The best snow blowers in the UK 2023

Yes, we love snow! But having to shovel it every morning... with a shovel is not the most glamorous thing. So, to face the winter with peace of mind without having to wait for the municipality's snow plow to come by, investing in a snow blower is the best solution. Electric or thermal? Find your happiness in this selection of the 4 best snow blowers.

Villager VST50

Editor's Choice

Villager VST50

The best snow blower in 2021

This snow blower is powerful and efficient to give you a perfect job. It has a satisfactory throw distance of 5 to 11 m. Its only flaw? It's not the quietest.

420 £ on Cdiscount

The Villager VST50 is equipped with a 4-stroke engine of 196 cm³. The power output reaches 5 HP. The machine is equipped with a 4-speed front gearbox as opposed to a 1-speed rear gearbox. Its air wheels, with studs, guarantee a good grip on snowy ground. This also facilitates the maneuvering of the machine. The chute is adjustable.

The working width of this device is 53.5 cm. Thanks to this, it can easily tackle a 51 cm thickness of powdery mass and then project it to a distance of 5 to 11 m. The engine is fueled by unleaded 95 gasoline as well as oil specific to motorized equipment (15W40 or SAE30). When the oil starts to run out, a safety device will be activated instantly.

AGT NC9142-944

Best cheapest

AGT NC9142-944

The best entry-level snow blower

Are you on a tight budget? Take advantage of this opportunity and get this inexpensive snowblower. It's not just the price that's attractive. Its reliability and ease of use will also leave you speechless.

71,96 £ on Cdiscount

Your old snow shovel will seem like a thing of the past next to this snowblower. No matter how big or small the area to be treated, you won't have to bother with a manual shovel. Its design is certainly simple. Yet this little machine can easily clear the snow from the paths and driveways around your home. Its compact size makes it ideal for clearing snow from small areas such as doorsteps and stairs.

The AGT NC9142-944 has a 26 cm snow blade that rotates at a speed of 4000 rpm. Its powerful 1300 W motor, driven by 230 V, propels the snow over a maximum distance of 9 m. Weighing no more than 5 kg, it can be connected to the mains. It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with an extension cable if you want to cover more area.

Youthup 11 CH

Best high end

Youthup 11 CH

The best high-end snow blower

With a good snow blower like the Youthup 11 HP, clearing snow from a path or driveway has never been easier. Its snow blade is 71 cm wide and promises a maximum suction height of 54 cm.

1 336 £ on Manomano

This is a two-stage snowblower. The Youthup 11 HP is a high performance snow blower with a 302cc 4-stroke Loncin engine (LC180FDS) and 38cm diameter "Snow Hog" tires. It offers two starting methods: manual mode and electric mode. Driving the vehicle is ultra convenient thanks to its self-propelled transmission mechanism with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. Its chute rotates through 180°, allowing it to guide the snow to the side of your choice (left or right).

The Youthup 11 CH's operating procedure is based on two essential steps. The first is to shovel the snow and ice with the auger blade. During the second part, the snow and ice are passed through the chute and then ejected via the turbine. The snow is dispersed evenly. If you are working in a poorly lit area, use the lighting function to illuminate your work area.

Alice’s Garden VOLTR

Excellent choice

Alice's Garden VOLTR

A cheap alternative

Does snow tend to pile up in front of the driveway and in the walkways? Arm yourself with the Alice's Garden VOLTR snow blower. Electrically powered, it will be ready to serve you as soon as the first layers of snow fall.

128 £ on Cdiscount

What better way to make life easier than with an electric snow plow? The Alice's Garden VOLTR is one of the most interesting models in its range. It delivers a motor power of 2000 W and will take care of the driveways, but also of the terraces and paths around your home. In addition, the device will make you benefit from a better operation thanks to its rotary cutter system. The driving is very pleasant and will be even more simplified by its ergonomic folding handle. By means of its duct rotation crank, you will be able to direct the projection to the left or to the right, and this, up to 9 m.

The advantage of this type of motorization is that you do not need to perform periodic maintenance on your snowblower. Note that the working width of the Alice's Garden VOLTR is up to 50 cm for a height of 25 cm. It clears snow from all surfaces without difficulty at a speed of 250 m²/h. Its 20 cm diameter helical blade, with an elastomer protection, is made of steel.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best snow blower

Any specific needs?

The best snow blower in 2021

The best entry-level snow blower

The best high-end snow blower

A cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best snow blowers

Villager VST50
AGT NC9142-944
Youthup 11 CH
Alice’s Garden VOLTR
Villager VST50
AGT NC9142-944
Youthup 11 CH
Alice's Garden VOLTR
This snow blower is powerful and efficient to give you a perfect job. It has a satisfactory throw distance of 5 to 11 m. Its only flaw? It's not the quietest.
Are you on a tight budget? Take advantage of this opportunity and get this inexpensive snowblower. It's not just the price that's attractive. Its reliability and ease of use will also leave you speechless.
With a good snow blower like the Youthup 11 HP, clearing snow from a path or driveway has never been easier. Its snow blade is 71 cm wide and promises a maximum suction height of 54 cm.
Does snow tend to pile up in front of the driveway and in the walkways? Arm yourself with the Alice's Garden VOLTR snow blower. Electrically powered, it will be ready to serve you as soon as the first layers of snow fall.
5 HP (about 3600 W)
1300 W
6.2 kW (11 HP)
2000 W
Plowing width
53.5 cm
26 cm
71 cm
50 cm
Spreading distance
5 to 11 m
Up to 9 m
0-15 m
Up to 9 m
3600 rpm
4000 rpm
3600 rpm
3000 rpm
60 kg
5 kg
13 kg

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Buying guide - snow blower

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How to choose your snow blower

You're tired of shoveling driveways and walkways with just your arms. Your decision is made: you need a snow blower at all costs. But which one? We'll help you find the best one for you, based on the 5 parameters below.
choisir souffleuse à neige

#1 - Operation

Define your needs and match the capacity and size of the snowblower to the size of the job. For example, if you just want to take care of a small driveway and stairs, look for an electric snow blower no larger than 121 cm. Similar to a lawnmower, it will have no trouble getting rid of snow accumulation up to 20 cm high.

An entire garden or a fresh snow depth of more than 20 cm requires a snowblower of about 137 cm. On the other hand, we strongly recommend a thermal model for clearing a very large area.

#2 - Power

Different according to the model, the power of a snow blower determines both its speed and its performance. Its thermal version is the most powerful. It can easily remove a large thickness of white powder. At the very least, it is recommended not to go below 3 to 5 HP.

As for the electric snow blower, it is specifically intended for occasional use on small areas (balconies, walkways ...) with a moderate snow depth. For optimal efficiency, choose a model with at least 2000 W. Those who want a lot of freedom of movement will opt for a battery-powered snow blower. There, it will have to have a minimum voltage of 40 V.

#3 - Power supply

Your choice will again depend on the area of the place to be cleared and the volume of snow to be removed. Currently, snowblower models come in two distinct versions: electric and gasoline.

  • Electric snow blower : The electric snow blower is designed for small areas such as patios, balconies and driveways. It can be powered by a battery or plugged into a wall socket. It is recommended specifically for those who live in areas where there is little snowfall.
  • Gas-powered snow blower : The thermal model, whether it is a 1, 2 or 3-stage model, is best suited for heavy clearing. The tool has plenty of power to handle the perimeter of a house, yard or sidewalk.

#4 - Handlebars and grips

Don't neglect the ergonomics of the handles and the handlebars since these elements will allow you to drive the machine using both hands. Don't hesitate to try out the snowblower if you need to in order to verify whether or not its handles offer good maneuverability. In some cases, the handle will be heated, which will increase the comfort level even more, especially in these winter times. Of course, favor a model with folding handlebars, greatly reducing the footprint and making the unit easy to store.

#5 - Options

The more options there are, the more reliable the snow blower will be. Some of these features include a 180° swivel discharge chute, automatic detection and shut-off system when hands are off the handles. Some models have a variable forward and reverse speed, which is essential when the amount of snow to be cleared is large. The LED lighting, for its part, will offer you optimal visibility if you decide to work at dawn or dusk.

Snowblower: precautions to take

avis souffleuse à neige

The handling of a snow blower does not require any particular knowledge. Nevertheless, a few safety rules must be observed for efficient and satisfactory snow removal.

The components of a snowblower

Knowing all the components of your snowblower will allow you to better understand how it works and why not learn how to properly maintain it, or even repair it if necessary.

  • The engine: This is the heart of the snowblower. The component was designed to withstand the cold of winter perfectly.
  • The auger: It is shaped like an auger. The larger it is, the greater its suction capacity.
  • The turbine: placed at the back of the auger, the turbine increases the efficiency of the machine.
  • The chute: this is a small chimney through which the snow is ejected. As a general rule, the chute should be oriented from left to right.
  • The handle(s): used to direct and hold the device.

Wear protective equipment

Yes! The snowblower helps clear all the snow from your driveway or green space. In order to keep it safe, it is imperative that you wear protective gear. Wearing warm, breathable clothing is a must. Wear boots that grip the snowy ground while remaining comfortable. Hearing protection and possibly a helmet will not be refused.

Check that the area to be cleared of snow contains no obstacles, that the oil level is sufficient and that the tires are well inflated (between 0.5 and 1 bar). If you are not careful, stones, branches or ice blocks will damage the machine for sure. You should also keep your children and pets as far away as possible. Let's say you need to move for a moment, don't forget to turn off the engine.

The different types of snow blowers

The arrival of the snow blower on the market has revolutionized the way we approach winter and snowy weather in the right conditions. Gone are the days of manually shoveling the driveway or the entrance to the house. Now you have the choice of using a thermal or electric snow blower.

Thermal snowblower

souffleuse à neige thermique

There are several categories of thermal snowblowers, but the most popular are the 1-stage and 2-stage models. These models are powered by a gasoline engine.

  • Single-stage snow blower : So called because it gathers and ejects snow in a single movement. The single-stage snow blower stands out for its compactness and ease of handling. It is remarkably effective on all types of flooring. As long as you don't try to blow a snow bank and ice, you'll get rid of that white stuff easily.
  • 2 Stage Snow Blower : Unlike the previous version, this snow blower handles heavy snow and even ice with agility. The high power of its engine makes it powerful and ensures maximum efficiency. This type of snowblower is easily recognized by its wide wheelbase.

Electric snowblower

souffleuse à neige électrique

There are 2 types of electric snow blowers, namely the battery-powered and the mains-powered models. Although they are only suitable for small areas, both devices are both lightweight, maneuverable and suitable for small accumulations.

  • AC snowblower: This is the most economical of all. It provides you with enough power for short distance clearing. It has a limited range, so you can only deal with areas that are close by. Of course, you can use an extension cord, but that will be the last straw if the power goes out.
  • Battery-powered snow blower: The battery-powered snow blower solves the problem of the power cord. However, the accumulated energy will not be sufficient to cover a large area. In addition, the engine may choke if its capacity does not match the amount of snow to be blown.

Snowblower or snow shovel?


The snow blower, also known as a snow blower, is a type of device used to remove snow accumulation from driveways, patios, balconies and gardens. The presence of a helical blade on the front is reminiscent of the shape of a lawn mower. Its specific mechanism collects, sucks up and ejects the snow pile to the side. Easy and quick to use, the seasonal equipment usually consists of a motor (1, 2 or 3-phase thermal or electric), a rotor, a chute, an auger as well as a handlebar and wheels.

Snow shovel

The snow shovel has the same appearance as an ordinary shovel. The biggest difference is the shape of the blade, which will be more hollow in order to receive a large quantity of snow during clearing. This blade will then be mounted on a shaft ending in a D or T handle. This design of the shaft ensures easy handling and a firm grip. Ideal for domestic use, the snow shovel can be made of various materials such as PVC and aluminum. Worried about your back? Save it and choose a snow shovel with wheels.


Snow shoveling requires strength and a lot of elbow grease. Unfortunately, if you are prone to chronic back pain, a snow shovel is not for you. However, you can turn to the wheeled models that will prevent you from twisting your spine. The same goes for the snow blower. You also get high performance and efficiency. The power supply gives the engine the necessary power to move a large mass of snow as it should.

Why buy a snowblower?

pourquoi acheter souffleuse à neige

A neat snow removal job

Whether thermal or electric, the snow blower lets you take advantage of a powerful engine and a wide wheelbase compared to the snow shovel. It is very efficient when clearing driveways, pavements, entrances and patios. The only movement you have to make is to push it forward. The collection and propulsion of the white powder is done in 1, 2 or 3 gestures. In any case, the device offers you an impeccable result.

A better autonomy during winter

With a snow blower, you will no longer have to wait for the snow plow from the city hall or the road department. Each person will be autonomous and will be able to clear the snow from the front of their house whenever they want. Its simplicity of use makes it accessible to everyone. The snowblower offers the advantage of being totally functional, regardless of the type of ground coverings.

Designed to handle winter weather

The engine of the snowblower is strong enough to effectively handle the winter season. The most advanced models promise sensational power and displacement so that the engine can easily withstand extreme temperatures down to -29°C. What's more, the control buttons have been enlarged to make them easier to use with gloves on.

Easy to store

Don't have a garage, garden shed, porch or garden shed? Don't panic! Storing your snowblower should not be a problem. On the contrary, there are many solutions available to you. It is perfectly possible to leave it outside. Just make sure it is well covered with a tarp or a sheet. We don't hesitate to chain it up or even remove one of its wheels for maximum protection against potential thieves.

A profitable equipment

Electric snow blowers are the least expensive equipment available today. Functional models can be purchased for less than 100 €. They allow you to work on a snow depth between 10 and 20 cm. This price will increase according to your power requirements. The most sophisticated snow blowers are worth more than 3000 €. This substantial sum will nevertheless remain a good investment considering the quality of design, the robustness and the solidity of the snow blower.

The best brands of snow blowers

In our opinion, the best brands of snow blowers in 2022 are :

Alice's Garden

The Villager firm is still young, but that hasn't stopped it from competing with the leading brands in garden tools and power equipment. Founded in 2005, Villager designs quality snow blowers that are able to brave the winter cold without any fear.

One of the main players in the market in terms of garden equipment, Husqvarna markets a whole catalog of varied equipment including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, robotic mowers, trimmers, pruners and snow blowers. Since its inception, it has steadily gained a reputation for the quality of its products.

Youthup offers a wide selection of items ranging from window security grills to bathroom vanities. A bit of a jack-of-all-trades brand, it also produces high-quality snow blowers that are priced for their field feat.

Expert in outdoor equipment, Alice's Garden also makes and sells affordable snow blowers. One can only appreciate the maneuverability and ease of use of its models.

VidaXL has been offering its home and garden products on the international market since 2006. Apart from decoration items, furniture and sports items, the brand also has a large selection of snow blowers, which are as reliable as they are affordable in terms of price.

What is the price for a snow blower

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

75 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 750 £
more than 750 £
Price range diagram


Clean your snowblower...

When you own a snowblower, it is highly recommended to clean the deflector. If the deflector is clogged, your snowblower will not perform as well as it used to and will lose performance. To do this, turn off the engine and loosen the tire and impeller drive controls. Use the cleaning tool included with your purchase to dislodge snow and ice that has become embedded inside.

...And maintain it properly

Want to keep your snow blower running smoothly? If so, lubricate all moving parts frequently. This includes the bearings, auger, chains, impeller and seals. Examine the scraper and the belts. These can cause malfunctions if not replaced in time. For those with a thermal snowblower, cleaning the carburetor is essential. Also note that the spark plug should be changed every 12 months.

Inspect the unit at the beginning of winter

As soon as the first snowflakes fall, make sure the spark plugs are in good condition. If they are not, replace them. Check the fuel tank. Is there any fuel left? Empty the container and refill with fresh gasoline. The last step is to lubricate the chassis and interior mechanism.

Keep a few spare parts on hand

You can never be sure of a bad surprise. That's why it's crucial to have spare parts in your toolbox, such as extra drive belts or shear pins.

Drain the tank before storage

Drain the tank completely at the end of winter. Siphon off the fuel or leave the engine running empty. In addition, an annual oil change should be performed every year. You can store the unit in a dry place, away from any source of moisture. This limits the risk of corrosion. To prevent your snowblower from rusting, cover it with a waterproof tarp and place it on a wooden pallet.


How does a snow blower work?

The snow blower has two clearly defined roles. It collects the snow and then discharges it to the side. As it moves forward, it collects a good volume of snow with the help of the auger placed in its lower casing. The powdery mass passes through the machine, is crushed, and is finally propelled by the paddle wheel. However, some models can carry out these two steps at the same time. These are the single-stage snow blowers.

Who invented the snow blower?

The snow blower was invented by Arthur Sicard around 1925. The first model, named Sicard Snow Remover Snow Blower, adopted the same operating principle as the grain threshers of the time. It took Arthur over 30 years to develop this initial version. Equipped with a shovel, the device was to be attached to the front of a truck. Its powerful fan had the capacity to blow accumulated snow up to 27 m.

When to use a snow blower?

Prepare your snow blower at the first snowfall. When it reaches a certain depth, you can use it to clear the powdery mass. Get rid of any obstacles (such as debris, rocks, ice, etc.) that may interfere with its operation. Make sure no other people are in the area to be cleared.

How to adjust the speed of a snow blower?

Start by disconnecting the shift rod from the arm it is attached to. Usually this is located at the rear of the frame. Move the gear selection lever forward, to the fastest setting. Then, turn this same lever down and hold it as far as possible.


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Villager VST50
Villager VST50
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AGT NC9142-944
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