The best Smeg refrigerators in the UK 2023

The marriage of a vintage design and a modern system at the cutting edge of technology; it is by this unlikely combination that one recognizes the Smeg fridges. This Italian brand, which has sold more than 2 million fridges in 10 years, continues to excel with its robust, retro and high-performance models. Browse this guide to discover the best Smeg fridges of the moment.

Smeg FAB28RBL5 - 1 door refrigerator 1

Best value for money

Smeg FAB28RBL5 - 1 door refrigerator

The best Smeg fridge in 2021

Bring a 1950s feel to your kitchen with this 244+26L Smeg fridge. In addition to its vintage look, it seduces with its ventilated cooling system, its low noise level and its energy efficiency.

999 £ on Amazon

Discover the elegance of a vintage fridge through the Smeg FAB28RBL5 fridge with a glossy finish and chrome handle. When you open the door with its rounded edges, you access a 244L compartment, overlooked by a 26L enclosed freezer. Glass shelves section off the refrigerator with a freshness zone dedicated to fruits and vegetables. The humidity level in this drawer is controlled for a better preservation of your plants.

In terms of energy performance, this Smeg fridge has an A++ label, with an annual consumption of 139 kWh. Moreover, to save energy, the refrigerator has a mechanical thermostat for manual temperature adjustment. This appliance also has a door alarm if you forget to close the door properly. Designed for easy installation, this Smeg fridge can be installed in the kitchen, without requiring any particular layout.

Smeg FC18XDNE Combined refrigerator 2

Best value for money

Smeg FC18XDNE Combined refrigerator

The best cheap Smeg combo fridge

This inexpensive Smeg fridge has it all: a compartmentalized refrigerator with shelves and a drawer, a freezer that is autonomous for up to 17 hours after a break, and low energy consumption.

479 £ on Boulanger

Accustomed to vintage cuts, the Smeg brand flirts between classic and modern design through this inexpensive combination fridge. The display screen on the door announces the color: an electronic thermostat allowing to set the temperature to the nearest degree, a ventilated cold for a homogeneous distribution of the fresh air, and an automatic defrosting. Cleverly compartmentalized, the refrigerator has glass shelves, 2 drawers, supports for bottles, jars and eggs.

Under the 204 L refrigerator is a 96 L freezer with 3 transparent drawers. In addition to its high freezing capacity (12 kg/24 h), the freezer promises an autonomy of 17 h in case of power failure and defrosts automatically. With an A++ energy label, the fridge-freezer set has an annual consumption of 240 kWh.

Smeg FAB30RBL5

Best value for money

Smeg FAB30RBL5

The best high-end Smeg fridge

A refrigerator from the vintage and retro 50's collection, the Smeg FAB30RBL5 proves to be an unbeatable performance in terms of food preservation. It is fully equipped to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

1 479 £ on Boulanger

The Smeg FAB30RBL5 refrigerator is equipped with a vegetable tray that will keep your food crunchy and fresh longer compared to a salad drawer. It is equipped with the latest ventilation technology to ensure optimal air distribution inside. An automatic defrosting function is integrated in the refrigerator. The freezer, with a capacity of 72 L, requires manual defrosting. It has an adjustable metal grid and an ice cube tray.

You can take advantage of thequick freeze option. Your fresh food will be frozen quickly without affecting the temperature of the ingredients that are already stored. An inverter motor with a heat pump allows the Smeg FAB30RBL5 to operate efficiently. With an energy class of A+++, the appliance has an energy consumption of 168 kW/year.

Smeg FAB5RBL5 - Mini réfrigérateur 3

Mini fridge

Smeg FAB5RBL5 - Mini réfrigérateur

The best Smeg mini fridge

This Smeg mini fridge can be used as a mini bar or as a fridge for a student studio. It has a capacity of 34 L. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be installed anywhere.

719 £ on Boulanger
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Smeg fridge

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The best Smeg fridge in 2021

The best cheap Smeg combo fridge

The best high-end Smeg fridge

The best Smeg mini fridge

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Comparison table of the best Smeg refrigerators

Smeg FAB28RBL5 - 1 door refrigerator 4
Smeg FC18XDNE Combined refrigerator 5
Smeg FAB30RBL5
Smeg FAB5RBL5 - Mini réfrigérateur 6
Smeg FAB28RBL5 - 1 door refrigerator
Smeg FC18XDNE Combined refrigerator
Smeg FAB30RBL5
Smeg FAB5RBL5 - Mini réfrigérateur
Bring a 1950s feel to your kitchen with this 244+26L Smeg fridge. In addition to its vintage look, it seduces with its ventilated cooling system, its low noise level and its energy efficiency.
This inexpensive Smeg fridge has it all: a compartmentalized refrigerator with shelves and a drawer, a freezer that is autonomous for up to 17 hours after a break, and low energy consumption.
A refrigerator from the vintage and retro 50's collection, the Smeg FAB30RBL5 proves to be an unbeatable performance in terms of food preservation. It is fully equipped to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.
This Smeg mini fridge can be used as a mini bar or as a fridge for a student studio. It has a capacity of 34 L. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be installed anywhere.
Total capacity
270 L
300 L

294 L
34 L
Automatic (manual freezer)
Automatic refrigerator defrost, manual freezer defrost
Type of cold
Refrigerator: fan-cooledFreezer
: static cold
Energy class

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Buying guide - Smeg fridge

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How to choose your Smeg fridge

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a Smeg fridge. Apart from design, there are many other factors to consider. Here are a few that should help you in your choice.

#1 - Energy consumption

This is the most important criterion nowadays. How can I get a refrigerator that performs well, but isn't energy hungry? If you have a large fridge, you can expect to pay more. Yet, Smeg fridges with energy ratings from A to A+++ offer the possibility to reduce energy consumption, without reducing the performance of the appliance.

#2 - Storage capacity

The freezer part of the fridge will always be smaller if it is, for example, a two-door fridge. Smeg models have a wide range of storage capacity, and depending on the type of use. You can find mini-fridges of 30 L, but also fridges that can store 500 L and even more. It is the number of people living in a household that counts for this second criterion.

#3 - The ventilation system

This criterion determines the ability of the appliance to distribute the cold throughout the interior surface. In addition to the three conventional ventilation systems, which are stirred cold air, static cold and ventilated cold, the Smeg range offers a "total ventilated cold" option that allows the degree of humidity to be regulated. There are also models with extra fresh 0°C technology. This is simply a zone in which the most fragile foods can be kept.

#4 - Noise level

Smeg fridges have a more or less acceptable noise level of around 40 dB. The top of the line models can reach 47 dB. This is normal given their size. Only the most sensitive ears are affected. The other models are on the other hand very quiet.

#5 - Type of installation

Generally, Smeg refrigerators fit in any environment and room. Thanks to their straight lines, freestanding refrigerators can be installed anywhere whether in a kitchen, a living room or even on a terrace. There are also built-in models and vintage styles. It's up to you to choose the fridge that best suits the layout of your living space.

The Smeg brand: decades of excellence

Smeg is an Italian appliance supplier and brand that was founded in the 1940s. It is also the acronym of Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla which was its very first activity. Today, Smeg is best known for its large appliances with a quirky style that takes us right back to pre-war times.

The company is best known for its vintage refrigerators, which quickly became popular in homes around the world. It has diversified by designing dishwashers and small appliances always in this retro spirit.

If the brand is present in several countries around the world, it is especially appreciated by the French and even has its own store in Paris. But Smeg is also a marriage of color, creativity and technology if we only mention the very first "Elisabeth" stove which caused a sensation in the 50s or the Smeg 500, born from an association with Fiat.

The 2000s were marked by the construction of its headquarters, which received the honorary mention of the "Gold Medal of Italian Architecture" award in 2006. And in 2014, the launch of the distribution of small appliances by Smeg France.

Smeg has received numerous awards thanks to its know-how and the originality of its products, to mention only the Good Design Award 2012 or the Domotica 2007.

Smeg or Gorenje fridge?

Smeg fridge

As an Italian-made fridge, Smeg fridges are easy to maintain, as parts are available for up to a decade. They also offer large storage compartments and have either fan-cooling or No-frost technology. The only concern is that these fridges tend to be energy intensive and need a large space for installation.

Gorenje fridge

The brand's vintage combination fridges are packed with technology and they are especially practical, as the freezer arranged at the bottom is spacious. It also allows a more regular freezing since the freezer does not open at the same time as the refrigeration part. Serbian made, the parts of the refrigerators of the brand are available only for 8 years. Therefore, they require a more rigorous maintenance.


If you like vintage top fridges, simple but efficient, Smeg appliances are the most suitable. On the other hand, if you want a combined fridge with more advanced technology and moreover economical, we advise you to opt for the Gorenje models.

Why buy a smeg fridge?

Available in many colors and patterns

You can get Smeg fridges in a multitude of colors. Neutrals like black, white, silver and cream are all options, so if you're not a big fan of color, don't worry. But if you want a rainbow of options to choose from, almost every color is available. Its many variations have enhanced its uniqueness over the years. It can be found in multiple aspects. In general, it has a design out of the box, ideal to stand out.

Available in several sizes

If you opt for the one-door top freezer variety, they are only 9.2 cubic feet and a standard size refrigerator is typically 10-13 cubic feet or more. The two-door bottom freezer option is 11.7 cubic feet, for reference.

Electronic Temperature Control

It has a side-mounted thermostat that offers both electronic and manual temperature control, for customized settings.

Zero energy loss and autonomy

It has a powerful motor that allows it to preserve fruits, vegetables and beverages efficiently with a high technology of stirred cold. In addition, it remains functional for at least 12 hours after a power failure. This great autonomy is an incomparable asset that will definitely please you if you live in an area with limited electrification. And the Multiflow technology is a new cooling system that distributes cold air evenly throughout the main compartment and crisper drawer. This ensures good food preservation.

LED strips

LED devices illuminate both sides of the refrigerator for easy storage, for bright lighting while keeping energy consumption low.


Cleaning Smeg stainless steel refrigerators

Smeg detergents such as XSPLEND-2 spray or PAMI-1 cloth are effective cleaning products for the steel surface of the brand's refrigerators. Especially avoid using abrasive products to avoid damaging the coating.

Eliminate bad odours in the fridge

Regular cleaning is the solution to eliminate bad odors inside the fridge. You can also use Smeg Clean+ products that instantly eliminate bad odors and bacteria. Don't forget to dry the inside of the fridge after cleaning. Quick tip: put some baking soda in the fridge to absorb annoying odors.

Reduce the power consumption of the fridge


can perfectly reduce the power consumption of the refrigerator or freezer by avoiding putting warm or hot food inside. Choose the place where you install the appliance carefully. It should be cool and well ventilated. It is also advisable to empty the fridge in case of prolonged absence.

Never store milk and yoghurt in the fridge door


only do bottles and cans clutter the fridge door, but the temperature is not stable for the storage of these foods. Milk or yogurt can turn bad and can cause illness or indigestion.

Use a baking sheet to store vegetables


can put parchment paper at the bottom of the crisper to avoid dirtying this compartment. By changing the paper every week, you will limit dirt and the food will also be better preserved.


Which is the best Smeg fridge?

The best Smeg fridge depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the purpose of the quick freeze function on some Smeg fridge models?

The purpose of this function is to accelerate the freezing process of the fridge. It should be used if you store a large volume of food or drink in the freezer area of the fridge.

How do I set the thermostat on my freezer and refrigerator?

The medium-low position of the thermostat is recommended for the conservation of food and goods in reasonable quantity, with a normal temperature. The maximum setting should be used less frequently and is intended for the temporary storage of a large quantity of food or to quickly re-establish an ambient temperature inside the refrigerator.

What is the purpose of the 0°C drawer?

This is a compartment intended for long-term storage of fresh food. With the right temperature and humidity, meat or fish stored in this part of the refrigerator will keep its taste and appearance. However, it is not recommended to put fruits or vegetables in this compartment.

What are the most common breakdowns on a fridge?

The failure of the temperature modulation is the most common failure in refrigerators. The thermostat suddenly becomes uncontrollable. There is also the defrosting problem that frequently appears on fridges with manual defrosting.


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Smeg FAB28RBL5 - 1 door refrigerator 7
Smeg FAB28RBL5 - 1 door refrigerator
Smeg FC18XDNE Combined refrigerator 8
Smeg FC18XDNE Combined refrigerator
Smeg FAB30RBL5
Smeg FAB30RBL5
Smeg FAB5RBL5 - Mini réfrigérateur 9
Smeg FAB5RBL5 - Mini réfrigérateur


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