The best sleep apnea devices in the UK 2023

If your doctor-diagnosed sleep disorder problem is due to sleep apnea, and you are looking for the ideal device for treatment, you have come to the right place. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is a medical device that helps people with sleep apnea get back to a good night's sleep. Read our guide to learn more!

Airsense S10 Autoset 1

Editor's Choice

Airsense S10 Autoset

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

Our first choice is the Airsense S10 Autoset sleep apnea device from Resmed, because it offers a comfortable and effective sleep treatment. But also, it is the most prescribed device by the medical profession in the UK.

287 £ on Shopping Rakuten

The Airsense S10 is a self-piloting treatment device designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It is a high-end device with automatic pressure adjustment. It has built-in wireless connectivity that allows you to connect to AirView™. This then allows your doctor to review your treatment data, adjust your device settings, check for proper operation and rectify any problems to ensure your treatment quality at all times. The Auto Ramp feature with sleep onset detection provides low pressure for comfort. It also features Expiration Plus Relax (EPR) and Easy-Breathe technology.

Plus, it has a small footprint, weighing in at just 1.248 kg for a bedside CPAP. This device is powered by 110-220V. Also, it has a larger screen on which you find your daily usage data. With a 2-year warranty and these features, you can be sure to have optimal comfort and sleep.

ResMed S9 Autoset 2

Best Cheap

ResMed S9 Autoset

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

The S9 AutoSet is the top-of-the-line automatic positive airway pressure model. It is a sleep apnea therapy device designed to provide you with a comfortable treatment.

111 £ on Shopping Rakuten

The S9 Autoset has five unique features that help you stay compliant and experience the benefits of healthy sleep. It's quiet, as it has an Easy-Breathe quiet motor that helps you make sleeping more peaceful. Also, it has superior humidification with climate control to humidify the temperature at the mask. It also has Easy-Breathe technology that allows you designed to provide air in a soft wave form. With a stylish and user-friendly design, it is a modern and compact device.

In addition, with a weight of 1.8 kg, it is powered by 30-90 V. It also has an intuitive interface and a brightly colored LCD screen that guides you through the configuration process and makes it easy to navigate the menus and customize the settings for a more personalized therapy. It comes with a 2-year warranty. An easy-to-use device, ResMed S9 Autoset is therefore ideal for your treatment.

POEO Moyeah iBreath 3

Best High End

POEO Moyeah iBreath

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

The Moyeah iBreath sleep apnea device from POEO is an automatic medical equipment with a complete nasal mask and humidifier.

512 £ on Amazon

The continuous fixed pressures of this medical device are set to meet your needs to ensure you receive the correct and comfortable pressure. It has heated humidification which is a standard built-in feature and an enhanced automatic climate control option so that you can enjoy the best therapeutic comfort. This device also has an AutoRamp feature that is designed to make therapy as comfortable as possible from the moment you turn it on. This works by delivering low pressure to help you fall asleep easily.

In addition, it has a quiet motor with an innovative design that includes foam and insulating materials built into the base of the device. Its weight is about 1780g and its power supply is 100-240V. Finally, this unit's intuitive interface and color LCD screen make it easy to navigate menus and customize comfort settings. With a 2-year warranty, Moyeah iBreath will help you get back to sleep.

Resmed S9 escape 4

Best of Excellent Choice

Resmed S9 escape

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

The S9 escape is a device indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, in patients weighing more than 30 kg. It is intended for use at home or in a hospital environment.

143 £ on Shopping Rakuten
Buying guide • November 2023

Best sleep apnea device

Any specific needs?

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

The best sleep apnea machine in 2021

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Comparison table of the best sleep apnea devices

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High quality Excellent choice
Airsense S10 Autoset 5
ResMed S9 Autoset 6
POEO Moyeah iBreath 7
Resmed S9 escape 8
Airsense S10 Autoset
ResMed S9 Autoset
POEO Moyeah iBreath
Resmed S9 escape
Our first choice is the Airsense S10 Autoset sleep apnea device from Resmed, because it offers a comfortable and effective sleep treatment. But also, it is the most prescribed device by the medical profession in the UK.
The S9 AutoSet is the top-of-the-line automatic positive airway pressure model. It is a sleep apnea therapy device designed to provide you with a comfortable treatment.
The Moyeah iBreath sleep apnea device from POEO is an automatic medical equipment with a complete nasal mask and humidifier.
The S9 escape is a device indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, in patients weighing more than 30 kg. It is intended for use at home or in a hospital environment.
1.8 Kg
1780 g
835 g
Breathing mode
30-90 V
100-240 V
2 years old
2 years old
2 years old
2 years old
Equipped with built-in wireless connectivity, Auto Ramp feature and Easy-Breathe technology
Features a quiet Easy-Breathe motor, superior humidification with climate control and Easy-Breathe technology
With heated humidification and Auto Ramp function
Has a heating humidifier by H5i™

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Buying guide - sleep apnea device

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How to choose your sleep apnea device

With all the options available, it can seem difficult to choose the right machine for you. With your doctor and these tips, you can find one that will give you what you need. But also, here are some criteria to consider when choosing.

#1 - Your doctor's opinion

This is the first thing to do when it comes to choosing your sleep apnea machine, as you need a prescription to get a sleep apnea machine, so a primary care provider, pulmonologist or sleep specialist who can review your sleep studies should be your first stop.

You wouldn't want to go to your ophthalmologist and just tell them you think you want bifocals. They will test your eyes first and see what type of lens is best for you.

The same is true for a sleep apnea machine. So don't hesitate to go to the doctor first so that he or she can examine you and guide you on what kind of machine is right for you.

#2 - Fit

The second criterion not to neglect when choosing is the fit. This is because your CPAP mask connects the machine to your airway. Masks come in different sizes. For your machine to do its job, the mask must fit properly.

A mask that's too large can leak down its sides and into your eyes. This could make it less comfortable, so you're less likely to continue using it. To avoid this problem when you buy the device, be sure to check the fit of the mask.

#3 - Convenience

Think about choosing a nomadic sleep apnea device if you travel often. This type of device is compact and lightweight, allowing the user to carry it around.
In general, on all types of devices you have to think about the weight of the equipment. Lightweight equipment will be easier to handle and offer a more comfortable experience.

#4 - Features

Sleep apnea devices are much more user-friendly than in the past, with most versions offering digital screens and Bluetooth access. Some devices allow you to record your settings, which can be useful for adjusting treatment.

You also have a built-in humidifier, which can help prevent dry nose and mouth. And finally, the warranties which are the return policies and global customer support. So when choosing, check these features.

#5 - Insurance

Another important consideration is your medical insurance, which may only cover certain sleep apnea devices. Once you have made your choices, you can call or chat online with your insurance company to see if these selections are covered.

That way, depending on the features you want, as well as your budget, you can decide how much you're willing to pay out of pocket for your machine.

#6 - Maintenance

This is the final criterion to consider when buying a sleep apnea machine. After all, your machine may have problems from time to time, so it's good to know who to turn to for a solution, because if your machine malfunctions, the ability to replace or talk to a professional for troubleshooting is essential.

What is a sleep apnea machine?

A sleep apnea machine is a machine with a compressor or motor that generates a continuous flow of pressurized air through an air filter in a flexible tube. This tube delivers purified air into a sealed mask around the nose or mouth.

During sleep, the machine's airflow pushes out any blockages, opening the airway so that the lungs receive plenty of oxygen. With nothing blocking this flow of oxygen, breathing does not stop. As a result, it does not wake the patient up repeatedly to resume breathing.

The different types of sleep apnea devices

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) sleep apnea machines are the primary treatment option for moderate to severe sleep apnea. Finding a machine with a comfortable mask is integral to the success of the therapy. Here are some types of sleep apnea devices to know about to help you think about which one to choose.


BiPap sleep apnea machines are another common form of positive airway pressure devices. They are similar to CPAP machines, only the pressures are divided, so the patient can breathe in and out more easily.

  • BiPAP machines are useful for patients who require higher levels of incoming air pressure.
  • BiPAP machines can also include features that record the number of breaths per minute a patient takes.

If the patient's breathing starts to slow down, the air pressure in the machine will increase, so the patient is able to breathe. Typically, BiPAP machines are prescribed for patients with pulmonary disorders, cardiovascular disorders, or congestive heart failure.

sleep apnea machine APAP

APAP sleep apnea machines are similar to CPAP machines in that they provide positive airway pressure. However, APAP machines are not limited by a single pressure setting.

  • APAP machines have a low pressure setting, as well as a high pressure setting.
  • APAP machines have a more complex ability to measure pressure breath by breath to decide how much pressure you need before sleep apnea events occur.

The main difference between a CPAP machine and an APAP machine is that an APAP machine automatically adjusts its settings while you sleep. This allows it to respond to changing pressure needs throughout the night.

sleep apnea machine EPAP sleep apnea machine

EPAP sleep apnea machines are used to treat mild sleep apnea and snoring. Unlike most PAP devices, EPAP devices are small, portable, single-use devices that are placed on your nostrils before you fall asleep.

  • EPAP machines serve as valves that help you breathe in more easily, but exhale through a smaller vent. This design causes an increase in pressure that keeps your airway open.
  • EPAP devices help reduce snoring and combat daytime sleepiness. It's also a good option for patients who have trouble adjusting to CPAP machines.

Sleep apnea device or mandibular advancement orthosis

Sleep apnea device

When a patient has sleep apnea, their body wakes them up just enough to allow their breathing to return to normal. This means that sleep apnea causes poor sleep quality and a feeling of fatigue during the day.

However, when you use a sleep apnea machine, your body is able to fall into a deep sleep and give you the rest you need. The downside of sleep apnea devices is that they are often uncomfortable to wear.

Mandibular advancement orthesis

The most widely used oral appliance for sleep apnea, mandibular advancement orthotics are much like a mouthguard used in sports. The devices snap onto the upper and lower dental arches and have metal hinges that allow the lower jaw to be lifted forward.

However, wearing this appliance can cause excessive salivation, stiffness or tension in the jaw for some people.


Medical studies have shown that both CPAP sleep apnea devices and mandibular advancement orthoses work wonders to control obstructive sleep apnea so you can get a good night's sleep. However, one is worn in the mouth, while the other is worn on the face and connected to a machine.

It's true that a sleep apnea machine is large, bulky and requires electricity, while mandibular advancement devices are small, portable and easy to carry. But against this, the sleep apnea machine is designed for all levels of severity of obstructive sleep apnea, while the mandibular advancement orthoses may not be able to treat severe cases in the same way.

Why buy a sleep apnea device?

More energy

As the circadian rhythm, or sleep cycles, break down, the body is unable to get enough restorative rest for mental and physical healing, so that when you wake up, fatigue, pain and low mood are all present. Some patients feel an immediate increase in energy levels when using a sleep apnea machine, while others notice a difference in just a few weeks.

Better heart health

Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can increase stress on the heart as oxygen levels in your blood decrease. Less oxygen can also lead to increased carbon dioxide levels that add pressure to the chest and increase inflammation. Using a sleep apnea machine can help lower blood pressure significantly, reducing the need for blood pressure medication.

Variety of models and ease of use

Different sleep patterns require different settings and features to promote healthy breathing. There are several models of sleep apnea devices that can adjust the ideal pressure based on the patient's breathing detection. In addition, almost all users found their machines to be relatively easy to use.

Travel and portability

There has been a lot of development in travel-sized sleep apnea devices recently, so whether you are traveling for leisure or work, it is essential to remember your sleep apnea device is easy to wear and carry.

Money saver

Using a sleep apnea device goes a long way in managing other existing diseases and complications. This then leads to fewer doctor and hospital visits, and eventually reduces the need for prescriptions, thus saving time and money.

The best brands of sleep apnea devices

In our opinion, the best brands of sleep apnea devices in 2022 are :

Philips Respironics
Fisher & Paykel

ResMed Inc. is a holding company. The Company is engaged in the development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of medical devices that diagnose, treat and manage respiratory disorders, including sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), neuromuscular disease and other diseases. ResMed is considered a leader in innovation and consistently produces high-quality products that are well regarded by consumers.

Philips Respironics, Inc. is a medical supply company specializing in products that improve respiratory function. The company provides innovative products and solutions for sleep and breathing problems worldwide. The world leader in solutions for the management of Sleep Disorders and Chronic Respiratory Failure.

Fisher & Paykel was formed in 1934, after two young friends, Woolf Fisher and Maurice Paykel, successfully sold surplus refrigerators that had been imported by the Paykel family business, Paykel Brothers. Fisher & Paykel is the manufacturer of the Icon line of machines and is a major player in this field. It is a more expensive brand, but people really appreciate the level of quality.

POEO produces oxygen machines and its accessories often for home use. Their machines produce oxygen for medical use from ambient air. Most of the products manufactured by POEO are portable with a carrying case.

The Beurer brand has medical products specializing in prevention and diagnosis, to weight and diagnostic products, to therapy devices and massagers in the wellness category, to an active line, consisting of activity sensors and heart rate monitors, you can find everything that makes up a modern and healthy lifestyle.

What is the price for a sleep apnea device

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 600 £
more than 600 £
Price range diagram


Get used to wearing the device

Your therapy specialist will have configured all of your equipment settings to meet your sleep apnea needs, but you may need to make some subtle adjustments to the settings on your machine or mask. Like anything you try for the first time, wearing a sleep apnea machine can feel strange.

But if you don't get used to wearing it, you'll have trouble sleeping with it. Once you get used to how it feels, start using the device every time you sleep, including naps. Instead of putting it on right before you try to sleep, start by wearing it as much as possible before you go to bed.

Adjust the air pressure

You may be able to overcome this by using a sleep apnea machine with a "ramp" feature. This setting allows you to start with low air pressure. The machine then automatically and slowly increases the air pressure to the prescribed setting while you fall asleep. Your doctor can adjust its rate.

Learn about the mask options

Are you a mouth breather? Perhaps a full face mask would be the best option. If you are severely claustrophobic, you may want to look at a mask with minimal contact to your face and a clear field of vision. Also, make sure your mask fits properly. A leaky mask can dry out your nose.

If you have to tighten the straps often to prevent air leaks, the mask may not fit properly. A sleep apnea machine with a heated humidifier that attaches to the air pressure machine can help. You can adjust the level of humidification. Using a nasal spray at bedtime can also help relieve a dry, stuffy nose.

Mask the noise

Most newer models of sleep apnea machines are nearly silent. But if you find the noise from a machine annoying, first check that the machine's air filter is clean and unblocked. If all is well, you can choose to wear earplugs or use a white noise machine.

Another tip will be to place the sleep apnea machine as far away from the bed as possible can also help make the noise from the machine less noticeable.

Keep the device clean

You can wash your sleep apnea machine supplies by hand with warm soap and water once a week. Then hang them up to dry. Or you can speed up the process by using a device cleaner to disinfect your items in as little as five minutes.

You may sleep better with fresh, clean sleep apnea machine supplies. Plus, clean equipment will last longer and keep you from getting sick.


How to make the sleep apnea machine more comfortable?

Not all manufacturers of sleep apnea devices are the same. Each device model has a different look, feel and functionality. You may like one more than the other. Look for reviews and think about what features are important to you. But to make wearing the device comfortable, find out what mask options are right for you, too.

Can you travel with a sleep apnea machine?

Traveling is often considered a chore for patients. They may find it difficult to carry their device everywhere they go when they travel, but fortunately, recently, manufacturers have come out with models that can fit well during travel and commuting. On the other hand, one should be aware of the appropriate steps that patients should take when traveling.

Are sleep apnea machines easy to use?

There may be a learning curve associated with using the sleep apnea device. And as mentioned earlier, almost all users felt that their devices were relatively easy to use. In addition, using a sleep apnea machine to treat obstructive sleep apnea does not pose a serious health risk.

How does a sleep apnea machine work?

Asleep apnea machine is a medical device used to provide a constant, gentle flow of pressurized air that prevents the collapse of the individual's airway during sleep. The device has three main parts to be effective such as the motor, the tubing, and the mask that is placed on the face and comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the individual's comfort.


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Airsense S10 Autoset 9
Airsense S10 Autoset
ResMed S9 Autoset 10
ResMed S9 Autoset
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POEO Moyeah iBreath
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Resmed S9 escape


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