The best sweat belts in the UK 2023

No time to go to the gym for your daily workouts? Do you want to lose those extra pounds without putting in extra effort? If you answer yes, then you absolutely need a sweat belt. This revolutionary equipment will allow you to refine your figure while evacuating toxins via perspiration.

Ceinture de sudation Éric Favre

Editor's Choice

Éric Favre Sweatbelt

The best sweat belt in 2021

For women, this neoprene sweat belt from Eric Favre increases your body temperature in the belly and absorbs sweat so that the outside stays dry at all times.

15,92 £ on Go Sport

It is a slimming girdle intended in particular for women. The Eric Favre Sweat Belt has been specifically designed to increase the body's natural perspiration level by localizing it to the hips and stomach. Depending on the frequency of use, you will start to have a slimmer figure and a flat stomach. In addition to helping you burn calories, it also optimizes your blood circulation and at the same time eliminates toxins through perspiration.

The Eric Favre Sweat Belt is made of neoprene and nylon, which makes it light and resistant to wear. You can wear it under any clothing, it will be discreet. Even better, this sauna belt will improve your posture, thus avoiding lower back pain. Available in one size, this model fits all body types thanks to its velcro fastening.

Ceinture de sudation Domyos

Best cheapest

Domyos sweat belt

The best entry-level sweat belt

Accompany all your sports sessions with the Domyos Sweat Belt to get the best results. With the sauna effect, the production of sweat during training is increased tenfold.

4,80 £ on Decathlon

To be worn next to the skin, the Domyos Sweat Belt acts as a localized sauna, which will increase perspiration during all your physical activities. It ensures a better support of your back and provides a satisfactory compression power to prevent possible muscular injuries. Its ultra-thin and light design allows you to slip it easily under your clothes. Adjustable, this device is suitable for all waist sizes.

Because of its non-slip polyester and polyamide lining, the Domyos slimming girdle will stay in its original place, regardless of the type and intensity of the sports you practice. Note that the latex-free neoprene used in its manufacture may give off an unpleasant odor when first used. Wash it by hand before using it. In addition, the belt has a hook and loop fastener that guarantees excellent adherence.

Ceinture de sudation VeoFit

Best high end

VeoFit Sweat Belt

The best high-end sweat belt

Looking to optimize your weight loss, detoxify your body and improve your circulation? Choose the VeoFit sauna belt. It fits most men and women perfectly.

24,78 £ on Go Sport

Targeting both men and women who want to lose their curves, recover after exercise, protect their lumbar vertebrae and keep their backs warm, the VeoFit Sweat Belt is the perfect accessory to slim down your figure almost instantly. A flat stomach, smooth and toned skin, optimized weight loss, better back support... these are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when using it.

The VeoFit Sweat Sleeve offers a very good level of compression. The fact of sweating favors the detoxification of the body, as well as the blood circulation. In addition, it is made of 90% latex-free neoprene, a material that effectively helps eliminate toxins through perspiration. The remaining 10% is made of nylon. Thanks to its remarkable finish and sturdy seams, this sauna belt can become your best ally in slimming.

Ceinture de sudation Athli-Tech

Excellent choice

Ceinture de sudation Athli-Tech

A cheap alternative

In addition to its initial function as a sweat belt, this Athli-Tech model smoothes your skin, tightens the abdomen muscles, relieves back pain and increases perspiration.

7,99 £ on Go Sport
Buying guide • November 2023

Best sweat belt

Any specific needs?

The best sweat belt in 2021

The best entry-level sweat belt

The best high-end sweat belt

A cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best sweat belts

Ceinture de sudation Éric Favre
Ceinture de sudation Domyos
Ceinture de sudation VeoFit
Ceinture de sudation Athli-Tech
Éric Favre Sweatbelt
Domyos sweat belt
VeoFit Sweat Belt
Ceinture de sudation Athli-Tech
For women, this neoprene sweat belt from Eric Favre increases your body temperature in the belly and absorbs sweat so that the outside stays dry at all times.
Accompany all your sports sessions with the Domyos Sweat Belt to get the best results. With the sauna effect, the production of sweat during training is increased tenfold.
Looking to optimize your weight loss, detoxify your body and improve your circulation? Choose the VeoFit sauna belt. It fits most men and women perfectly.
In addition to its initial function as a sweat belt, this Athli-Tech model smoothes your skin, tightens the abdomen muscles, relieves back pain and increases perspiration.
Neoprene and nylon
100% Styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene foam, 59% polyester, 41% polyamide main lining
90% neoprene, 10% nylon, latex-free
90% neoprene and 10% nylon
One size fits all
One size fits all
One size fits all
One size fits all
Closure system
Velcro straps
Hook and loop tape
Velcro strap
Scratch closure
Ideal for weight training sessions
No more than 12 hours of continuous use
Non-slip technology
2-year warranty
Cleaning tips
Wash with warm water after each use
Hand wash

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How to choose your sweat belt

Wearing a sweat belt is a must if you want to burn as much fat as possible, lose belly fat and get rid of your love handles. To know how to select the right model, take into account these recommendations:
choisir ceinture de sudation

#1 - Usability

For daily wear, choose a sweat belt that will be discreet under clothing. Its materials of conception must be resistant to an intensive use and to frequent washings. You can then enjoy it even while sitting in your office.

In addition, if you intend to wear it only during your sports sessions, bet on a fairly thick model that will increase the effect of perspiration and ensure optimal evacuation of fats and toxins.

#2 - Material

The sauna belt is worn directly on the skin and in some cases on a garment. You should choose a model made of materials that are both soft and comfortable and activate perspiration. Playing on the proper functioning of the accessory, you should know that the mixture of materials brings maximum efficiency.

Here is a summary of the materials most commonly used today:

  • The 100% neoprene (synthetic rubber): it is appreciated for its resistance, its extensibility, its waterproofness, its lightness and especially its capacity to insulate you from the cold. This material is mainly used in the world of aquatic sports.
  • Neoprene and polyamide : together, these materials promise optimal insulation. It is important to note that polyamide, which looks similar to plastic except for its elasticity, is capable of retaining heat. It does not absorb moisture, which is why it is so strong and durable.
  • Neoprene and Lycra : Lycra is a mesh material. This means that it must be combined with other materials if you want to enjoy its stretchy and flexible nature. It is equally resistant to water and heat and provides an increased compression effect.
  • Neoprene and PVC : Fire retardant and waterproof, PVC helps to induce perspiration. It works in the same way as lycra. In addition, it is very easy to clean. Note that it is not suitable for people with allergies.

#3 - Ergonomics

The comfort of wearing relies on the ergonomics of the sweat belt. Since you are going to use it most often, it is better to opt for a model in which you will feel comfortable. Don't hesitate to try it on when you buy it. If this is not possible, check the size that fits you before ordering. Several types of models are available to you: the sweat belt for women, for men or unisex.

#4 - Size

We can distinguish two types of sweat belts namely the non-adjustable model and the adjustable model. In the first case, it is imperative to take a size consistent with your body type. The belt is certainly extensible, but if it does not follow the shape of your body, it is likely not to ensure its work correctly. The adjustable belt, however, will not cause you any concern since they adapt to different body shapes. If there is a size guide, don't hesitate to use it.

#5 - Ease of cleaning

It is advisable to clean the sweat belt after each use not only for hygiene, but also for comfort reasons. With this in mind, make sure you get a model that can withstand frequent washing. Some can be hand washed to increase their durability while others can be machine washed without difficulty. The latter allow you to save precious time during maintenance. In any case, it is interesting to have a spare sweat belt.

#6 - Additional features

Habitually, the sweat belt is offered to you in its basic version, that is to say in the form of an extensible band equipped with a velcro fastening system. However, some models have interesting options that will make their use more comfortable. During your workouts, for example, you can take advantage of the integrated storage pockets. The more sophisticated models offer excellent moisture absorption, which will reduce the risk of irritation.

How to use a sweat belt

avis ceinture de sudation

The sweat belt is much talked about because of its effectiveness and its practicality. You can wear it every day and during your sports sessions in the gym or outdoors. It is easily placed near your body and is maintained in a few gestures. Here are a few tips on how to use this accessory to easily adopt it.

How it works

As its name suggests, the sweat belt helps you sweat. By encouraging sweating, it accelerates the evacuation of toxins through sweat. It tones the skin and promotes the elimination of fat from the stomach and hips. The sweat belt consists of a neoprene wall that traps the waist and increases the temperature so as to provoke sweating. Regular exercise is required to see good results when wearing it. It is also necessary to adopt a balanced and healthy diet.

How to wear a sweat belt

Of course, the sweat belt is worn around the waist. It surrounds the belly and is fixed with a scratch or another adhesive depending on the model. The sweat belt is worn under clothing discreetly. It is enough to tighten it well and to take care that the neoprene wall does not fold with certain places. Folds can irritate the skin during exercise.

The sweat belt: when to wear it?

The sweat belt can be worn throughout the day. It is light, discreet and not bulky. It does not hinder your movements when you do sports. In this case, remove the belt after three hours to relieve your skin. Don't forget to wash the accessory before or after wearing it. This will remove the sweat produced while wearing it.

The different types of sweat belts

Finding the right sweat belt is not an easy task, especially when you don't really know what type of model suits your morphology. That's why we have classified the existing models according to the sex of the person for whom they are intended.

Women's sweat belt

ceinture de sudation femme

The sweat belt for women is worn on the hips. It takes the form of a corset or bustier which has the advantage of making you lose centimeters of waistline in a few seconds. The sauna belt, offering you the assurance of an hourglass figure, acts like a slimming girdle and tightens your bust without compressing you. The result: your waistline is slimmer, your stomach becomes flat and all the bulges disappear as if by magic. Much more effective than a simple girdle, the sauna belt for women activates perspiration. You will therefore eliminate toxins and the weight loss process begins.

Men's sweat belt

ceinture de sudation homme

It is a type of sweat belt that works in the same way as the one for women. The difference is that it is specifically designed for men because of its shape. The accessory, which must be worn around the abdomen, adopts the male silhouette. When in contact with the skin, the slimming belt increases the temperature of the hips, lower back and stomach to stimulate sweating. The resulting loss of water helps eliminate toxins. In the majority of cases, men use this type of belt to build muscle, to tone their skin or to refine their waist.

Mixed sweat belt

ceinture de sudation mixte

As its name suggests, this type of sweatband is suitable for both men and women. Often one size and a small width, it attaches and adjusts according to the waist of the wearer via a scratch. The mixed sweat belt is placed at the level of the abdominal belt, on or under the clothes. It does not cause any discomfort. On the contrary, the freedom of movement is there. It should be noted that the presence of folds during the installation can however lead to irritations.

What isan electric sweat belt

This model, like the Sauna Belt, requires a connection to a power source to operate. The practice of sports activities is very limited.

Sweat belt or electrostimulation belt?

Sweat belt

The sweat belt has many followers around the world. Integrated among the accessories of fitness and fitness, it comes in the form of a wide neoprene belt that is wrapped around the waist. The fabric is airtight. It does not let air through, which quickly increases the temperature when you exercise. The perspiration is thus optimized, promoting the evacuation of toxins through sweat.

Many specialists in weight loss denounce the very relative effects of the sweat belt on fat loss in the belly. In reality, this equipment does not serve ideally to lose fat mass, it purifies and plays a role of elimination of toxins in the body. Despite its detractors, the sweat belt still seduces thanks to other assets such as the comfort of use. You remain free of your movements and can practice all the exercises of fitness by wearing this type of belts.

Electrostimulation belt

The electrostimulation belt is one of the modern devices dedicated to weight loss and fitness. It is presented as an accessible and above all simple solution to lose fat mass around the belly by strengthening the abdominal muscles.

It is not necessary to do any exercises. The belt sends electrical impulses through electrodes. These impulses cause the abdominal muscles to contract and then relax, just like when you exercise.


The effectiveness of the electro-stimulation belt is still a matter of debate. Many specialists question the fact that gains in muscle mass can be observed without exercise. On the other hand, the purifying virtues of the sweat belt are proven. Of course, you will not necessarily lose weight on your stomach with this accessory. On the other hand, you will effectively and easily eliminate all the toxins by sweating more during your training sessions.

Why buy a sweat belt?

pourquoi acheter ceinture de sudation

Many people, including top athletes, use sweat belts. This equipment is so attractive because it offers several notable advantages.

A discreet accessory

Discretion is a major asset of the sweat belt. Thin and light, it goes completely unnoticed when you wear it on you. Therefore, the accessory is not only worn in the gym. You can wear your sweat belt when you walk or run and even at the office, while shopping or during your Sunday walks.


Installing the sweat belt at your waist is not a problem. You can do it in a few minutes. A simple scratch allows you to close it properly. Wearing it is not less comfortable. On the contrary! The neoprene fabric is soft and doesn't rub against your skin. Even better, the sweat belt will not restrict your movements.

Suitable for both men and women

The sweat belt is an equipment suitable for everyone. Men and women can wear it discreetly and enjoy all its benefits for the body. You just have to find a model that fits you. There is one for every size or body type. Follow the advice in our buying guide to find the model that suits you best.

Ideal for skin toning

The sweat belt acts like a mini sauna. It causes your body to sweat and eliminate toxins through sweat. The toning of the skin is part of the benefits of this sweating. Indeed, the skin finds its flexibility and its vigor when it is purified. It is ideal if you have lost a lot of fat on your belly and there is an unpleasant excess of skin.

An affordable yet effective accessory

The sweat belt will most certainly be one of your most affordable weight loss and purification accessories. Its purchase does not require a huge expense. This does not mean that it is an ineffective gadget. On the contrary. The sweat belt has proven its effectiveness. Millions of users around the world are witnesses to this.

The best brands of sweat belts

In our opinion, the best brands of sweat belts in 2022 are :

Éric Favre

Eric Favre specializes in the sale of a wide variety of products focused on bodybuilding and fitness, from anti-aging treatments to sports equipment such as sweat belts. For the latter product, the brand focuses on its special fitness model, which is easy to use and yet very effective and high quality.

Bracoo is the specialist in sports accessories such as patellar and ligament knee pads, thermotherapy accessories and sweat belts. The manufacturer selects high quality materials and materials to produce high-end yet affordable sweat belts.

TrainingGirl manufactures everything a woman needs to work out in the fitness room. Its product catalog consists of items like thigh-highs and sweat belts. Each product is carefully designed to meet the most demanding needs and ensure optimum safety for users. The TrainingGirl brand seduces today the simple amateurs, but also the high level athletes by the quality of its products.

Neotrive has made small accessories related to the practice of fitness and bodybuilding its specialty. We find in its catalog bodybuilding gloves, wrist guards, jump ropes, CrossFit wrists or grips pads. Neotrive also develops very high quality sweat belts suitable for men and women of all ages and body types.

Find in the Bearbro brand's catalog a wide selection of fitness and wellness items. The brand produces everything from the smallest winter socks to weight training bands and sweat belts. At Bearbro, quality is as important as price. Looking for an affordable and safe sweat belt? Choose a Bearbro model.

What is the price for a sweat belt

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram



The sweat belt is effective. It is not, however, a magic solution that will make the fat and toxins in your belly disappear in one fell swoop. In order to see the best results, you need to do regular physical exercises in order to sweat a lot. So continue to exercise so as to trim your figure.

Eat less, but balance your diet

Practicing physical exercises and wearing a sweat belt is not enough to lose weight and purify your body. You must also adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Reduce calorie and fat intake. If possible, consult a nutritionist with whom you will design a personalized diet, adapted to your nutritional needs.

Hydrate yourself

You will lose a lot of water by doing sports. Water loss will be even greater when you wear a sweat belt. That's why it's important to always drink water to avoid any risk of dehydration. Drink half a liter of water before your session. Continue to hydrate throughout and after the workout.

Sauna and hammam as alternatives

It is possible to complement the purifying and detoxifying action of the sweat belt with other techniques. Sauna and steam rooms are among them. They are designed to encourage sweating and thus allow the body to evacuate toxins through sweat. The combination of wearing the sweat belt with sessions in the sauna or steam room will help you enjoy better results.

Precautions to take

The sweat belt is designed to be comfortable. The level of comfort, however, depends on the fit of the belt on your waist. That's why it's essential to choose a model that fits your body type. In general, several sizes are offered on each model. Play with the Velcro fastener that allows you to adapt the length of the belt to your waist.


How to put on a sweat belt?

The sweat belt is quite easy to wear. You don't have to put any clothes inside. The belt comes in direct contact with your skin. The accessory closes with a scratch. While standing, start by putting the lower part of the scratch. Go around your belly, making sure that the belt does not fold in certain places. Close the scratch by tightening well without suffocating you.

How to wash a sweat belt?

To eliminate the sweat accumulated after each training, the sweat belt must be cleaned. Wash it with clean water. You can use soap to remove stains and making sure to rinse well. The cleaning is done before or after each session. The sweat belt dries very quickly, because it is always made with a water-repellent fabric.

Does the sweat belt make you lose weight?

Although it is mainly used in a purification framework, the sweat belt also helps to lose weight around the belly. But beware, the loss of fat mass can only be seen if you follow a suitable, healthy and balanced diet and if you practice sports regularly. Without this, the use of the sweat belt will be superfluous.

How long do you keep a sweat belt on?

There is no ideal duration of wearing the sweat belt. It will depend on your physical activities. Limit the wearing time to three hours if you have sweated a lot during a fitness session. You can wear the sweat belt for up to 10 hours if you go about your daily routine without exercising during the day.


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