The best thongs in the UK 2023

The choice of underwear is important, although most of the time it is not always visible. So why not wear a thong? Both discreet and sexy, the thong accentuates the shape of your buttocks and hips. How to choose yours? To answer this question, we invite you to follow our guide to the best thongs.

Thong for woman Tommy Hilfiger 1

Editor's Choice

Thong for woman Tommy Hilfiger

The best thong in 2021

Tommy Hilfiger offers a thong made with 90% cotton and 10% elastane. Both sexy and comfortable, it allows you to wear tight clothes without the risk of revealing your underwear.

9,56 £ on Amazon

This cute Tommy Hilfiger thong is one of the most comfortable underwear among the different models available on the market. It is made of cotton, a soft, breathable material that protects the skin. This thong fits well at the waist thanks to an elasticated waist. It brings comfort thanks to its rather broad fabric of the front and a sexy side with the rather fine fabric behind.

You can wear it with the outfit of your choice, with wide or tight pants, shorts, a skirt or a nice dress, to go to work or for an outing with friends. You can also wear it under a little nightie or a long t-shirt to go to bed.

Set of 7 lace and cotton thongs Iris&Lilly 2

The best cheapest

Set of 7 lace and cotton thongs Iris&Lilly

The best entry-level thong

Iris&Lilly spoils us with this set of 7 beautiful lace thongs. Made mainly of cotton, they ensure comfort, aesthetics and sensuality in everyday life.

14,36 £ on Amazon

With this set of 7 thongs, you will be able to choose which one to wear every day of the week. This model brings softness and comfort, because its material of manufacture is cotton, one of the most appreciated fabrics for clothing but especially for underwear. The thong, in a classic style, is sewn with a fabric wide enough to hide the front, while the back is well maintained in place.

This set of thongs will contribute to your well-being, as it will provide you with a certain ease. The femininity is also there thanks to the touch of lace that makes them so unique.

Women's thong Hanky Panky 3

The best high-end

Women's thong Hanky Panky

The best high-end thong

This Hanky Panky thong for women is all about femininity. The lace adds a glamorous touch to the piece whose cut will make you irresistibly sensual.

39,98 £ on Amazon

Here is a lingerie specially made to fit your curves. It is designed to refine your figure and highlight the curves of your buttocks. It has a perfect cut, located between the tanga and the shorty. It is in fact here a Brazilian thong as we like them, for their sexy and sensual side, especially thanks to its floral lace!

The piece is very discreet. Therefore, you can wear it with a close-fitting pants, a skirt or a tight dress. This thong can be washed by hand without difficulty, but also in the machine. It is undeniably sexy. Dare to buy it to be beautiful! You have a wide choice of different colors according to your preferences.

Set of sexy string thongs for men Summer Code 4

For men

Set of sexy string thongs for men Summer Code

The best thong for men

For all the men who want to wear a comfortable thong, this lot proposed by Summer Code will not disappoint you at all. The material is very soft and the cut fits perfectly to the male attributes.

19,99 £ on Amazon

Gentlemen can also treat themselves to a sexy underwear for themselves: these string thongs signed Summer Code. Very soft, they are made of a mixture of materials that are breathable for the skin. The cut is also thought for an unequalled comfort. Already, the triangle in the front keeps the male attributes in place, while the string in the back makes you feel free.

This thong will be your second skin, as you will sometimes feel like you are wearing nothing under your pants or shorts. It is perfect for sports activities. But this thong is also ideal for a game of seduction with your other half, because it highlights your backside as well as the front. Best of all, it comes in a set of 5, enough to keep you going for a long time.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best string

Any specific needs?

The best thong in 2021

The best entry-level thong

The best high-end thong

The best thong for men

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Comparison table of the best thongs

Thong for woman Tommy Hilfiger 5
Set of 7 lace and cotton thongs Iris&Lilly 6
Women's thong Hanky Panky 7
Set of sexy string thongs for men Summer Code 8
Thong for woman Tommy Hilfiger
Set of 7 lace and cotton thongs Iris&Lilly
Women's thong Hanky Panky
Set of sexy string thongs for men Summer Code
Tommy Hilfiger offers a thong made with 90% cotton and 10% elastane. Both sexy and comfortable, it allows you to wear tight clothes without the risk of revealing your underwear.
Iris&Lilly spoils us with this set of 7 beautiful lace thongs. Made mainly of cotton, they ensure comfort, aesthetics and sensuality in everyday life.
This Hanky Panky thong for women is all about femininity. The lace adds a glamorous touch to the piece whose cut will make you irresistibly sensual.
For all the men who want to wear a comfortable thong, this lot proposed by Summer Code will not disappoint you at all. The material is very soft and the cut fits perfectly to the male attributes.
90% cotton and 10% elastane
95% cotton and 5% elastane
Cotton, lace, nylon, voile, spandex
85% polyamide, 15% elastane
Available colors
Black, white, navy, heather gray
Black, mottled gray, light pink, white, navy, burgundy
Chai, white, black, ivory, taupe, marshmallow, purple, bliss, steel, tan, sojaded, stromcloud blue, Venetian pink, red, ivory/transparent crystals
Black, white, sky blue, royal blue, mixed
Available sizes
XS to L
36 to 44
One size fits all
S to XXL
Machine wash
Machine washable at 30°C
Machine wash or hand wash
Machine washable

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How to choose your string

The thong is a reduced underwear. This contributes to its particularity of being discreet under your outfit. Among the large choice of cuts and models of thong, here are some criteria that will help you make your choice when buying.

#1 - The fabric

Each of us is strict about how to choose the ideal underwear. But this is especially the case when it comes to the material that makes it. Cotton is the ideal material for a thong. It guarantees maximum comfort. There are also models that are designed with lycra, an elastic fabric, very soft to the touch. Finally, there are lace and leather, to get out of the daily routine and to bring a little more seduction.

#2 - The size

For your health and a feeling of comfort in general, you will have to choose the right size of thong. The best solution is obviously to consult a size guide. Otherwise, check the size of your current underwear, this information being mentioned on the label, and choose a model of the same size.

#3 - The color

The choice of the color of the underwear is not considered very useful most of the time, since it is hidden under our outfit. The best thing would be that you match it with the same color as your outfit (or bra) or choose the same color tone, so that the latter brings elegance.

If you plan a seduction plan with your thong, favor colors like red or black, classics that know how to raise the temperature quickly.

#4 - The comfort

The most important thing for a thong is the comfort it brings. Obviously, the classic panty is the most comfortable in terms of underwear. Also, you will feel lighter in a thong, and that can make you either comfortable or uncomfortable.

To get to the point, the comfort level depends on the fit, as the feel is different in a thong or a string thong. But also, you should not feel any possible discomfort like chafing, tingling, or even itching.

#5 - The shape

In general, there are two kinds of shapes for the thong. The more classic one with a fairly wide waistband and a more covering look towards the front. And there is the G-string, thinner at the waist as well as the back part of the underwear. The micro thong is the most minimalist, and also the one that lets you discover everything in detail.

On what occasions should you wear a thong?


To make sure you feel comfortable with your thong, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Wear it with the right clothes

The thong should be worn discreetly, which is why it is ideally worn under a dress or a high waisted bottom. Indeed, the fashion of the thong that exceeds the low waist pants is outdated. It should instead, avoid vulgarity, and sublimate your outfit.

As possible clothing ideas, you have the tight dress, high pants, tight jeans and shorts, or the pencil skirt. These types of clothing require an undergarment that does not mark, and precisely, the thong is the most suitable for this.

The string and the rules

It's perfectly fine to wear thongs during your period. In fact, there are intimate protection products on the market today that are perfectly suited to wearing thongs. There are even menstrual thongs today. They are specially designed to absorb the blood flow, without having to spoil its look. However, you will have to admit that they are not suitable for hemorrhagic bleeding.

Whatever time of the month, but not every day!

Despite its comfort and discretion, it's not recommended to wear a thong every day of the month. This is especially the case if you suffer from digestive disease or various infections. Moreover, one of the worries with the thong is that it is known to promote the risk of developing infections or mycoses.

The thong for a romantic evening

Another occasion to wear the thong is on your romantic nights out. If you want to raise the temperature quickly, opt for a lace thong. Sexy and sensual, it will make you irresistible to your companion.

The different types of thongs

Created in the 70's, the thong is one of the smallest undergarments. Despite its small size, it comes in many models and styles.

The classic thong

This underwear is the most basic model in the different types of thongs. It is also the most covering. Moreover, its cut reminds that of the tanga. Indeed, in the front, it looks very much like the classic panty by covering almost completely. However, the back is much more indented. That is to say that it reveals the buttocks and covers only a small area of its upper part.

Even if the classic thong is more modest, it is still an infallible weapon of seduction and a way to sublimate this part of the body. In a classic thong, you feel light, but still safe.

The string thong

As its name suggests, the string thong connects the front and back part of the underwear by a thin string that also goes down between the buttocks. In fact, the back part of the underwear is just a string. And in the front, you have a square of the fabric that hides just the bare essentials. Also called G-string, the string thong is the most popular model on the market. It was even a flagship product appreciated by women in the 2000s.

At the time, the fashion was to voluntarily let it protrude from the pants to indicate that we wear one. Today, it has become a classic of women's lingerie, but it is more found in the new models of swimwear called microkini. A variant of the string thong is the butterfly thong, imitating the shape of the insect spreading its wings with a touch of finesse.

The Brazilian thong

As its name suggests, the Brazilian thong was born in South America. There, the first thongs of this category were worn by Brazilian women. It also comes in different variants, the most popular of which is called "Rio". This Brazilian thong has a cut more or less covering the front as the back.

Also, it is vaguely reminiscent of shorty or thongs, way classic thongs. Only, the Brazilian thongs have the particularity to be much more aesthetic. Indeed, they have pretty laces and other decorations, often reminding the pretty female lingerie worn during the carnivals of Rio.

The shorty thong

This model is inspired by a mini shorts that arrives on the top of the buttock, often in lace. Also called garçonne panties, it reminds the boxers of men. However, the thong shorty differs from the boxer, because it just covers the intimate part, then the fabric stops in the middle of the buttocks to shrink at the back, like other thongs.

Thus, it lets breathe a good part of the buttocks, to highlight them. It is in any case a very comfortable type of thong that you can wear daily without fear that it marks your tight pants for example. It's just perfect for people who are used to shortys or boxers.

The micro thong

If you're hesitating between wearing underwear or not, maybe you'll appreciate this very minimalist type of thong. The micro thong is also known as a mini-string. It is a derivative of the string thong, but it is much thinner. Very bold, the micro thong covers only a part of the front.

Sometimes, we even have the same covering capacity in the front as in the back and the micro thong hides only what is necessary, a small part of the pubic area. Indeed, on the bottom, some models of micro thong are open. And you even have another more daring variant: the T-string with almost no coverage...

Thong or classic panties ?

Feeling comfortable and beautiful in your underwear is certainly one of your priorities. For this, you have a wide choice of types of lingerie. Among them are two extremes: the panties and the thong.

The thong

The history of the thong dates back to long ago, to the tribal times of the Amazon. It has become a masterpiece for women today. With the thong, they can afford to wear tight clothing, close to the body without leaving a trace or marking the waist. The thong brings a touch of femininity thanks to its sexy, glamorous and especially discreet side.

The classic panty

It is a piece of lingerie that covers enough, without enveloping the buttocks entirely. Most of the time, the classic panty is associated with the comfort and simplicity it brings. This model is the most sold all ages. This indicates that it still holds a large place among the countless choices that exist today. The classic panty is becoming more and more diversified. They are available in cotton, lace and even ribbed fabric.


If comfort is your priority, you will certainly want to turn to the classic panties. And yet, despite popular belief, the thong remains just as comfortable. But as a bonus, you will have its aesthetic side, discreet, light, and so sexy! If you have to choose between the two, you'd better go for the one that offers the most advantages, that is the thong.

Five good reasons to consider the thong as an essential piece of lingerie

Since its existence, the thong is gaining in popularity. It is particularly known for its sensual and timeless side. In fact, if you're still not convinced, here are five good reasons to count it among your daycare essentials!

1- The thong is just sexy

The thong can be considered as an infallible weapon of seduction. It is inseparable from the erotic world for its sensual side, or more exactly, its sexy side! To highlight your female (or male!) body, you will not find better than a thong.

2- It is discreet

Under a dress, pants, shorts or a tight skirt, the thong does not mark at all. It is so thin that no one should guess what kind of panties you are wearing under your clothes.

3- It gives a feeling of freedom

It's kind of like not wearing any underwear! You feel light and free to move. In summer, you don't sweat anymore and better yet, you let your fragile skin breathe freely. No more unpleasant sensations of fabric sticking to your buttocks, no more elastics tightening your buttocks too much!

4- It enhances your bottom

The thong gives the impression of a more shapely and bouncier buttocks. That's because with another type of underwear, it was somewhat compressed. But now that it's free, it can easily reveal its beautiful curves.

5- The thong is eco-friendly

Why? Because it's the lingerie that uses the least amount of fabric! Therefore, it is not likely to be harmful to our environment (or to your health). And if you're still not convinced, you should know that the thong comes in a multitude of shapes and colors, lending itself to all possible fantasies to be unique in its kind!

The best brands of thongs

In our opinion, the best brands of thongs in 2022 are :

Iris & Lilly
Hanky Panky
Tommy Hilfiger
Arjen Kroos

This brand is unveiled by L'Amazon Mode for a line especially dedicated to lingerie in December 2017. Iris & Lilly is a brand that distributes contemporary underwear. Thanks to the quality of its thongs, it has quickly established itself in the market of women's lingerie.

This brand designs lace underwear, it was created in 1977 by Gale Epstein, a lingerie designer in the United States. Hanky Panky has become one of the most popular lace panty brands in the world. Its range of ultra sexy lingerie has also quickly integrated the French market.

Tommy Hilfiger is a very famous luxury brand, created by an American designer named Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. The latter known by the eponymous creation of the brand of ready to wear but also by the underwear for women. It offers a chic and casual style.

It is a New York brand of underwear for men, founded in 1991. It has a great reputation in the United States. It is known for the quality of its materials that provide an exceptional support. The brand manufactures a large quantity of models such as shorts, boxers, thongs, tangas, jockstraps and others.

This brand puts forward different models of thongs for men, from the most ordinary to the most extravagant. You are going to find various cuts, combining sporty style and sexy design. It sells thongs to stay comfortable all day. And this is thanks to the high quality fabrics, breathable, soft stretch, light and especially perfect fits that fit the body.

What is the price for a string

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Don't wear a flashy thong under sober tights

If you decide to wear sober tights, it is better to avoid light colored or too flashy thongs. This tip is actually valid for all types of underwear. They will show up clearly under your tights and it will definitely ruin your look! This is also valid for the opposite effect: no black thong under a light semi-transparent garment.

Match your thong with your bra

If you wear a black lace thong, also put on a black bra embellished with lace. Follow this same logic with other colors and your other underwear. It is the same with the material, a silk thong will marry much more with a bra presenting silk than with a cotton model for example.

Wash your thong delicately

The thong is a very fragile lingerie. Also, you must above all respect the instructions of maintenance recommended by the salesman. Use mild detergents to avoid damaging the material. Also, for a machine wash, do not exceed 30°C at the risk of spoiling your thong. Ideally, you should even wash it by hand to keep it in good condition for a long time.

Read the label on your thong carefully

The label is a source of important information as to the care of your thong. Be sure to follow the instructions mentioned to the letter. For example, if you should not iron the thong under any circumstances, or put it in the dryer, avoid doing this at the risk of damaging the lingerie!

Avoid low-rise jeans

Some clothes really don't enhance the aesthetic and sensual side of the thong. This is especially the case with jeans and low-rise shorts which makes it rather vulgar than sexy! The ideal would be rather to wear pants or high-waisted skirts. The tight clothes also go very well with the thongs.


Can thongs be bad for your health?

Thongs do present a health risk. In particular, it can cause irritation from the skin rubbing against the fabric. The thong can also increase the risk of developing urinary and vaginal infections. However, it is possible to limit these risks by choosing a thong made of soft, breathable fabric such as cotton and by avoiding wearing it every day.

Does wearing a thong hurt your butt?

Thethong does not hurt your buttocks. If you are not used to it, you may still feel some discomfort from the fact that the string is in the parting. Also note that the thong does not cause hemorrhoids. However, rubbing with the area around the anus can irritate the weakened area.

How to get used to thongs?

Discomfort is inevitable when you first test the thong. To remedy this, you must first choose it in the right size and in a fabric that suits your skin. You should also think about wearing it gradually: first for a few minutes, then for a few hours before spending a day with it. Test it also with its more covering variants like the shorty version before wearing a micro thong for example.

What's the difference between thongs and thongs?

Thethong is an underwear that reveals your buttocks to highlight it. The thong, on the other hand, reveals only a part of the buttocks. In fact, it is a little closer to the shorty string. It is a kind of compromise between the latter and the classic panties. In any case, thong and tanga are both classified as sexy lingerie.


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Thong for woman Tommy Hilfiger 9
Thong for woman Tommy Hilfiger
Set of 7 lace and cotton thongs Iris&Lilly 10
Set of 7 lace and cotton thongs Iris&Lilly
Women's thong Hanky Panky 11
Women's thong Hanky Panky
Set of sexy string thongs for men Summer Code 12
Set of sexy string thongs for men Summer Code


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