The best Sodastream machines in the UK 2023

To make your own sparkling water, carbonated water and soda, use a Sodastream machine. This new concept allows you to save money in the long term and respect the planet by limiting the use of plastic bottles. Faced with the diversity of the offer and the current reference models, the choice is not always easy. And we understand you! Let's take a look at the best Sodastream machines of the moment.

Sodastream Source Power

Best value for money

Sodastream Source Power Machine

The best Sodastream machine in 2021

The Sodastream Source Power is one of the most modern of the brand and not without reason: ease of use, advanced technology, refined design and much more.

116 £ on Amazon

Like its sister machines, the Sodastream Source Power offers the same basic functionality of a Sodastream machine, which is to transform tap water into delicious sparkling water, whether it is plain or flavored. But the elegance of its design and the modernity of its look make it stand out among the other lines. The device plugs into an electrical outlet and promises 3 levels of carbonation that can be set via its touch controls.

The Sodastream Source Power comes with a 1L capacity PET Fuse carbonation bottle with a metal base. It is reusable and has a hermetic cap. This Sodastream machine also comes with a carbon dioxide cylinder, giving the possibility to carbonate up to 60 L of water.

Sodastream Genesis

Best value for money

Sodastream Genesis

The best entry-level Sodastream machine

With this simple yet effective Sodastream machine, you will avoid carbonated waters often filled with sweeteners and sugar. You'll save money while preserving your health.

59,99 £ on Amazon

In this beautiful design, the Sodastream Genesis will fit in any kitchen. Moreover, you should know that this model is compatible with all the bottles of the same brand, except for the glass decanters. In terms of CO2, it is however only suitable for blue colored cylinders, but the bubbles are perfectly preserved.

The Sodastream Genesis is relatively easy to use. It is also not very bulky. The good news? The machine works without the need for batteries or electricity. So you can use it anywhere you want. Two 0.5L recyclable Fuse bottles and a cap are included with the Sodastream machine.

Sodastream Crystal pack spécial

Best premium value for money

Sodastream Crystal special pack

The best high-end Sodastream machine

You'll love the convenience and finesse of the bubbles produced by the Sodastream Crystal pack special. Among its accessories, there are 2 glass carafes of 0,6 L, reusable and dishwasher compatible.

140 £ on Amazon

The Crystal range, unlike other Sodastream ranges, stands out for its glass carafes, which can be reused over and over again. This avoids the use of plastic bottles. This type of carbonation container is suitable for all types of carbonated drinks: flavored or plain carbonated water, cocktails... Better yet, why not concoct your own homemade soda with the syrups offered in the pack?

Note that the Sodastream Crystal pack includes several accessories, including a 425g CO2 cylinder capable of producing up to 60L of sparkling drinks, 2 glass carafes that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, 4 glasses that match the carafes and 2 bottles of Pepsi and 7Up concentrates, each of which can produce 9L of sparkling juice. You can use it anywhere as it does not require batteries or electrical connection.

Sodastream Spirit Nature

Low noise

Sodastream Spirit Nature

A pretty quiet Sodatsream machine

Less noise, a design marked by soft curves or a mechanical operating mode... You have a lot to gain by buying the Sodastream Spirit Nature.

79,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Sodastream machine

Any specific needs?

The best Sodastream machine in 2021

The best entry-level Sodastream machine

The best high-end Sodastream machine

A pretty quiet Sodatsream machine

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Comparison table of the best Sodastream machines

Sodastream Source Power
Sodastream Genesis
Sodastream Crystal pack spécial
Sodastream Spirit Nature
Sodastream Source Power Machine
Sodastream Genesis
Sodastream Crystal special pack
Sodastream Spirit Nature
The Sodastream Source Power is one of the most modern of the brand and not without reason: ease of use, advanced technology, refined design and much more.
With this simple yet effective Sodastream machine, you will avoid carbonated waters often filled with sweeteners and sugar. You'll save money while preserving your health.
You'll love the convenience and finesse of the bubbles produced by the Sodastream Crystal pack special. Among its accessories, there are 2 glass carafes of 0,6 L, reusable and dishwasher compatible.
Less noise, a design marked by soft curves or a mechanical operating mode... You have a lot to gain by buying the Sodastream Spirit Nature.
How it works
45.3 x 30 x 14.8 cm
45 x 40 x 29 cm
46.4 x 38.4 x 20.3 cm
19.5 x 19.5 x 43.5 cm
Gasification cylinders
1 x 1 L PET Fuse bottle
2 x 500 ml PET bottles
2 x 0.6 L glass decanters
2 x 1 L PET Fuse bottles
CO2 cylinder
Concentrated juice available
500 ml lemonade flavor
2 x Pepsi and 7UP concentrates

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Buying guide - Sodastream machine

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How to choose your Sodastream machine

A common feature of all Sodastream machines is that they are very easy to use. However, each range has its own peculiarities and understanding them well will make your choice less complex. Let's find out more in the rest of this article.
choisir machine Sodastream

#1 - Needs

Knowing your needs influences the capacity of the bottles that come with your Sodastream machine. Indeed, if you are a regular drinker, a 1L capacity could be suitable for you, ditto if you are a large family. On the other hand, for occasional use, for example when you receive friends, a capacity of 500 to 600 mL would be more than enough.

#2 - Options

You can't find all the features on a single model of Sodastream machine. Thus, it is wiser to focus on the options that interest you. For those looking for a specific level of carbonation, models with the Autofit system are recommended. The device stops automatically when the required amount of gas is reached. The same goes for the bottle attachment mechanism or the case of models with LCD or LED display since these may or may not increase the comfort of use.

#3 - Range

Sodastream offers a wide variety of soda machines that are suitable for limited budgets as well as for those who want to enjoy a more comfortable use. Here are the most popular ranges:

  • Sodastream Crystal : This model symbolizes the very concept of simplicity. Easy to maintain and use, its particular aluminum design makes it elegant and also guarantees excellent durability. It consists of a CO2 cylinder and a 0.6 L glass carafe.
  • Sodastream Spirit : it is much quieter and lighter than its counterparts. Its mechanical operation allows you to use it and take it everywhere. This way, you can enjoy a sparkling drink at any time of the day without depriving yourself. However, this Sodastream machine is a little different because its bottle does not have the usual screwing system. The metal with which it was made accentuates its modern design and shape. A gas cylinder to prepare up to 60 L of sparkling water and a PET plastic bottle complete the machine.
  • Sodastream Cool : The Sodastream Cool machine is quite inexpensive. It provides all the functionalities of a soda machine. Although it remains classic, the whole is very satisfactory. Its simplicity of use is reflected in the single button for carbonation highlighted on the top of the machine. Like all the other models of the brand, you have a carbon dioxide cylinder and a carbonation bottle.
  • Sodastream Source : This soda maker has everything you need for comfortable use. Its performance, design, value for money and features will win you over. Apart from its automatic shut-off function, it is equipped with an LED indicator light that informs you of the level of carbonation of your drink (adjustable on 3 positions). The Snap & Lock system facilitates the installation of the 500 mL reusable PET bottle that you will get with the Sodastream machine.

#4 - Capacity

The capacity of the carbonation bottles varies depending on the model you choose, depending on your needs. In this sense, the brand offers you 3 sizes of containers: 500 mL, 600 mL and 1000 mL. In some cases, however, the Sodastream machine can be delivered with additional bottles. You can even buy additional bottles as an option in order to vary the pleasures and make several preparations in one go.

In addition, you should not forget the capacity of the CO2 cylinder, whether it is screw-in (blue) or clip-in (pink). Generally, the cylinder has a capacity of 425 g to make a maximum of 60 L of sparkling water (60 bottles of 1000 mL or 120 bottles of 500 mL). Of course, this is only an indication as the carbon dioxide may be used up much earlier depending on the level of carbonation you want and the frequency of use.

#5 - Accessories

We recommend you to buy models with additional accessories such as one or two CO2 cylinders, extra bottles... This way, you will always have a replacement accessory at hand to reduce the time spent preparing your fizzy drinks or to make the use of your Sodastream machine more comfortable. Note that there are also models with soda or juice concentrates. Don't forget to check the material of your bottles, as plastic bottles are not dishwasher-safe, while glass bottles are.

How a Sodastream machine works

By definition, a Sodastream machine is a domestic device, mechanical or electrical, used to add carbon dioxide to still water to create bubbles and make it fizzy or carbonated. It incorporates carbon dioxide into the water molecules via a specific cylinder supplied by the brand.

Whatever the model you choose, one cartridge allows you to make approximately 60 to 120 L of carbonated drinks. You can adapt the level of fizz and the quantity of bubbles according to your desires and the type of beverage to prepare.

In short, this is how a Sodastream machine really works:

  • Open the gas cartridge and then place it in the slot provided. Note that on some models, the cartridge clips on instead of being screwed on.
  • Start by filling your PET plastic or glass bottle with plain water from the tap to the level indicated.
  • Screw it onto the machine in a clockwise direction.
  • Now press the start button on your machine. Generally, 6 times is enough for a very carbonated drink. If the machine has an adjustable carbonation level, it will automatically shut off when the required level is reached. For mechanical models, you control this rate by repeatedly pressing the carbonation button.
  • Once this is done, unscrew the bottle and enjoy!

In case you plan to make lemonade or soda, add the desired amount of flavoring/juice concentrate to the water after carbonation.

Sodastream machine or bottled sparkling water?

Sodastream machine

You can make your own sparkling water with a Sodastream machine. But it's not limited to this one role, as you can also add flavor by using juice concentrates and turn it into a soda machine. If you are a heavy drinker, it can quickly become your best ally. CO2 bottles can be returned to the store, usually with a deposit.

A Sodastream machine guarantees you healthier drinks. They are particularly reliable since they are free of sweeteners, additives and various artificial substances. To do this, fill your bottle with fresh tap water, screw it onto the machine and press the button on top to carbonate it. The machine can be mechanical or electric, but you will get the desired level of fizz every time. After this step, add your desired flavor and mix by gently shaking the bottle.

Bottled sparkling water

Bottled carbonated water already contains carbon dioxide. This inorganic compound dissolves easily in the liquid and converts into bubbles when you open your bottle and the drink is depressurized. In this area, you have a choice between natural sparkling water, which consists of CO2 from the source, and carbonated mineral water. In this case, carbon dioxide is added under pressure directly at the factory during the bottling process.

Carbonated water includes other ingredients such as sodium and other minerals responsible for taste and preservation. According to several studies, its benefits are mainly felt at the level of the intestine and the digestive system because of its high level of bicarbonate. Bottled sparkling water is very interesting for women during menopause, because it considerably reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


The Sodastream machine is an added value for your kitchen decoration while offering an unlimited choice of flavors for both adults and children. Unlike bottled sparkling water, you can choose the level of bubbles and the strength of the drink and avoid the consumption of additives, preservatives... Its use is a good point for the planet since the bottle received with the machine remains reusable.

On the other hand, bottled carbonated water is rich in sodium carbonate. It would not be suitable for people suffering from water retention, kidney problems or high blood pressure, but rather for women close to or going through menopause and those who wish to get rid of their digestive worries.

Why buy a Sodastream machine?

pourquoi acheter machine Sodastream

The Sodastream brand has been able to meet the expectations of those who have a passion for carbonated drinks. Its range of soda machines is gaining more and more followers thanks to their performance and their particular shape. But these are not their only advantages:

Very economical

Bottled soft drinks represent a substantial investment in the long term, especially if you have a large number of drinkers in your family. The best solution is therefore to buy a Sodastream machine, especially since you have a choice as to the variety of drinks you can make.

Healthy drinks

As you use a Sodastream machine, you will quickly realize that it is very beneficial to your health. The beverages produced do not contain any chemical substances. You will know all the ingredients used and their effects on your health. In addition, you are free to choose the recipe that suits you.


The Sodastream machine is very practical. You can learn how to use it very quickly and it is easy to get the hang of it the first time you use it. The whole family can enjoy the machine, adults and children alike, and try countless flavors.


The use of a Sodastream machine is also beneficial for the planet. Indeed, you no longer have to throw away plastic bottles or cans, the first cause of environmental pollution. With such a machine, you have a reusable bottle with an average life span of 3 years.

Limits the consumption of sugar

We have already mentioned it above, but a Sodastream machine prevents you from consuming too much sugar unlike commercial sodas. You have total control over the ingredients and, of course, the amount and type of sugar to use.

What is the price for a Sodastream machine

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 90 £
90 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Change the gas cylinder properly

This process depends on the model of your Sodastream machine. Generally, you will need to access the cylinder location. Remove the old gas cartridge by unscrewing it. Take the new cylinder, remove the cap, and screw it onto the machine.

Clean the cylinder with a bottle brush

Since the included cylinder is reusable, regular cleaning is necessary. Use a brush to reach the bottom of your bottle. Choose between a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid, white vinegar/bicarbonate or a specific cleaning tablet depending on the degree of dirt. Regardless of the cleaning product you choose, always be sure to rinse the container well with clean water.

Create more bubbles

If the Sodastream machine is now producing very little bubbles, consider checking the CO2 cylinder in case it is empty. Also check the gas tube for damage. If it still doesn't work, press the button continuously instead of short and firm.

Make lemonade the way it should be made

Making lemonade becomes easy with a Sodastream machine, but depends on its features. In some cases, you just need to add the concentrate after or in the middle of the carbonation steps. As a reminder, if you want to make 25 cL of soda, add ¼ cap of juice concentrate to your water and so on.

Recharge your CO2 cartridge

No need to recycle your gas bottle. From now on, you can benefit from the replacement system offered by the brand. Simply take your empty cylinder to the store and exchange it for a new, full, ready-to-use one. In particular, there are refill cylinders with a larger capacity that allow you to refill your empty cartridges via the dedicated nozzle. Note that an empty gas cartridge is easy to recognize: it makes less noise than usual and starts to splash.


How difficult is it to change a cartridge?

No, as previously mentioned, it is quite easy to change the gas cartridge of a Sodastream machine even for beginners. As soon as you feel that it is empty, replace it immediately. Order a new one from Sodastream by sending in the old one. When you receive it, be sure to follow all the assembly instructions provided in the user manual.

Are plastic bottles compatible with the Sodastream machine?

Yes! The brand actually offers a large number of models that are compatible with its soda machine lines. Plastic bottles are highly regarded for their cheaper price, light weight and convenience, but require regular changes. Make sure the containers are BPA-free. To do this, check that the packaging says "BPA-free" or "BPA Free."

How to maintain a Sodastream machine?

Maintenance of a Sodastream machine is highly recommended. You should clean the plastic bottles with a little soapy water or specific products. The glass jugs can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The machine, on the other hand, only requires a few strokes with a damp sponge to get rid of fingerprints and water as well as dust.

What model for what budget?

If you have a limited budget, the best thing to do is to choose a Sodastream Spirit or Genesis machine. Despite its price, it is one of the quietest. On the other hand, the Source and Cyclone lines are more expensive, but promise you more features. You should also take into consideration the number of bottles and the accessories included in order to evaluate the price of your Sodastream machine.

How to add flavors to the drink?

It's worth remembering that water always comes before the flavoring. Therefore, prepare your bottle of sparkling water by proceeding with carbonation. The addition can be done after the first or last shot of gas, the choice is yours. Use the filling lines proposed on each cap according to the quality of the drink you want to obtain (more or less sweet).


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