The best soldering irons in the UK 2023

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and electronics professionals alike all own the little tool that is a soldering iron. The most basic ones allow you to perform simple tasks, such as connecting two wires together, while a soldering station is both multifunctional and more powerful. Yet it's hard to choose from the countless models on the market. Get to know the best soldering irons of the moment through this guide.

Milwaukee M12 SI-201C 1

Best value for money

Milwaukee M12 SI-201C

The best soldering iron in 2021

With the Milwaukee M12 SI-201C soldering iron, your soldering jobs will be done in a flash and without much effort! Because of its features, this model is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

72,62 £ on Guedo

This soldering iron is the perfect tool to make your soldering properly. With a power of 90 W, it is suitable for electrical work of any size. Easy to use, this device has an adjustable head at 0°, 45° and 90°. Moreover, it offers a fast heating time of 20 to 30 seconds. An LED light indicates when it is heating or ready to use.

To make your work easier, this model keeps a constant temperature during its use. You can change the tip without using a special tool. This soldering iron is very easy to handle, as there are no cables to interfere with your movements! Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle and an anti-slip system to prevent it from slipping between your hands. At any time, you can know the remaining charge via an indicator.

Dremel VersaTip 2

Best value for money

Dremel VersaTip

The best entry-level soldering iron

Using this soldering iron, you can do more than just solder! Combining precision and versatility, this model is best suited for professionals looking for the perfect tool to match their talent.

35,08 £ on Guedo

The Versa Tip designed by Dremel is a gas soldering iron that seduces by its versatility. Multifunction, it is equipped with interchangeable tips and allows 6 applications such as melting, pyrography, soldering, paint stripping and hot cutting or removal. It has a fast heating time of about 25 seconds. Depending on your needs, you can easily adjust the temperature.

This cordless model gives you freedom and total autonomy since you can use it anywhere and at any time. In addition, it is very light, making it easy to handle. You can refill it with butane gas at the filling valve. This tool has a safety device that prevents your child from turning it on.

Weller Professional WE 1010 3

Best value for money

Weller Professional WE 1010

The best high-end soldering iron

Professionals will be delighted to use this Weller WE 1010 digital welding station. Apart from its special features, it offers more power than other stations available on the market!

134 £ on Amazon

This digital soldering station made by Weller is an ideal tool for professionals. Offering a power of 70 W, this soldering iron will accompany you in all your electronic work, but also in other activities such as cable making. To ensure ease of use, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a flexible silicone cable that is not affected by heat.

This model has a control unit with an LCD screen and 3 buttons to easily adjust the temperature. The temperature remains stable and can be locked to protect the pans and other components. If necessary, you can change the valves without having to use a tool. Finally, this device offers you a lot of software features. Don't forget to activate the sleep mode to save energy!

Beta 1827/K 4

A great choice

Beta 1827/K

A powerful gas alternative

With the Beta 1827/K soldering iron, your soldering jobs have never been easier. Even the most important welds are no problem. You have the perfect tool for the job!

120 £ on Guedo

There is nothing more practical than this gas soldering iron to perform all types of work. In fact, it suggests a heating time of only 15 seconds following the ignition. According to your needs, you can adjust the temperature of the tip to reach 500°C. As for power, this model can offer up to 125 W.

Have a large autonomy with the Beta 1827/K! This model includes a tank that can hold enough gas to ensure 2 hours of non-stop use. And because there are no wires, you can work without discomfort. You'll know when to refill the tool thanks to its transparent tank. It comes with 7 accessories and a foam tray.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best soldering iron

Any specific needs?

The best soldering iron in 2021

The best entry-level soldering iron

The best high-end soldering iron

A powerful gas alternative

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Comparison table of the best soldering irons

Milwaukee M12 SI-201C 5
Dremel VersaTip 6
Weller Professional WE 1010 7
Beta 1827/K 8
Milwaukee M12 SI-201C
Dremel VersaTip
Weller Professional WE 1010
Beta 1827/K
With the Milwaukee M12 SI-201C soldering iron, your soldering jobs will be done in a flash and without much effort! Because of its features, this model is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
Using this soldering iron, you can do more than just solder! Combining precision and versatility, this model is best suited for professionals looking for the perfect tool to match their talent.
Professionals will be delighted to use this Weller WE 1010 digital welding station. Apart from its special features, it offers more power than other stations available on the market!
With the Beta 1827/K soldering iron, your soldering jobs have never been easier. Even the most important welds are no problem. You have the perfect tool for the job!
90 W
25 W
70 W
125 W
Heating time
20 to 30 sec
25 sec
28 sec
15 sec
Butane gas
Wire (welding station)
Butane gas
Adjustable head, long autonomy integrated indicator, constant temperature
7 in 1, comes with case, multifunction with 6 accessories, 3 temperature levels (open flame, hot air, heated tips)
Welding station, stable heat, powerful, LCD control screen, password protection, silicone cable
Supplied with case and 7 accessories, adjustable temperature, gas flow regulator, refillable

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Buying guide - soldering iron

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How to choose your soldering iron

A soldering iron is an indispensable tool for those who like to do-it-yourself. There are many brands, models and types on the market, so we suggest that you take a good look at the following parameters to find the device that suits you best.

#1 - Type of work

The choice of a soldering iron depends first of all on the intended use. Generally, electric soldering irons are more suitable for electronic or electrical work, while gas soldering irons are more suitable for large jobs.

#2 - The power

The power of the soldering iron depends on different factors among which, the type of work. Thus, for small jobs, a low-powered soldering iron (20 to 70 W) is generally sufficient, but for large jobs (faucets, plumbing), you will need a fairly powerful model of 100 W or more. The components you often work on also determine the power of your soldering iron. Indeed, the more the surface tends to dissipate heat, the more powerful the device will need to be.

#3 - The breakdown

This is the tip of the soldering iron. The material with which it is made greatly influences the effectiveness of the soldering iron. Generally speaking, low-end soldering irons have a tip made only of copper while high-end models are mostly equipped with a copper tip coated with chrome, iron or nickel. Also, the fineness and shape of the tip should be adapted to the type of work to be done. The more precise and meticulous the operation (on electronic circuits, for example), the smaller the tip should be. Similarly, for common soldering operations, a straight tip is best, while a curved tip is more suitable for electrical, radio and television soldering. For better versatility, it is recommended to choose a soldering iron sold with different sizes of soldering tip, so that it can be used for different purposes.

#4 - The heating system


heating system of a soldering iron can be either electric or gas. Some electric soldering irons have an electric resistance located inside the handle, while others are powered by the mains, for this it is possible to lower the temperature of the iron by disconnecting the cable from the socket. The gas models for their part heat the iron thanks to butane or propane contained in a tank.

#5 - Your skills

Finally, the choice of your soldering iron should take into account your skills. Indeed, for a do-it-yourselfer, it is not very profitable to invest a large amount of money to buy a high-end soldering iron, knowing that a small cheap electric model would do perfectly well. On the other hand, for professional or semi-professional use, or for large-scale work, it is better to opt for a more powerful model.

Tin the tip of your soldering iron

Before you can start soldering, you need to prepare your soldering iron by tinning the tip with solder. This process will help improve the heat transfer from the iron to the item you are soldering. Tinning will also help protect the tip and reduce wear.

Step 1: Start by making sure the tip is attached to the iron and screwed securely into place.

Step 2: Turn on your soldering iron and let it heat up. If you have a soldering station with an adjustable temperature control, set it to 400°C/752°F.

Step 3: Wipe the tip of the soldering iron on a damp sponge

to clean it. Wait a few seconds to let the tip heat up again before proceeding to step 4.

Step 4: Hold the soldering iron in one hand and the solder (the alloy) in the other. Touch the solder to the tip of the iron and make sure it flows evenly around the tip. Now you can start your soldering job.

The different types of soldering irons

A soldering iron is an essential device for using one's DIY skills, especially with electronics. Currently, two types of soldering iron are preferred by users. We present you these two types so that you can know which one suits you best:

Soldering station

The soldering station is the evolved form of the classic iron. With this type of device, the iron is supplied with low voltage, which makes it more manageable. The welding station offers the possibility to regulate the temperature, either in an analog or digital way

. Compared to the classic model, this type of device also has many other advantages.

A high-end soldering station normally includes a desoldering pump, hot air, heating tweezers and many other accessories. The soldering station is most often used for soldering lead, tin and brazing. The TOPERSUN 6W is categorized as a soldering station.

Classic soldering iron


classic soldering iron consists of several components. First, we have the tip, which is the heat-conducting metal tube whose end is heated. Next, we have the handle made of insulating material that allows the device to be held. Finally, we have the electric cable or a gas tank. Most of the time, this type of device is less expensive than the welding station

. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide spare parts.

The conventional soldering iron is most often used for soldering the components of an electrical device or a printed circuit board. There are basic soldering irons (20 to 45 W) and professional models with 100 W that usually take the form of a gun. The Wowgo 60W is classified as a classic soldering iron.

Soldering iron or arc welder

Soldering iron

The soldering iron is a device used for basic soldering. On a conventional iron, the electric resistance heats the metal and the soldering tip is responsible for soldering the metal to be worked. This type of device is used for soldering or assembling small parts, such as the components of an electronic device. This device costs less than a soldering station, but it is not sufficient if you want to work on steel and thick metals.

Arc welding machine

The arc welder is an electrical transformer that changes the input current to obtain the electrical welding current. It can be a shunt unit, an inverter or a MIG/MAG welding unit. This type of equipment is used in particular for the production of metal structures, welding of steel and thin sheets, depending on the type of equipment. It cannot be used to weld electronic components.


If you want a device for soldering electronic equipment, you need a soldering iron. However, if you want to do metal work or ironwork, you need an arc welder. If you're a DIY enthusiast, having both of these devices would be ideal.

Why buy a soldering iron?

To take charge of home repairs

The soldering iron is indispensable for repairing small breakdowns in your electronic devices. Easy to use, you can use it at home, without necessarily being a mechanical expert. Thus, this device will save you from calling on the services of a professional repairer for small simple jobs.

To save time

Having a soldering iron at home saves a lot of time in repairing small electronic breakdowns. It usually heats up very quickly, which increases the speed of intervention tenfold, allowing repairs to be made in no time.

To save money

Buying a soldering iron is a very good investment, because once you have acquired the device, you will not have to pay for the repair of your household appliances. Indeed, many people do not know it, but the breakdowns of electronic devices of domestic use are often due to two electronic components which do not communicate any more. Faced with these small malfunctions, we often tend to change equipment, while a small intervention with a soldering iron could solve the problem.

For the simplicity of use

The use of a soldering iron does not require any particular expertise. Indeed, the soldering irons found on the market are extremely light and easy to handle, but they also guarantee a quick handling and a safe use.

For accessibility

Soldering irons are available for all budgets. Generally, prices vary according to the power of the device, its mode of operation, and the brand. For example, the price of a soldering iron sold individually ranges from €7 to €35, while a complete kit including a soldering iron and accessories such as a desoldering pump, tin wire or other sizes of soldering tips costs more. A complete soldering station costs between €120 and €200.

The best brands of soldering irons

In our opinion, the best brands of soldering irons in 2022 are :


TOPERSUN is a well-known brand for products such as adult coloured pencils, wooden pencils and pencil sharpeners. This brand has become a world leader especially in terms of quality office supplies, it has also produced a high performance soldering iron appreciated by many users around the world.

Sainsmart is a brand known for the production of engraving and printing devices, 3D included. It is also associated with one of the most popular high-end soldering iron models in recent times.

Wowgo is a brand best known for its skateboards and smart watches. However, this company has produced one of the most popular soldering irons in recent years.

The Holife brand is best known for the development and marketing of various domestic cleaning appliances. It also has a soldering iron model that is one of the world's references in the field.

The Holife brand is best known for the development and marketing of various domestic cleaning appliances. It also has a soldering iron model that is one of the world's references in the field.

What is the price for a soldering iron

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Protect your eyes.

Always wear a proper helmet when working with a soldering iron. Whichever welding helmet you decide to purchase, make sure it covers your entire face and darkens automatically. We can't stress enough that this type of helmet is much safer and more practical than others.

Use high quality materials.


you use poor quality material that contains impurities, contaminants can build up on the tip, impede heat transfer and make your soldering job more difficult


Choose the right type of welding for your project.


desired composition depends on the material you are soldering and whether you are using flux, as well as health and safety concerns


Give yourself support.


possible, provide yourself with support to rest your arm while you weld. Without some form of support, your arm will shake and cause imperfections in your weld.

Clean your breakdowns.


clean the tips of your soldering iron, use brass or stainless steel wool. Brass wool is softer and less abrasive, while stainless steel wool has a longer life.


What is the best soldering iron?

The best soldering iron depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

How much to get a high performance soldering iron?

A good quality soldering iron costs about 30 euros.

How to use a soldering iron?

The soldering iron is a very simple tool to use, plug it into an electrical outlet, wait for it to heat up and apply the hot/burning tip to the material you want to melt.

Should I protect myself by welding?

The tip heats up to a temperature of at least 200°C, which can cause severe burns. Be careful not to touch the tip of the device while it is still connected.


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Milwaukee M12 SI-201C
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Dremel VersaTip
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Weller Professional WE 1010
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Beta 1827/K


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