The best table football in the UK 2023

A foosball table is a tabletop game made up of several manipulatable pieces that allow you to recreate a soccer game on a miniature field. It's easy to handle and is a great source of fun for two or more players. To choose the right model, check out our guide to the best foosball tables.

René Pierre Leader 1

Best value for money

René Pierre Leader

The best foosball table in 2021

This Rene Pierre foosball table is a must for individuals. Designed and handcrafted in the UK by French artisans, it provides robustness, stability and fluidity. Great games guaranteed!

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Well-built, the Rene Pierre Leader foosball table features telescoping steel rods for safe play. Its round ergonomic handles offer an easier grip and release during those skillful shots. The rods are telescopic, which prevents users from injuring themselves during play or when not in use.

Made of beech wood, the René Pierre Leader convinces with its exceptional quality, despite a price tag that flirts with 1,000 euros. The simple wooden construction gives it a beautiful appearance. The hand-painted figures and the linoleum playing surface also offer a precise and fast playing experience. The return ball takes place next to the goal.

Smoby 640001 2

Best value for money

Smoby 640001

The best entry-level foosball table

The Smoby 640001 combines 4 games on one stand. The multifunctional table is extremely stable and has a modern look. It is the ideal table soccer for those who play with their family.

183 £ on Amazon

The modern design and playability of the Smoby Powerplay 4 in 1 is sure to thrill the whole family. The sturdy plastic legs and veneered wood frame ensure stability during play. The high-quality equipment includes a field with lawn reproduction and appropriate markings, a side pitch, 2 goals with Ballauffang, 2 goal counters next to the doors as well as chrome-plated telescopic playing bars and the sturdy player figures.

To vary the fun, the Smoby 640001 has the special feature of offering 3 additional functions: Pool, Ping-Pong, Hockey. It is however adapted to the size of children, which may not be suitable for older children.

Stella Star 3

Best value for money

Stella Star

The best high-end foosball table

This original high-end piece was designed by Stella with pure quality in mind. For many players, this is the best table, considering the playing attitudes and design.

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The Star table soccer from the French manufacturer Stella is equipped with a pre-assembled body made of laminated beech wood. Only the legs remain to be assembled. The Star is equipped with telescopic bars, aluminum figures as well as a central ball return, stainless steel goals and bearings. The laminated playing surface offers a good playing experience. This model is available with and without coins.

Note that the players are screwed on the metal bars, which have a diameter of 15 mm and are made of chromed stainless steel. On the other hand, the rubber that incorporates the table acts as a brake on movement and helps to soften the shots. This foosball table also includes self-lubricating nylon bearings for easy movement. In addition, the playing field is covered with a beautiful green vinyl mat.

Bonzini B90 4


Bonzini B90

A great professional foosball table

Approved by the ITSF, the Bonzini B90 is one of the best selling foosball tables in the world. For many players, this is one of the most robust professional foosball tables. But the price tag can be a deterrent.

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The Bonzini B90 has a linoleum playing surface. This is used exclusively for this brand's foosball tables, allowing a higher level of control than any other table on the market. The playing field compresses slightly to allow users to trap and pin the ball when passing from man to man.

The Bonzini B90 is rated as the best foosball table. Although it is quite expensive, it is a very long term worthwhile investment given its exceptional lifespan. However, it does not have some auxiliary features as it is a professional model.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best table football

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The best foosball table in 2021

The best entry-level foosball table

The best high-end foosball table

A great professional foosball table

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Comparison table of the best table football

René Pierre Leader 5
Smoby 640001 6
Stella Star 7
Bonzini B90 8
René Pierre Leader
Smoby 640001
Stella Star
Bonzini B90
This Rene Pierre foosball table is a must for individuals. Designed and handcrafted in the UK by French artisans, it provides robustness, stability and fluidity. Great games guaranteed!
The Smoby 640001 combines 4 games on one stand. The multifunctional table is extremely stable and has a modern look. It is the ideal table soccer for those who play with their family.
This original high-end piece was designed by Stella with pure quality in mind. For many players, this is the best table, considering the playing attitudes and design.
Approved by the ITSF, the Bonzini B90 is one of the best selling foosball tables in the world. For many players, this is one of the most robust professional foosball tables. But the price tag can be a deterrent.
Wooden legs
MDF wood case
Monobloc in solid first choice Beech and all-beech multi-ply
150 x 105 x 89 cm
120 x 87 x 90 cm
158 x 100 x 93 cm
150 x 100 x 95 cm
45 kg
35 kg
70 kg
80 kg
Minimum age
10 years and up
8 years and up
6 years old
3 years and more
Chrome-plated steel telescopes
Chrome-plated drawn steel
telescopic, hard chrome-plated ground steel, interchangeable

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Buying guide - table football

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How to choose your table football

To the untrained eye, every table looks the same. However, there are many details that differ from one table to another, from one brand to another. In this article, we will review the main criteria for choosing a foosball table.

#1 - The dimensions

Depending on the space available, you can opt for a large 213cm long competition foosball table or go for smaller tables. A low foosball table is suitable for playing at home, as it is flexible and compact.

#2 - The table configuration

A standard foosball table has 11 players and can accommodate 4 people. When it comes to configuration, you have to consider the goalie. You can have a foosball table with one goalie or opt for a three-goalie configuration. Your choice should be based on your particular preferences and skills.

#3 - Age of the players

If you're buying a foosball table for a bar or casino, you won't need to consider the age of the players to choose the right table. However, if your foosball table is for home use, you should consider the age of the players. This is because children have little knowledge of foosball, so they need a customizable table to create a game they can relate to.

#4 - The materials used

Materials used in the manufacture of foosball tables include solid wood, MDF, plastic, and particle board. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Plastic and particleboard tables are less expensive and lighter, but they are also less durable than solid wood tables.

#5 - Stems

Common types of foosball rods are solid steel and hollow steel. Solid steel rods prove to be stronger and offer more powerful shots. However, their weight limits your playing speed and increases the strain on your wrists. As a result, many players prefer hollow rods.

What are the rules of foosball?

When you play foosball, you must score as many goals as possible and concede as few as possible. To win, you must win 3 out of 5 games. If the result is 2 games to 2, the 5th game must be won with a difference of 2 points.

When starting a game, there are two schools of thought, either you flip a coin or you throw the first ball against the wood, between the two lines of the halves. The player who concedes a goal recovers the commitment. In the case of a ball out, again, either the defense is favored by placing the ball in the corner closest to where the ball went out, or the ball is returned to another player who did not have the ball, always by placing it in a corner of the defense.

The ball can be in the dead zone. In this case, no player can touch it. If the ball is blocked between the halves, it is played against the wood. If it is blocked between the defenders and the attacker, it is pushed into the nearest corner. The defender can then control and restart the game. Regarding the restarts, they are allowed in both doubles and singles. In fact, any shot is allowed with or without prior control.

Regarding the pissettes, the attackers of the diagonal ends when the defenders and goalkeeper are pulled to the full are allowed whether they are pushed to the left or to the right. Finally, goals scored from the halves are valid and count for one point. The "rakes" or "bags" are allowed and do not constitute a foul. It is also allowed to deflect the ball from the opponent even with the halves.

The different types of table football

Foosball tables come in three types: stand-alone, tabletop and multi-game. None of them are necessarily good or bad, depending on what you are looking for.

Stand-alone table football

This is the most common version. It comes with attached legs and is therefore much larger than a folding table. This model also costs much more. However, a stand-alone foosball table will last a long time and offer a more authentic game. It will be suitable for older children, teenagers and adults, and anyone who wants to play competitively.

Table football


tabletop foosball table is designed to sit on a solid surface. It is much smaller, lighter and easily transportable. This type of foosball table can sit on any hard surface and is designed for beginners. The quality of tabletop foosball varies, as do the stand-alone versions, some are made of plastic. If you buy one, make sure the base has anti-scratch and non-slip pads to protect the surface it's on.

Convertible table football


are also convertible or multi-game foosball tables. They include a foosball table that can be used for other games such as ping pong, table tennis, chess, checkers, pool, field hockey, etc. Space saving, this model is ideal if you have a lot of children who like to play a lot of different games. Converting the foosball table to another game involves removing the rods and placing one of the other surfaces on top. Note that there are stand-alone convertible foosball tables.

Table soccer or ping-pong?

Table football

Foosball is a game that keeps you active. Every time you play, you engage your knees, wrists, shoulders, arms and feet to move. The faster you move, the better your circulation. So it's a great way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time.


  • Many people can play together
  • Inspires communication and strategy
  • Promotes teamwork
    Improves blood circulation


  • Too many rules to follow

Who is it for?

Foosball is an ideal game for those who want to have a good time with their family.

Ping pong

Ping pong is a very popular sport that you can play at any time. Besides, you don't need to be talented or skilled to play ping pong. It is an excellent sport that helps develop hand-eye coordination and spatial ability.


  • Helps reduce stress
  • Makes you more productive
  • Engages the brain
  • Very energetic


  • Not suitable for young children

Who is it for?

Ping pong is ideal for those who want to learn table tennis.


If you can't decide between a table football table and a table tennis table, why not opt for a combination model?

Why buy a table football?

Whether it's for your health or for playing with your family, foosball has many benefits.

Health benefits

Foosball is an excellent game because it is good for your health. When you play foosball, you have to keep moving to score or defend. These movements are important because they are a great alternative to sports. It works both hands and feet.

Improves reflexes

The game of foosball is a fast-paced game. In real football, you have to run all the time and use your brain to adopt the best strategy. Foosball is almost the same. The difference is that you have to use your intelligence and reflexes instead of running. It's all about reflexes and concentration. The ball moves so fast that you have to decide everything in a short time. It stimulates your brain so that it can work as fast as possible. So it helps the brain to be sharp.

Playing with the family

Foosball is a family game, suitable for all age groups. You can play it in your spare time, such as in the evening, at the weekend or in the afternoon. With a multi-game foosball table, the whole family can play many games together without taking up much space.

Easy to play and understand

The rules of foosball are simple, so everyone can play. You don't need to move around too much, which is perfect for the elderly or slightly disabled. In addition, there are foosball tournaments.

Does not require much space

The main advantage of foosball tables is that they can be set up anywhere: at home, in the office, in a bar, etc. Whether you have a lot of space to spare or not, foosball tables come in all sizes. The larger ones are usually the regulation or competition sizes. There are also office foosball tables and tables small enough for confined spaces.

The best brands of table football

In our opinion, the best brands of table football in 2022 are :

René Pierre

Bonzini is a French manufacturer of European style foosball tables, founded in 1927. Of the 5 official ITSF brands, only Bonzini tables are made of solid wood.

Stella has been manufacturing French table football since 1929. Its top-of-the-range foosball tables are designed to last thanks to the Saturn paint coating on the entire surface.

They are a French billiard and foosball manufacturer known for making elegant tables that follow the European style of play. They offer a variety of models at varying prices, from tournament to coin-operated bars to home use models.

The leading toy manufacturer in the UK and third in Europe, Smoby has a vast catalogue of over 2,000 products. Its creations include toys for children under 3 (15% of sales), role-playing games (50%), outdoor games (15%) and table football.

This brand has over 40 years of experience in competitive foosball. Tornado products are known for creating an American style based on power and control. Only for experienced players.

What is the price table football

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

90 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Do not roll the stem.

This is a rule that all players should follow, even if it's your first time playing. Spinning your rods can be illegal in foosball. It's called rolling, it can be banned (for halves) and it can also damage the table and deform the rods. And it is not an effective way to shoot. You will have a much less powerful and less accurate shot. So don't roll the rod.

Master a single shot.


ll notice that professional foosball players employ many shooting techniques to score. And you might be tempted to try some of them during your game. Take the most effective approach: find a single shooting technique that works for you and try to stick with it.

Loosen your grip.

Football beginners tend to hold the handle too tightly. Especially as the pressure mounts and the competition intensifies, you start to see white knuckles. But be sure to resist the temptation to grip the handles. Instead, maintain a relaxed grip so you can handle the shaft more easily and be accurate with your shots.

Please help yourself.


first serve in a foosball game should be a fair serve. This means that the ball is served in the middle of the court with no preference for one side or the other. Try to take this serve for yourself, don't leave it to your opponent.

Keep your forward players ready.


three-man rod is your real attack, so you should try to advance the ball to them and keep control as much as possible. However, if your players are too straight, passes will bounce off them and your opponent may take possession of every one of your loose balls that way. If the players are angled forward, they are in a much better position to receive and hold the ball. So keep them in that position as much as possible.


What is the best foosball table?

The best foosball table depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How many players are there on a foosball table?

In Europe, the brands favour the one-keeper system. That's a total of 22 players.

How big is a foosball table?

The standard dimensions of a table football are approximately 1.5 x 1.3 m.

How much space do you need to play foosball?

It depends on the size of the person and the table, but for an adult male, the ideal size is about 215 x 245 cm. For children and small tables, these measurements will be reduced.

How does the telescopic rod system work?

The telescopic rod system is a must if you have young children. The rod assembly consists of 2 main parts. You have a combination of inner and outer rod.


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René Pierre Leader
Smoby 640001 10
Smoby 640001
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Stella Star
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