The best stabilizers for smartphones in the UK 2023

The problem with smartphone photos and videos is that the quality of the shots depends on the user, more precisely on his dexterity. Indeed, a sudden movement or shaky hands, and the images become unstable, blurred, unusable. Fortunately, there are stabilizers for smartphones. Whether manual or motorized, it is impossible to miss photos and videos with this device. You just have to choose the right model. Bloggers, vloggers, video artists or budding filmmakers, discover the 4 best stabilizers for smartphones.

Hohem iSteady Mobile + 1

Best value for money

Hohem iSteady Mobile +

The best smartphone stabilizer in 2021

The iSteady Mobile + motorized smartphone stabilizer from Hohem will meet the needs of amateur videographers. Lightweight, with several recording modes and 3-axis stabilization, it will allow you to succeed in all your video creations.

79,20 £ on Amazon

In the family of 3-axis smartphone stabilizers, here comes the Hohem iSteady Mobile +. Motorized, it offers various features, the most interesting of which are timelapse, hyperlapse, slow motion and object tracking through its app. Note that this image stabilizer offers a 600° rotation on the vertical axis and 320° on the other 2 axes.

We appreciate the controls are quite complete Hohem iSteady Mobile +. Its real plus? It allows easy access to the joystick, the zoom control and the button to switch to the sport mode. Apart from its features, this device has a built-in mounting system to accommodate larger and heavier phones (about 280g). You can use it with smartphones of 6.50 inches or even a little more.

Fantaseal VCP-X 2

Best value for money

Fantaseal VCP-X

The best entry-level smartphone stabilizer

The Fantaseal VCP-X is a smartphone stabilizer compatible with mobiles with a format between that of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 Plus. In other words, it is compatible only with smartphones from 50 to 100 mm thick.

11,99 £ on Amazon
DJI Osmo Mobile 4 3

Best high end

DJI Osmo Mobile 4

The best high-end smartphone stabilizer

The world's number 1 drone manufacturer also has a motorized smartphone stabilizer. Offering a wide range of functions (Hitchcock effect, slow motion, timelapse, CloneMe, panorama, Story mode), the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is exceptional and stunning.

103 £ on Amazon

Combining sleek design and technological innovation, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 3-axis smartphone stabilizer lets you shoot video like a pro, and that's an understatement! No matter what brand of smartphone you plan to use, it should be compatible with this motorized stabilizer, as long as it's between 62 and 88mm wide. Thanks to its extendable magnetic clamp, docking is optimal.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 4 stands out from the previous versions by the hands-free control possibilities thanks to which you should be able to activate the recordings with a simple hand gesture. With the dedicated ActiveTrack 3.0 application, the sensors can track a moving subject. Being lightweight, you can use this image stabilizer for hours without getting tired.

Ulanzi U-Rig Pro 4

Handheld stabilizer

Ulanzi U-Rig Pro

The best non-motorized smartphone stabilizer

Get the most out of your smartphone with this manual stabilizer. This is the Pro version, optimized to accommodate LED lights, a microphone and a tripod for shooting. Compact, this image stabilizer will appeal to budding filmmakers.

15,98 £ on Amazon

Many consider the Ulanzi U-Rig Pro as the best manual smartphone stabilizer of the moment. This model is free of the 3-axis motorization: you only have 2 handles and a clamp to fix the smartphone. This frame is designed to hold a flashlight and a microphone, 2 fundamental elements to turn your smartphone into a real working camera. If you plan to shoot simple video sequences, without big effects, the Ulanzi U-Rig Pro will be your best ally.

This smartphone stabilizer would have been perfect if its features weren't so basic. Still, it's a great device for aspiring videographers and filmmakers. Note that the spring-loaded mounting clip on this stabilizer is compatible with smartphones from 5.1 cm to 8.9 cm wide. Don't worry, the security screw ensures that the phone is securely fastened.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best smartphone stabilizer

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The best smartphone stabilizer in 2021

The best entry-level smartphone stabilizer

The best high-end smartphone stabilizer

The best non-motorized smartphone stabilizer

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Comparison table of the best stabilizers for smartphones

Hohem iSteady Mobile + 5
Fantaseal VCP-X 6
DJI Osmo Mobile 4 7
Ulanzi U-Rig Pro 8
Hohem iSteady Mobile +
Fantaseal VCP-X
DJI Osmo Mobile 4
Ulanzi U-Rig Pro
The iSteady Mobile + motorized smartphone stabilizer from Hohem will meet the needs of amateur videographers. Lightweight, with several recording modes and 3-axis stabilization, it will allow you to succeed in all your video creations.
The Fantaseal VCP-X is a smartphone stabilizer compatible with mobiles with a format between that of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 Plus. In other words, it is compatible only with smartphones from 50 to 100 mm thick.
The world's number 1 drone manufacturer also has a motorized smartphone stabilizer. Offering a wide range of functions (Hitchcock effect, slow motion, timelapse, CloneMe, panorama, Story mode), the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is exceptional and stunning.
Get the most out of your smartphone with this manual stabilizer. This is the Pro version, optimized to accommodate LED lights, a microphone and a tripod for shooting. Compact, this image stabilizer will appeal to budding filmmakers.
34.3 x 15 x 5.6 cm
13.8 x 10.6 x 5.3 cm
16.3 x 9.9 x 4.6 cm
6 x 8 x 5 cm
840 g
200 g
400 g
169 g
Battery life
12 h
15 h
3-axis stabilization
Handle, phone clip
User manual
Tripod, carrying bag, user manual, USB cable
Magnetic ring holder, magnetic smartphone clip, tripod, wrist strap.

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Buying guide - smartphone stabilizer

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How to choose your smartphone stabilizer

To get better quality photos and videos, the choice of smartphone stabilizer is crucial. Many factors must be taken into account to do this.

#1 - The autonomy

The battery that supplies electricity to the sensors and motors is usually located inside the handle. As for their autonomy, it varies from 8 h to 15 h for most models on the market. A smartphone stabilizer that offers an average autonomy of 10 h is perfect for daily use. On the other hand, if you need to offer content on a regular basis, stabilizers with more enduring batteries are better suited.

#2 - The ergonomics

Since the main purpose of the stabilizer is to balance the smartphone during recordings, its ergonomics is a criterion not to be underestimated. If the accessory is too heavy, you'll have trouble stringing together video sequences. But this does not mean that you should turn to a lightweight model that may affect the stability of the smartphone. Taking into account the opinions studied, a half-kilo model offers a very good grip.

#3 - The features

A smartphone stabilizer should have basic features, such as visual effects management, quick switching between different recording modes and zooms. If the model has retractable grips that automatically activate startup or sleep mode, even better. This feature comes in very handy when spontaneously taking pictures.

#4 - The size of your smartphone

Although the stabilizer mounts are expandable, some models aren't compatible with larger smartphones that are known for their quality video resolution. So, if yours sports the same dimensions as an iPhone 12, for example, use a stabilizer that is suitable for a large-screen smartphone.

#5 - The accessories

Prefer smartphone stabilizers that come with accessories with which you will perfect your achievements. The carrying case, the microphone, the tripod or the light ring will be useful, whatever the nature of the videos you plan to shoot with your smartphone.

How to properly use a smartphone stabilizer?

Smartphone stabilizers are inspired by wide-angle or 360° sports camera mounts. With these accessories, you can take photos and videos while moving, without the vibrations altering the quality of the footage recorded. More advanced than selfie poles, the smartphone stabilizer is equipped with several sensors and numerous motors that calculate position adjustments according to your movements.

Apart from the motors that make automatic adjustments, smartphone stabilizers are also equipped with tripods and axes that allow 360° video recording. The smartphone is attached to the end of the stabilizer via a screw thread system or via a spring or clip attachment. The size of the mount varies depending on the size of the smartphone used, but generally, it fits perfectly well to the dimensions of all smartphones of recent manufacture.

The smartphone stabilizers are equipped with a mobile app for iOS and Android. Attention! The smartphone must be fixed on the stabilizer before making a configuration. Indeed, an empty adjustment could damage the stabilizer. False information transmitted to the device could harm its efficiency. The configuration buttons are located on the handle of the smartphone stabilizer. Thanks to the smartphone features and the application that manages the whole support, you will be able to add effects to your photos and videos.

The different types of stabilizers for smartphones

Among the many variations available on the market, here are the models most used by vloggers and influencers on social networks.

The non-motorized smartphone stabilizer

The non-motorized smartphone stabilizer does not have a motor on board whose mission is to compensate for your movements to provide more stability to the recording. On this category of devices, stabilization is done manually. Of course, the non-motorized smartphone stabilizer does not offer the best rendering, but it still allows you to reduce the shaking of the image. Since it is a mechanical product, it does not need to be recharged. In addition, it is rare that this device fails unless it breaks.

The motorized smartphone stabilizer

Technologically advanced, this device is equipped with several motors that can dial in the user's movements and vibrations. On this type of smartphone stabilizers, the stability is optimal. So, if your goal is to take the best photos and videos, this is the model you need. But since the accessory incorporates electronics with the motor, it is only natural that it is more expensive. Despite this, the investment is worth it.

The smartphone stabilizer with belt kit

The smartphone stabilizer with belt kit comes as close as you can get to professional equipment. It's one of the best smartphone stabilizers on the market. Like cameramen or cameramen working on film sets, the user gets a belt kit that allows them to be hands-free. To shoot videos for social networks and sharing platforms, this accessory is futile, we must admit. It is more suitable for shooting documentaries or travel films.

The three-axis stabilizer or the self-stabilizer for smartphone?

The three-axis smartphone stabilizer

Very popular, this smartphone stabilizer allows you to take great panoramic shots thanks to the motion adjustments on three different axes. This device allows you to take photos and videos from different angles, which is a good way to make them successful.

The auto stabilizer for smartphone

This smartphone stabilizer is composed of a single block. Usually, the device comes in the form of a handle with a phone clip on top or a rectangular frame with two handles. Non-motorized, this device does not have the same functions as the three-axis smartphone stabilizer, but its recording capabilities are still interesting.


The three-axis stabilizer and the self-stabilizer for smartphones are equally good. But if we had to choose only one product, it would be the axis stabilizer for the simple reason that it is more intuitive and easier to use in an urban environment. The chances of making a good video are immense with a 3-axis stabilizer.

5 good reasons to use a smartphone stabilizer

These accessories are available to everyone
A few years ago, image stabilizers were mainly intended for professional photographers and videographers. Today, anyone can use them. In fact, smartphone stabilizers are becoming increasingly popular among influencers, vloggers, extreme athletes and even basic users. In short, anyone can use an image stabilizer to make beautiful videos.

The stabilizer turns the smartphone into a more powerful tool
The quality of the cameras present on smartphones allows professional and amateur videographers to shoot videos with great sharpness, and this is thanks to the image stabilizer. Since vibrations and shocks are not perceptible, recordings gain much more quality. This gives videos shot with a smartphone a much more polished look.

Stabilizers are becoming less cumbersome
The models offered on the market offer a very good grip. They are very pleasant to use. In addition, these devices also come with a carrying case. And even if they don't, you can always find suitable cases on the market. If the urge to shoot a video suddenly came to you, you just need to attach your smartphone to the stabilizer and it's done.

Stabilizers can be used in any weather
Most smartphone stabilizers are rainproof. They can be used when it rains or in a wet environment, at the beach or in the mountains for example. Caution! If the smartphone stabilizer is rainproof, it is not necessarily waterproof. Also, make sure you use a smartphone that is well resistant to water splashes.

Stabilizers can be used as selfie poles
The 3-axis models have a reverse mode that turns the lens of your smartphone in your direction. This makes them the perfect tool for making videos for vlogs.

The best brands of stabilizers for smartphones

In our opinion, the best brands of stabilizers for smartphones in 2022 are :

DJI Osmo

Hohem is a Chinese company that specializes in all kinds of smartphone accessories. In addition to being very well made, Hohem smartphone stabilizers are intuitive, so they are very pleasant to use.

Smartphone stabilizers, sports cameras, adapters, wireless modules, DJI Osmo offers different categories of products to its customers. Its range of image stabilizers is especially renowned for its eloquent design, but also for the comfort of use that it grants.

Gimbal is a brand well known by the amateurs of new technologies. With an excellent manufacturing quality, its smartphone stabilizers are a huge success among amateur videographers.

Moza is especially known for the exceptional robustness of its smartphone accessories. And for proof, it is from this manufacturer that many professionals and artists source their video shooting equipment.

Zhiyun is the proof that the smartphone equipment market is dominated by Asians. Rest assured, Zhiyun has made it its mission to meet the expectations of users by offering reliable and high-performance products in every aspect.


Prefer a smartphone stabilizer with a motor

If you are reading this buying guide, it means that you are looking to buy a good smartphone stabilizer. To make videos with superb visual quality, preferably use a motorized stabilizer.

Use an external microphone

Even if your smartphone is of excellent quality, using an external microphone will save you time arranging the sound in your videos. Often, the mic is included as an option with the smartphone stabilizer.

Never set the smartphone stabilizer to empty

It can't be repeated enough, a smartphone stabilizer is only adjusted once the smartphone is installed. Adjusting it without a camera may damage the device.

Use a smartphone of the right size

Always make sure your smartphone is compatible with the smartphone stabilizer. If your smartphone is too large for the stabilizer clamp, it may fall off and cause damage to your smartphone.

Improve the autonomy of your smartphone stabilizer

If you need to shoot long sequences of videos, you can optimize your battery life by carrying nomadic batteries in your belongings.


Can you use a smartphone stabilizer while running?

Yes, the majority of models on the market are designed to be used in this condition. The sensors and motors act so that the videos shot with the smartphone are of the best possible quality. Vibrations and shakes are almost imperceptible thanks to the image stabilizer.

Can you use a smartphone stabilizer when it's raining?

Of course, the smartphone stabilizer is specifically designed to be used inextreme weather conditions. You can use them when it's raining, but be careful not to submerge it in water unless it's designed for it. The best smartphone stabilizers on the market are rainproof, but rarely waterproof.

Are image stabilizers compatible with all smartphones?

No! Unfortunately, stabilizers are not compatible with all smartphones, especially in terms of size. That's why you should always check the compatibility of the clamp before making a purchase. It must be big enough to support the weight of your smartphone, otherwise it will fall at the first opportunity.

What are the advantages offered by the smartphone stabilizer with axes?

The smartphone stabilizer with axes offers more perspectives for video recording. Indeed, this model allows you to rotate 360°, film up and down, right and left with flexibility. To make videos of professional quality, the smartphone stabilizer with axes is the most suitable equipment.


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