desk or your computer keyboard quickly. Thanks to its ultra-compact size, this unit fits in the corner of the table and stays within easy reach.

Powered by two 1.5V batteries, this micro vacuum does what it claims as long as you don't try to pick up large debris. It's easy to use, cleans up easily and the motor makes little noise, even at maximum power.

Shark WV200EU 3

Best value for money

Shark WV200EU

The best high-end tabletop vacuum

The Shark WV200EU is a very stylish and powerful tabletop vacuum cleaner. It easily vacuums up crumbs, dust, pet hair and much more. The included pet hair brush is a great help.

79,99 £ on Cdiscount

The Shark WV200EU's design and charging cradle will enhance your workstation. But that's not all: its 120 W suction power allows it to perform any additional cleaning quickly and efficiently. For this task, you will be helped by a master brush and a special pet hair brush. To collect debris, crumbs and hair, you have a 750 mL dust pan.

Very handy, this model makes little noise despite its incredible performance. In terms of autonomy, you will have 8 minutes for a charging time of 2.5 hours. It will be necessary to be satisfied with it! For a better autonomy, you can choose the model with double battery.

Bosch BHN1840L 4


Bosch BHN1840L

A great alternative

Looking for a tabletop vacuum with great autonomy? Take a look at the Bosch BHN1840L. This tabletop vacuum cleaner can accompany you in your tasks for 40 minutes and it vacuums everything!

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Refined, the Bosch BHN1840L will be your go-to vacuum cleaner for this year. With a power of 220 W, this device picks up anything that gets in its way. Moreover, it is very handy and quite light for its 1.1 kg category. Its biggest advantage remains its battery offering 40 min of autonomy and short charging time of 4 to 5 h. A master stroke by Bosch, especially at this price.

Too bad for the more than average capacity of the dust container (400 mL), which will slow down the enthusiasm a bit. The 3 levels of filtration promise pure air and no allergens. A big plus when you have a device that can clean everything from pet hair to fine particles.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best table vacuum cleaner

Any specific needs?

The best tabletop vacuum in 2021

The best entry-level tabletop vacuum

The best high-end tabletop vacuum

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best table-top vacuums

Duomishu 5
FineInno 6
Shark WV200EU 7
Bosch BHN1840L 8
Shark WV200EU
Bosch BHN1840L
It's a versatile vacuum cleaner that can clean the dining table, a desk, even the inside of a car. Powerful, it has a large capacity, 600 mL, enough to clean an average surface.
Its small size allows you to easily clean the table, workstation or computer keyboard. Efficient, it allows you to quickly and easily collect cereal or bread crumbs.
The Shark WV200EU is a very stylish and powerful tabletop vacuum cleaner. It easily vacuums up crumbs, dust, pet hair and much more. The included pet hair brush is a great help.
Looking for a tabletop vacuum with great autonomy? Take a look at the Bosch BHN1840L. This tabletop vacuum cleaner can accompany you in your tasks for 40 minutes and it vacuums everything!
730 g
150 g
600 g
1.2 kg
120 W
0.5 W
120 W
220 W
25 - 35 min
2 AA batteries
8 min
40 min
Noise level

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Buying guide - table vacuum cleaner

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How to choose your table vacuum cleaner

With an increasing demand, we have noticed the presence of too cheap table top vacuum cleaners on sale. These models don't do what they claim and disappoint very quickly. To help you find the right vacuum cleaner for you, we have put together this comprehensive guide with a list of 5 criteria to consider.

#1 - Autonomy

The purpose of a table vacuum cleaner is to be practical and that is why you must choose a model with a good autonomy. But how many hours are we talking about? A good vacuum cleaner should last at least 10 to 15 minutes. This depends and varies according to the needs of each person, but you should know that most offers on the market are around these values. Let's remember that a tabletop vacuum cleaner is an auxiliary tool that complements other appliances. Of course, you can find products that can reach an autonomy of 30 minutes, but the charging time will be doubled accordingly. The other important point is to choose a device with a fast charging time between 2 and 3 hours. This way, you will be able to quickly reuse your device.

#2 - Power and noise level

Although a tabletop vacuum cleaner is not dedicated to a thorough cleaning, it should still be able to suck up good doses of dust and debris. But that means choosing a model with enough power to properly suck up rice seeds, for example. We advise you to choose a device with a minimum power of 35 W. Along with the power, it will be wise to choose a model that makes little noise. The more powerful a machine is, the more noise it will make! This is logical. So, we should not be surprised by the noise of these vacuum cleaners, but it will be wise to get models with a sound level between 60 and 75 dB for a good comfort of use. However, using a device with a noise level of 80 dB is still quite acceptable; from 85 dB, it is considered noisy.

#3 - The weight

The total weight of the machine is a determining factor. Since you will be handling the vacuum at arm's length, it will need to be light. Theoretically, a good table vacuum cleaner should not exceed 1.5 kg on the scale. However, to make it easier for you, we suggest you look at models weighing between 700 g and 1 kg. They have the advantage of having good dimensions for the extra cleaning and they will tire you less.

#4 - The capacity of the bin


is common to find devices with great suction power, but only have 0.3 L

, or less, to accommodate the waste. This is a monumental waste of time. Choosing a tabletop vacuum cleaner with a good waste tank capacity is ideal, as it allows you to work longer. We suggest you look at ranges that have a dust bin starting at 0.5L while knowing that the maximum is between 0.7 and 0.8L.

#5 - Versatility

Choosing a tabletop vacuum cleaner that has certain accessories will make it versatile. By using different accessories, you will be able to clean some hard-to-reach corners. Then, a wall mount is a definite plus, as it will allow you to elegantly and conveniently store your vacuum cleaner once your cleaning is done.

Maintenance of a table top vacuum cleaner

To maintain the same suction power, it is important toto take care of your vacuum cleaner regularly. The first thing to do is to properly clean the various accessories so that it can efficiently remove debris and dust. Then, clean the dust pan with clear water once a month. In case your machine does not sort out the debris, this space can quickly become dirty.

It's also important to check the condition of your filter. If it is clogged or in poor condition, it affects the it affects the ability of the tabletop vacuum to clean surfaces. So, if you notice that your machine is having trouble sucking up debris, think about your filter. Unless the filter has a hole in it, it should only be replaced once a year. If there's too much dust on top, simply remove it and clean it with clean water and let it dry before putting it back in.

Vacuum cleaner with disposable bag or dust pan?

Vacuum cleaner with disposable bag

Models with disposable bags are healthier and easier to clean. You simply remove the bag and throw it in the trash. But this is not the best way to save money, as you have to replace the bag and buy a new one if you run out. The other disadvantage of this device is that the capacity of the bags is often too small. But this can become an advantage if you replace it during the household, you double your capacity.

The dust pan

The dust pan is built into the unit and can usually be removed with a button on the top. The capacity of the dust container is fixed, but larger, and you will have to empty it once it is full. Unlike the bag models, the weight of the unit will be related to the size of the dust container.


Which one you choose will depend on your needs and what you want to do with it. A good model with a dust pan with good power can be very useful if you plan to clean the interior of your car in addition to your home. The tank capacity will be a big help.


Properly charge your tabletop vacuum cleaner.

In order to have the maximum power during your cleaning, check if your appliance is well charged. Remember to recharge it in the evening so that it is ready for use in the morning. That way, you won't have any surprises.

Use the supplied accessories!


't be afraid to use the brush nozzle or crevice tool to make your life easier and to reach some otherwise inaccessible nooks and crannies. Some models have an extension wand so you can clean your sofa standing up without having to bend your back.

Take advantage of the wall base.

This is

a handy invention and very useful

these days.

However, to keep that practicality, consider installing the base with wall mount near an outlet. That way, you can store and charge your tabletop vacuum cleaner at the same time.

Adjust the power.


optimal use, set and adjust the suction power of your unit according to your needs. This feature also helps you save your battery, as you won't have to use full power constantly.

Use the right filter for pet hair.


good tabletop vacuum cleaner can allow you to clean pet hair easily. The most will be to have a model with a HEPA filter that will effectively recycle the hair and prevent it from circulating in the room air.


What is the best table vacuum cleaner?

The best tabletop vacuum cleaner depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Can I use a tabletop vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of my car?

A table top vacuum cleaner is not suitable for a thorough cleaning. If your car is well-maintained and there is not much dirt on it, it is a good backup solution. If not, it is better to use a good old vacuum cleaner for a cleaner result or a more powerful hand vacuum cleaner.

What is a HEPA filter in a table top vacuum cleaner?

A HEPA filter is much more efficient than its counterparts, as it filters 85% of dust particles. Thus, your vacuum cleaner will reject a cleaner air, by the back, and will reduce the risks of allergies.

Can you suck up liquid with a table vacuum cleaner?

No. The majority of tabletop vacuums will have a problem sucking up liquid agents. You can damage your machine or the liquid will leak out of the tank, as it is not waterproof. However, you should know that there are models made for this type of cleaning. For more information, see our complete guide.

What is the purpose of a table vacuum cleaner?

A table vacuum cleaner allows you to do some extra cleaning such as collecting dust, pieces of cereal scattered on a table or a sofa, etc. However, due to its autonomy and its limited tank, it is not recommended for intensive cleaning.


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