The best swings and slides in the UK 2023

The swing and slide is a very popular accessory for children. By installing such equipment in your garden, your little ones will be able to play with their friends in your presence, which is more reassuring. But how do you choose a play station that won't lose their interest after a few months? To make a successful purchase, discover our advice and our selection of the 4 best swing-slides of this year.

Soulet treated wood station 3 apparatus and slide - Mulberry tree 1

Editor's Choice

Soulet treated wood station 3 apparatus and slide - Mulberry tree

The best slide swing of 2021

Composed of a rope ladder, a swing and a platform with slide, this treated wood play station promises your children great discoveries and memorable adventures.

327 £ on Rueducommerce

This impressively sturdy playground style swing and slide can accommodate up to 5 children ages 3-12. Little boys and girls will be able to climb the rope ladder, swing on the counter or swing and slide off the top of the slide platform - safely, of course. In fact, this play equipment meets all the safety standards for children's toys.

To ensure that children have the chance to enjoy this play station for as long as possible, its wooden structure is treated (class IV) against fungus and weather. It is guaranteed for 5 years. The manufacturer estimates that the assembly of this swing with slide takes 2 hours. In order to reinforce its stability, the fixing legs must be embedded in a concrete block.

Trigano Oreka 2

Best cheap deal

Trigano Oreka

The best entry-level slide swing

Combining two swings, a rope ladder and a slide, this high-end outdoor play equipment is manufactured in strict compliance with European safety standards. It will be a great source of joy and fun.

227 £ on Cdiscount

Made of various high quality materials, this outdoor swing and slide is perfect for ages 3 to 12. Trigano has paid particular attention to the finish of this playground. Very sturdy, its treated wood frame will blend perfectly into any environment. As for its metal top bar, it is designed to withstand the rigors of play and the pressure exerted by a half-dozen children.

While the slide's platform is made of wood, its slide is made of plastic with a carefully contoured surface to optimize fun and reduce the risk of bumps when landing. Although it looks like hemp, the rope of the ladder is actually braided with polypropylene fibers that are more resistant and softer for the still fragile hands. The manufacturer recommends that the legs of this slide swing be anchored in concrete at ground level. To facilitate this, an anchoring kit is included with this item.

Soulet Cottage Funny 3

Best high-end deal

Soulet Cottage Funny

The best high-end slide swing

This playground style swing and slide offers many entertainment possibilities. In addition to the swings and slide, this equipment has a tree house, climbing rope, etc.

1 359 £ on Soulet

The accessories that make up this swing and slide are an invitation to adventure, starting with the climbing rope and the climbing wall. There's no better way to introduce little ones to the joys of physical activity. If you find that your kids spend way too much time glued to the TV screen or their smartphone, this play equipment will get them out. The entire structure of this playground is made of solid pine treated against fungus. It will resist humidity, ultraviolet rays, pollution and even the weight of a dozen children weighing 50 kg each.

Don't worry, this playground style swing is not complicated to assemble, since the panels are already pre-assembled in the factory. The instructions show you how to do it step by step. For the safety of your little adventurers, the legs of this equipment must be firmly set in concrete.

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill 2001046 4

Best garden swing slide

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill 2001046

The best wooden slide swing

Your children will never tire of having fun on this playground made entirely of high quality cedar wood. This equipment will allow them to live countless adventures that they won't soon forget. Swing, slide, sandbox, let's go for long hours of fun.

530 £ on Amazon

Despite its somewhat classic design, your kids will love this Buckley Hill swing and slide. Equipped with two swings, a tree house, and a plastic slide, this equipment will offer them a thousand and one entertainment possibilities. The space underneath the house can also be used as a sandbox. The little ones will enjoy building sand castles.

This swing and slide is made of cedar wood. This material was chosen by the manufacturer because of its superb technical qualities. Not only does it withstand the elements very well, but its surface is also insensitive to fungus attacks. If traces of mildew appear after a few years, they can be removed with a light sanding and a thin coat of woodstain. As all wooden parts are numbered, assembly will not take too long.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best swing and slide

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The best slide swing of 2021

The best entry-level slide swing

The best high-end slide swing

The best wooden slide swing

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Comparison table of the best swings and slides

Soulet treated wood station 3 apparatus and slide - Mulberry tree 5
Trigano Oreka 6
Soulet Cottage Funny 7
Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill 2001046 8
Soulet treated wood station 3 apparatus and slide - Mulberry tree
Trigano Oreka
Soulet Cottage Funny
Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill 2001046
Composed of a rope ladder, a swing and a platform with slide, this treated wood play station promises your children great discoveries and memorable adventures.
Combining two swings, a rope ladder and a slide, this high-end outdoor play equipment is manufactured in strict compliance with European safety standards. It will be a great source of joy and fun.
This playground style swing and slide offers many entertainment possibilities. In addition to the swings and slide, this equipment has a tree house, climbing rope, etc.
Your children will never tire of having fun on this playground made entirely of high quality cedar wood. This equipment will allow them to live countless adventures that they won't soon forget. Swing, slide, sandbox, let's go for long hours of fun.
Age range
3 to 12 years old
3 to 12 years old
3 to 12 years old
3 to 10 years old
2.43 m x 2.83 m x 1.95 m
2.95 m x 2.70 m x 1.90 m
4874 x 5505 x 3105 mm
310 x 270 x 230 cm
CE and EN 71
CE and EN 71
CE and EN 71
Number of children supported
5 children of 50 kg
6 children of 50 kg
12 children of 50 kg
4 to 6 children of 50 kg
5 years old
10 years for wood and metal and 2 years for plastic parts.
10 years old
10 years old

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Buying guide - swing and slide

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How to choose your swing and slide

To find the swing and slide that will best meet your children's expectations and yours as well, different criteria should be taken into consideration.

#1 - Manufacturing materials

The best slide swings are made of either metal or wood. Metal models are not only easy to install, but they do not require any specific maintenance to improve their lifespan. If a few spots of rust appear over time, a rust remover will take care of the problem.

If you are looking for an authentic product that will blend in with your garden, choose a wooden model. The only drawback is that this material will need periodic maintenance. Once a year, you will have to redo the paint or varnish. As for the slide, it's always made with high-quality plastic.

#2 - Age of children

Certainly, it was said a little earlier that the slide swing can be given to a child regardless of age, but in reality, it is wise to wait until they are able to stand before giving them this gift. So to speak, a slide swing is best suited for ages 3 to 12.

As your child enters adolescence, opt for a play station that combines several physical activities similar to tree climbing. Between the rope ladders, the metal rings, the trapeze, the climbing wall, you will be spoiled for choice.

#3 - Safety options

We can't say it enough, safety options are very important to consider when acquiring a slide swing. Choose a heavy-duty model that can support up to 10 times the weight of a child. Remember that your child will not necessarily be alone in playing with this accessory. Also, make sure that all the components of the equipment are of good quality.

To prevent the slide from collapsing, look for models with supports that are long enough to be secured in concrete. If that's not possible, you'll need to find a way to stabilize the swing.

#4 - Standards

The best slide swings meet strict quality standards, the most common of which is S 54-100 (Safety in Use of Toys). This standard requires manufacturers to mention on their product packaging the importance of following assembly instructions.

Remember that a swing-slide that meets the quality standards has undergone a battery of tests before being offered on the market. So, before making an acquisition, shop around for the certifications that come with the swings you are interested in.

#5 - Size

Far from being a trivial detail, the dimensions of the slide swing must be adapted to the space you have. You don't want this accessory to clutter up your yard. Nor should it be barely visible. Since this equipment will be used by your children for years to come, it might as well be pleasant to look at.

Ideally, choose a model that has multiple swings and a slide that is tall and wide enough for children to use for years.

The slide swing: an essential accessory for children's development

From the outset, it's important to know that the slide swing is not just a toy for children. According to health and early childhood specialists, this accessory also contributes to the motor and cognitive development of children, for the simple reason that it allows them to understand the functioning of everything around them. Because, when they play on the swing-slide, children experiment, try and learn from their mistakes in case of fall. This is why schools have these games installed in their playgrounds.

The swing and slide is also a window to the outdoors for the child. A swing in your garden will encourage him to leave the house. He will no longer spend most of his free time slumped in front of the television or screwed behind the screen of the computer or a smartphone. By giving your child a playground instead of a video game console, you'll give them a taste for the pleasures of outdoor activities.

Also, think of this play equipment as a way to socialize with other kids in the neighborhood. You can be sure that friendships will be made thanks to the slide swing.

Toboggan Swing: the perfect gift for kids

No matter how old your child is, give them a slide swing. You don't have to worry about anything. Unlike equipment that dates back to fifteen years ago, swings today are more ergonomic and very well thought out. As an added bonus, they come with safety systems that keep the kids out of danger.

The different types of swings and slides

Toboggan swings come in two distinct categories. You will have to choose between the classic slide swing and the home playground style slide swing.

The classic slide swing

Quite basic, this play equipment embeds a maximum of two swings and a slide. This category of swing and slide does not require much space. This model is recommended for families whose properties cannot accommodate complex and elaborate installations.

Although the classic slide swing is so simple, it will provide your children with a lot of fun. For safety reasons, it is recommended that the classic slide swing be installed on a grassy area. Otherwise, put a good layer of sand underneath the accessory to cushion the falls.

The playground style slide swing

The playground-style slide swing is the ideal choice if you have several children and enough space in your yard. This equipment includes other activities in addition to the swings and slide. You can find a tree house, rope ladders, trapezes, hanging ropes and suspension rings.

Although this type of swing and slide is not dangerous, it is a good idea to supervise your children when they are playing with it. Because it's more complex to assemble, some parents get help from professionals or friends who are pretty good at DIY.

Slide swing or trampoline?

Swing and slide

The slide swing is a classic children's playground. On this playground, the little ones can swing on the swings, swing on the slide, climb the knotted rope, climb the rope ladder or hang on the trapezes. This accessory will allow them to expend their energy properly.

As someone who has been in their shoes, you know that the slide swing is a lot of fun. To avoid injury, make sure the swing is well stabilized and has enough clearance to avoid bumps.


With a trampoline in your garden, adrenaline rushes are guaranteed. This equipment will allow your children to release their excess energy, but also to challenge themselves, safely of course. Just like the swing and slide, the trampoline is available in different sizes.

It should be chosen according to the age of your children, as the larger it is, the higher the bounce. For the little ones to enjoy it safely, this equipment is surrounded by a net with a closing system.


If you can't decide between a slide swing and a trampoline, ask your kids for their opinion. We're pretty sure that many of them will opt for the slide swing because it offers more fun.

5 good reasons to buy a swing and slide

1. It will keep your kids busy

The slide swing is the perfect solution to keep your children away from the television and game consoles. The many activities offered by this equipment will help them expend energy in the company of friends. Spending time outside is a simple pleasure that will help them grow up faster.

2. It contributes to the motor and cognitive development of children

Children need to play, to move, to manipulate the elements in their environment and what better way to do this than with a swing and slide. Moreover, the activities offered by this equipment will stimulate their intelligence. Every time they come home after spending hours playing, they will have a better understanding of the outside world.

3. It allows the child to commune with nature

The slide swing will allow children to enjoy the sun and nature. Even if the equipment is installed in a garden, it is already a good start. Playing outside will develop a passion for outdoor activities and a deep love of sports.

4. It helps children socialize

Think of the swing and slide as a developmental element for your children. In fact, this equipment will help children socialize more easily with their friends. When they come back from school or on weekends, the only thing they will want to do is to have fun with their friends on the slide swing.

5. It allows the child to have fun safely

You don't have to worry about your kids playing in the garden anymore. Unlike the old equipment, today's equipment is very well designed. Sturdy and stable, these accessories allow little boys and girls to enjoy a pleasant moment with their respective friends.

The best brands of swings and slides

In our opinion, the best brands of swings and slides in 2022 are :

Backyard Discovery
Alice’s Garden

After getting its start in camping equipment, Trigano decided to expand its business and move into garden accessories. Quite naturally, the manufacturer began creating outdoor games, the most popular of which are swings, slides and trampolines.

Soulet is a French brand whose activities are mainly turned to outdoor games for children. Playgrounds, playhouses, sandboxes, swing gates, this manufacturer will fully satisfy you by the quality and ingenuity of its products.

For over 30 years, Backyard Discovery has been working in the design of wooden huts, swings, slides and other accessories for the garden. This company owes its popularity to the expertise of its team, which never stops innovating. Their goal: to take children outdoors to build their minds and muscles.

In business for many years, Alice's Garden is one of the leaders in garden equipment and outdoor accessories for youth and adults. In addition to being well-designed and well-crafted, Alice's Garden items are offered at the best quality/price ratio.

This French manufacturer specializes in fun accessories and playgrounds for children. Responsible, Fatmoose places particular importance on the quality of its range of outdoor items, which it designs with wood produced in-house.

What is the price for a swing and slide

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

300 £ to 600 £
600 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Follow the instructions for use

For safety reasons, you must absolutely respect the recommended age range for the swing and slide. You don't want the equipment to bend under the weight of little ones. Also, remember to check for any deformities during assembly.

Install the slide swing correctly

Try to do it right if you plan to install the slide swing yourself. Follow all the installation steps that are recommended by the manufacturer. If necessary, enlist the help of a professional installer.

Care for the slide swing

External aggression will not be kind to this equipment. Whether it's made of wood or metal, the slide swing will need regular maintenance. To give it a chance to last, apply wood stain to the wood surface and rustproofing to the metal.

Protect the slide swing in winter

The slide swing is sensitive to the cold no matter what material it is made of. To cope with winter, consider covering the installation with a tarp or cover that provides good insulation. If necessary, remove accessories that could be blown away by the wind.

Repair the slots on the wooden structure

Wood is very sensitive to climate change. For sure, cracking will appear after a few years. Do not try to fill these cracks, as they will quickly reappear under the effect of ultraviolet light. Ideally, you should sand the entire cracked surface and reapply the stain.


At what age can a child play on a slide swing?

A child can play on the classic swing as soon as he can stand up. For the slide swing, however, wait until your child is 3 years old before giving him one. Again, you'll need to keep an eye on him when he's playing with it. This is not a dangerous piece of play equipment, but it's best to keep an eye on him at all times. At such a young age, a child tends to get a little too bold.

What material should a slide swing be made of?

The best slide swings have a wooden or metal frame. Only the slide is made of plastic. The choice of materials is going to depend on your personal preferences. For a more modern atmosphere in a garden, a metal model is better suited. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the authenticity of your space, it is wiser to acquire a wooden slide swing.

How to maintain a slide swing?

Maintenance depends on the material of the slide swing structure. If the swing is made of metal, you won't need to maintain it until after a few years. For a wooden model, however, you will need to re-stain it regularly. Cracked areas should also be sanded down to prevent them from contaminating the entire surface of the wood.

How to properly install a slide swing?

To properly stabilize the swing slide, the legs of the swing slide should be set in concrete. This way, the equipment will not move even if many children play on it. During assembly, don't forget to check that the structure has no defects that could lead to breakage.


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Soulet treated wood station 3 apparatus and slide - Mulberry tree 9
Soulet treated wood station 3 apparatus and slide - Mulberry tree
Trigano Oreka 10
Trigano Oreka
Soulet Cottage Funny 11
Soulet Cottage Funny
Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill 2001046 12
Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill 2001046


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