The best survival rations in the UK 2023

Also known as freeze-dried food or emergency ration, survival ration allows to face a natural disaster, an accident, or simply a hike. Having enough to eat and stay alive with a good caloric and nutritional intake is essential in the wilderness. But what does it really contain and which one to choose? To find out, read our comparison of the best survival rations.

Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration

Best value for your money

Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration

The best survival ration in 2021

The Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration is not just for life rafts. It helps in many emergency situations. This survival ration in the form of energy cookies.

86,40 £ on Amazon

The Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration represents a total intake of 60,000 kcal! This survival ration will be more than enough if you want to survive for 2 months. Natural disasters, survival in the wilderness, it helps to cope with all situations. And for the packaging, each box contains 24 packages of 500 g each.

Ready to use and quite delicious, the Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration requires no preparation or cooking. Thanks to its balanced intake, your diet will not impact your health. Each 500g pack contains 18 tablets in the form of 9 energy bars, each providing up to 2500 kcal.

Lebenskraft BP ER Elite

Best value for your money

Lebenskraft BP ER Elite

The best entry-level survival ration

Offered at a very low price, the Lebenskraft BP ER Elite remains consumable for 30 years! Indeed, its condition does not change over this period. You will also appreciate its compact size and high nutritional value.

10,36 £ on Amazon

Lebenskraft BP ER Elite survival ration was originally used by professionals such as the military and rescue teams in the event of natural disasters. The quality of its packaging plays a major role in its exceptional shelf life. Add nitrogen sealing and you can see why it remains edible after 30 years. Good to know, this survival ration is vegetarian, made of natural ingredients and certified halal.

Anyone from 6 months of age can eat Lebenskraft BP ER Elite. Each 500g pack contains 9 individual nutrition bars and you will have an intake of almost 2500 kcal per pack. With its high energy content, you will appreciate its ease of use: either you eat it directly or you mix it with boiling water like a porridge.

MRE Case A INSP 2019

Best value for your money

MRE Case A INSP 2019

The best high-end survival ration

With the 2019 MRE Case A INSP, there's no need to cook or reheat your meals. This survival ration designed for the military provides up to 1250 calories per meal, which is a lot. Each case includes 12 meals.

158 £ on Amazon

Long reserved for the U.S. military, MRE Case A INSP 2019 has proven effectiveness. And aside from the Yanks, hundreds of thousands of soldiers around the world have already consumed it without any impact on their health. This combat ration perfectly meets the energy needs of an adult. You can take it camping, hiking, hunting, boating...

The MRE Case A INSP 2019 is a true portable pantry. In fact, you'll find main dishes, spreads, candies, desserts, as well as sauces, cookies, breads, drinks and accessories (fork, flameless stove, toilet paper...). To be enjoyed hot or cold, each portion will be a treat.

MFH NRG-5 40 331

Excellent selection

MFH NRG-5 40 331

An interesting follow-up ration

Containing 9 cookies, the MFH NRG-5 40 331 is enough to fill you up for the day with 3 cookies per meal. The packet of 500 g brings a total of 2300 kcal. Indispensable in the emergency situations and in case of confinement.

11,60 £ on Amazon

The MFH NRG-5 40 331 will please you for its satiating effect. Each package contains 9 nutritional bars for a total of 500 g. An adult will have to consume on average 3 cookies per meal, which ensures a balanced ratio in proteins, lipid, vitamins, minerals and glucids. The daily nutritional intake reaches 2300 kcal.

This survival ration can be kept for many years, regardless of the temperature and storage conditions. The bars are vacuum-packed in aluminium foil for better water and air tightness. Of course, the taste will not be as good as a delicious duck with orange, but that is not the main purpose of a survival ration.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best survival ration

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The best survival ration in 2021

The best entry-level survival ration

The best high-end survival ration

An interesting follow-up ration

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Comparison table of the best survival rations

Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration
Lebenskraft BP ER Elite
MRE Case A INSP 2019
MFH NRG-5 40 331
Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration
Lebenskraft BP ER Elite
MRE Case A INSP 2019
MFH NRG-5 40 331
The Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration is not just for life rafts. It helps in many emergency situations. This survival ration in the form of energy cookies.
Offered at a very low price, the Lebenskraft BP ER Elite remains consumable for 30 years! Indeed, its condition does not change over this period. You will also appreciate its compact size and high nutritional value.
With the 2019 MRE Case A INSP, there's no need to cook or reheat your meals. This survival ration designed for the military provides up to 1250 calories per meal, which is a lot. Each case includes 12 meals.
Containing 9 cookies, the MFH NRG-5 40 331 is enough to fill you up for the day with 3 cookies per meal. The packet of 500 g brings a total of 2300 kcal. Indispensable in the emergency situations and in case of confinement.
Shelf life
5 years
30 years
10 years
12 kg
500 g
9.29 kg
500 g
Caloric intake
2,500 kcal/package
2,432 kcal/package
1,250 calories/meal
2,300 kcal/package
18 bars/package
9 bars/package
12 meals/carton
9 cookies/package
Presentation size
24 x 500 g
500 g package
12 meal carton
1 x 500 g

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Buying guide - survival ration

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How to choose your survival ration

A survival ration must be able to provide you with sufficient food autonomy while waiting for help to arrive, or simply until the end of your adventure. It is therefore important to make the right choices. Here are the most important criteria to take into account.
choisir ration de survie

#1 - Your needs

The choice of your survival ration depends primarily on your needs. Indeed, a model intended for a nuclear conflict or for survivalism is not necessarily suitable for hiking or trekking. You must therefore choose your ration according to its intended use.

#2 - The number of people

Determine in advance whether the survival ration is intended for one or more people. This criterion is especially important since the ration must be able to provide you with the calories needed to survive for a specific amount of time. For two people, choose a larger survival ration.

Be aware that you can base this on the number of days you will be eating. If the survival ration corresponds to a 6-day autonomy for one person, it may be appropriate for two people, but for a 3-day autonomy.

#3 - The caloric intake

It is important to understand that 2 survival rations with the same weight can provide you with different caloric intakes. Expressed in kcal (kilocalories) and/or kJ (kilojoules), this information is always indicated on the package. The energy intake is generally between 2300 and 2500 kcal (9600 to 10 300 kJ) per 500 g can, knowing that an active adult needs about 2100 kcal/day. When buying a good survival ration, we recommend that you choose the most energetic model.

#4 - The type of survival ration

In an emergency situation, it is essential to be able to feed yourself and keep your strength up until help arrives. Food or survival ration should be an integral part of your survival kit. Nevertheless, you cannot carry your entire pantry in your backpack.

The survival ration must therefore be compact. It consists mainly of ready-to-eat prepared food, but also of freeze-dried food that can be kept for several years. You can choose between different formats, such as survival ration packs packed in an airtight bucket, dried meats, canned goods or even energy cookies.

#5 - The shelf life

When you buy a survival ration, you should check its shelf life. This type of food is not meant to be eaten on a daily basis or used as a snack during a simple day hike. A survival ration must be able to remain edible for several years, and wait wisely at the bottom of your survival kit! So avoid rations that are quickly perishable.

The World's 5 Best Survival Rations

In the event of war, natural disaster or isolation, the adage "you have to eat to live" (or rather survive) takes on its full meaning. The survival ration remains the most effective solution to meet all your food autonomy needs. To give you an idea of what this revolutionary product contains, here is our list of the 5 best survival rations in the world:

  • Canada: the Canadian combat ration reflects the country's gastronomy. Soldiers get salmon fillets in sauce, vegetarian couscous and peanut butter.
  • France: Like the Canadians, the French army can enjoy a good gourmet meal. Cassoulet, venison pâté, chicken and coffee are on the menu.
  • Germany: ideal to satisfy a man in combat, you will find grapefruit, but also small cakes and liverwurst to spread.
  • Estonia: the menu of Estonian soldiers includes fish, chicken and liver sausage in pate, potatoes...
  • Spain: paella will wait for the return of the combat. Spanish fighters will be able to enjoy octopus, green beans, soups in bags and peaches for dessert. The best part? They also get vitamin C tablets and a water purifier.

Ready-to-eat rations

Consider choosing a survival ration that doesn't require any special preparation and can be eaten immediately. This allows you to lighten your survival kit or add other daily essentials.

The different types of survival rations

Corresponding to different user profiles and situations, 2 types of survival rations can be distinguished.

Survival rations pack

Designed for survivalists, but also for those who want to be prepared for any eventuality, the survival ration packs ensure self-sufficiency in food for a period ranging from several days to several weeks. They are presented in the form of an airtight bucket containing up to 60 survival meals.

Survival ration packs can also be stored for several years. Their main advantage lies in the choice of flavors and the variety of recipes. Nevertheless, they cannot be used as a complement to your survival kit if you are going on a trip in the mountains or in the forest. Indeed, their consequent dimensions make them difficult to carry.

Military survival rations

Compact and light, the military type survival ration comes in several formats. You can choose between cookies, ready-to-eat meals, dried meat and canned goods. In a survival situation, you should know that the goal is not primarily to enjoy flavors, but to recover calories and strength.

However, everything is done to ensure that survival rations bring you a minimum of gustatory pleasure. Their strong point is thatthey concentrate large quantities of calories in a small format. They will easily fit in your survival bag, or in the glove compartment of your car. They can also be stored in a cupboard.

Survival ration of the French army or the German army?

Survival ration of the French army

The emergency ration for the French army is considered to be the most complete of all. In fact, it is a full pack that will get you through the day without feeling hungry. The optimized package includes canned food that you can heat up, soup powder, a sweet or savory dessert, hearty cookies as a snack and coffee. The biggest advantage is the heating unit that comes with it. So you can heat up your dishes at any time.

Survival ration of the German army

The German army relies mainly on the energy value and ease of use of its survival ration. In this sense, it offers you pieces of food that has the particularity of melting instantly in the mouth. However, they can be prepared if you have the possibility. The German Emergency Ration comes in a 200 g pack and provides you with a caloric intake of 400 kcal/100 g. One tablet is enough to satisfy your hunger.


The French army's combat ration is attractive. However, its weight and the variety of the menu may handicap you. Often offered as a one-day meal, you'll need to purchase a large number of packs if you want to survive longer. On the other hand, the German army's is light and practical. A small portion could provide you with the caloric intake you need for a day. Besides, it will go very well with your bug out bag.

Why buy a good survival ration?

pourquoi acheter une ration de survie

A profitable investment

Of course, the price of a survival ration varies according to the dishes and the quantity of portions offered. However, it represents a profitable investment in the long term as you can store it for many years.

Sufficient caloric intake

Used in difficult conditions, the survival ration provides soldiers with a satisfactory energy value to ensure their day of effort. A ration promises an average intake of about 2300 kcal/day.

An excellent compromise between weight and size

To solve the problems related to transportation and storage, the survival ration has been designed to benefit from a better layout. It will thus be more compact. As a freeze-dried food, the weight of each tablet/bar is considerably reduced without having an impact on the nutritional value.

A complete meal

A combat ration is composed of all the ingredients necessary to constitute a complete meal. It will provide you with fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Great versatility

Of course, the survival ration is primarily intended for military operations, but not only... From now on, you can also use it in other situations. The civilian population can use it in case of an emergency situation (natural disasters, isolation, lack of resources in the natural environment...).

The best brands of survival rations

In our opinion, the best brands of survival rations in 2022 are :

Seven Oceans
Tactical Foodpack

The Seven Oceans brand specializes in marketing long-lasting, high-energy survival rations. Conveniently packaged, the packs fit easily into a survival bag or emergency kit.

With a shelf life ranging from 10 to 20 years, its survival rations are rich in quality ingredients. In addition to crisis situations, they can be in a variety of situations such as camping, hiking, rafting...

The Lebenskraft firm stands out for the quality and effectiveness of its survival rations. Longer shelf life, vegetarian and natural ingredients... are among its greatest assets.

This Estonian brand produces and sells entirely freeze-dried and natural survival rations. The food is characterized by its lightness. They are all the more rich in energy.

Opex offers, among other things, items intended for military use such as bags, tactical clothing as well as various equipment. It also offers survival rations consisting of complete meals, water purifying tablets and a stove kit.

What is the price for a survival ration

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Stock up on non-perishable food rations.

Make sure that the survival ration you are interested in can be kept for several years. The shelf life is indicated on the product packaging.

Make sure survival rations are packaged properly.


is advisable to store only well-packaged and processed foods, as otherwise their shelf life will be greatly reduced


Vary tastes.


you are building up survival rations for your family, consider varying the tastes by choosing assorted rations. Tasty treats can boost morale in an emergency situation. That's also why survival cookies taste better than they used to.

Store your survival rations in an appropriate container.


you are building up a large quantity of survival food at home as part of survivalism, take an airtight, sturdy container to keep them safe from air and moisture


Store your rations in an appropriate place.


survival food should be kept in a dry, temperate place. This ensures that the food will keep well even if it is tightly packaged and wrapped.


What is the best survival ration?

The best survival ration depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What is the maximum shelf life of a survival ration?

Some military-style survival rations can last up to 30 years. Their special packaging and processing make them impervious to outside conditions.

What is the number of calories indicated on the package?

It is the total number of calories provided by the entire ration. Each ration bar contains enough calories for one person and for a given number of days.

Where are the survival rations of the French army made?

ELOCA, located in Angers, takes care of receiving the entire menu, assembling and packing all the components into a box. The whole thing is then packaged with ultra-resistant plastic.

What is the expiration date of a survival ration?

It depends on the brand. However, the Department of the Army recommends a maximum of 2 years. Most of the current models, however, can be stored for many years because of their excellent packaging.


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Seven Oceans Emergency Food Ration
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