The best vertical climber steppers in the UK 2023

To work your lower and upper body at home, try the vertical stepper climber. This fitness machine helps you slim your waistline, tone your muscles and sculpt an athletic body. With no other accessories required, work your abs, arms and glutes simultaneously. Find the best vertical stepper climber for your practice in our guide.

L&B-MR 284-754-658

Best value for money

L&B-MR 284-754-658

The best vertical stepper climber in 2021

The L&B-MR 284-754-658 has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg and a sturdy steel structure. It is very easy to assemble and can be stored in a corner thanks to its foldable nature.

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The L&B-MR 284-754-658 can compete with top fitness equipment without batting an eyelid. It is a piece of sports equipment that combines all the functions of a stepper and a vertical climber. Thus, you can work all your muscles without difficulty and without additional expenses. Among those that will be the most solicited are the hamstrings, calves, abdominals, triceps, biceps...

The intelligent display gives you instant information about your workout, such as calories burned, number of steps taken and exercise duration. In addition, the L&B-MR 284-754-658 is very practical. Its folding system makes it easy to store. The device does not risk scratching the floor since it is equipped with large rubber feet.

Sportstech VC300

Best value for money

Sportstech VC300

The best entry-level vertical stepper climber

The Sportstech VC300 allows you to keep your expenses to a minimum. No need to go to the gym, all your physical exercises can now be done at home, and this, for a very affordable price.

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Just like the previous model, this one is ideal for gaining muscle mass, losing weight or training for a competition. Your upper and lower body muscles will work in perfect harmony. Of course, targeted exercises are easily performed. The results obtained will obviously not be the same as with an exercise bike or a simple stepper.

The Sportstech VC300 comes with a perfectly readable display screen including a stopwatch, a calorie counter, but also a step counter. It will help you reach your goals quickly: toning or muscle gain, weight loss, cardio-training, endurance improvement, fitness... Foldable in 3 movements, it will save you space.

Kays Mini Stepper

Best value for money

Kays Mini Stepper

The best high-end vertical stepper climber

This is the vertical stepper climber that you need if you want to improve your performance. Just choose the level of difficulty according to your physical condition to get the most suitable training plan.

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Although it has no wheels, the Kays Mini Stepper is easy to move from room to room thanks to its compact design. In fact, it takes up very little space when folded, which is why it's perfect for a small apartment or studio. In addition to the comfort of use, this model is also incomparably efficient.

The Kays Mini Stepper will appeal to men and women of all ages. Ergonomic, it offers maximum stability despite the high intensity of your exercises. The device measures 103 x 64 x 205 cm and weighs 22 kg. Its load capacity can reach 110 kg.

JFSKD 650-471-921

A great choice

JFSKD 650-471-921

Perfect for overweight people

The JFSKD 650-471-921 will benefit you. It supports up to 160 kg of load and allows you to sculpt a dream body, burn fat, work your cardio system or simply build muscle.

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The weather hasn't been kind to you lately? This vertical stepper climber can quickly become your best fitness companion. While staying at home, you'll be able to exercise in complete peace and comfort. Whether you're a climbing enthusiast or just looking to lose a few extra pounds, this device will be a great help in achieving your goals.

Combining all the advantages of 2 machines in 1, the JFSKD 650-471-921 works your legs, buttocks, arms and abs. The multifunctional display shows precise data on calories burned, total workout time, etc. The smart folding system ensures optimal storage. The equipment can be adjusted in height on 5 levels for more convenience.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best stepper climber vertical

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The best vertical stepper climber in 2021

The best entry-level vertical stepper climber

The best high-end vertical stepper climber

Perfect for overweight people

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Comparison table of the best vertical climber steppers

L&B-MR 284-754-658
Sportstech VC300
Kays Mini Stepper
JFSKD 650-471-921
L&B-MR 284-754-658
Sportstech VC300
Kays Mini Stepper
JFSKD 650-471-921
The L&B-MR 284-754-658 has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg and a sturdy steel structure. It is very easy to assemble and can be stored in a corner thanks to its foldable nature.
The Sportstech VC300 allows you to keep your expenses to a minimum. No need to go to the gym, all your physical exercises can now be done at home, and this, for a very affordable price.
This is the vertical stepper climber that you need if you want to improve your performance. Just choose the level of difficulty according to your physical condition to get the most suitable training plan.
The JFSKD 650-471-921 will benefit you. It supports up to 160 kg of load and allows you to sculpt a dream body, burn fat, work your cardio system or simply build muscle.
Adjustable height
5 levels
5 levels
5 levels
Maximum load
Up to 120 kg
Up to 120 kg
110 kg
160 kg
Display panel
Stopwatch, calories, steps
Timer, calorie and step counter
Step counter, calories burned, stopwatch
Number of calories, time
20 kg
22 kg
14 kg

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Buying guide - stepper climber vertical

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How to choose your stepper climber vertical

On the market, there is a wide selection of vertical stepper climber models. It can be difficult to make the right choice. Here are a few parameters to help you find the most suitable model.

#1 - Stability and ease of storage

The vertical stepper climber must have a wide enough base to ensure the stability of the structure. If it has rubber feet, you can exercise more safely. In addition, a folding stepper climber model will make your life relatively easy. Its storage will prove easier and you will be able to carry it from one room to another.

#2 - Maximum weight

The maximum weight supported by a vertical stepper climber can go up to 200 kg, or even more depending on the model, and regardless of the intensity of the exercises performed. This criterion depends on the quality of the material used for its design. At the very least, your fitness equipment will support a load of 100 kg.

#3 - Features

Other than the adjustable height on several levels, the vertical stepper climber must also have a resistance option. Thus, the user will be able to choose the resistance that will best suit his or her physical condition. The monitor or dashboard also seems very interesting in that it allows you to have real data on the progress of your workout (timer, tracking calories burned, number of steps taken ...). The presence of other additional options could orient you towards the ideal model such as the cup holder, the phone holder...

#4 - Space available


must check the exact dimensions of the vertical stepper climber in order to determine if the model of your choice fits the available space in your home. Measure the vertical clearance

as well as the occupancy of the floor space.

#5 - Materials

The frame of the vertical stepper climber will need to be sturdy since it will support both your weight and the weight of the entire machine. Some models have been designed withcold-rolled steel, alloy steel or light aluminum. Some components are made of plastic and rubber, such as the non-slip feet.

Muscle Groups Involved

With regular use, the vertical stepper climber will allow you to tone and strengthen various muscles of your body such as the biceps and triceps, thighs (adductors...), back muscles, buttocks or heart muscles.

What is a vertical stepper climber?

Although the name suggests it, the vertical stepper climber was not designed specifically for climbing enthusiasts. This fitness machine provides a complete cardiovascular workout without spending your entire budget.

Generally, it is foldable, which makes it much easier to store. The vertical climber has a simple design with 2 pedals, a monitor, 2 handles and non-slip feet. The height of these handles is adjustable according to the user's height.

Stepper climber vertical or mini stepper?

Stepper climber vertical

The vertical stepper climber allows you to do a complete fitness training. The device is effective for the realization of different types of sports exercises such as intensive exercises, weight training or cardio-training. Easy to use, it imitates the movements of climbing, climbing and Nordic skiing.

Soliciting different muscle groups, the vertical stepper climber works the arms, legs, hips, back... It is ideal for getting back into shape, strengthening muscles and losing weight.

Mini stepper

The mini stepper generally consists of 2 independent steps on which you will simulate the ascent of stairs. With hydraulic cylinders, this device is very easy to use. It is light enough and not so bulky that it can be used in almost any home. The device allows you to work mainly the lower body. However, some models offer upper body exercises thanks to their resistant elastic straps.


The mini stepper is best suited for amateur athletes who want to get back into shape gradually. It offers very few features unlike a vertical stepper climber. On the other hand, the vertical stepper climber fits the needs of those who want to work all the muscles of their body and prepare for a sports competition. It improves posture and prevents back pain.

Why buy a vertical stepper climber?

It burns calories

Using this dynamic machine makes exercise more effective because it boosts your metabolism to help you burn 20% more calories than you would using traditional machines like a treadmill, rowing machine

Climbing improves cardiovascular health

If you've lived a sedentary lifestyle, chances are your cardiovascular fitness is out of balance and needs some work. If you're more concerned with weight loss, you'll get more than that with a vertical stepper climber. It will give you that much-needed cardio workout that will make your heart purr like a new car engine.

Ideal for weight loss

A vertical climber has been proven to provide simple, low-impact but effective full-body workouts that not only help burn calories, but also get rid of excess weight quickly - with less effort than other indoor exercise machines. Just take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to enjoy all the benefits of using a stepper climber.

Improves upper body strength

Using a vertical stepper climber is beneficial for building and maintaining a strong upper body, but more importantly: it can help you minimize your risk of injury as well as losing muscle mass due to aging. Upper body strength is essential for improving your posture and form, especially if you spend countless hours sitting or bent over behind your desk.

Improves lower body composition

The vertical stepper climber will not only work wonders on your upper body, it will also improve your hip and lower body, glorious glutes, thighs, hamstrings and calves. These muscles are too often ignored, especially if you live a sedentary life.


Master the operation of your vertical stepper climber.

The way the vertical stepper climber works seems very easy. Indeed, it is as if you were climbing a mountain or a rock wall, but without any risk of falling. The muscles used are those that are usually used during a real climb. Workouts can be intense or moderate depending on your needs. The use of the device improves your heart rate in addition to other benefits such as loss of body fat, regulation of blood circulation ...

Adopt the right posture.

Climbing greatly solicits the strength of your arms and legs. You will therefore be able to achieve a sheathing and a work on your balance thanks to the vertical stepper climber. For best results, make sure your back is straight and your stomach is tucked in as if you are going to do push-ups. Bring one of your legs forward, bend your knee and then relax it by resting it backwards. Do the same for the other leg and continue until your session is complete.

Minimum number of workouts per week.


vertical climber does not offer the same results as the classic stepper. You must use it regularly, at least 3 times a day with sessions of 10 to 20 min each. Forget about short sessions, because you should feel out of breath during your exercises. Split your training hours with intense exercises and rest times.

Do warm-ups and stretches.


all weight training and fitness equipment, the vertical stepper climber should never be used without warm-ups first. The same goes for stretching after the workout. A few minutes of jumping rope is more than enough to warm up your muscles.

Adapt your exercises according to the goals you want to achieve.

Sessions can be faster or slower depending on what you want to achieve. Fast-paced exercises are best suited for cardio while slower ones are suited for muscle mass gain. Similarly, the intensity level will vary depending on whether you want to slim down your waistline or work better on your balance.


What is the best vertical stepper climber?

The best vertical stepper climber depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to know the best products out there.

Are vertical climbers good for weight loss?


the fitness equipment available on the market, the vertical stepper climber proves to be one of the best exercisers to offer an optimal fat and calorie burning rate


Do vertical climbers build muscle?

Inspired by rock climbing and climbing, the vertical stepper climber engages every muscle in the body. The movements performed force the upper as well as the lower body to work intensely. You can even target muscle groups such as hamstrings, glutes, pectorals...

Are they joint friendly?


you warm up and stretch properly, you won't have to worry about that. Besides, the machine does not require any brutal movement leading to a risk of muscular shock.

What impact do they have on the cardiovascular system?

Thanks to

intense exercises, the vertical stepper climber can put a lot of strain on your heart muscles. Its use greatly improves your cardio system, blood circulation, respiratory system and works your heart rate.


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L&B-MR 284-754-658
L&B-MR 284-754-658
Sportstech VC300
Sportstech VC300
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JFSKD 650-471-921


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