The best steamers in the UK 2023

Want to eat healthier? Choose a cooking method that preserves all the nutrients contained in food, such as a steamer. Crisp vegetables, tender and juicy meat! Looking for the right appliance? You'll find some, or all, of your answer among our recommended products of the best steamers.

Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CF0 1

Best value for money

Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CF0

The best steamer

A simple and healthy steam cooking is the achievement of this 3-stage appliance for all types of food: vegetables, rice, meat, fish, eggs, etc.

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With a remarkable power of 800 W, this steamer perfectly covers its 3 containers, arranged in tiers for simultaneous cooking, with a capacity of 3 liters for each bowl. Thanks to the timer, you will be able to cook slim and healthy dishes to perfection and moreover, the containers are all Bisphenol A free.

To make things as easy as possible for you, the water tank is easily filled via two side inlets and a water level indicator will allow you to check at any time if you need to add water or not. However, if you forget, the anti-heating protection automatically turns off the device when there is no more water in the tank.

Essentialb ECVI 1 2

Best value for money

Essentialb ECVI 1

The best entry-level steamer

Although it is a cheap steamer, it will meet all your expectations thanks to its spacious cooking area and its power.

23,99 £ on Boulanger

The best-selling steamer at Boulanger right now, this appliance can cook a large quantity of food thanks to its 9-liter capacity, divided into 3 cooking bowls. Customers who have already purchased this steamer have reported that you should use all the bowls at the same time to avoid steam build-up.

On the front of the base that houses the water tank, you have indications of how long it takes to cook 6 types of food, a water level indicator and a small screen for setting the timer. Note that this steamer comes with a specific bowl for rice and an egg holder.

Moulinex XF384B10 - companion food processor 3

Best premium value for money

Moulinex XF384B10 - companion food processor

The best high-end steamer

Make your steam cooking a success with this Moulinex appliance equipped with a stainless steel bowl, a tray that divides the cooking area in two, and a juice receiver.

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Moulinex is the undisputed leader in household appliances and offers you this high-performance luxury steamer. The brand's age-old know-how is evident in the ingenuity of this well-supplied appliance, which can make 4 preparations simultaneously in its 3.7-liter cooking zone.

In addition to the stainless steel cooking bowl, you get a tray that divides the cooking area into two levels, a juice receiver and a glass lid so you can keep an eye on your ingredients without opening the appliance.

Russel Hobbs Maxicook, 23560-56 4


Russel Hobbs Maxicook, 23560-56

The largest steamer

Enjoy this steamer with a 10.5 L capacity. All your ingredients spread over the 3 shelves for simultaneous cooking!

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Russell Hobbs invites you to think big with this steamer with a capacity of 10.5 L. With such a volume, you can cook everything at once: rice (a specific basket is included in the package), vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Not only does it cook all your ingredients at once, but it also flavors them with its aroma diffuser that you can top with your favorite spices and condiments.

With a digital control panel, this steamer has a timer that can be set to the minute, a delay start up to 1 hour and an automatic shut-off. All of these accessories are dishwasher safe and note that they are all guaranteed Bisphenol A free.

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The best steamer

The best entry-level steamer

The best high-end steamer

The largest steamer

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Comparison table of the best steamers

Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CF0 5
Essentialb ECVI 1 6
Moulinex XF384B10 - companion food processor 7
Russel Hobbs Maxicook, 23560-56 8
Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CF0
Essentialb ECVI 1
Moulinex XF384B10 - companion food processor
Russel Hobbs Maxicook, 23560-56
A simple and healthy steam cooking is the achievement of this 3-stage appliance for all types of food: vegetables, rice, meat, fish, eggs, etc.
Although it is a cheap steamer, it will meet all your expectations thanks to its spacious cooking area and its power.
Make your steam cooking a success with this Moulinex appliance equipped with a stainless steel bowl, a tray that divides the cooking area in two, and a juice receiver.
Enjoy this steamer with a 10.5 L capacity. All your ingredients spread over the 3 shelves for simultaneous cooking!
9 L
9 L
3.7 L
10.5 L
Container material
BPA-free plastic
BPA-free plastic
Inox and




Supplied accessories
Rice bowl
Rice bowl

trayCooking juice collector


basketFlavoring dispenser

Cooking zones


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How to choose your steamer

The choice depends mainly on the frequency of use, the quantity of the dishes and the types of food to be cooked. Based on this information, here are the criteria to prioritize.

#1 - Capacity

The capacity of a steamer depends on the number of bowls available. The models on the market generally have two or three bowls and offer a capacity ranging from 5 to 12 L. A family of four to eight people can easily use a steamer with a capacity of 6 to 9 L. The 4 or 5 L mini-cookers are for couples and people who live alone.

#2 - The options


best models offer as many options as possible. Nevertheless, be aware that most steamers offer basic features such as a timer, automatic shutoff, and water level indicator. Then, the more advanced appliances offer other features.

First of all, the programmable cooking function is very interesting for users who are often away from home. It is always accompanied by the keep warm mode. Together, they provide good quality dishes that do not take longer to cook, despite this condition.

While all appliances have a water level indicator, only the best ones offer the possibility of adding water during cooking. The same applies to the aroma diffusion option.

#3 - The materials


majority of steamers are made of plastic. The transparency of this material makes it easier to monitor the cooking process. On the other hand, it does not bring a particular design. If you are looking for an appliance to combine with the modern decor of your kitchen, opt for stainless steel, more futuristic and elegant. That's not all, it retains heat perfectly and therefore supports a very high temperature. Its greatest asset is that it does not contain any harmful materials like Bisphenol A or BPA.

#4 - The power


power of a steamer is between 600 and 2,000 W. The most efficient ones offer this maximum power which guarantees a faster cooking time. Perfect for users who don't have much time to prepare their meals. However, a large proportion of buyers opt for models with a medium power rating of 600 to 1,500 W. They consume less energy. Still, appliances with several revolutionary options require higher power.

#5 - Maintenance and storage

Unless you choose a compact steamer, you should check its size so that there are no problems during storage. With this in mind, the best alternative is stackable bowls. They don't take up any space and are easy to maintain. When it comes to cleaning, there's nothing better than a dishwasher-safe unit. Of course, this does not apply to the block containing the motor.

The different types of steam cooking

There are three types of steam cooking methods. The first is suspended cooking. This method is used with the basket steamer. The food to be cooked is placed in a basket above another container of boiling water. It is suitable for all types of food.

Sealed cooking is similar to en papillote cooking. Many people use bamboo or banana leaves, or food paper to do this. Simply place the food inside one of these tools before placing it on a steam source. With this technique, the flavor is there.

The immersion mode is the one used to cook rice. It allows you to prepare different types of food at the same time by putting them on the surface of the rice, when it begins to absorb water.

The different types of steamers

There are three main types of steamers: the basket steamer, the electric steamer and the microwave steamer.

The basket steamer

This is the cheapest and most used variety. With this type of steamer, you should definitely check the progress of the cooking. If the design is important to you, it is better to choose another type of device, because it is not very aesthetic.

On the other hand, it fulfills its role as a steamer well. There are usually two baskets

. The upper one contains the food to be cooked and the other one is a water tank. Its capacity is often limited. But this is somewhat normal given its price. The same goes for the options offered. The truth is that a basket steamer has only one function: steaming. There's no automatic shut-off with this choice.

The electric steamer


efficient and faster, the electric steamer is also more expensive. The manufacturers of these models place more importance on aesthetics. But not only! They are indeed easier to use thanks to the many built-in features. The downside of this option is the energy consumption, especially if you are tempted by the faster devices.

Still, quality always comes at a price. If you're looking for a versatile tool, you won't be disappointed with the electric steamer

. In any case, it is an indispensable appliance in a forward-looking home. With this variation, you can have more than two baskets.

The microwave steamer


microwave model is meant to withstand extremely high temperatures of up to 250°C and above

. These appliances are made of propylene. This explains its first characteristic. The speed of cooking is maximum in this case. The only weak point of this appliance is that it tends to make the food lose its taste.

It goes without saying that the electric model is the best on this point. If we focus on its price, the least we can say is that it is halfway between a simple basket steamer and an electric steamer. Usually, the main part of this device is made of silicone.

Steamer or vitalizer?

Steam cooker

A steamer is the right choice for everyone. It comes in several types and offers various material selections. This appliance is more aesthetically pleasing and fits perfectly into any kitchen style. In addition, you can cook all types of food with this tool, except for desserts. To top it off, the cooking time is more optimal in this case.


The big difference between a steamer and a vitalizer is that the latter uses gentle steam. It is known for the quality of the cooking. We love it for its ability to make cupcakes without the ingredients being soaked with water. Credit goes to its domed lid for this. Thanks to a sieve with large holes, the vitalizer promises better steam distribution. Nevertheless, it has a rather limited capacity.


The choice is irrelevant if you do not intend to prepare desserts with this type of appliance. In this case, it is better to turn to the vitalizer, more expensive, but more effective for this use. For the rest, do not hesitate to make your choice among the flock of models of steam cooker available on the market.


Steps for using a steamer

Start by plugging in the appliance, then fill it with water as directed in the recipes. Place the peeled and cut food in each respective basket. Set the cooking time and use the start button. All you have to do is wait until the cooking is finished.

Observe the specified water level


amount of water should be adapted to the cooking needs if you want to preserve all the nutrients of the food. It's even better to add water as you go. And the water should never touch the contents of the top basket.

Do not salt food before cooking

Wait until

the food comes out of the cooker before adding salt. This substance delays cooking.

Remove the cover when necessary


a pressure cooker, the steamer is able to give you excellent cooking quality even if you remove the lid. In fact, some recipes require you to remove the lid.

Use spices


add flavor to your food, focus on spices and herbs. Ginger, coriander and pepper can be put in the cooking water or in the aroma diffuser if the appliance has one.


What is the best steamer?

The best steamer depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the difference between steaming and pressure cooking?

In the first case, the water does not touch the food. In contrast, the food is immersed in water during pressure cooking.

What is gentle steaming?

This is a no-pressure cooking method. The preparation time is slower with this method, but all the flavours are preserved.

What foods are compatible with a steamer?

You can use a steamer on vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.

Can a steamer overheat?

Most of the appliances on sale today are equipped with an anti-overheating system. An indicator goes off when they reach too high a temperature.


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Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CF0
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Essentialb ECVI 1
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Moulinex XF384B10 - companion food processor
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