The best survival kits in the UK 2023

In order to have peace of mind throughout your vacation, it is always preferable to have a survival kit in your belongings. It is also necessary that this famous kit is really adapted to your needs and to the difficult conditions you may face. In this complete buying guide, we invite you to discover all you need to know to choose a survival kit.

Lixada 9 en 1

Best value for money

Lixada 9 in 1

The best survival kit in 2021

With the Lixada-en-1 survival kit, you will be like a fish in water in the wilderness. It will help you in case of a problem while hiking, camping or going on an adventure.

23,98 £ on Amazon

The Lixada 9-in-1 is a complete survival kit. You will find a folding knife, a flashlight, a fire starter, a whistle, a survival bracelet, an emergency wire saw and survival bracelet, a multifunctional tool card and a water bottle strap. In fact, the survival bracelet contains a host of small accessories that are often useful in hostile environments. Although it is composed of at least 9 pieces, this survival kit is not imposing. It fits nicely in a small box to keep in your belongings. With the Lixada 9-in-1, you'll have everything you need to deal with emergency situations.

Titaneo 8 en 1

Best value for money

Titaneo 8 in 1

The best entry-level survival kit

The Titaneo 8-in-1 is a multi-functional tool that will get you out of many difficult situations when you are on your own. Essential for getting off the beaten path.

19,98 £ on Amazon

Behind its small toolbox look, the Titaneo 8-e-1 is a must-have for outdoor adventures. This survival kit contains 8 tools and accessories that will get you out of difficult situations. These include a whistle, flint, knife, mini fishing pole, glass breaker, compass, bottle opener and paracord, all packed into a tiny, lightweight box. With everything it contains, the Titaneo 8-in-1 is an inexpensive survival kit that every hiker or wilderness adventure enthusiast should have. And make no mistake, the quality of the accessories is outstanding.

Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2

Best value for money

Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2

The best high-end survival kit

The Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2 is an XXL and ultra complete survival kit. Very interesting, it easily allows 2 people to survive for 72 hours following a disaster.

198 £ on Amazon

The Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2 is the survival kit to keep in your closet or to take with you in the wilderness. It contains food rations and everything two people need to survive for 72 hours. In case of a natural disaster like a cyclone or an earthquake, this kit can save many lives. Not only the survival ration, but also the equipment and accessories it contains have been carefully selected. This survival kit contains only premium products, all kept in a backpack. Disaster strikes? Take the bag and face emergency situations with confidence and serenity.

Limitless équipement Mark 1

Compact and convenient

Limitless Equipement Mark 1

A compact and convenient survival kit

With 40 items packed into a small 180g box, the Limitless Equipment Mark 1 is a complete, ultra-lightweight survival kit that you can easily carry with you.

23,20 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best survival kit

Any specific needs?

The best survival kit in 2021

The best entry-level survival kit

The best high-end survival kit

A compact and convenient survival kit

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Comparison table of the best survival kits

Lixada 9 en 1
Titaneo 8 en 1
Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2
Limitless équipement Mark 1
Lixada 9 in 1
Titaneo 8 in 1
Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2
Limitless Equipement Mark 1
With the Lixada-en-1 survival kit, you will be like a fish in water in the wilderness. It will help you in case of a problem while hiking, camping or going on an adventure.
The Titaneo 8-in-1 is a multi-functional tool that will get you out of many difficult situations when you are on your own. Essential for getting off the beaten path.
The Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2 is an XXL and ultra complete survival kit. Very interesting, it easily allows 2 people to survive for 72 hours following a disaster.
With 40 items packed into a small 180g box, the Limitless Equipment Mark 1 is a complete, ultra-lightweight survival kit that you can easily carry with you.
Items, equipment and accessories
A fire starter, folding knife, flashlight, survival bracelet, whistle, multipurpose tool card, emergency wire saw, water bottle loop strap
A whistle, a flint, a knife, a mini fishing rod, a glass-breaking hammer, a compass, a bottle opener and a paracord
12 Travellunch survival rations, 2 liters of Aqua Liter water, 2 water filtration straws, 4 Cyalume SnapLights green 12 hrs, 1 LED lamp, 1 torch, 1 filled first aid kit wipes, 2 survival blankets, 1 portable stove, 2 bowls and utensils, 1 MoraKniv knife, 1 ferrocerium fire starter rod, 2 InstaFire fire starters, and 2 whistles
40 items including a paracord, red LED light, quality compass, glow sticks, fishing gear, reflectors, fire starter, a whistle, coolers and filters, ranger bands, first aid kit
Storage box
Storage box
Storage box
19.7 x 16.2 x 6.3 cm
19,5 x14 x 1,4 cm
58 x 42 x 28 cm
11 x 7 x 4 cm
440 g
100 g
7.51 kg
180 g
Number of people

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Buying guide - survival kit

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How to choose your survival kit

The role of the survival kit is essential. It should not be chosen at random. It is very important to equip yourself with a kit that contains items that will be useful in the conditions in which you may find yourself. Take into account the following criteria to make the best choice.
choisir kit de survie

#1 - Height and weight

Size is an important consideration if you plan to travel with the survival kit. It is imperative that the box, or other container, of the kit be light and compact. If it is too heavy or too large, you may have difficulty carrying it. These criteria are less important if you choose an all-in-one survival kit for several people. In this case, the kit can weigh several kilos. However, it will need to fit in a single backpack so that you can carry it some distance while keeping your hands free.

#2 - The use

The choice of survival kit inherently depends on the use you intend to make of it. For hiking, camping, fishing or any other outdoor activity, a compact survival kit is ideal. It can be stored in a bag or in the trunk of a car. On the other hand, survivalist enthusiasts and those preparing for natural disasters will prefer large survival kits that contain food in addition to accessories and survival equipment. These large kits can be stored for several years in a closet, waiting for the fateful moment.

#3 - The content

The contents of survival kits vary from one model to another. Nevertheless, some essentials are recurrently present such as the whistle, the flashlight, the compass, the matches or the flint, the knife and the rope. The kit must contain at least these tools. Other equipment and accessories may also be included. These can range from a first aid kit to dry or canned food rations, insulated blankets, mini fishing rods or water filter kits. The more stuffed the contents, the more effective the survival kit will be.

#4 - The number of users

If you're going alone, a personal survival kit will be more than enough. If you're going on an adventure with several people, it's best for everyone to have their own survival kit with them. There are also survival kits designed for several people. They contain equipment, but also food rations for a small group of two to six people. The choice will of course depend on the number of people in the same household or in the group going on the adventure.

#5 - The quality of the equipment and food

The survival kit can be garnished, it would be superfluous if it contained accessories and equipment of poor quality. Therefore, the quality of the contents must be considered. This goes for tools, but also for food. It would be a pity to break every tool or that it does not prove to be effective at the time of emergency need.

What should a survival kit contain?

A worthy survival kit should include a number of items that are useful in everyday life. If your survival kit is missing any tools, you can always purchase them separately. In any case, you should include the following items to make up a functional and useful everyday survival kit, called an Every Day Cary across the Atlantic:

  • A multi-purpose knife that you can use to perform different tasks, such as chopping wood or slicing food for example; opt for a well-made folding knife.
  • A water bottle for storing water.
  • A water filter to get water in the wild.
  • A flashlight.
  • A survival blanket to protect yourself from the cold or wind.
  • A fire starter to make a fire for warmth and light.
  • A first aid kit.

If some of these elements are missing in your survival kit, think of completing it to leave serenely, or to feel ready for the hazards of life. You can add a fishing kit, and don't forget the sewing essentials. As for the choice of your survival ration, base it on your daily needs in calories. Expressed in kcal, the calorie content of a survival ration is always indicated on the packaging, in addition to the energy value in kilojoules.

Water is essential

Don't forget to pack drinking water in your survival kit. In addition to your water supply and shelf-stable drinking water ration, consider a water filter to replenish your water supply in the wild.

The different types of survival kits

There are different types of survival kits. Each category is specified according to the use to which it is dedicated, but also by its content. Discover below the different types of survival kits and their characteristics.

The all-in-one survival kit


This survival kit comes in the form of a pack of tools gathered in a specific container. This can be a waterproof case, or a backpack containing many tools and survival equipment. Some kits contain up to 88 tools. These often include a knife, compass, survival blanket, first aid kit and rope.

If you're going on an adventure with the expectation that you'll be faced with a survival situation, it's best to opt for a complete kit. Although the price is significantly higher, this type of survival kit allows you to have the essentials without having to add on. A ready-to-use kit that will simplify your choice.

The specific survival kit

In contrast to the all-in-one survival kit, the specific survival kit displays a more limited content, but more sophisticated. It targets well-defined situations and conditions in which it is extremely effective. Among the specific survival kits, we can find :

  • The basic survival kit : includes basic equipment such as a compass, matches, survival knife, flashlight and rope.
  • Military Survival Kit : similar to the basic kit, but contains tactical equipment originally intended for military use. It is more sophisticated and costs much more.
  • Disaster Survival Kit : This survival kit contains what you may need in the hours following a car accident, natural disaster or similar events. It contains a first aid kit and hygiene products, but also food and tools that will help you survive for a certain period of time.

All-in-one kit or do-it-yourself?

All-in-one survival kit

All-in-one survival kits have the advantage of being economical and packaged in a sturdy container. They usually include everything you need to be self-sufficient in an emergency. However, they may include items that you may not need. And sometimes, these kits may be missing the essentials. For example, all-in-one kits rarely contain survival rations.

DIY survival kit

If you are able to determine your overall needs in terms of survival kit and ration, another advantageous option is to put it together yourself. To avoid missing the essentials, make a checklist of the survival tools you can't part with. Then add the survival ration you want. This option may be less economical, but it allows you to tailor your survival kit and ration to your needs.


If you are not very comfortable with putting together a survival kit, and you want one to go on an adventure, the all-in-one kit is recommended. It is suitable for multi-day outings in the wilderness, for example, as part of a wilderness hike. On the other hand, the do-it-yourself kit will be useful if you are looking for tools adapted to your specific needs, or if you want to be better equipped.

Why buy a Survival Kit?

Peace of mind

It is fascinating to know that having a survival kit ready gives us a sense of security. It also eases our worries and stress in a difficult time knowing that resources will be available to us in case of an emergency like the earthquake preparedness kit allows you to get help in a sudden and unexpected situation.

Essential for a family

With the help of a ready-made survival kit, you worry less about locating important supplies and focus more on caring for your family. However, for family members, this could mean access to vital medications or medical supplies they need to rely on for medical conditions.

Helping to maintain hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is important during a disaster, and it is almost impossible for people to maintain their hygiene during these times. In the survival kits, you will find items such as sanitary napkins, combs, razors, soaps, wet wipes, and more that you can use to say goodbye to health problems that can arise due to poor hygiene.

Helps save lives

With a survival kit, you can be a responsible citizen by saving lives. The kits contain items such as nylon ropes, safety glasses, masks, leather gloves, bags and other similar items that you can use to rescue your neighbors, pets and others.

Affordable and easy to use

Having a survival kit won't burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, it's easy to use and nothing is more valuable than life. The kits contain easy to use tools that you use in everyday life. It contains everything you need to survive. The kit is affordable, easy to use and is ideal for everyone.


Keep your survival kit handy

It is not advisable to carry your survival kit at the bottom of a bag or in a place that is difficult to access. Keep it close at hand so you can react very quickly if necessary.

Check that your equipment is functional

Having a survival kit with faulty contents would be totally unnecessary. Before you head out on your adventure, check that the equipment and accessories in your survival kit are functional. This includes flashlight batteries or even sharpening your knife.

Fill the water bottle properly

Water is an essential resource for survival. So remember to check that the water bottle in your survival kit is full.

Check the expiry date of the food

Although the food in survival kits can be stored for a long time, it has expiration dates. So remember to check that the food has not expired. If not, replace them, noting their purchase and expiration dates so you don't forget them.

Familiarize yourself with your survival kit

Opportunities to use your survival kit don't come along very often. Nevertheless, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the equipment it contains so you can make the most of it. To do this, consult its contents before you leave and try to use certain accessories as regularly as possible during your escapades in hostile environments.


What is the best survival kit?

The best survival kit depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Is the survival kit mandatory?

No, but it is highly recommended that you have one, especially if you are going hiking, hunting or on any other wilderness adventure where incidents may occur. Note however that specific survival kits may be required in certain situations. A safety kit is, for example, mandatory in all vehicles on the road in the UK.

Can I customize the contents of my survival kit?

Yes, it is recommended. You can add tools or accessories that may be useful, depending on the conditions of the environment you are diving in.

Is the survival kit the same as the first aid kit?

The two concepts are often wrongly mixed up. It is important to know that the first aid kit contains the medicines and medical instruments needed for first aid treatment of an injured or sick person. The survival kit may contain a first aid kit. More generally, it contains what you may need to survive in a hostile environment or in the event of a disaster.

Where do I keep my all-in-one survival kit?

If you keep an all-in-one survival kit in your home, keep it in an easily accessible place, in a space you visit regularly. Ideally, you'll be able to grab the kit in a hurry in case of an accident.


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Lixada 9 en 1
Lixada 9 in 1
Titaneo 8 en 1
Titaneo 8 in 1
Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2
Cyalume Technologies Comfort 2
Limitless équipement Mark 1
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