The best table services in the UK 2023

A beautiful dinner service is always an eye-catcher for your guests. It ensures a beautiful presentation for your culinary preparations. Whether you choose stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, glass or slate, the hardest part is making the right choice within your budget and for your intended setting. Save time by reading our guide to this year's best dinnerware.

Malacasa Série Flora

Best value for money

Malacasa Flora Series 26 pieces

The best tableware in 2021

Available in a marbled design, this complete dinner service is best used for special occasions. It is as sober as it is elegant. The unique shape of each piece will brighten up the table.

90,40 £ on Amazon

A complete dinner service for 6 people, the Malacasa Flora Series 26 piece set includes 6 dinner plates, 6 dessert plates, 6 soup bowls, 2 large rectangular plates and 6 soup plates. Its marble-effect design would look great with a white or black tablecloth, which is sure to make its aesthetic stand out.

Pair this dinner set with all stainless steel flatware or black handles for added charm. Each piece (plates, platters and bowls) has its own light or heavy marbling, making it a treat for the eyes. Because of its original shapes, we recommend this service for a festive table.

Luminarc Diwali

Best value for money

Luminarc Diwali 18 pieces

The best entry-level tableware

The Luminarc Diwali is designed for a table of 6 people. Made in the UK, this opal glass dinner service is dishwasher and microwave safe. And it's not expensive. What more could you want?

30,72 £ on Amazon

Do you want to serve your guests in quality plates without necessarily breaking the bank? Combine business with pleasure and opt for the Luminarc Diwali. This 18-piece dinner service is shock resistant and can withstand high temperatures. Each plate is made from opal glass and has rounded lines that give it a modern touch.

Of course, this non-porous material is extremely robust, 5 times more so than traditional glass. Your dinner service is therefore not afraid of scratches and thermal shocks. You can put the plates in the microwave. Perfect for special events, the Luminarc Diwali 18 piece set includes 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates and 6 dessert plates.

Vancasso Série Aqua

Best value for money

Vancasso Aqua Series 36 pieces

The best high-end tableware

Ceramic and porcelain have never looked so elegant! Designed for 12 people, the Vancasso Aqua Series promises THE best table setting in this comparison. The set consists of 36 pieces.

160 £ on Amazon

Set a chic table for your guests with the Vancasso Aqua Series. Its 36 pieces, including dinner plates, dessert plates and bowls, will only perfect the decoration. The ceramic used in its manufacture, the blue color with marble pattern and the futuristic shape of each piece will remind you of your memorable beach vacations and the table services of Asian restaurants.

Sturdy and easy to clean, the Vancasso Aqua Series is microwave and dishwasher safe. Feel free to use a white tablecloth on your table to create a contrasting effect. A bare wood or marble table will enhance the aesthetics of the material. Elegant stemware (black or clear) will serve to refine the ensemble.

AmazonBasics QX-08702


AmazonBasics QX-08702 18 pièces

A tableware that can be used everyday

It's not just the price that attracts with the AmazonBasics QX-08702. This 6-person, everyday-use dinner set features a beautiful yellow color that evokes the beautiful rays of summer sunshine.

35,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best table service

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The best tableware in 2021

The best entry-level tableware

The best high-end tableware

A tableware that can be used everyday

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Comparison table of the best table services

Malacasa Série Flora
Luminarc Diwali
Vancasso Série Aqua
AmazonBasics QX-08702
Malacasa Flora Series 26 pieces
Luminarc Diwali 18 pieces
Vancasso Aqua Series 36 pieces
AmazonBasics QX-08702 18 pièces
Available in a marbled design, this complete dinner service is best used for special occasions. It is as sober as it is elegant. The unique shape of each piece will brighten up the table.
The Luminarc Diwali is designed for a table of 6 people. Made in the UK, this opal glass dinner service is dishwasher and microwave safe. And it's not expensive. What more could you want?
Ceramic and porcelain have never looked so elegant! Designed for 12 people, the Vancasso Aqua Series promises THE best table setting in this comparison. The set consists of 36 pieces.
It's not just the price that attracts with the AmazonBasics QX-08702. This 6-person, everyday-use dinner set features a beautiful yellow color that evokes the beautiful rays of summer sunshine.
For all occasions
Big events
Everyday or special event
Number of parts
Opal glass
Glass, china
Parts included
6 dessert plates, 6 soup plates, 6 dinner plates, 2 rectangular dishes
6 plates 25 cm, 6 soup plates 20 cm, 6 desserts 19 cm
12 dinner plates, 12 dessert plates, 12 soup or ramen bowls
6 28 cm dinner plates, 6 20 cm salad plates and 6 18 cm bowls
Freezer, microwave, dishwasher
Microwave and dishwasher
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Freezer, microwave, dishwasher

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Buying guide - table service

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How to choose your table service

Choosing plates, platters, mugs and bowls can be a real headache, which is why we explain in detail the characteristics of a good dinner service depending on how you intend to use it.
choisir service de table

#1 - The material

The table service is the key element of a successful table setting. It then determines the choice of glasses, cutlery and table linens. For everyday use, we recommend ceramic pieces including stoneware, ideal for a rustic table, and earthenware. This material is characterized by its resistance to time and wear. In addition, if you are looking for exceptional pieces that are best suited to large events (wedding, christening...), treat yourself to a table service made of opal glass, slate or porcelain.

#2 - The shape and patterns

Round plates remain in the classicism while those of square format tend rather towards the modernity. If you want to go off the beaten track, choose tableware with an original design. It should be noted that square dishes are rather fragile since their edges tend to chip quickly despite their easy storage. Round and oval models take up space, but remain solid. Plain or patterned, all you need to do is match the chosen dinnerware with the tablecloths, cutlery and glasses and better yet, with the interior decor.

#3 - The number of place settings

Other than the people who make up your household, also take into consideration the possible guests. It would be unfortunate to run out of plates if friends come to your house by surprise. Anticipate and start with a table service that includes a minimum of 12 pieces, which gives you a significant margin.

#4 - The maintenance

Do you wash your dishes by machine or by hand? Of course, almost all the models on the market today are dishwasher safe, reducing cleaning time. However, keep in mind to always check this criterion before cleaning. Note that some models, because of their patterns (floral, gold edged...), are very sensitive to detergent.

#5 - The durability

Avoid thin or glass dinner ware as much as possible if you have children. Thick dishes fit better in the hands while having a better stability once placed on the table. So pay attention to its ergonomics.

Choose your dinner service according to the desired ambiance

In addition to holding your meals, the dinner service can also serve as a decorative element in its own right. Its aestheticism allows you to transform the atmosphere of your dining room according to your desires and tastes.

  • A modern atmosphere: opt for an asymmetrical shaped dinner service if you want to adopt a pure style. Oval and round plates are a great combination. The effect will be better if they have a graphic pattern.
  • A country atmosphere: for a touch of freshness, it is advisable to choose a colorful tableware with a rustic pattern. This is best combined with a light colored and/or moderately flowered tablecloth.
  • A traditional ambiance: the crackled look of the tableware brings a more classic touch. For more effect, why not combine it with some natural wood elements like the trivet?
  • A cozy atmosphere: to create a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to unwind, choose soft colors like blue. Note that a neutral tone is suitable for all situations. In this sense, the transparent or white models will highlight all that surrounds them (table linen, glasses ...).

The different types of table services

When it comes to tableware, the choice is relatively vast. However, you can easily find your way around if you know how to distinguish between models for everyday use and those intended for special occasions.

Table service for everyday use

Service de table pour le quotidien

This type of tableware is designed mainly with common materials such as earthenware and stoneware making it inexpensive. They are characterized by their exceptional resistance to scratches, but also to shocks. In the case of stoneware plates, you also benefit from a resistance to high temperatures. You can put them in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Table service for special occasions

Service de table pour les grandes occasions

Special occasions call for dinnerware with a certain elegance. In most cases, this is a family celebration. The use of such tableware gives you the opportunity to mark the event all the more so because it is rare. Porcelain, glass and slate are the most popular materials. Moreover, it goes very well with silver, nickel or chrome cutlery. Ceramic or bamboo items add originality to the table decoration.

Ceramic tableware or disposable tableware?

Ceramic tableware

Ceramic dinnerware has become a staple in today's kitchens. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to better suit everyone's needs. Gone are the old ways! Ceramic dinnerware now excels with its glossy coating and beautiful, attractive patterns and colors. Its longevity is its first and greatest advantage. In addition to its durability, it is also more resistant to thermal shock. The risk of scratching, rusting and cracking is very limited.

Disposable tableware

Disposable tableware is usually made of plastic or cardboard, which makes it unbreakable. Practical and economical, it is usually used for a party with friends, a birthday party, a trip to the beach or a picnic. You don't have to worry about doing the dishes. As soon as the party is over, simply wrap up and throw the plates in the trash. Easy to use and handle, it can be personalized with prints, drawings...


The ceramic dinner service is distinguished by its finesse and subtlety. A long-term investment, it will be a delight for your daily meals. Its dishwasher compatibility reduces the time spent on cleaning. Robust, it efficiently withstands temperature variations. On the other hand, disposable dishes require no cleaning. You can immediately throw them away after use. It is offered at attractive prices.


Opt for transparent glasses

Glasses should generally match the tableware. However, clear glasses work best with any style.

Give character to your table

Certainly, the table setting includes matching plates, bowls and dishes that are often used together. Nevertheless, adopting a mismatched style (combination of several colors) brings character to your table.

Arrange your plates like a pro

It is customary to always place the small dishes in the large ones, that is, on the presentation plate, you can put the main dish and then the soup plate (not more than 2 plates). Leave them 1 or 2 cm from the edge of the table.

Avoid scented flowers for special occasions

As the centerpiece of your dressing, the bouquet of flowers placed on de table will have to be of a correct size so that the table can interact in peace. Also, fragrant flowers may alter the flavors of the dishes.

Stay with simple and sober bases

The elegance of your table is based on the simplicity and sobriety of its decoration. Instead of cluttering it up, exploit noble materials like a linen tablecloth or a raw wood table. Better yet, mix classicism and modernity by combining LED garlands and small fresh branches.


What is the best dinner service?

The best dinner service depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products of the moment.

How to recognize a salad plate?

Placed on the right side of the main plate, the salad plate can be recognized thanks to its half-moon shape.

What to do if you don't have a bread plate?

In the absence of a bread plate, make use of a basket (made of steel, wicker or canvas) in which you have placed a white napkin.

What is the recommended distance between each plate?

A gap of 30 cm is necessary between each plate so that guests can eat in comfort.

How to avoid fingerprints on the dinner service?

To limit fingerprints, simply wear gloves during the handling phases from cleaning to setting up.


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Malacasa Série Flora
Malacasa Flora Series 26 pieces
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Luminarc Diwali 18 pieces
Vancasso Série Aqua
Vancasso Aqua Series 36 pieces
AmazonBasics QX-08702
AmazonBasics QX-08702 18 pièces


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