The best solar fans in the UK 2023

Cooling your home can be expensive considering the price of a ventilation device combined with your electricity expenses. So, if you want to take advantage of a device that is both ecological and practical and that works via free energy, the solar fan is made for you. But which one to choose? With or without battery? All-in-one model or with a separate panel? Read this guide to find out more.

Geyueya solar USB fan with night light 1

Editor's Choice

Geyueya solar USB fan with night light

The best solar fan in 2021

This little technological gem is a reliable and versatile device that you can rely on especially during your summer escapades in the wilderness, hiking, camping, etc.

21,59 £ on Amazon

With this USB/solar fan, you'll never run out of electricity during the summer season wherever you are. Practical and functional, it embeds a 4000 mAh battery for a 6 to 12 hours autonomy, and can even be used as a power bank to recharge your cell phone in case the battery of the latter is flat.

For more comfort, the device rotates 360° and offers 4 levels of ventilation to provide a refreshing and well distributed air flow. It is also equipped with a small hook that allows you to hang it up high to enjoy maximum coolness in your tent or motorhome. The device also emits light (4 lighting modes) to illuminate you at night.

  • Compact and bright
  • Very good autonomy
  • Silent (less than 50 dB)
  • Airflow not strong enough to cover a large room
Nrpfell solar panel powered fan 2


Nrpfell solar panel powered fan

The best entry-level solar fan in 2021

This solar fan is an excellent way to evacuate smoke and bad odors of all kinds. That's why it's perfect for ventilating greenhouses, hen houses, dog houses, cars, campers, etc.

15,46 £ on Amazon

Powered by a 10W solar panel, this solar fan will bring you a good dose of coolness for a serene and pleasant summer. Thus, it will keep you cool during the scorching heat via an air flow of 80m3/h of flow. The device is also easy to use and does not require any specific assembly. It can therefore accompany you wherever you go.

With its 10 x 10 cm dimensions, this mini fan will easily fit in your backpack and you are ready for your outdoor activities! The brand delivers its product with a car charger so you can enjoy a cool breeze throughout your trip.

  • Uses clean energy
  • Silent
  • Easy to transport
  • Requires good sunlight
Inovtech solar ventilator (extractor) 3


Inovtech solar ventilator (extractor)

The best high-end solar fan in 2021

This 2-in-1 device acts as both a fan and an air extractor. Practical and autonomous, it has the advantage of turning automatically even indirectly exposed to the sun.

46,40 £ on Amazon

This device turns on automatically when it is daylight. It is equipped with a ventilation and a solar panel. Practical, ecological and functional, it refreshes and ventilates the room it covers with a flow of 25 m3/h by evacuating the air towards the outside.

Easy to install and very well designed, it has a gasket that ensures an optimal seal for zero leakage when you position it on the roof or through a wall. Very effective in keeping your room free of moisture and condensation. And above all, it is quite silent. The more intense the sunlight, the better the performance of the unit.

  • Convenient and efficient
  • Silent
  • Easy to install
  • Non-rechargeable
Vorcool 360° Solar Powered USB Fan for Office 4

Best high-end alternative

Vorcool 360° Solar Powered USB Fan for Office

A great value

With this portable and 360° rotating unit, enjoy an economical and ecological ventilation system. It will provide you with a well-distributed air flow to better face hot weather periods more serenely wherever you are.

30,33 £ on Amazon

This 5.2 W solar fan will be the best ally for outdoor enthusiasts. Easy to carry and compact, the unit is self-contained and has no wiring. You can also use it as a desk fan. The unit comes with a 5V solar panel and is equipped with a USB port. This allows you to charge your phone with the device when you need it.

With its 18 x 18 x 19 cm dimensions and 360° rotation, this fan is also simply perfect for use in camping, chicken coop, dog house, camper, tree house, greenhouse, etc. Remember to expose it to sunlight to be able to exploit its full potential.

  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • With USB port
  • Only for cooling small areas
Buying guide • November 2023

Best solar fan

Any specific needs?

The best solar fan in 2021

The best entry-level solar fan in 2021

The best high-end solar fan in 2021

A great value

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Comparison table of the best solar fans

The best Inexpensive High-end Best high-end alternative
Geyueya solar USB fan with night light 5
Nrpfell solar panel powered fan 6
Inovtech solar ventilator (extractor) 7
Vorcool 360° Solar Powered USB Fan for Office 8
Geyueya solar USB fan with night light
Nrpfell solar panel powered fan
Inovtech solar ventilator (extractor)
Vorcool 360° Solar Powered USB Fan for Office
This little technological gem is a reliable and versatile device that you can rely on especially during your summer escapades in the wilderness, hiking, camping, etc.
This solar fan is an excellent way to evacuate smoke and bad odors of all kinds. That's why it's perfect for ventilating greenhouses, hen houses, dog houses, cars, campers, etc.
This 2-in-1 device acts as both a fan and an air extractor. Practical and autonomous, it has the advantage of turning automatically even indirectly exposed to the sun.
With this portable and 360° rotating unit, enjoy an economical and ecological ventilation system. It will provide you with a well-distributed air flow to better face hot weather periods more serenely wherever you are.
On 4000 mAh battery
10 W
5.2 W
Portable chandelier fan
Mini fan
Fan extractor
Table top fan
80 m3/h
25 m3/h
Power supply voltage
5 V
5 V

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Buying guide - solar fan

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How to choose your solar fan

Here are the essential parameters to consider when choosing a solar fan.

#1 - The covered space

Before you purchase a solar fan to circulate the air in your living space, first determine the size of your space. If the space is small, a portable or tabletop solar fan can handle the cooling needs of such a space. However, to cover larger areas, a freestanding or ceiling-mounted model will be more appropriate.

#2 - Fan and solar panel size

If the fan is too large for the room it's in, it may stain the room's interior design. The size of the solar panel can also impact the fan's performance. If the solar panel is too large, you may have trouble positioning it properly for optimal exposure to the sun's rays. It's best to opt for solar fans that come with a compact panel with a long enough cord to allow you to properly adjust the positioning of your fan and its solar panel where you want it.

#3 - The noise level

A noisy fan can quickly become annoying especially when you need to concentrate or when you are relaxing. For this purpose, choose a fan that provides a powerful and refreshing airflow with a sound level that respects your auditory sensitivities.

#4 - Adjustable panel

By choosing a fan with an adjustable solar panel, you will be able to move and position the unit as you wish according to the positioning of the sun's rays. This ensures that your unit will be fully effective under any circumstances.

#5 - Robustness

Make sure that the solar fan and its panel are sturdy and durable. A solar attic fan, for example, will be put to the test by rain, UV rays, hail and, depending on the region where you live, snow, etc. You also need your equipment to be sturdy and secure enough to prevent birds, rodents, and insects from entering through the vent. A thermostat can also be a useful feature in that it turns the fan on and off depending on the ambient temperature. This helps extend the life of the fan motor.

#6 - Additional features

Some solar panel models have useful and convenient options like USB ports or built-in lights for example. The former allow you to charge other devices via the device while the latter help you save on your electricity bill. There are also multi-speed fan versions that allow you to adjust the speed at which it moves the air around the room. It's up to you to choose which option you prefer, depending on your needs.

A brief note on solar panels

  • A solar panel is a flat piece of equipment with a size of about 1m2 that has the function of capturing the energy emitted by the sun's rays to transform them into a source of electricity. The device is usually installed on the ground or on the roof.
  • A solar panel is said to be reliable when it meets the standard IEC No. 161215 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.
  • A solar panel can last up to about 20 years or more.
  • Contrary to what you may think, solar panels made in China are reliable and of excellent quality.
  • Sunlight could affect the speed and function of the fan: the solar panels charge the solar fan batteries, which help power the fan itself. It is important to make sure that you place the solar panel in an area where it will receive ample sunlight. People who live in areas that experience many cloudy days and those whose homes are shaded by trees may want to consider investing in a solar fan that includes a backup power source.
  • Short cords could limit the placement option for the solar panel. Be aware that most solar fans include a cord that is at least 2m long. Depending on the type of cord your fan uses, you may be able to replace it with a longer cable if you need to cover more space.

Solar or battery powered fan?

Both ecological and economical, solar fans are increasingly used today. Following the same principle of operation as electric fans and battery fans, they fulfill the same missions as the latter, with the only difference that they operate on solar energy. In addition, battery powered fans are also winning the hearts of nomads due to their portability and affordability.

Solar fan

Like battery powered fans, the solar fan blows air in the room where it is installed, but with an external solar panel as a power source. Currently, many models are equipped with a battery to store solar energy, and ensure a better durability of operation.

Using renewable energy, it allows you to make significant savings on your electricity bills. You benefit from a naturally cyclic operation, in other words, the fan works automatically during the day, and turns off automatically at night.

In a second home, the solar fan can limit the damage caused by humidity and mold without the need for electricity.

Depending on your needs, there are small-diameter fans that provide an air flow of about 20 m³/h, and others with a flow rate that can go up to more than 20 m³/mn or 120 m³/h.

As far as price is concerned, you should expect to pay about 50 € to 60 € for the purchase of a solar powered mobile fan, depending on the model (diameter of the blades, presence of a remote control, height-adjustable stand, etc.). The cost of a fixed autonomous solar ventilation kit is on average between 50 € and 120 € for the simple models, and between 140 € and 200 € for the models with battery.

Depending on the surface to be ventilated, its installation can be costly, especially if it requires the installation of an individual solar panel. Also, a continuous use requires the installation of a solar panel of a significant size to capture the maximum energy.

It should also be noted that the use of a solar fan in areas with little sunlight is difficult, because the output of a photovoltaic panel varies according to its rate of sunlight and decreases over time. Therefore, battery-free systems only work when the panels are exposed to the sun.

Battery powered fan

Battery powered fans are appreciated for their practicality and portability. Whether it is to cool computer equipment, to stir the air in the car during hot weather, or even to cool down during a beach vacation, their compactness makes them easily transportable. Unlike solar fans that need a solar panel to operate, battery powered models, as their name clearly indicates, are powered by a battery and have an autonomy of several hours (on average from 8 h to 36 h depending on the model and the ventilation speed chosen). This allows you to take the device everywhere, even in places without electricity. However, it is impossible to use such a device to preserve the condition of your secondary home for several months as with a solar fan.

Battery powered fans are intended for nomadic use and as auxiliary ventilation with a maximum flow rate of about 475 CFM, while solar fans can be intended for home use or mobile use for small models, depending on the model.

Depending on your needs, the battery-powered model can be wired or wireless. Today, hybrid models have also conquered the market for even more mobility. Also, in a place without electricity, it quickly becomes impossible to operate the fan once the battery is flat.

In terms of price, you can find a new battery powered fan for less than 5 euros, which is impossible for a solar model.


Although a battery powered fan is compact and portable with an affordable price, it can only cool a small area. For good ventilation in a room, the solar fan is more interesting. Ecological and available in different models, the solar battery model is a good choice for continuous use. Similarly, a portable fan with a solar panel for your campsites, or a portable model that works directly with the sun in summer would be a good investment. However, battery powered fans are a good alternative because of their light weight and their ability to work even during bad weather without sun. In short, having both models would be ideal.

Why buy a solar fan?

For its ecological side

What a pleasure to be able to enjoy a nice fresh breeze at home in total respect of the environment. Indeed, the solar fan is an ecological device whose operation is ensured by the sun's rays. By using this type of fan, you do not risk to pollute.

For its economic side

Once well exposed to the sun's rays, the solar fan's photovoltaic panel captures the sun's rays to ventilate the room to be ventilated. The excess energy captured will be automatically stored in the battery of the device. This limits any waste of energy.

For its durability

The models of ultra powerful solar fan are certainly expensive, but constitute an interesting investment on the long terne. For example, solar fans without batteries have a lifespan of over 25 years.

For sensitive people

If you are the type of person who is uncomfortable with a fan running at night, either because of the noise it makes or for health reasons (asthma, allergies, etc.), a battery-less solar fan will be very useful. This is because it works only during the day and stops automatically at nightfall.

For its increased efficiency

A solar fan is just as efficient as a conventional fan. Indeed, it allows to move efficiently the air while evacuating the humidity, by eliminating smokes, and bad smells and preventing the appearance of moulds.

To protect your uninhabited property

If you have not yet found a tenant for your house and it remains uninhabited for several months, a solar fan is an excellent way to protect your property against damage caused by moisture once the electricity is cut off. The same applies if you intend to leave your house uninhabited for a long period of time for a professional mission abroad or for any other reason.

The best brands of solar fans

In our opinion, the best brands of solar fans in 2022 are :


Geyueya's solar products are still little known since solar fans are not very popular at the moment. However, the many positive feedbacks from happy buyers towards its products especially its portable LED solar fan will probably change the game in the near future.

Vorcool is a brand of solar fan still little known. However, the models it produces are powerful and efficient enough to ventilate small facilities like chicken coops, motor homes, small greenhouses, etc. The Vorcool fan in our comparison, for example, can also be used as a table fan powerful enough for personal use ventilation.


is a brand that markets a whole range of diversified products from camping accessories and water pumps, to solar fans and solar panels of all kinds. Its products are slowly becoming known in the market thanks to their exemplary performance.

Sodial is a brand that offers portable solar fans suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The brand's fans include a usb port to meet various needs and can be used even in a car.

Nrpfell is a brand that is committed to offering consumers products that are totally environmentally friendly, quiet and use renewable energy. Apart from that, it also promises to provide customers with high quality products and the best after-sales services.

What is the price for a solar fan

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Mounting the solar panel according to its specifications

When installing a solar panel outdoors, be very careful where you mount it, as some panels are waterproof while others are not. In any case, read the manual carefully to guide you. If your equipment is an all-in-one model, be very careful where you place it, because most of them are not weatherproof. So, if you take it with you on a camping trip, for example, shelter it under your tent in case of bad weather.

Install your equipment in the right place

Whenever you place your solar panel, make sure to keep it clean at all times. Any accumulation of dust or debris on the solar panel will reduce its efficiency. Also, place the panel in a well-cleared location. A small part of the panel hidden in the shade is enough to significantly reduce its energy production capacity.

Regular dusting of the blades

A dusty fan is automatically forced to work harder and provide more energy. With this in mind, to minimize dust buildup on your fan's blades, spray some anti-dust spray on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe both sides of the blade with it. Do this regularly to safeguard your unit from possible technical malfunctions.

Sleep well with a fan on

If you have trouble sleeping at night in the summer because of the sweltering heat, there's no harm in leaving your fan on. However, to prevent this from causing discomfort, point the unit at your feet and put it far enough away from you. Then cover yourself with a light blanket so you don't experience the air directly on your skin.

Accelerate the charging rate


you find that your solar panel is having trouble charging your solar fan's storage battery, you can connect two or more panels from the same series together. For example, 2 9V panels will deliver 18V for faster charging.


Can I use a solar fan in conjunction with another cooling device?

Yes, it is possible. To be able to take advantage of an optimal ventilation of your space especially when the heat is suffocating during the periods of strong summer heats, you can consider using your solar fan in any complementarity with an air-conditioning device as a mobile or monobloc air conditioner for example.

How does a solar fan look from an ergonomic point of view?

Most of the solar fans of the market are ingeniously conceived to simplify at best the life of the user. As a result, in terms of ergonomics, manufacturers have left nothing to chance. For example, some solar fans are equipped with a tripod or a hook. The first allows them to be placed on a piece of furniture, while the second allows them to be hung in height the needs of its user. There are also other models that have stakes to be well fixed in the ground. For others, the base is a kind of clamp of fixation. A fixation that allows the device to be clipped to any support (stroller, tent, parasol, etc.). You can find such a model in our comparison of

the four best solar fans of the moment.

What airflow can a solar fan provide?

The airflow that a solar fan is capable of delivering depends mostly on the size of the device. A small-diameter fan typically offers an airflow of 20 m³/h at most, while a larger model can run up to 160 m³/h of airflow. Therefore, positioning your panel in the right location with full sunlight exposure helps optimize the fan's performance.

Can a solar panel still run my fan even when it's cloudy?

Yes. Even if it hinders your solar fan's performance, the fan's panel can still produce electricity even on cloudy days. Be aware that a fully cloudy day is equivalent to 10% of the sun's total intensity. The performance of your panel will decrease according to this value. What you can do is increase the panel's charging rate so that it can capture the maximum amount of energy when the clouds dissipate for even just a few hours.


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Our selection
Geyueya solar USB fan with night light 9
Geyueya solar USB fan with night light
Nrpfell solar panel powered fan 10
Nrpfell solar panel powered fan
Inovtech solar ventilator (extractor) 11
Inovtech solar ventilator (extractor)
Vorcool 360° Solar Powered USB Fan for Office 12
Vorcool 360° Solar Powered USB Fan for Office


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