The best support socks in the UK 2023

Used as a medical device or for sports, the support sock helps blood circulation. Indeed, this is somewhat complicated in the standing position! And given the wide range of application of this device, choosing the right model is not simple. Discover our guide to the best support socks.

Toros size XL 1

Best value for money

Toros size XL

The best compression socks in 2021

These Toros support stockings are elegant, robust and versatile. They also have a medical use.

23,60 £ on Amazon

You'll find it hard to resist Toros support stockings. The black model is particularly interesting, especially in cold weather. You can also opt for the beige or caramel colors. Graduated, these compression tights are the best for varicose veins.

Ultra resistant, of very good quality, Toros tights are perfect for travel. You can also use them on a daily basis as they keep you warm. Be careful, though, because the feet are not easy to put on. Otherwise, these stockings are perfect for their function and will last as they are so resistant to tugging.

DANISH Mixed Black/Grey 2

Best value for money

DANISH Mixed Black/Grey

The best entry-level compression socks

Accessories designed to promote health and comfort during or after physical effort, Danish Endurance support socks are intended for both men and women.

14,36 £ on Amazon

Sold in a set of 1 2, the Oeko-Tex Contention Socks from Danish Endurance are used for running, running, or other sports. They are also suitable for a nurse on duty, for travel and also for a pregnant woman. Indeed, compressing the calves, these socks are used to flatten the superficial veins to cause a pump effect during the contractions of the muscles and eliminate at the same time waste and toxins.

Composed of 45% of prolen, 44% of polyamide and 11% of elastane, these socks of contention Oeko-Tex of Danish Endurance contribute to eliminate all the feelings of discomfort and fatigue. Thus, aches, cramps, fatigue and leg pain will be nothing but nightmares of the past by adopting these accessories. Moreover, they can be machine washed at 40°C for a perfect maintenance. Thanks to these socks, you are now ready to face any situation, sports or long distance travel. Even better, they will help you recover quickly from an injury or surgery.

Sigvaris Bamboo Woman 3

Excellent choice

Sigvaris Bamboo Woman

A great value for money

To optimize your health, choose the Bamboo compression socks for women, Class 2, with a pressure of 15 to 200mmHg. Available in size S, they are opaque black, and are sold in packs of 1.

39,91 £ on Amazon

Sigvaris represents exclusively feminine Bamboo support socks. In addition to being resistant and offering excellent comfort, these socks are breathable to limit perspiration. This is due to the natural fibers: bamboo viscose, 48%. They incorporate a patented technology for more comfort and softness to a woman size S suffering from varicose veins, pregnant, or simply for a long trip. For more comfort, the toes of these accessories are widened, with a looped effect inside, a flat seam, and above all a strong power of absorption of the transcription.

Composed of 36% polyamide, microfiber polyamide and 16% elastane, these Sigvaris socks limit the sensation of perspiration. This composition confers an unequalled softness to the touch, while bringing comfort and soft touch to the socks. Indeed, they exert pressure from the ankle to the calf to stimulate venous return, hence the feeling of immediate relief when used. As for the level of contention, it varies between 1 to 3, a medium level.

Vitasox cotton 4

Very good

Vitasox cotton

A great compression pantyhose

Vitasox joins the manufacturers of compression socks and offers you socks for travel that are easy to put on. Strong and sturdy, they do not shrink in the wash.

33,28 £ on Amazon

Vitasox compression socks are made of 60% cotton, 26% elastane, 11% polyester and 3% polyamide. This type of accessory is used to take care of your calves during long periods of sitting, whether at work or while traveling (plane, car or train). These socks are suitable for supporting the foot shaft, as they offer a pleasant touch and feel, especially on the toes. Best of all, with hand-sewn toes and soft edges, they provide optimal softness.

Vitasox compression socks provide support in the shaft, while stimulating and accelerating blood circulation. In addition, they reduce the risk of thrombosis. Providing a firm support, it is advisable to buy them in a larger size to optimize comfort. Warm without being too thick, they are easy to put on thanks to their elasticity. Wearing these shoes allows for better blood circulation and avoids the sensation of heavy legs.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best support socks

Any specific needs?

The best compression socks in 2021

The best entry-level compression socks

A great value for money

A great compression pantyhose

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Comparison table of the best support socks

Toros size XL 5
DANISH Mixed Black/Grey 6
Sigvaris Bamboo Woman 7
Vitasox cotton 8
Toros size XL
DANISH Mixed Black/Grey
Sigvaris Bamboo Woman
Vitasox cotton
These Toros support stockings are elegant, robust and versatile. They also have a medical use.
Accessories designed to promote health and comfort during or after physical effort, Danish Endurance support socks are intended for both men and women.
To optimize your health, choose the Bamboo compression socks for women, Class 2, with a pressure of 15 to 200mmHg. Available in size S, they are opaque black, and are sold in packs of 1.
Vitasox joins the manufacturers of compression socks and offers you socks for travel that are easy to put on. Strong and sturdy, they do not shrink in the wash.
Women, Men
Type of compression
Class 1
Graduated compression
Class 2
Class 2
5 different colors
78% polyamide , 22 lycra
45% Prolen, 44% Polyamide, 11% Elastane
Polyamide - Polyamide Microfiber - Elastane
60% Cotton, 26% Elastane, 11% Polyester, 3% Polyamides
Special socks for
For women who have sedentary lifestyles , office workers,or people who stand all day. Perfect for women who want to dance or party as long as they want
Running, Running, Sports, Nursing, Pregnancy, Travel, Airplane
For relaxing moments, made of viscose of bamboo that limits perspiration
Travel compression socks

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Buying guide - support socks

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How to choose your support socks

Designed to improve blood circulation, support socks are not chosen at random. Let these criteria guide you in choosing the ideal pair.

#1 - The restraint class

The compression class determines the level of pressure that this type of sock exerts on the legs. Like the measurement of blood pressure, the pressure is measured in mm or millimeters of mercury.

  • Class 1: The pressure is included between 10 and 15 mmHg. Class 1 compression socks are effective against heavy legs and are recommended for pregnant women, people who travel a lot, those who have to stand for a long time and also any individual suffering from poor blood circulation in the lower limbs.
  • Class 2: The pressure is included between 15 and 20 mmHg. This medium pressure will relieve people suffering from varicose veins, travelers prone to thrombosis and venous surgery patients.
  • Class 3: The pressure is included between 20 and 36 mmHg. Such high pressure will help individuals with severe varicose veins or intense muscle inflammation, as well as individuals with a history of venous thrombosis.

#2 - The material

To properly shape the legs, compression socks must be both firm and flexible. To achieve this much sought-after flexibility, which also guarantees the user's comfort, one relies either on naturally stretchy materials such as jersey, a weaving technique that allows any material to stretch.

On the stretchy side, you will have all fabrics derived from rubber: elastane, elastodiene, lycra, etc.. For non-stretchy materials, but woven in jersey, we have cotton, polyamide, viscose and microfiber.

#3 - The aesthetic side

Hidden under a long dress or pants, support socks go unnoticed. But when you wear them during a workout, with shorts or leggings, they have to meet a certain aesthetic requirement. Basically, it's about the choice of colors and small details that adorn the rendering of your socks.

#4 - The size

For support socks to do their job well, they must be as comfortable as a second skin. Also, it is not enough to choose the size; you will also have to take into account the circumference of the ankle and calf, as well as the distance between the heel and the knee. It's almost tailor-made!"

#5 - Recommended use

Certainly, the restraint class already helps in choosing the right type of socks for your personal situation. For sports, you can opt for socks with a sports compression level. For better effectiveness, it is recommended to put on your sports compression socks as soon as you get out of bed.

How to care for your support socks?

To keep your support socks as long as possible, it is very important to take good care of them. This way, you can even keep them effective for up to 6 months. But to succeed, there are a few rules to follow. First of all, in order to give back to your items their elasticity, it is strongly recommended to wash them ideally after each use. You can choose between hand washing or machine washing.

First, if you choose a delicate program, the temperature should be between 30°C and 40°C. In addition, it is best to use a detergent for delicate fabrics. Fabric softeners and stain removers could damage them. It is also advisable to put them in a protective net to preserve them.

If you prefer to wash by hand, the first rule is to do it with water and never dry clean. Also, keep in mind that wringing them out could weaken them. It is therefore preferable to press them quickly in a bath towel.

When it comes to drying, always go natural. If you have machine washed your support socks, you should keep them away from any kind of heat such as the radiator, the dryer, the iron, the sun. It is better to let them dry naturally flat.

Apart from that, you should also be careful when putting on your support socks. It is highly recommended to wear gloves to avoid spinning them. On that note, avoid long nails and rings. If you succeed in following all these tips, your items will always be of good quality.

Compression socks or compression socks?

Compression socks

Compression socks are a medical device to combat dilated veins. Compression socks work by exerting pressure on the ankle to improve blood circulation in the veins. All kinds of venous insufficiencies or varicose veins become easy to limit with the use of this type of socks.

Good to know, this type of socks allows to increase the blood flow. But it is important to know that compression socks also have their drawbacks. They sometimes make your feet feel sore when you wear them. Moreover, putting them on without a doctor's advice can be dangerous, because they are not for everyone.

Compression socks

Specially designed to improve venous circulation, compression socks are best suited to promote blood oxygenation. They work by exerting light pressure on your legs and ankles.

Compression socks are particularly useful for protecting the veins and preventing blood from pooling in the veins of your legs. In addition, they can improve lymphatic drainage. But this is a small concern if they are worn for too long or if you use them on a regular basis. Indeed, they can cause itching or the appearance of fungus.


Compression socks are very useful and beneficial in reducing orthostatic hypotension that causes instability when you stand. On the other hand, with compression socks, you will be sure to treat varicose veins and venous insufficiency properly. However, the choice between these two types of socks must be made on the basis of a medical prescription.

Why buy support socks?

For a better blood circulation

Some occupations require people to stand for long periods of time, preventing the blood from circulating properly. But there are also other factors that can cause poor blood circulation, such as obesity, exposure to high heat, or intense exercise. By exerting a compression effect, compression socks are designed to improve the circulation of your blood in the veins. With them, say goodbye to the feeling of heavy legs!

To recover more easily

If you play sports, recovery is an important phase. Support socks help you recover more quickly. They also help avoid cramps or stiffness because of their ability to provide warmth and mold your legs.

To prevent certain diseases

Wearing support socks can be recommended as a preventive measure. By using them, you will reduce the risk of contracting a leg ulcer or venous thrombosis. They are also effective in preventing varicose veins. These socks are also used in the medical field to prevent the risk of pulmonary embolism.

To perform well in sports

Even if support socks do not allow you to break records, their repeated use has a positive impact on your performance. Indeed, they help to reduce muscle vibrations, reduce pain and increase muscle temperature. They are widely used by professionals to avoid cramps and fatigue in the legs.

To travel comfortably

Some people experience discomfort in their legs during long trips. If you are one of them, the use of compression socks will allow you to better oxygenate your blood. The venous return is also facilitated! As a result, you will not feel any discomfort.


Put on your support socks correctly

Start by inserting your hand inside. Then pinch the heel and turn the sock over to the height of the heel. Then, insert your foot into the sock until the heel is perfectly in place. You will only have to pull up the rest of the sock and massage your leg to distribute the fabric well. It is not recommended to wear your compression socks at night, unless your doctor tells you to. Indeed, when you sleep lying down, the blood circulates evenly in your veins. It is therefore preferable to avoid any garment that compresses the body and risks causing a tourniquet effect.

Do not wear them at night

The small drawback with compression socks is that they make your legs much drier. Because of this, remember to apply a very moisturizing cream or milk at night after removing them. Also, note that you should never moisturize your legs before putting on your socks so that they fit easily.

Apply a moisturizer after removing them

Contention socks work on blood circulation by improving venous return in the legs, especially after surgery or during prolonged standing. To optimize this medical action, you can associate your compression socks with venotonics or specialized insoles.

Optimize the action of your compression socks

You should know that your compression socks have a limited life span of about 6 months. Indeed, following the many washings and daily uses, their fabric loses resistance and effectiveness. It is thus necessary to think of replacing them in order to continue to benefit from their advantages.

Remember to replace them after 6 months


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