The best stoves in the UK 2023

Composed of a cooktop and an oven, the stove, gas or electric, remains an essential appliance in modern kitchens. Stoves save space because they are a 2-in-1 unit and work with all types of pots and pans. In order to find yours, here is a buying guide with the best stoves of the moment.

Indesit I6V6C1A 1

Best value for your money

Indesit I6V6C1A

The best stove in 2021

Simple and practical, the Indesit I6V6C1A (X)/FR range is easy to maintain. The various options that come with it make the machine easy to handle.

391 £ on Fnac

This is a stove with ceramic hob. It has a width of 60 cm, a depth of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm. The Indesit I6V6C1A (X)/FR offers 4 perfectly smooth and flat radiant zones. The maintenance of this large appliance is easy. The oven cleans itself automatically with a catalytic system. The glass can be removed with a single click, which makes it very easy to maintain.

The multifunction oven is electrically powered. Constant and perfectly distributed, the heat emitted inside cooks the dish evenly. It is even possible to cook on two levels with this oven.


Best value for your money


The best entry-level stove

The BEKO FSG62010FX is a gas stove. Highly efficient and easy to maintain, this stove is ready for any eventuality.

297 £ on Fnac

It is a gas stove of 60cm width and depth, with a height of 85cm. Unlike other gas stoves, this one is easy to clean. Indeed, it is accompanied by a removable full glass door and perfectly flat. In terms of safety, a gas safety device has been installed to avoid any risk of incident. Once the flame suddenly goes out because of a current of air or liquid, the gas supply is automatically cut off.

On the stove, a glass cover serving as a protection against dust is installed. It also serves as a stand, where you can put various items (preparation for the oven or kitchen utensils). During the use of the appliance, the cover serves as a credenza to protect the wall. To really optimize the space, Beko offers a storage box to easily store dishes and kitchen utensils.

Amica ACI7005VX 3

Best value for your money

Amica ACI7005VX

The best high-end stove

With 11 functions to its credit, Amica ACI7005VX is the ideal stove to facilitate the cooking of your dishes. Easy to use and very autonomous, it has a new generation oven that promotes fast cooking.

516 £ on Fnac

Amica ACI7005VX has 11 functions that multiply its practicality and usefulness. Preheating or quick defrosting, this appliance will not fail to make your life easier. The programmer has three easy-to-use buttons to set the start and end of cooking. And at the end of each cooking, a residual heat indicator notifies you if the plate is still hot even if the cooking plate is turned off.

The stove also has a new generation oven that guarantees an even heat distribution. The oven is preheated to 150° in only 3 minutes, even with a larger than average hearth. The cleaning is done automatically by means of a steam dispersion mechanism.

Beko FSE53321DWCS 4


Beko FSE53321DWCS

A great combination stove

The Beko stove is a programmable and safe appliance. It is a product that emphasizes safety and comfort of use. You can cook your dishes evenly and consistently.

303 £ on Fnac

The Beko stove is one of the safest stoves on the market. Indeed, a system of interruption of the gas supply is engaged as soon as the flame goes out. This mechanism ensures the safety of the product. Moreover, it is possible to program the stove with great ease using the digital screen.

In addition to a self-cleaning oven, by catalysis, automatically absorbing grease, a storage box is granted to you. A fan circulates the heat in a constant and uniform way. You can cook with peace of mind. With a depth of 60 cm and a weight of 46.70 kg, this mixed model has 3 gas and one electric stove.

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The best stove in 2021

The best entry-level stove

The best high-end stove

A great combination stove

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Comparison table of the best stoves

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High end Not to be missed
Indesit I6V6C1A 5
Amica ACI7005VX 7
Beko FSE53321DWCS 8
Indesit I6V6C1A
Amica ACI7005VX
Beko FSE53321DWCS
Simple and practical, the Indesit I6V6C1A (X)/FR range is easy to maintain. The various options that come with it make the machine easy to handle.
The BEKO FSG62010FX is a gas stove. Highly efficient and easy to maintain, this stove is ready for any eventuality.
With 11 functions to its credit, Amica ACI7005VX is the ideal stove to facilitate the cooking of your dishes. Easy to use and very autonomous, it has a new generation oven that promotes fast cooking.
The Beko stove is a programmable and safe appliance. It is a product that emphasizes safety and comfort of use. You can cook your dishes evenly and consistently.
60 x 60 x 85 cm
60 x 60 x 85 cm
60 x 60 x 85 cm
50 x 60 x 85 cm
Self-cleaning oven
Steam fired
Cooktop type
Number of radiants
Gas or electric

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How to choose your stove

For a better approach, choose your stove according to the size, type of installation, oven, maintenance and power.

#1 - Its size

There are several types of stoves, each with its own characteristics. The first thing to consider is the size of the product. Before buying a stove, take the time to choose the right location. The free surface should be perfectly suited to the size of the machine.

In general, a range is about 76 cm or 30 inches wide. The depth of the stove is 25 to 30 inches, or 64 to 76 cm, with a height of 36 to 48 inches or 91 to 122 cm. To make sure the dimensions match, consider measuring the space available for the location.

#2 - Type of installation

There are 2 ways to install a stove. There are freestanding stoves and built-in stoves. The free-standing stove also known as free-standing stove has the advantage of being able to be installed anywhere. In fact, it can even be placed at the end of a countertop thanks to its design. This type of stove has well finished sides.

The built-in stove, on the other hand, allows its user to have a more direct and safer access to the controls while cooking. Usually, this stove does not have a backsplash, but some still have finished sides. You can also find a range with a plate that is slightly wider than the appliance. The purpose of this one is to prevent food from getting stuck between the countertop and the stove.

#3 - The oven

There are 2 types of ovens associated with a range. The traditional oven with a natural convention is perfectly adapted for cooking red meats or making roasted poultry.

The combined microwave oven is known for the supplement of stirred air or rotating heat that it offers. With less preheating time, this oven also ensures a modulated cooking and less risk of odor transfer when you concoct various dishes at the same time.

Its capacity or interior volume is displayed in cubic feet (CFM), generally ranging from 4.5 to 7.1 CFM. Be careful, the indication provided by the manufacturer is in most cases raw data. It does not take into account the elements that can be placed in the oven, among others, the space used by the racks and the fan.

#4 - Maintenance

The place of a stove is undoubtedly in the kitchen, which requires good maintenance to perfect hygiene. Indeed, it is an essential element to design delicious and of course healthy dishes.

The plates are easily cleaned, however, be careful, they break easily. If you prefer gas stoves, do not forget to check that the burner cap of the gas surfaces can be easily removed. It is better to choose a stove with a smooth surface on which the food projected does not cook.

As for the oven, nowadays there are self-cleaning ovens. Since the cleaning is done automatically, you will have less maintenance to do. However, you have to declare manually the door and the front part of the oven. In all, there are 3 types of self-cleaning ovens: pyrolysis (or pyrolytic), catalytic (or catalytic) and hydrolysis (steam, or hydrolytic).

#5 - The power

The power of the appliance defines the electricity consumption. Indeed, the more powerful the stove, the higher the consumption. The difference in power between the different types of stoves has a minimal difference. However, it has been proven that over the course of a year, induction stoves consume 40% less electricity than glass-ceramic stoves. On average, induction uses 348 kWh of power per year and glass-ceramic 569 kWh.

Self-cleaning ovens

Another feature not to be overlooked when purchasing a stove is the particularity of the oven. To reduce maintenance to a minimum, you should know that there are self-cleaning ovens that come with electric stoves. But how does a self-cleaning oven work?

Self-cleaning and electricity

Be aware, however, that the self-cleaning electric oven consumes a lot of energy. In reality, the oven automatically locks itself and heats up to a few degrees to clean itself. As a result, you won't be able to use the oven for a while, but the electricity consumption will increase at the same time.


With a self-cleaning pyrolysis or pyrolytic oven, you first have to manually remove large dirt deposits and baking trays from the oven. Then you can start the self-cleaning cycle. The cycle takes two to four hours. During this time, the oven locks in and heats up to a temperature of 400-500°C. This temperature reduces grease and dirt to ash. Make sure your kitchen is well ventilated before starting the self-cleaning process. The machine will emit a strong heat and an unpleasant smell.


Ovens with catalytic self-cleaning systems have inner walls covered with a special microporous material that absorbs grease. No need to wait for hours with this type of oven. The cleaning is done in parallel with the normal cooking of the oven but at a temperature higher than 200°C for one hour. Compared to pyrolysis, the electricity consumption is lower. However, this process does not dissolve the sugar and the walls degrade quickly. It is necessary to take into account the costs of replacing the walls which are done every four or five months.


While the two types of automatic cleaning mentioned above melt and remove dirt, this one has a slightly different characteristic. Hydrolysis or steam cleaning is more energy efficient. Using water and heat, the process breaks down dirt that is difficult to remove manually from the oven. The waiting time is one hour and the oven heats to only 93°C. However, after this process, you must manually clean the remains or residues.

The different types of stoves

In fact, there are many types of stoves on the market. But the most common ones are: the stoves with ceramic glass surface, the induction stoves and the gas stoves.

Stoves with ceramic glass surface

The stove with glass-ceramic surface is the most widespread on the market. It is especially admired because of its price, which is suitable for all budgets. Easy to use, just plug it into a 220V outlet and you can start cooking.

Unlike the induction types, the glass-ceramic does not require a specialized pan. Maintenance is easy thanks to its smooth surface that does not cook overflowing food. Compared to electric plates, stoves with glass-ceramic surface promote greater energy savings.

Induction stoves

The induction stove is certainly more expensive but saves energy compared to other models. The induction cooktop heats and cools quickly. This is due to the coils that produce a magnetic field that passes through the glass and turns into heat once in contact with a specialized pan.

Cooling occurs almost instantly when the pan is removed from the heat. The risk of burns is almost nil. The cleaning is easy because the cooking surface is smooth and the projected food does not cook.


The gas stove or gas stove is rather adapted for the regions having all the time cuts of electricity. Indeed, to cook with it, no need for electricity connection but a professional installation that can generate additional costs.

  • Compared to the electric ones, this one does not cook the food uniformly and takes its time to heat up.
  • For the cleaning, it is more complicated, the slot that is the place of the burner cooks everything that falls and difficult to clean.

Electric or gas stove?

Gas stove or gas stove

When buying a stove, this is the key question. For a gas stove, you absolutely must have a gas line or use a butane gas bottle. The installation of a pipe, connection to the gas network more convenient than the bottle, will require you to call a professional, do not do it yourself.

However, this type of appliance is 10 to 30% cheaper than its counterpart that runs on electricity. In addition, this type of stove allows for better control of the cooking process. This allows you to cook your dishes perfectly.

Electric stove

We can mention two advantages. First of all, there is no need to make any connection here, all you need is electricity. It's practically Plug & Cook. Secondly, on an electric stove, a good part of the energy produced is transmitted directly to your pans or other kitchen equipment. This is more ecological.

Moreover, this type of stove can reassure parents, because there is no threat of gas, even though gas stoves are 10 times safer nowadays with systems that automatically shut off everything.


Firstly, it all depends on the type of energy available to you. Then, you have to consider the qualities of the gas or electric oven. The gas model is more difficult to maintain than the electric one but it does not dry out your food. For a more precise cooking in the oven, you should choose an electric model but it will consume more energy.

Why buy a stove?

Saves space

The stove is a combined cooktop and oven appliance. When buying a cooktop and an oven, you need two different places for each element. However, with a stove, only a small space is needed. In addition, there are all sizes, you just have to find the model that suits you best and offers you the necessary comfort.


With a single connection, the stove can power the oven and the trays above the oven at the same time. If the recipe involves double cooking (low heat and oven), the stove is the most suitable and practical. It is easy and quick to prepare a recipe. Moreover, most of the recent models are programmable.

Very handy

In some countries, people still use wood and coal to cook their meals. The use of wood produces a suffocating smoke and coal gives off carbon dioxide. The use of these two elements requires a lot of patience. In addition, the sweat is very dirty. The stove is easier to use, easy to plug in and heats up quickly.


The stove comes with heat intensity adjustment buttons. Indeed, you can increase the intensity of the fire of a gas stove or the heat emitted by a glass-ceramic and induction plate. Very practical especially to obtain the perfect cooking of a recipe. You will then be sure to follow the recipe in good form.

Easy to maintain

Compared to a wood or coal fire, a stove does not get dirty. Maintenance is easy because there is no ash or soot. In addition, the oven can have self-cleaning capability. In this time of developing technology, home appliances are becoming more and more comfortable.

The best brands of stoves

In our opinion, the best brands of stoves in 2022 are :


Bosch is a well-known brand in large volume equipment. It embodies quality and efficiency.

Electrolux puts forward very environmentally friendly products. Its goal is to improve its consumer's quality of life while saving energy.

It is a German brand that specializes in designing cooking accessories. Its customers appreciate enormously the quality of its products.

This brand is very widespread in the UK for its design of quality household appliances. Its production is a very good value for money.

Specialized in the manufacture of large household appliances, Amica is a brand of Polish origin. Its production combines performance and accessibility.

What is the price for a stove

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

350 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 650 £
more than 650 £
Price range diagram


Make sure you have adequate space when delivering

Before choosing your stove, it is essential to measure the space allocated to it. However, also take into consideration the route you have to take before you get to that dedicated space. Think about door frames, hallways, and stairs.

Beware of the induction plate

In order to keep your induction cooktop in as good a condition as possible, avoid putting aluminum foil on it. Aluminum can melt and fuse with the glass. For glass-ceramic, watch out for plastic.

Don't forget to close the valve

If you use a gas stove, remember to close the valve where the gas comes out. This can cause a fire or even an explosion when it comes in contact with a spark. It can also cause loss of consciousness.

Use a magnet for induction

To find out if the utensil is compatible with the induction stove, first check to see if it has the logo or an indication of "induction" somewhere. If not, try placing a magnet on the outside bottom of the utensil, if it remains magnetized, it is compatible.

Think of a wooden spoon

Cleaning the hotplates is not always easy. When cooking a soup, we often face an overflow. To avoid getting it everywhere, place a wooden spoon over the pot of boiling water, milk or soup.


How do you plug in an electric stove?

To begin with, make sure that the current is switched off (to avoid any risks, always take a precaution). The connection of the electric stove must be done on a three-phase plug with a minimum of 3 inches. Then you have to connect the wires as follows:

  • The green-yellow wire to be connected to the ground socket, it is screwed directly to the wall box,
  • The white wire to the neutral phase,
  • The red wire to the x plug and the black wire to the y plug.

Once finished, check that everything works perfectly.

How do you clean the top of a wood stove?

If the cooktops are made of cast iron and enameled cast iron, use baking soda. Simply moisten the surface a little sprinkle of baking soda and after 15 minutes, clean with a damp sponge. For stainless steel plates, simply clean it with soapy water and microfiber cloth.

How do you clean a dirty gas stove?

For the maintenance of a gas stove, prefer natural cleaning products. Like white vinegar for the burners. Mix a few drops of white vinegar in warm water. Using a sponge and toothbrush dipped in the solution, scrub the burner surface. It's easy and safe. You can, of course, use ammonia, but the directions are more difficult.

Does an old stove consume more energy?

The consumption generally depends on the resistance. In fact, a new stove powered by 230V/1000W and an old stove of the same power used for the same time have equal consumption. However, if the joints leak, the cooking time increases and this is what makes the difference. Instead of having a perfectly hot oven in 15 minutes, the heating time increases to 30 minutes and the bill also increases.


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Indesit I6V6C1A 9
Indesit I6V6C1A
BEKO FSG62010FX 10
Amica ACI7005VX 11
Amica ACI7005VX
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Beko FSE53321DWCS


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