The best steam plants in the UK 2023

According to a study conducted by the GIFAM, more than 920,000 steam stations are sold in the UK every year. A real success that surpasses that of irons! Indeed, offering a result without the slightest crease or burn spot, these devices are unavoidable. Looking for the best steam iron in 2021? You've come to the right place. Between the brand, the steam flow, the pressure, the heating time as well as the type of tank and soleplate, we explain everything you need to know.

Philips PerfectCare Elite CG9614/20 1

Best value for money

Philips PerfectCare Elite CG9614/20

The best steam plant in 2021

With this Philips steamer, you can benefit from the Optimal Temperature technology that adjusts the settings according to the material. And a high enough pressure guarantees optimal efficiency in all cases.

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The steam pressure of 7.5 bars of this device manages to make the steam penetrate well in each fabric: silk, cotton, jeans... It is accompanied by a steam flow of 150 g/min. This is more than enough to provide good hydration to the fabrics. The manufacturer guarantees a fast and effective ironing with no burning, and this, in a single pass. This steam iron is quite heavy, but the weight of the iron is less than a kilo. The lack of cord storage on this device is compensated by its ergonomic handle, which is not unimportant.

It is very practical for both horizontal and vertical ironing. Its maintenance is facilitated by the Easy De-Calc system. This system will not fail to preserve the life of the GC9614/20. And to top it all off, take advantage of the iron's locking device that prevents it from coming loose from the control unit.

Philips FastCare GC6722/20 2

Best value for money

Philips FastCare GC6722/20

The best entry-level steam plant

More compact than the previous model, the Philips FastCare GC6722/20 is also more affordable. Probably the best option if you want a small, efficient device without spending too much.

63,99 £ on Amazon
Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60 3

A great choice

Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60

The best high-pressure steam plant

It doesn't get much better than this Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60 steam unit. Its longevity is enhanced by its performance. With its lightweight iron, ironing becomes a pleasure.

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The price of the Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60. is one of its strengths as a high-end model. It has a steam pressure of 7.3 bar. Its high pressing effect of 510 g seduces users. The same goes for the numerous integrated technologies. First of all, this steam unit is very quiet, as it is equipped with Silence technology.

No more risk of burning thanks to the Optimal Temp system. Then, the cleaning is very easy, you will be helped by the Easy De-Calc Plus device. Its role is to indicate the level of accumulated limescale. However, we notice that the iron has difficulty ironing cotton. But everything goes well with other fabrics, especially thick ones.

Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black 4


Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black

The best nomadic steam plant

Portable, fast and modern, the Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black has a place in this ranking. It takes only 3 minutes to heat up and its 2 m cord makes ironing easy.

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The Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black's carrying handle has earned it the name of a mobile steam generator. The feet also come in handy when you need to set it down somewhere. No need to check the water level every time. In fact, this model has a backlit tank so you can see what's in it. So there's no risk of burning your clothes.

This beautiful steam unit also has an anti-limescale feature. You can use tap water to load the tank. The capacity of the tank offers up to 1.5 hours of continuous ironing. The Softpressing soleplate of this iron softens the cloths and is suitable for the most delicate fabrics. Then, the iron turns off automatically after 10 minutes of non-activity.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best steam plant

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The best steam plant in 2021

The best entry-level steam plant

The best high-pressure steam plant

The best nomadic steam plant

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Comparison table of the best steam plants

Philips PerfectCare Elite CG9614/20 5
Philips FastCare GC6722/20 6
Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60 7
Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black 8
Philips PerfectCare Elite CG9614/20
Philips FastCare GC6722/20
Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60
Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black
With this Philips steamer, you can benefit from the Optimal Temperature technology that adjusts the settings according to the material. And a high enough pressure guarantees optimal efficiency in all cases.
More compact than the previous model, the Philips FastCare GC6722/20 is also more affordable. Probably the best option if you want a small, efficient device without spending too much.
It doesn't get much better than this Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60 steam unit. Its longevity is enhanced by its performance. With its lightweight iron, ironing becomes a pleasure.
Portable, fast and modern, the Laurastar Lift Plus Ultimate Black has a place in this ranking. It takes only 3 minutes to heat up and its 2 m cord makes ironing easy.
Steam flow
150 g/min
120 g/min
150 g/min
150 g/min
2400 W
2400 W
2400 W
2200 W
1.8 L
1,5 L
1.8 L
1.1 L
Pressing effect
500 g
200 g
510 g
Steam pressure
7.5 bar
5,2 bars
7.3 bar
3.5 bar

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How to choose your steam plant

The effectiveness of a steam generator depends on its quality of manufacture, its features and its performance, knowing that the brands are numerous to offer and that all are different from each other. Even as you are about to invest in this type of device, several criteria of choice must be taken into account, among others the use, the steam flow and pressure, the capacity of the tank, the maintenance... Let's take a closer look.

#1 - usability and maneuverability

It goes without saying that ironing is one of the least appreciated chores by the French. Unless they own a powerful and time-saving appliance, most prefer to send their laundry to the dry cleaners or wear wrinkled clothes. Knowing that dry cleaning services are not cheap and that your image is reflected in your clothes, you have decided to invest in an appliance that will be useful in the long run? It is clear that a steam cleaner is a must-have choice! But to make sure you choose the right model, start by defining your needs: is it for professional or domestic use?

#2 - steam output and pressure

#3 - capacity and autonomy

#4 - features

#5 - safety

#6 - maintenance

How does a steam iron work?

An efficient device for successful ironing, the steam iron, as its name suggests, allows you to iron with steam. Compared to a simple iron, it guarantees easier ironing thanks to the generation of steam at a higher rate. Indeed, wrinkles are easy to remove when the clothes are wet.

Moreover, this high pressure steam generation ensures a good penetration in the fabrics. You'll save time because you can iron both sides of the garments in one go, even the thickest garments. The steam flow and water tanks play an important role here.

The operation of a steam iron varies according to the type. Indeed, there are steam plants that use a pressure vessel, and are called limited autonomy, or pressure tank. There are also those that have a pump and a mini pressure vessel separate from the tank, and are called unlimited autonomy.

With a limited autonomy steam plant, you can not fill the tank at any time. Of course the tank is the vessel, the vessel is the tank. Indeed, the entire tank is heated each time you turn on the steam center. As it is not removable, the tank cannot be opened while the pressure is at its maximum. Thus, the preheating is long.

The steam generator with unlimited autonomy, on the other hand, allows continuous use for hours, without taking breaks. Here, the water tank and the tank are separate and preheating is faster.

Why buy a steam generator?

The steam iron is the modernized version of traditional irons with integrated technologies that make it faster and more efficient. If the steam iron is so popular with the French, it is because it has many advantages and is essential:

For a more efficient ironing

Unlike the traditional iron, the steam iron works with water steam produced from its tank. Indeed, thanks to a high pressure and a high flow of steam, you only need one pass to smooth out even the thickest fabrics.

The higher the flow rate, the deeper the steam penetrates into the fibers of the fabric, thus allowing for fast and efficient ironing. Moreover, no type of fabric can resist the power of the steam iron. Even the most stubborn fabrics such as linen or jeans can be ironed with a minimum of effort, thanks to integrated technologies that are responsible for adapting the pressure and flow of steam to the characteristics of the linen to be ironed.

For faster ironing

The heating time of an efficient steam iron is about 2 minutes, or even less, depending on the power of the device. This is much faster than an ordinary iron. Also, the higher the power, the faster the steam iron will start and you will save more time, even to get rid of the most stubborn folds.

This quick start-up is a real added value, especially when you don't have much time. In addition, the majority of the machines on the market are models with unlimited autonomy, which means that they can operate without interruption. The water supply is facilitated by the removable tank that can be filled during the ironing process without having to wait for the appliance to cool down.

For a more comfortable and pleasant ironing

With a steam iron, ironing clothes will no longer be a tiresome chore that requires a lot of time and energy. Thanks to the pressure and the flow of steam, it is no longer necessary to press hard to remove wrinkles. In addition, the soleplate of steamers is often made of materials that allow for a perfect glide on all types of laundry. In addition, they have a pointed tip that can iron all the hard-to-reach corners of the fabric.

For urgent ironing needs, it is even possible to use the vertical crease removal function, which effectively removes wrinkles without removing the clothes from the hangers. Finally, almost all of today's steamers are equipped with a silent system to reduce noise pollution.

To better protect textiles

Steamers are usually equipped with advanced automatic temperature control or preset functions. These features allow you to adapt the steam flow to the delicacy and texture of the clothes to be ironed. These features reduce the risk of burning on any quality and thickness of fabric.

To iron a large quantity of laundry

Today, steam ironers are simply indispensable in dry cleaners and fashion shops (tailors, dressmakers, showrooms, etc.), as these activities allow for a mountain of laundry to be ironed. The same applies to large families, for whom this appliance is more economical than an ordinary iron. Thanks to the speed of ironing under a high flow of steam and the unlimited autonomy of the continuous-fill models, you can finish ironing a pile of clothes in the blink of an eye and without too much effort.

The best brands of steam plants

In our opinion, the best brands of steam plants in 2022 are :

H. Koenig

Created in 1917, Calor is especially known for its first electric iron. Very quickly, the brand specialized in the manufacture of various household appliances (hair dryers, heaters, toasters, etc.) whose innovation never ceased to impress its target audience and even its biggest competitors on the market. Having unquestionably participated systematically in the development of household appliances, Calor is today recognized as one of the greatest creative and sustainable brands.

Place innovation at the service of the customer! Especially known in the health sector and in the creation of new technology devices, Philips continues its momentum towards the domestic devices that are essential to everyday life. Among its most outstanding creations, the central steamers are among the most acclaimed by both professionals and individuals: efficient, functional and complete, impossible to do without!

"The steam expert at the service of your home!" It is under this slogan that the general public and laundry care professionals have known the Astoria brand for over 60 years. Having developed its expertise in the field of ironing, the brand is advocated for the simplicity, variety and excellent quality of its products.

The Bosch brand and the term "household appliances" are one and the same, and have been for decades! As loyal customers know, this brand offers the most innovative and powerful products despite the raging competition. Bosch's years of existence and its multiple services ranging from the sale of spare parts to troubleshooting, not to mention its high-performance appliances are its greatest success.

Returning to 1960 in Germany, in a small workshop where craftsman Helmut Koenig created his first electric fan. After its creation, a series of domestic appliances always synonymous with creativity were born. Today, the brand has spread worldwide, especially in the field of household appliances with reliable and high quality products.


Iron only suitable fabrics

Despite their versatility and convenience, steamers are not necessarily suitable for all textiles. For example, steam can damage extremely delicate fabrics such as silk. Therefore, we recommend that you read all of your laundry labels carefully to find out what temperature you can iron your clothes at, and whether or not you can use a steam center.

Use a compatible ironing board

Make sure

you get a good quality and appropriate ironing board otherwise, the steam will escape through the bottom of the board without passing through your clothes. Also, liquid material could end up condensing under the board and dripping onto your floor during ironing. Avoid wooden ironing boards at all costs, as the material can swell over time, and opt for openwork metal boards. Finally, look for models that are easy to adjust in height, offer a large work surface, and come with an iron rest.

Please follow proper procedures after use


each use, remember to turn off your steam iron properly, unless it has an auto-stop function. However, even if it does, don't hesitate to unplug it to ensure maximum safety. Once it is placed on its base, lock it properly to limit the risk of falling. Finally, some steamers must be emptied after use. If this is the case with your appliance, don't forget to do so for fear of damaging the tank with poor quality water.

Adjust the thermostat correctly


a temperature that corresponds to the clothes you want to iron even if you have to adjust the thermostat several times. This will allow you to smooth the fabric properly, while taking care not to burn it.

Avoid using chemicals


you are filling the tank or simply descaling and cleaning the soleplate as well as the entire steam plant, stick to using natural products. Avoid chemical substances that, despite their indications intended for these home appliances, are harmful to health and the environment and can limit the durability of your steam center.


Which steam plant to choose? How to use a steam plant? How to descale a steam plant? How to clean the soleplate of a steam plant? What water to use in a steam plant?

In our opinion, the best steamer for most people is the unlimited range model. Although it costs more than a traditional limited run time model, this device offers many advantages that make it worth buying. If only to mention one of them, the limited run steam unit can be recharged at any time, regardless of the tank capacity. No matter what, you are sure to save time and keep ironing without waiting for the cooling process.


you buy a steam ironer, make sure you have the compatible ironing board. Don't hesitate to replace yours if necessary. Also, stick to the amount of water listed: if you plan to iron just a few clothes, there's no need to fill the tank. However, if you plan to iron for a few hours, it is important to respect the maximum dosage and not to exceed it. Then set the thermostat to the right temperature for the fabric you're ironing, otherwise the water may leak through the soleplate and stain your clothes. Once you have finished your chore, empty the tank if it is indicated in the instructions and unplug the appliance.


steamers are equipped with an anti-scale system that does not require manual maintenance, as this action is triggered automatically. Nevertheless, to guarantee the efficiency of this function, it is required to replace the anti-scale cassette every 3 to 6 months. In the case of manual descaling, mix white vinegar with clear water in the tank. Turn on the appliance to bring the mixture to a boil and let out a stream of steam before turning off the appliance. Let it sit for a few hours and then empty the tank before rinsing and drying it with a dry cloth.


cleaning of the soleplate of a steam plant depends on its material of manufacture. However, whether it is a ceramic, stainless steel or aluminum soleplate, clean it with a soft cloth while it is still warm.


demineralized water is specifically indicated for a steam plant, you can still use clear tap water. You should avoid using chemicals, even those sold for this purpose.


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Philips PerfectCare Elite CG9614/20
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Philips FastCare GC6722/20
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Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9647/60
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