The best spirulina in the UK 2023

Spirulina is an exceptionally rich algae. Classified by the WHO as the first complete food, it contains all the essential nutrients for the body, in higher proportions than milk or eggs. Hence the popularity of this seaweed among vegetarians and vegans. In this buying guide, we offer you the best spirulina to guarantee an adequate nutritional intake.

Nutrimea Spirulina Bio - 540 tablets 1

Best value for money

Nutrimea Spirulina Bio - 540 tablets

The best spirulina in 2021

The French brand Nutrima is renowned for its food supplements. Powerful and effective, its organic spirulina in tablets is a powerful antioxidant.

20,72 £ on Amazon

Cultivated on the high plateaus of Inner Mongolia, the spirulina collected to produce the 540 Nutrimea tablets has nothing to envy to others as for its nutritional value. After harvesting, it is dried at low temperature to preserve its quality. It contains 19% phycocyanine, which gives it an unbeatable antioxidant character. The protein content represents 60% of its composition. One of the main advantages of these organic spirulina tablets produced by Nutrimea is their manufacturing process, including the Ecocert label on the bottle. Finally, the tablets contain neither gluten nor lactose.

Bioptimal Spirulina Bio - 150 tablets 2

Best value for money

Bioptimal Spirulina Bio - 150 tablets

The best entry-level spirulina

It is difficult to find a healthier and more powerful food supplement than spirulina to boost the body. This form in tablets will fill your deficiencies.

7,96 £ on Amazon

Rich in vitamins, minerals and especially proteins, these 150 organic spirulina tablets from Bioptimal will be perfect for a hectic and stressful day. If you are among those who are reluctant to the taste of natural spirulina, this tablet form should interest you. The package, packaged in the UK, can follow you everywhere so that the treatment is not interrupted. Spirulina is suitable for all ages. Thus each member of the family can consume it in all freedom. Nevertheless, doses must be respected, at a rate of one tablet per day.

Sevenhills Wholefoods Spirulina Powder - 1 kg 3

Best premium value for money

Sevenhills Wholefoods Spirulina Powder - 1 kg

The best high-end spirulina

The spirulina that makes up this powder comes from freshwater ponds in southern China. Its powder consistency allows it to be dissolved for better assimilation.

19,99 £ on Amazon

The organic spirulina produced by Sevenhills Wholefoods comes from freshwater ponds in southern China, an environment that is free of pollution and continuously monitored. The drying technique keeps the nutrients in the right proportions to provide a rich superfood. Thus, this dietary supplement contains no other suspect additives, just spirulina dried before being ground into a powder. The 1kg bag is a huge source of fiber, protein and other essential nutrients. Its powdered consistency makes it easy to dissolve in juice or smoothies for quick assimilation.

Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality - 600 tablets 4

Excellent selection

Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality - 600 tablets

A remarkable spirulina

This organic spirulina from Aldous Bio is one of our best selections because of its reliability, nutritional richness and countless benefits for the body.

15,92 £ on Amazon

Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality is an excellent source of protein, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The 600 tablets help to fight against fatigue, improve physical performance and also intervene on the health of the hair and the skin. The high iron content prevents the risk of anemia. This spirulina also controls blood sugar and stimulates blood circulation. And these tablets provide premium quality vegetable proteins. No animal substances are used in their composition, good to know if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Performe Blue Spirulina - 200 mL 5

Easy to digest

Performe Blue Spirulina - 200 mL

An excellent liquid spirulina

You have difficulty assimilating spirulina because of its taste? Try this blue liquid spirulina from Performe. Easy to swallow, consistent, you will like it.

27,20 £ on Amazon

Concentrated in phycocyanine at 200 mg/L, this blue colored liquid spirulina has an efficiency which largely exceeds that of vitamin C. Suitable for a 20-day course of treatment, it provides tonus and acts favorably on the immune system. You can also consume it in case of fatigue or stress. The Performe Blue Spirulina has the advantage of being easily assimilated thanks to its consistency. There is nothing to fear in terms of taste and smell. Especially since the processing of the components to obtain this liquid product preserves the properties of the basic spirulina.

Helica Natural Spirulina - 450 capsules 6

Spirulina in capsules

Helica Natural Spirulina - 450 capsules

The best spirulina in capsules

Made in the UK, this spirulina capsule is highly effective against fatigue and a choice tonic for the immune system.

43,92 £ on Amazon

Spirulina in capsule of Helica ensures a significant contribution in protein (about 72% of its composition), vitamins A, B, E and K, and essential minerals (iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium). The seaweed comes from cultures guaranteed without pesticides or excipients. The places of culture privilege the conditions necessary to the normal growth of spirulina. It has even been traditionally treated by cold drying in order to preserve its nutritional richness. You can consume it at any time. These capsules reduce fatigue, strengthen the immune system and facilitate recovery after sustained efforts.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best spirulina

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The best spirulina in 2021

The best entry-level spirulina

The best high-end spirulina

A remarkable spirulina

An excellent liquid spirulina

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Comparison table of the best spirulina

Top of the line Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent Liquid spirulina Spirulina in capsules
Nutrimea Spirulina Bio - 540 tablets 7
Bioptimal Spirulina Bio - 150 tablets 8
Sevenhills Wholefoods Spirulina Powder - 1 kg 9
Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality - 600 tablets 10
Performe Blue Spirulina - 200 mL 11
Helica Natural Spirulina - 450 capsules 12
Nutrimea Spirulina Bio - 540 tablets
Bioptimal Spirulina Bio - 150 tablets
Sevenhills Wholefoods Spirulina Powder - 1 kg
Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality - 600 tablets
Performe Blue Spirulina - 200 mL
Helica Natural Spirulina - 450 capsules
The French brand Nutrima is renowned for its food supplements. Powerful and effective, its organic spirulina in tablets is a powerful antioxidant.
It is difficult to find a healthier and more powerful food supplement than spirulina to boost the body. This form in tablets will fill your deficiencies.
The spirulina that makes up this powder comes from freshwater ponds in southern China. Its powder consistency allows it to be dissolved for better assimilation.
This organic spirulina from Aldous Bio is one of our best selections because of its reliability, nutritional richness and countless benefits for the body.
You have difficulty assimilating spirulina because of its taste? Try this blue liquid spirulina from Performe. Easy to swallow, consistent, you will like it.
Made in the UK, this spirulina capsule is highly effective against fatigue and a choice tonic for the immune system.
540 tablets
150 tablets
1 kg
600 tablets
200 mL
450 capsules
Climate Pledge Friendly, Soul Association
Patent pending
Recommended for athletes
The seaweed is ground directly into powder, no loss of nutritional value
Beneficial for skin and hair, controls blood sugar and circulation
Cold extracted and solvent free
Originally grown in an environmentally responsible manner

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Buying guide - spirulina

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How to choose your spirulina

Due to the wide range of products on offer, you may find it difficult to recognize a quality spirulina. Here are the criteria to evaluate the spirulina you are interested in.

#1 - The growing conditions

The environment where this miracle algae is cultivated is an important detail to approve its reliability. As Spirulina is more and more requested in the elaboration of medicines or food supplements. The wild-collected algae that you will find in the shops are rare.

Researchers and companies who have seen the economic potential of spirulina have decided to exploit it on land, depending on the conditions under which it can develop (pH of the water, light, ambient temperature, etc.). To do this, they resort to the culture under geothermal greenhouse.

Regarding fertilizers, Spirulina mainly needs phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. In the meantime, organic nitrogen is scarce, which forces growers to opt for synthetic nitrogen. On the other hand, it is also necessary to ensure that the culture water is properly filtered to avoid the proliferation of contaminants.

#2 - The drying method

This process is a crucial step for the nutritional richness of spirulina. Currently, there are 2 modes of drying. The first one is done in a more traditional way, at low temperature: the algae are exposed to hot air of solar or electric origin. The desired temperature in this case is around 40°C.

The second method of drying, called " spray drying ", is done by atomization: the seaweed is subjected to a current of air varying between 50 and 180 °C to dry quickly. Connoisseurs prefer cold-dried spirulina, i.e. from the first drying method, because it better preserves the nutritional quality of the algae. To benefit from the virtues of spirulina, it is necessary to choose it with a high phycocyanin content, representing around 20% of the dry mass. Indeed, phycocyanin is the active principle of spirulina with precious and rare benefits: it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of an impressive power, which is not found in any other food.

Moreover, spirulina must not contain any chemical additives such as preservatives, colorants, binders, etc. Well dried and little transformed, spirulina provides an enormous nutritional contribution, conducive to an iron health and effective curative actions: proteins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, etc.

#3 - The composition

The best cultures of spirulina would come from China or India. However, reliable and high quality spirulina can be found on French territory. Among other things, spirulina is currently grown on all continents. Growers differ in their methods of cultivation, harvesting and processing.

When you consume spirulina produced abroad, you must ensure that it has passed quality tests by certified laboratories. Thousands of spirulina producers around the world are now focusing on the organic trend. However, the standards required for this label are not the same in European Union countries and elsewhere.

#4 - The geographical origin

On most food and hygiene products, the organic label represents a guarantee of quality. As far as spirulina is concerned, the standards determining the organic character of the product are defined by specifications that are sometimes random, concerning notably the composition.

Fortunately, the organic label is more reliable when the spirulina comes from the European territory. In this case, the required criteria inspire more confidence and credibility. Especially since the quality controls are strict. For spirulina from abroad, the organic label is less reliable because the product may contain ingredients that do not meet the standards.

#5 - Organic or not organic?

Spirulina can replace meat!


Because of its high protein concentration, spirulina is considered a possible substitute for meat in terms of caloric intake. Indeed, proteins constitute 55 to 70% of the total weight of spirulina, an extremely high proportion compared to that of meat (20%) or soy (35%). Therefore, this beneficial algae helps to fill the gaps in individuals affected by malnutrition because it contains the nine essential amino acids essential to the body.

For vegetarians and vegans, spirulina is the perfect food to fill up on protein, iron and minerals. Its nutritional contribution is clearly superior to that of other foods such as fish, spinach, milk, carrots, etc. In theory, meat would no longer be of any use if everyone decides to consume this algae with its rich benefits. Beyond its exceptional nutritional richness, spirulina prevails over meat because it is simply healthier.

To get a concrete idea, it is estimated that 100 g of beef would bring 91 mg of cholesterol to the body against 0 mg for the equivalent of spirulina. On the other hand, technically, substituting spirulina for meat has an impact on water consumption (irrigating crops uses only 50 times less than hydrating livestock), the need for surface area and energy, and above all reduces the negative impact on the environment. Among other things, spirulina proves to be an extremely economical but healthy choice.

So why resign yourself to eating meat when spirulina does so much better? Spirulina is not intended for special diets, everyone can consume it freely following the appropriate doses. It is clear that to keep the good health, spirulina is a better alternative to meat.

The different types of spirulina

Like any food supplement, spirulina is available in various forms, the most common of which are

Spirulina in tablets

A box of spirulina tablets weighs on average 500 mg. Each tablet is made from industrial spirulina powder. It has a reasonable active concentration, at the right dose. Spirulina tablets have the advantage of being easy to assimilate: when swallowing the tablet, you won't even feel the taste, which is fine if you don't like it too much. The tablet form is often intended for curative use. In this case, you must be very careful about the dose you need.

Spirulina powder

This is the most common form. Spirulina powder is obtained from spray drying, which degrades the potency of this nutritional supplement by a certain tone. The natural taste of spirulina is very pronounced here. Spirulina powder can be used to concoct various recipes. Moreover, it is easily consumed associated with drinks, yogurt or cream. You just have to dose it correctly according to your needs. This form of spirulina is naturally easy to store: you only need to keep it away from light and heat.

Spirulina capsules

This form certainly does not include 100% spirulina. The capsule, of animal or vegetable origin, obviously contains spirulina powder. Like the tablet, the capsule form hides the smell and taste of spirulina. Spirulina in capsule form is also often used for treatments that require regular intake over a set period of time. It is thus convenient to swallow. Spirulina in capsule can be kept in a dry place, away from light and heat.

Liquid spirulina

Liquid spirulina is less effective since the active ingredient is diluted and mixed with other components. It is essentially contained in an ampoule or bottle and is easily mixed with other drinks and infusions. Liquid spirulina, mixed with water or juice, would make an excellent beverage for athletes to quench thirst and provide a rich caloric intake at the same time. This form of spirulina has undergone many processing steps, which diminishes the natural potency of the algae.

Spirulina flakes

This is the freshest and most natural form of spirulina: after harvesting, it is immediately pressed, dried and ground by hand. It then has a crunchy texture that you can sprinkle on the preparations of your choice. Here, you will not escape the accentuated flavor of the seaweed, not very pleasant to the taste of all. Spirulina flakes do not dissolve, you will feel it in all its nature by consuming it. On the other hand, the nutrients are well and truly preserved because the spirulina remains almost in its natural state.

Spirulina or chlorella ?

Do you know chlorella? And you hesitate since you were told about spirulina? If you can't make up your mind, we bring you some essential points to raise your doubts.


Spirulina is primarily known for its powerful antioxidant property. Therefore, it improves the physical capacity, strengthens the immune system and fights against free radicals, actions that provide a good balance of your body. Thanks to its high concentration of beta-carotene, spirulina contributes to the reduction of bad cholesterol. It is especially an excellent source of protein, which quickly cures deficiencies. Phycocyanine, its main active ingredient, acts essentially on general health and by slowing down the aging of cells, brings dynamism to the body.


Chlorella is particularly known for its detoxifying action thanks to the sporopolléine it contains. It also has antioxidant virtues that strengthen the immune system, and therefore protects against many diseases and infections. But in addition, chlorella is also interesting to support the moral well-being through the tryptophan it contains. This essential amino acid constitutes a strong link in the balance of the nervous system, in particular in the fight against the depression. Finally, chlorella helps to relieve sleep disorders.


If we evaluate the respective characteristics of spirulina and chlorella, we deduce that each of these algae has effective benefits on the body. Each of them quickly restores deficiencies and strengthens the immune system. In addition, each of them also has distinct properties. The iron and phycocyanine content, powerful antioxidants, however, is an advantage for spirulina. You can also combine them for a better efficiency.

7 valuable benefits from spirulina

Rich in nutrients

Spirulina contains impressive proportions of protein, iron, minerals, beta-carotene, exactly what is needed for good health. Many foods, as high in calories as they are, are not worth the nutritional value of spirulina.

Powerful antioxidant

The body's cells are constantly exposed to oxidative stress, which can lead to inflammation. Thanks to its antioxidant property, spirulina has the advantage of protecting the body against oxidative stress. This power comes essentially from the presence of phycocyanine.

Reduces the level of bad cholesterol

Many deaths in the world are mainly caused by cardiovascular diseases. According to numerous studies, spirulina helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and to increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL).

Would have anti-cancer virtues

Research has also shown that spirulina would make precancerous cells disappear if you consume 1 g per day for 1 year. The experiments already carried out concerned especially the lesions at the level of the mouth.

Stabilizes blood pressure

High blood pressure affects 1 in 2 adults in the UK and can be the cause of many serious diseases such as heart attacks, strokes or kidney dysfunction. By maintaining normal blood pressure through spirulina treatment, the risks of hypertension are also reduced.

Supports muscle mass

Studies have shown that spirulina also improves muscle performance. It effectively increases muscle power and endurance thanks to its antioxidant power.

Balances blood sugar levels

Good news for diabetics: spirulina would reduce the fasting blood sugar level in the blood. According to a study, it would be clearly more effective than the usual synthetic drugs. It could then constitute an interesting and cheap alternative for the treatment of diabetes.

The best brands of spirulina

In our opinion, the best brands of spirulina in 2022 are :

Nutri & Co
Sevenhills Whoolefoods

Specializing in the production of plant-based food supplements since 2013, this French brand is constantly expanding its range by selecting quality products in total respect with the lifestyle of vegans and vegetarians.

Expert in nutraceuticals, this French company stands out for the effectiveness of its food supplements. These are particularly solicited in case of intense sports practice, to revitalize physical performance. The made in the UK guarantees quality and reliability.

This brand is recognized for its expertise in organic nutrition, certified agriculture not harmful to the environment. Concerned about the health of consumers, Bioptimal produces food supplements that are totally environmentally friendly.

A leading brand in the manufacture of superfoods, Sevenhills Whoolefoods establishes strict quality controls on its products to ensure their effectiveness. It uses 100% natural ingredients, including spirulina, which it produces in Southeast Asia.

This French brand produces dietary supplements rich in vitamins and minerals, made from carefully selected ingredients. Nutrivita products meet strict health standards and are approved by renowned organizations.

What is the price spirulina

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


Consume spirulina if you do sports.

Spirulina is an ally of athletes. Indeed, it has a high mineral content (iron, zinc, magnesium). Thus, it improves physical performance, supports muscle development and helps recovery after intense efforts.

Hydrate when you take spirulina.

When you start a cure with spirulina, it is imperative to focus on sufficient hydration. Among other things, you must respect the prescribed daily dose and you must drink water in sufficient quantity. Above all, you must not have excess in either mechanism.

Take spirulina with vitamin C.

The best combination is to consume spirulina at the same time as vitamin C. It is scientifically proven that the assimilation of iron (from spirulina) is very effective if you combine it with foods rich in vitamin C (mainly citrus fruits or apple).

No tea or coffee if you take spirulina!

Tea and coffee have contradictory properties to the effectiveness of spirulina. In fact, these hot drinks reduce the body's ability to absorb powerful nutrients like iron or calcium from spirulina. If you must drink tea or coffee, remember to space out your intake to ensure the effectiveness of spirulina.

Never cook spirulina.

There is no need to heat or cook spirulina for the simple reason that this mechanism will make it lose its nutrients. So, to consume spirulina at its true value, if you can't swallow it alone, prefer cold foods to accompany it.


What are the contraindications related to the consumption of spirulina?

As a natural food supplement, one would not suspect that there are contraindications to its consumption. Nevertheless, spirulina is mainly not recommended if you have a case of hemochromatosis (excess of iron in the blood), renal insufficiency or phenylketonuria (genetic disease). Spirulina should also be limited for people suffering from autoimmune diseases, hyperparathyroidism or gout. This beneficial alga presents itself as a danger that would aggravate the symptoms in these cases.

Does spirulina present side effects?

Generally speaking, one rarely discovers side effects related to the consumption of spirulina : it is enough to respect the daily dose and to make the cure in a progressive way not to rush the body. For the most sensitive, intolerance manifests itself by digestive disorders, headaches or sometimes skin rashes.

What dose of spirulina per day is recommended?

As mentioned above, the intake of spirulina should ideally be done in a progressive way, that is to say to start with a parsimonious dose the first weeks (1g for example) then to increase as the cure progresses (up to 5g if necessary). The sportsmen can obviously exceed this cap (10g/day maximum) to optimize their recovery.

Does spirulina cause sleep disorders?

Whether you consume spirulina in the morning or in the evening, it has never been found that it causes sleep disorders. On the contrary, it contains active ingredients that favorably activate sleep, namely tryptophan and phenylalanine. However, some people prefer to take spirulina in the morning to take full advantage of its energizing properties.


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Our selection
Nutrimea Spirulina Bio - 540 tablets 13
Nutrimea Spirulina Bio - 540 tablets
Bioptimal Spirulina Bio - 150 tablets 14
Bioptimal Spirulina Bio - 150 tablets
Sevenhills Wholefoods Spirulina Powder - 1 kg 15
Sevenhills Wholefoods Spirulina Powder - 1 kg
Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality - 600 tablets 16
Aldous Bio Spirulina Premium Quality - 600 tablets
Performe Blue Spirulina - 200 mL 17
Performe Blue Spirulina - 200 mL


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