The best sun baths in the UK 2023

To lounge by the pool and enjoy the sunny days, there is nothing like a sun lounger. Foldable, movable, rigid, made of metal, plastic or wood, manufacturers compete with ideas and design to attract buyers. However, it is important to know how to avoid certain traps! Through this guide, we offer you the best sunbeds of the moment and some practical advice.

Set of 2 folding sunbeds with side table 1

Best value for money

Set of 2 folding sunbeds with side table

The best sunbathing tub

The set of 2 folding sunbeds features a table with 2 built-in cup holders and 1 on each side of the chair as well as 2 detachable cushions. The reclining backrest allows you to position it at the level of your choice.

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This set of 2 sunbeds is both practical and comfortable for your outdoor relaxation. You will be able to share moments together while quenching your thirst. The recliners have a table with 2 integrated cup holders and 2 others on each side of the chair. Thanks to its folding system, it is easy to transport and store. Thanks to its steel construction, the furniture is both robust and resistant. Its 2 detachable cushions serve as headrests and allow you to lounge around considerably. Each chair is 163cm long, 62cm wide and 110cm high. Its reclining backrest allows you to place it in the position of your choice. The table measures 47cm long, wide and 53.8cm high. It has enough space to put your books, glasses or your aperitif. The textilene fabric can be cleaned with a damp cloth. With this set of 2 sunbeds from Amazon Basics, you will be able to enjoy a little aperitif or refreshing moments together.

ALLIBERT sunbathing area 2

Best value for money

ALLIBERT sunbathing area

The best entry-level sunbathing tub

The Allibert sun lounger is made of plastic imitation resin. The reclining backrest is positioned on 3 levels. Measuring 58 x 187 x 29cm, it has enough surface to ensure your relaxation.

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The Allibert brand is known for its TUV certified products (guarantee of quality and safety), guaranteed, durable and fully recyclable. Its sunbathing area measures 58 x 187 x 29 cm so you can enjoy a relaxing moment under the sun. It is made of polypropylene imitation braided resin, which gives it its aesthetic design and its very welcoming sleeping surface. It is perfect for outdoor use, well resistant to UV as well as to bad weather. Its quality material keeps the color of the furniture for a long time despite the climatic variations. Its adjustable backrest allows you to enjoy its comfort on 3 levels of position. This plastic sunlounger is very practical: light, foldable, easy to assemble and disassemble.

TECTAKE - Sun lounger with sunshade 3

Best value for money

TECTAKE - Sun lounger with sunshade

The best high-end sunbathing tub

The TECTAKE sunlounger is designed in woven resin with aluminum frames and features a sofa, table and stool.

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The TECTAKE sunlounger brings you comfort and relaxation outdoors. The furniture is made of high quality materials: a combination of woven rattan mounted on an aluminum frame, both of which are very durable. They are perfect for outdoor use. The upholstered sofa is very soft. It is equipped with waterproof cushions. Its folding cover protects you from the sun. The backrest can be adjusted on several levels, allowing you to go from sitting to lying down. Well-being is guaranteed! The sunbed is accompanied by an armchair of 60 x 68 x 65 cm; a table of 50 x 40 x 52 cm; a stool of 60 x 60 x 30 cm supporting up to 120 kilos each. This sunbathing area can be used as a living room to share pleasant moments with your guests.

AMPEL 24 Rocking Sunlounger 4


AMPEL 24 Rocking Sunlounger

The best value for money

The Ampel24 rocking sunlounger is elegant, strong and durable, made of larch wood. It is 170 x 170cm and can support up to 150kg. Its detachable cushion and breathable fabric ensure comfort.

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Enjoy the curves of this Ampel24 sun lounger in your garden or on your terrace, and let yourself be rocked in peace. The Ampel24 rocking sunlounger combines convenience and comfort at the best price. Its graceful design fits the shape of the body. Made of larch wood, it is aesthetically pleasing, sturdy and resistant. Laminated, impregnated and pre-treated, the chair can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a detachable cushion that ensures your comfort during your resting moment. Its breathable fabric is easy to maintain and maximizes comfort. It can support a load of up to 150 kg. This rocking sun lounger, thanks to its back and forth movement, will rock you and relax you completely. Its ergonomic armrests promise you a maximum relaxation. Measuring 170 x 170cm, it has a sleeping surface of 175 x 60cm, enough space to lounge.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best sunbathing

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The best sunbathing tub

The best entry-level sunbathing tub

The best high-end sunbathing tub

The best value for money

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Comparison table of the best sun baths

Set of 2 folding sunbeds with side table 5
ALLIBERT sunbathing area 6
TECTAKE - Sun lounger with sunshade 7
AMPEL 24 Rocking Sunlounger 8
Set of 2 folding sunbeds with side table
ALLIBERT sunbathing area
TECTAKE - Sun lounger with sunshade
AMPEL 24 Rocking Sunlounger
The set of 2 folding sunbeds features a table with 2 built-in cup holders and 1 on each side of the chair as well as 2 detachable cushions. The reclining backrest allows you to position it at the level of your choice.
The Allibert sun lounger is made of plastic imitation resin. The reclining backrest is positioned on 3 levels. Measuring 58 x 187 x 29cm, it has enough surface to ensure your relaxation.
The TECTAKE sunlounger is designed in woven resin with aluminum frames and features a sofa, table and stool.
The Ampel24 rocking sunlounger is elegant, strong and durable, made of larch wood. It is 170 x 170cm and can support up to 150kg. Its detachable cushion and breathable fabric ensure comfort.
foldable : easy to transport and store
designed in polypropylene : light and easy to carry
folding protection
rocking chair
comfortable : 2 detachable cushions and reclining backrest
comfortable : backrest adjustable on 3 levels
adjustable chairs, upholstered cushions
comfortable : ergonomic armrests, detachable cushion and body-hugging design
steel construction : sturdy and resistant
construction in plastic imitation braided resin : aesthetic
rotin and aluminum
larch wood construction : aesthetic, sturdy and resistant
chair with 1 cup holder : 163 x 62 x 110cm
welcoming sleeping surface
load capacity of 120 kg
sleeping surface : 175 x 60cm supporting up to 150 kilos
table with 2 cup holders : 47 x 47 x 53.8cm
dimensions : 58 x 187 x 29cm
armchair 60 x 68 x 65 cm - table 50 x 40 x 52 cm - stool 60 x 60 x 30 cm
dimensions : 170 x 170cm

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Buying guide - sunbathing

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How to choose your sunbathing

A good sunbed will meet your needs as well as your budget. But a good sunbed must be practical, comfortable, durable and aesthetic. Here are some important criteria to help you choose the best sunbed.

#1 - The materials

The sunlounger is specially designed for outdoor use. It is therefore important that it is made of strong and resistant materials that can withstand all weather conditions and insects.

  • Teak: a teak sunbed allows you to have an exotic decoration for your garden, thanks to its golden brown colors. It is robust and perfectly resistant to insect pests, heat, sun, humidity and water. In addition, teak always keeps its shape and is less likely to break or crack. However, it must be treated to prevent its color from turning gray with a patina.
  • Classic woods: Classic woods require special maintenance because they degrade over time, facing the weather, heat and sun; the appearance of fungi. Pine has the advantage of being less expensive, the eucalyptus of light color a little pinkish is resistant and less expensive but less rare than the teak; the acacia and the robinier are naturally resistant and at affordable prices.
  • Aluminum: it brings a contemporary look to your exterior. It can be found in different colors. Aluminum has the particularity of being resistant without the need for specific treatment, and does not rust. It is light and therefore easy to move.
  • Plastic or PVC: Very light and without the need for specific treatment, it is resistant to water and can also be found in different colors. You just have to be careful not to expose it too much to the sun as it may deform.
  • The canvas: Generally, only the seat is made of canvas. The frame is made of other materials. A canvas sunbed is comfortable, soft and supple. The disadvantage of canvas is that it stains easily. Therefore, care must be taken.
  • Resin: very appreciated for its moderate and uncluttered style, it has become the current trend. Resin is resistant, always keeps its color, and does not deodorize.

#2 - The comfort

The purpose of getting on a sunbed is to relax. In order to make yourself comfortable, comfort is one of the criteria not to be minimized. There are multi-position sunbeds. You can lie down, sit upright or half sit. You can choose whether you want to sleep, just read or enjoy the sun.

You can also find sunbeds with armrests and headrests to make you as comfortable as possible. You can also find sunbeds with armrests and headrests to make you as comfortable as possible. You can also equip your sunbed with a cushion and mattress to soften your resting time. The mattress is not essential if you opt for a canvas model.

#3 - Practicality

A sunbed is practical when it does not require constraining maintenance and easy to move. The choice of materials is therefore very important in this kind of case. Synthetic materials are strong and do not require much specific care. Plastic and woven resin are among the best for this kind of case.

Plastic and aluminum are particularly light. It is therefore possible to transport them easily and place them from one place to another. It is wise not to place them in a windy area. There are models equipped with wheels that also allow you to move the furniture easily.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to keep your sunbed on a fixed location and it remains outside all year, opt for furniture designed in resistant materials and treated, anti UV and anti corrosion.

#4 - The design

To not distort your garden, choose a sunbed that blends perfectly with your decoration and the style of your habitat. The models are multiple from the most singular to the most innovative. Steel brings a contemporary style, an industrial style. It is currently combined with other materials to provide design garden furniture and very high quality. It can be shiny, matte, smooth, bumpy.

Wood gives a sober and refined style, natural. It is suitable for any type of outdoor and any type of decoration. To raise the legs and lie down, you can opt for the deckchair models that look like lounge chairs. It can be flat, S-shaped or multi-positional.

The chilienne, on the other hand, is a folding chair associated with stretched canvas. Most of the time, it's used mostly for sitting, not lounging. You'll need to add a footrest in case you want to raise your legs.

#5 - Location

To properly arrange your garden and showcase your outdoor furniture, it's important to choose your sun lounger based on its location. For a terrace location, check the space you have. For a large space, you can opt for double or round sunbeds, or even mini lounges to share moments together. For a smaller space, less user-friendly models are recommended. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, the edge is the ideal location. Turn to durable, waterproof sunbeds. For your balcony, again, it depends on the amount of space you have: a small model for small areas and a larger model for larger areas. For wooden balconies, opt for lighter materials: aluminum or plastic. For your vacations, picnics and camping, folding sunbeds are perfect. They will be easier to transport.

The different types of sun baths

There are different types of sunbeds, both in terms of materials and design. But there are 3 main types of sunbeds.

The fixed sunbed

As its name suggests, its location is well defined and permanent. It can be left outside if you do not have a storage place. To avoid deterioration, simply cover it with a protective cover when not in use. The advantage of a fixed sunbed is that it is comfortable, high quality and has a certain style. However, it is complicated to store and transport.

As this furniture will be placed constantly outside, facing all climates, it is important to choose a sunbed designed in quality materials, resistant to wear, cold and heat, water and moisture.

The folding sunbed


models of folding sunbeds currently exist on the market. And depending on each model, the folding system is different. Reason for which, it is essential to define its utility and your expectations. If you want to take it with you during your travels (your trips, your vacations, ...), it is wiser to opt for a model of smaller size.

On the other hand, if you have a place to store it, you can opt for a slightly larger model that would be more comfortable. The advantage of folding sunbeds is that they can be transported and used as a bed when you are not at home. The only downside is that this type of sunbathing is often not very aesthetic.

The movable sunbed


sunbed can be transported from one place to another. Its location is therefore not fixed. You can place it on the terrace, in the garden, by the pool as you like. It is easy to move when you want to take some sun or when you are looking for some shade. Note, however, that a movable sunbed can be fixed or folding.

For ease of movement, the model often has a wheel mechanism located under the back of the sunbed. To move it, you just have to lift the furniture at its feet and push it like a wheelbarrow. When you choose this model, make sure that the wheels are of good quality to prevent it from having trouble rolling in certain places.

Sunbathing or hammock?

To make the most of your garden, you can choose between a sun lounger or a hammock. These two outdoor furniture will make you enjoy the open air as well as the benefits of the sun. But between them, which one will you choose to relax comfortably?


A good sunbed must be practical, comfortable and aesthetic. It comes in various materials: wood, resin, aluminum, plastic. The latter does not require much maintenance. A folding sunlounger is perfect if you have little space, and a wheelchair is easy to move.
There are sunbeds in outdoor living room format, sunbeds with a table that are more practical than hammocks, and allow you to enjoy moments with friends or family, to have a corner to put your book or your water bottle. They are therefore more functional. However, they take up more space, require more maintenance and are much more expensive. It is also important to be careful because the design sunbeds do not match all outdoor decorations.

The hammock

The hammock is the furniture par excellence for a rest in outside. It can be fixed or suspended, neither too tight nor too loose. In the case of a suspended hammock, it is important that the support is solid and spaced at a minimum of 3m and placed on average at 80cm from the ground. The two ends of the hammock must be at the same height. The hammock can come in different colours: plain, printed, bright or dark, and in different fabrics. The cotton fabric requires minimum maintenance.
Thanks to the swing of the hammock, you will be able to fall asleep quickly and easily. And contrary to what is said, lounging in a hammock is good for your back. The pressure of the body weight is reduced because it is spread evenly over the entire fabric. The latter adapts to the shape of the body to reduce tension and relieve the back. It also relaxes and relieves heavy legs. To take full advantage of your hammock, lie down at an angle and not straight up.
However, getting on the hammock and finding the ideal position requires a little exercise. It is therefore not very practical for people with reduced mobility. Moreover, it is rather individual. Of course, there are hammocks for two people, but in any case, it is not suitable for sharing moments of conviviality.


Between the hammock and the sunbed, you now have the choice. For the price, the hammock is accessible and more affordable, easy to install and maintain. The sunbathing area is more user-friendly and adds a little extra to the external decoration.


DIY: Building a sunbathing area from pallets

With a few pallets, you can make your own, less expensive and natural looking sun lounger. You'll need a few boards to serve as a structure as well as your DIY tools. Work with clean pallets: sanded, dusted, washed and dried.
Assemble the backrest with pallets that you have sliced with your saw along the center sole.
For the seat, use 2 pallets placed side by side, making sure that the top boards are turned in the direction of the length of the seat. You can then attach them with screws. Fill in the empty space between the seat and the backrest with cleats and connect the two with metal hinges.
With your boards, you will create the frame. Take the dimensions of your pallet (length, width and height) and add a few millimeters more. This gives you the dimensions of your frame. You can then cut and assemble your boards according to these measurements. Make 3 symmetrical notches on each side of the length of the frame which is placed at the level of the back. Place a piece of wood slightly wider than the frame. This will allow you to adjust the height of the backrest on 3 levels.
Put the 3 connected pallets in your wooden frame. Check the height of the seat and make adjustments if necessary. Finally, you can attach the pallets to the frame with large wooden screws. The more screw points you put in, the stronger your construction will be.
To protect your pallet sunbathing area, finish it with varnish, oil or paint. Install some cushions for your comfort, and your pallet sunbed is ready!

Cleaning of the sunbed mattress (not removable)

The mattresses as well as the cushions of the sunbeds come in different varieties of fabric: cotton, polyester, waterproof, non-waterproof, ... Already, the mattresses and cushions equipped with closure are advantageous because they are therefore removable. For those that are not removable, use a mild soap and a microfiber cloth or a soft brush. This is sufficient for recent stains. If the stains persist, opt for diluted bleach with a soft brush. For moisture and mildew, pour baking soda over the stain and let it sit for 60 minutes. You can then vacuum. In any case, whether there are stains or not, it is important to regularly clean your mattress as well as your cushions.

Repairing a loose screw in your wooden sunbed

Over time, and after a long period of use, the wood depreciates. The fastening screws may then come out. To put the screw back in place and strengthen the fastening, use a longer and bigger screw. Otherwise, you will have to add more material to the hole, a sufficient amount, to make the screw hold. Be careful not to put too much, otherwise it may not fit. You can use match sticks, wire, tape, and/or wood glue. Let it dry, and fix the screw.

Dejaune the plastic sunbathing area

Plastic furniture, especially white colored ones yellow easily from being in contact with the sun. Mold and mildew can also face the aggressions of the rain. To remedy this, baking soda can be a better solution. It restores the color of the plastic, cleans the plastic without damaging it and eliminates mold. Pour the baking soda powder onto a sponge soaked in vinegar and clean the furniture with it. Clay stone is also an alternative to baking soda.

Cleaning the woven resin sunbed

Woven resin furniture is one of today's top trends. However, they also get moldy. Black soap or Marseille soap can help get rid of them. Rinsing with a power washer helps remove moss and mildew lodged in every corner of the resin.


What is the best sunbed?

The best sunbed depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to clean a plastic sunbed?

Plastic sunbeds can be cleaned with either white vinegar or bleach. 1 part vinegar to be mixed with 2 parts water then rinse with water. The bleach is not to be diluted but to clean directly on the plastic. Let the product work for a few hours before rinsing with water. Whether it is a cleaning with bleach or white vinegar, dry your furniture with a cloth and not in the sun.

How do you sober up a teak sunbed?

Use a de-greaser to remove dirt and give the teak its original colour. It is applied to moistened wood with a brush. Let it act for a quarter of an hour. Rub and rinse and repeat the operation if necessary until you have the desired result. Do not forget to apply teak oil after degreasing to maintain it.

What is the best steel for outdoor furniture?

You can choose between steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Steel (raw, pickled or galvanized) is aesthetically pleasing but requires an anti-rust treatment against corrosion. Stainless steel is very resistant and rustproof. There is raw and brushed steel. The latter has a protective film that protects it from dirt and scratches. Aluminium is light and resistant. It has an anti-slip characteristic whatever the climate. It is the most used and recommended steel for garden furniture.

How do I clean the sunbed cover?

If the textilene fabric has a scratch, first clean it with a non-abrasive sponge, then remove it with a damp cloth and air dry. You can also use soap or washing-up liquid, or even clay stone for hard-to-remove stains. Avoid using bleach, detergents, or solvents.


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Set of 2 folding sunbeds with side table 9
Set of 2 folding sunbeds with side table
ALLIBERT sunbathing area 10
ALLIBERT sunbathing area
TECTAKE - Sun lounger with sunshade 11
TECTAKE - Sun lounger with sunshade
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AMPEL 24 Rocking Sunlounger


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