The best survival blankets in the UK 2023

Whether you're a mountaineer, hiker, survivalist or camper, don't go on an adventure without a survival blanket. Complementary to your tent, sleeping bag or ground sheet, this reflective accessory is able to prevent hypothermia/hyperthermia and save you in difficult situations. But which model to choose? We reveal our best selection of survival blankets in this comparison.

Couverture de survie Ferrino

Editor's Choice

Ferrino survival blanket

The best survival blanket in 2021

One of the lightest, this Ferrino emergency blanket is a great help in hostile environments. It will protect you from the cold and heat while retaining up to 90% of your body heat.

16,80 £ on Go-Sport

The Ferrino Survival Blanket is made of a polyester film fabric which makes it light in weight. Despite this feature, it is no less ideal for better protection from heat and cold. The accessory weighs a total of 55 g and measures 210 x 130 cm, more than enough for an adult. It is easy to fold up after use and store in a hiking bag.

We particularly appreciate the Ferrino survival blanket for its flexibility, insulating quality and waterproofing. Thus, it has no trouble protecting you from the humidity of the ground, the heat of the sun and the winter winds. This model can also be used as a waterproof roof, so you can enjoy its windproof effect when you go on a bivouac.

Forclaz mono usage

Best cheapest

Forclaz single use

The best entry-level survival blanket

This is an ultra light single use survival blanket. Available in pocket size, it measures only 12 x 8 x 1 cm when folded.

2,40 £ on Decathlon

The single-use Forclaz is made up of two sides that will be indispensable to you in different situations. It is made of 92% polyethylene terephthalate reinforced with aluminum and resin. If you want to protect yourself from humidity and cold, put the gold colored side outside. On the contrary, if you want to enjoy a maximum of freshness, the silver side should be oriented towards the outside.

Folded, the Forclaz mono usage will have a compact shape, 12 x 8 x 1 cm. It will take up very little space among your camping equipment and will easily fit in a pocket. With a thickness of 12 µm, this accessory, when unfolded, ensures a large coverage since it measures 160 x 210 cm.

Bearhard Camo Bivy

Best high end

Bearhard Camo Bivy

The best high-end survival blanket

Are you two going to discover the nature? Treat yourself to this set of 2 lightweight, waterproof and space-saving survival blankets. This model is distinguished by its tight fit, perfectly fitting your curves.

27,49 £ on Amazon
Forclaz réutilisable

Excellent choice

Reusable forclaz

A cheap alternative

Protecting you from the cold as well as the heat in extreme situations, this model of Forclaz can be used several times without any loss of performance.

5,60 £ on Decathlon

The reusable Forclaz offers two sides with distinct functionalities. The reflective orange surface guarantees optimal heat preservation, which allows you to be protected from humidity, wind and cold ground. Moreover, this profile will serve as a signal in case you get lost in the wild. On the other hand, you will enjoy the silver side that will protect you from the sun's rays and will help you create a cooler atmosphere especially in your car or in your tent.

Foldable and reusable at will, this survival blanket has dimensions of 130 x 210 cm and a thickness of 38 µm. Thanks to its design in polyethylene and polyester, it will accompany you for many years if you handle it and fold it carefully after each use.

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Best survival blanket

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The best survival blanket in 2021

The best entry-level survival blanket

The best high-end survival blanket

A cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best survival blankets

Couverture de survie Ferrino
Forclaz mono usage
Bearhard Camo Bivy
Forclaz réutilisable
Ferrino survival blanket
Forclaz single use
Bearhard Camo Bivy
Reusable forclaz
One of the lightest, this Ferrino emergency blanket is a great help in hostile environments. It will protect you from the cold and heat while retaining up to 90% of your body heat.
This is an ultra light single use survival blanket. Available in pocket size, it measures only 12 x 8 x 1 cm when folded.
Are you two going to discover the nature? Treat yourself to this set of 2 lightweight, waterproof and space-saving survival blankets. This model is distinguished by its tight fit, perfectly fitting your curves.
Protecting you from the cold as well as the heat in extreme situations, this model of Forclaz can be used several times without any loss of performance.
Aluminized polyester film canvas
92% polyethylene terephthalate, 4% aluminum, 4% resin
Polyethylene and polyester
55 g
63 g
170 g
167 g
Unfolded dimensions
210 x 130 cm
160 x 210 cm
2.1 x 0.9 m
130 x 210 cm
12 µm
38 µm
Special feature
For use in all seasons
Folded size 12 x 8 x 1 cm
Water resistant, waterproof, snug fit, lightweight
2-year warranty

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How to choose your survival blanket

Are you planning to explore the wilderness soon? It's a good idea to get a survival blanket. This, in order to prepare you for the eventuality of a critical situation. Here are the parameters to take into consideration before investing in such or such a model.
choisir couverture de survie

#1 - The material

In terms of survival blankets, you have the option of choosing between several materials:

  • Mylar : The most commonly used, Mylar has the ability to retain heat up to 90%. It is also lightweight, inexpensive and easy to transport. To make it elastic, manufacturers usually combine it with polyethylene.
  • Aluminum : Aluminum can stabilize your body temperature. Unlike mylar, it offers you a better comfort of use. Its natural color makes it easier to find in case of an accident.
  • Polyethylene : This material is resistant to corrosion, shock and acids. It stands out from other materials for its robustness and its unalterable character.
  • Aluminized tarp : If your primary concern is to protect yourself from hypothermia, aluminized tarp is the most effective. Too bad for its flammability and heaviness.
  • Aluminized Mylar : This combination offers the best of both worlds: comfort and impact resistance. Thicker models offer better performance.

#2 - The number

Depending entirely on your needs and budget, the number of survival blankets contained in a pack ranges from 1 to 100. In the event that you tend to venture into hostile places frequently or if you are going away with several people, it would be worthwhile to opt for a pack of 10 blankets. On the other hand, for occasional use, you can be satisfied with 1 or 2 pieces, preferably reusable.

#3 - The dimensions

A survival blanket with a minimum length of 200 cm offers you a high degree of protection. As for the width, it should not be less than 90 cm. In order to find the right dimensions, pay attention to your size and/or the size of the people who will accompany you during your journeys. If it is intended for several users, a large model, measuring more than 200 cm, is highly recommended.

#4 - The weight

Prefer a light and ultra compact survival blanket, whose weight is around 50 g. This will make it easy to fold up, carry and fit into a survival kit. Also, check the material used to make the equipment. This will have a major impact on its weight and practicality. In this area, mylar, aluminum or polyethylene models present themselves as an interesting solution.

#5 - The color

Choosing a good survival blanket is good, but opting for a model that is easily spotted is even better. The orange one, for example, will be quickly visible by the rescuers. This way, they can come to your aid right away. To determine the ideal colors, make sure they are bright and able to reflect the sun's rays. Gold, silver or orange are perfect for this. Love a trip to the woods? Avoid camouflage patterns.

How a survival blanket works

avis couverture de survie

The first survival blanket was developed by NASA. It was made with an ultra-thin polyethylene terephthalate or PET film which was then covered with a metallic aluminum coating. The choice of the main material is due to its low thermal conductivity.

The purpose of this model is to prevent hypothermia, a role that it admirably assumes until today. The accessory maintains the body temperature and avoids as much as possible the heat loss so that it does not fall below 36°C.

In order to achieve its mission, the survival blanket must cover almost the entire body of the person at risk, except for the face, with the silver side facing inwards. The device reflects nearly 90% of the infrared rays emitted by the individual in order to retain the maximum amount of heat. It is the metalized film that takes care of this reflective action.

The survival blanket allows you to face the whims of Mother Nature: rain, strong wind, cold or heat wave... In this last case, orient the silver part towards the outside, the golden side acting as a filter. The accessory will help evacuate the excess heat released by the body and prevent overheating.

To know more

The human body will no longer perform its normal functions once the oral temperature drops below 35°C.

The different types of survival blankets

As an outdoor enthusiast, you need to be aware of the different types of survival blankets available to you in order to find the most suitable model for your needs. You can choose between disposable and reusable blankets.

Disposable survival blanket

couverture de survie jetable

The disposable survival blanket weighs only a few grams. It is easy to store in a hiking or camping backpack. Some models can even integrate a first aid kit because of their compactness. Aseptic, the accessory is masterfully packaged so that it takes up little space, but you'll be hard pressed to duplicate this folding method assuming you want to use it again.

The disposable survival blanket is of varying thicknesses and is quite strong, regardless of how fragile it is compared to a reusable model. You must use it with care to avoid tearing it and compromising its isothermal properties. Note that this type of model is reserved only for extreme emergency situations.

Reusable survival blanket

couverture de survie réutilisable

It is ideal if you frequently use a survival blanket. Despite its high cost, this sturdy model represents a profitable investment in the long term. Most of the time, the accessory is made of mylar, a material with unmatched heat retention performance. To this is added polyethylene (for elasticity) and aluminum (as a reflector). This makes it a perfect combination for this type of use.

Because it can be used hundreds of times, the survival blanket is also suitable for other functions. Some will serve as window insulation while others will act as moisture guards or windbreaks. Of course, don't let the term "reusable" fool you. The main material is strong, but there is always a risk of tearing due to its ultra-thin design.

Survival blanket or survival sleeping bag?

Survival blanket

The survival blanket, also known as a first aid blanket or isothermal blanket, is an indispensable accessory for all outdoor enthusiasts in difficult situations. It is able to effectively reduce heat loss thanks to its reflective surface, thus preventing the dangers of hypothermia. Likewise, rescue workers will easily see the victim for immediate intervention. With such equipment, you will not have to suffer the torments inflicted by extreme temperatures. It should be noted that the blanket is, in most cases, already included in the survival kits.

Survival sleeping bag

The survival sleeping bag has much the same advantages as the survival blanket. The only major difference is its shape. Indeed, as its name indicates, it is mainly a survival equipment with a wraparound format. The accessory takes up little space and is light. It closes with a velcro strap on the side. Soft to the touch, the survival sleeping bag is sufficiently dewproof. However, it is less comfortable if used alone. To take advantage of it, use it as an overbag and add a fleece blanket.


The sleeping bag and survival blanket provide an effective thermal barrier that will preserve up to 90% of your body heat. They can cover you from head to toe without letting the wind get inside. Both work the same way and are on the same pedestal. However, the sleeping bag is better suited to the needs of those looking for individual equipment. The survival blanket, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for multiple use.

Why buy a survival blanket?

pourquoi acheter couverture de survie

Avoid hypothermia

This is the main function of the survival blanket: it prevents the body temperature from falling. This is normally around 37°C. There are various reasons for a drop in temperature, such as accidents, shocks or long exposure to extreme weather conditions. If a person's heat level drops below 32°C, their vital functions are impaired. It is then necessary to cover the person's body completely, but not too tightly, and to let a little air circulate inside for a better distribution of heat.

To be identified and located quickly

The survival blanket was designed primarily for this purpose. Its golden surface is used to identify one or more victims in case of an emergency situation, for example in the forest, in the middle of the desert, in the mountains... If you got lost during your expeditions, put the shiny side of the survival blanket facing the sun. It will reflect the sun's rays, which will instantly alert the rescuers.

An excellent protection against bad weather

This accessory is not only used to restore body heat, it will also be of great help in case of bad weather. You can take advantage of its waterproof property to shelter you from the rain. Use it as a windbreaker. And even the survival blanket will act as an insulator for your camping sleeping bag.

To make a makeshift shelter

Instead of wrapping it around your body, it is possible to make a makeshift shelter for yourself using a survival blanket. This way, you won't be assaulted by the cold, wind, heat or humidity. Disposable or reusable, all models will do perfectly. Set up a tarp-like shelter or simply line your tent roof, floor and walls with the accessory.

Versatile equipment

The survival blanket serves many purposes. Apart from saving your life after an accident, it can collect rainwater, as it is completely waterproof. At the same time, if it is too cold, use the equipment as a heat reflector for a fire, as a stretcher or to carry your camping equipment.

The best brands of survival blankets

In our opinion, the best brands of survival blankets in 2022 are :


Ferrino is an Italian brand that has been a reference in bivouac, hiking, camping and outdoor equipment since 1870. Sleeping bags, backpacks, tents and survival blankets are among its most popular items. The quality of manufacture and finishing of its models illustrates wonderfully well its know-how in the field.

A registered trademark of the giant Decathlon, Forclaz specializes in trekking equipment and clothing. Each model has been designed with resistant and robust materials. Its survival blankets, in particular, are a real guarantee of reliability and durability, especially since they were tested in real field conditions before being launched on the market.

The Bearhard brand was born in 2012. It designs and sells products specifically for outdoor activities. Its product line includes sleeping bags as well as tents and survival blankets. Trekking, hiking, bushcraft, mountaineering and camping enthusiasts looking for better quality and original design will find their happiness at Bearhard.

If you are in the automotive business, you will be familiar with Carpoint. It mainly offers well-made accessories and spare parts, but also survival blankets that can be reused several times. The latter are highly appreciated for their performance and longevity.

No, it's not the French commune of more than 40,000 km². Clusaz is also a brand of accessories focused on outdoor activities. Using aluminized mylar as its main material, it manufactures survival blankets that are both resistant and compact and that will fit easily into any first aid kit.

What is the price for a survival blanket

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2.5 £ to 5 £
5 £ to 10 £
more than 10 £
Price range diagram


The survival blanket does not warm up

This idea can be considered as a beginner's mistake. Indeed, the survival blanket does not warm up at all. To keep the victim warm, a good thickness is required. You are therefore required to provide him with more protection against the cold, especially a wool blanket that will ensure the increase of his body temperature.

Be prepared for all eventualities

Very popular with first aiders, firefighters as well as emergency workers facing emergency situations, the survival blanket is no longer only for professionals. It is now widely used by individuals, especially thrill-seekers and budding explorers. Indispensable in times of extreme cold or heat, this accessory is highly recommended in all survival kits, first aid kits, vehicles, desks and hiking backpacks.

Remove and replace wet clothing

Have you inadvertently fallen in the river or has it rained? Immediately remove your wet clothes and replace them. Even if you've wrapped yourself tightly in your survival blanket, your body is still prone to getting cold. Choose appropriate clothing that can protect you from cold, wind and rain.

Insulate your windows in hot weather

No one is invulnerable to hot weather. To prevent your living quarters from becoming an oven, use a survival blanket. Of course, air conditioners and fans are great options, but the blanket will be more economical and environmentally friendly. To do this, place the equipment at your window level, with its silver side facing out.

Mistakes to avoid

The survival blanket will be very useful during rainy weather, but if there is a storm, the metal material will be a conductor of electricity. Ditto if you are using a defibrillator, take the blanket off and move it away. Although it will intensify the heat from a wood fire, don't place it too close to the flames. Also, don't lie on it, as it tends to tear easily.


How to use a survival blanket?

As we have already explained here, this device does not allow you to warm up or cool down. Its only role is to stabilize body temperature, which means it simply stores and retains your body heat. You can, however, exploit its waterproofness to protect you from wind and moisture.

Which way to put a survival blanket?

Theorientation of the survival blanket depends on the desired effect. To avoid abnormal lowering of body temperature, the silver side should face inwards. This way, it reflects the heat radiation back to you, avoiding heat loss. In addition, if the gold side is facing inwards, the blanket will reflect the sun's rays, protecting you from sunstroke.

How to glue a survival blanket?

If you want to design thermal curtains, you can sew the survival blanket to your existing curtains, preferably on the back with the silver side facing the sun. The use of a spray glue or a stapler is also recommended. The same applies to double-sided adhesive tape and Patafix.

How to put a survival blanket on a velux?

Velux refers to the world's leading brand of roof windows. The survival blanket, which acts as aninsulator in the same way as a sunshade on the windscreen, is installed on the outside of the window. It will mask the glass and can be held in place with clothespins or tape. The cover will reduce the heat stored inside your room by up to half.


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Couverture de survie Ferrino
Ferrino survival blanket
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Bearhard Camo Bivy
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