The best Calor steam plants in the UK 2023

Thanks to a Calor steam iron, take back control of your ironing time. According to a study, a classic iron allows you to iron only 17 clothes per hour on average, while a steam iron allows you to do 25! 8 more is a considerable time saving for each French household. Don't wait any longer, read our comparison to find the best models!

Calor GV7830C0 1

Best value for money

Calor GV7830C0

The best Calor steam center in 2021

The ironing technology with automatic temperature adjustment to the textile makes the GV7830C0 steam iron a reference in its kind. It adapts to all textiles and does not risk burning them.

220 £ on Amazon

Equipped with a scale trap, the Calor GV7830C0 is built to last. Its removable water tank makes it much easier to use. You no longer need to turn off the steam iron to add water. This way, ironing continues without a hitch. The weight of the iron is quite heavy. Also, some users will get tired faster. Fortunately, it has a soleplate that glides super well. We thank its coating for that. It gives the iron a certain solidity and remarkable elegance. Add to that a heating time estimated at 2 min, well coupled with the performance of the device compared to the pressing mode. We note however that the steam flow is low compared to other Calor steamers.

Calor SV7040C0 2

Best value for money

Calor SV7040C0

The best entry-level steam center

Less robust than the other models of the brand, the Calor SV7040C0 steam iron will do for those who have a limited budget. It should be noted that the device allows vertical ironing.

87,20 £ on Cdiscount

Its power of 2,200 W goes hand in hand with a steam pressure of 6 bar. The performance is acceptable for the price. This steam unit is suitable for occasional use. Its lifespan is ensured by its automatic stop function. Like the previous model, the Calor SV7040C0 has a detachable water tank that facilitates filling and optimizes autonomy. Consumers agree that the SV7040C0's anti-scale system is very effective. While it lags somewhat behind most features, its heating time (2 min) is on par with other Calor steamers.

Calor GV9610C0 3

Best premium value for money

Calor GV9610C0

The best high-end steam center

650 g/min pressing mode, 8 bar pressure delivery... the Calor GV9610C0 is a professional steam generator adapted to domestic use. Enjoy the Smart steam function and its 5 pressure presets.

400 £ on Amazon

No crease will resist the Calor GV9610C0. As for power, this steam generator develops 2,600 W, with a pressure that can reach 8 bars, references worthy of a professional model! Moreover, the device has a continuous steam flow of 180 g/min and a turbo function that can go up to 650 g/min. Let's not forget its Durilium Airglide soleplate coupled with the Smart Steam device for unparalleled ironing. In addition, the intuitive control panel offers 5 presets to optimally adjust the steam flow and temperature. In terms of design and structure, this Calor steam iron is great. With its 1.9 L tank, it will revolutionize your ironing.

Calor GV9568C0 4

High pressure

Calor GV9568C0

The best compromise at Calor

The Calor GV9568C0 is close to the Calor GV9610C0 in terms of performance, knowing that the latter is part of the professional models of the French brand. It is a good deal, not to be missed.

182 £ on Amazon

Our latest Calor steam iron, the GV9568C0, has a steam output of 140 g/min and a pressing mode measured at 480 g/min. This should be more than enough for a quick and well done ironing. This Calor steam iron does not have an automatic adjustment system. You have to go through the control panel on the base to adapt the operation to your needs. Thus, you will have access to 5 functions according to the type of textile to be ironed. These settings combine perfect steam distribution and balanced temperature. The soleplate of the iron is distinguished by its catalytic enamel coating. It is self-cleaning. With its locking system, the iron can be attached to the base for easy transport.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best steam plant

Any specific needs?

The best Calor steam center in 2021

The best entry-level steam center

The best high-end steam center

The best compromise at Calor

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Comparison table of the best Calor steam plants

Calor GV7830C0 5
Calor SV7040C0 6
Calor GV9610C0 7
Calor GV9568C0 8
Calor GV7830C0
Calor SV7040C0
Calor GV9610C0
Calor GV9568C0
The ironing technology with automatic temperature adjustment to the textile makes the GV7830C0 steam iron a reference in its kind. It adapts to all textiles and does not risk burning them.
Less robust than the other models of the brand, the Calor SV7040C0 steam iron will do for those who have a limited budget. It should be noted that the device allows vertical ironing.
650 g/min pressing mode, 8 bar pressure delivery... the Calor GV9610C0 is a professional steam generator adapted to domestic use. Enjoy the Smart steam function and its 5 pressure presets.
The Calor GV9568C0 is close to the Calor GV9610C0 in terms of performance, knowing that the latter is part of the professional models of the French brand. It is a good deal, not to be missed.
2,400 W
2,000 W
2,800 W
Continuous steam
120 g/min
120 g/min
180 g/min
140 g/min
Pressing mode
450 g/min
350 g/min
650 g/min
480 g/min
6.9 bar
6 bar
8 bar
7.2 bar
1.6 L
1.5 L
1.9 L
1.9 L

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How to choose your steam plant

It is important to know the basics of a Calor steam plant before proceeding with its purchase. The goal? To find the best model that will suit your needs and your ironing environment.

#1 - The sole

This is the most important part of a Calor steam center. The soleplate is the part of the machine that will come in contact with your laundry. You can find aluminum, steel or ceramic soleplates equipping the majority of the models on the market. If this part of the machine is of poor quality, you will get stains on your clothes. Fortunately, Calor has one of the best offerings on the market: the Durilium Airglide. It's a soleplate with a unique design and guarantees excellent glide. We advise you to opt for a model with the "self-cleaning" option. This will increase the longevity of your device.

#2 - Performance

The shortcoming of traditional irons is that they have trouble smoothing out shirts and T-shirts quickly. This is one of the reasons why many English people opt for a steam iron. The steam generated by the appliance effectively softens the fibers of our clothes. This allows you to shorten your ironing time. To achieve this result, Calor steamers combine two things: steam flow and pressure.

  1. Steam output: This value shows the capacity of the machine to quickly straighten your clothes. This is the amount of steam a machine can release in one minute. The minimum for good performance is 100 g/min. In addition, it is important to have a mechanism to adjust the steam flow. This can be manual or automatic.
  2. Pressure: This is a value expressed in "bar" and it means, in a simplified way, the strength of steam diffusion. Indeed, the value should not be simply blown, but it should be able to break the folds of your clothes. For a household of 3 to 4 people, plan to buy a device with a pressure of 5 bars.

#3 - Comfortable to use

The older models of steam irons needed a good ten minutes before they were operational. You had to wait for the steam to build up before you could start your ironing. This was the main factor that scared off the majority of future buyers. From now on, it will only take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the model. Indeed, technological breakthroughs have allowed manufacturers to revolutionize their appliances to the delight of housewives. Among the new features, you have appliances with increased power. The engine of these machines allows them to produce 2 times more steam with a power, minimum, of 1,200 watts.

For your safety!

Always unplug your Calor steam iron after each use!

#4 - Safety and the cord


central steam unit consists of an iron and a base for the machinery. The iron is connected to the machine by a cord where the steam circulates. If this is too short

, you will have problems when ironing. This can even lead to unfortunate accidents! Therefore, to avoid this, it is vital to choose an appliance with a cord that is at least 1.5 m long. In addition, it is important to choose a model with safety features: like the iron lock. In a nutshell, this prevents the iron from falling off when you are carrying the device.

The important options

The anti-limescale system

Limescale in running water can damage your Calor steam system over time. It is like a parasite that can settle on the walls of the soleplate or in the water tank. Two problems can then arise for you:

  • the steam is no longer diffused efficiently or ;
  • the presence of stains on your clothes after ironing.

This is a recurring problem on older models that engineers at Calor have solved. In fact, most of the products designed by the brand have an anti-scale system. This function allows you to descale the water tank of your appliance and will extend its life. To do this, be sure to descale your device several times a month.

The "Vertical Wrinkle Remover

When you leave, you notice that your suit is not well ironed! No problem, with the "vertical ironing" system you can iron your suit directly on a hanger. This mechanism allows your steam iron to use only part of its soleplate functions in complete safety.

Thanks to this, you can iron your curtains without even having to remove them from their place, in a vertical way.


Did you know that you can effectively clean the holes on the surface of the soleplate with simple cotton swabs? To do this, you need to soak them in a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Limited or unlimited autonomy?

With limited autonomy

A limited autonomy steam plant consists of a classic iron connected by a pump to a base where the tank is integrated. Its operation is simple: just fill the tank with water via its safety cap and let the device rise in temperature. On these models this can take about ten minutes. Once the pressure is at its maximum, you can start ironing your clothes.

The problem with this type of appliance is that you will have to refill the tank once it is empty. Your ironing will be punctuated by breaks. In addition, you will have to be methodical when refilling the tank. You will have to wait for the water tank to cool down, otherwise you risk getting burned.

Unlimited mode

In the unlimited mode, the base that produces steam consists of a main tank and a mini pressure vessel. It is in the latter that the steam is created. This is why you can safely remove the removable water tank, as it is not under pressure. Thanks to this mechanism, you can fill the tank even when the appliance is switched on. Therefore, you can iron your clothes without a break.

In addition, this two-chamber system allows the appliance to build up pressure more quickly.


We prefer models of Calor steam plant with unlimited autonomy. This type of device allows its user to save time.


Clean the sole

To clean your appliance, you need white vinegar, water and a cloth. To start, mix the vinegar with the water and pour it into the water tank. Then, start your Calor steam iron and run it for a short time, without doing any ironing. Once finished, turn it off. The next day, iron your bad laundry to finish the process. To finish, all you have to do is wipe the surface of the soleplate with a cloth.
This is an operation that should be repeated very regularly.

Place the unit on a rolling tray


weight and length of the cord of the device will limit you in your actions. To get rid of this problem, we advise you to put the device on a rolling tray. This way, you will gain mobility.

Demineralized water


you use demineralized water with your appliance, you will greatly reduce the risk of scaling. Demineralized water is water that has been stripped of the ions that make it up.

In dry cleaning mode


you iron your jeans or other dense textiles, don't hesitate to activate the pressing mode of your Calor steam iron. You will save time during your ironing sessions.



storing your machine, make sure it's turned off and that you've emptied the water tank. Then, place the iron on the machine and activate the safety feature. Finally, store it in a place that is preferably free of moisture.


What is the best Calor steam generator?

The best Calor steam iron depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the difference between an iron and a steam generator?

The first difference between these two devices is the steam flow. A conventional iron will diffuse little steam during ironing. This makes it less efficient than a steam iron. Secondly, a steam model will cost more than its traditional counterpart. And finally, a conventional iron is more compact, depending on the model. For more information, please read this comparison.

Does the weight of a Calor steam generator influence its efficiency?

On an iron, we have all already pressed a little on the device to smooth our clothes. In the case of a steam iron, it's the same principle, because you won't have to activate the "Pressing" function. This way, you will save on your energy bill. However, weight is the enemy of steam models. It is therefore important to find the right balance between performance and weight. The models recommended in this comparison weigh between 4 and 6 kg. For more information, please consult this guide.

Is it necessary to use demineralised water with a steam generator?

Using demineralized water with your Calor appliance will increase its life span. But this is not mandatory. You can buy a 5 litre bottle of demineralised water for about 10 euros. To learn more, check out this comparison.

What kind of clothes can I iron with a Calor steam ironer?

The products designed by Calor are compatible with all types of linen. The presence of the pressure selector, manual or automatic, allows you to do your ironing with complete peace of mind. However, the characteristics of certain textiles such as silk are not adapted to the steam iron. For more information, please check the labels on your clothes.


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