The best ski gloves in the UK 2023

Ski gloves are one of the main accessories you need to face the intense cold. As they come in different models, sizes and especially as the materials used are not all the same, some criteria of choice must be taken into account. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult our comparative guide.

Swix XC S Lynx - Men's cross country ski gloves 1

Editor's picks

Swix XC S Lynx - Men's cross country ski gloves

The best ski gloves in 2021

If you're a cross-country skier, the Swix XC S Lynx gloves are the perfect fit for your sport. They will keep you warm all the way!

24 £ on Decathlon

Protecting yourself from the cold is essential when you go skiing. To do this, choose the Swix XC S Lynx ski gloves to keep your hands well protected. Indeed, these gloves have a Primaloft lining to ensure better thermal insulation. In addition, brushed polyester has been added to reduce heat loss as much as possible.

As for the design of the Swix XC S Lynx ski gloves, the manufacturers have opted for synthetic leather. And even better, their cuff is coated with lycra for more comfort when you put them on. In addition, this model of gloves is intended for men who want to indulge in the passion of Nordic skiing.

Wedze - Kids ski gloves 2

Best cheapest

Wedze - Kids ski gloves

The best entry-level ski gloves

Equip your children with high-performance ski gloves with Wedze. Being waterproof, they will protect their hands from the humidity that often causes numbness when they ski for a long time.

9,60 £ on Decathlon

Wedze have been specially designed for children. They are characterized by their waterproofness thanks to the presence of a water-repellent outer fabric and, in particular, a membrane designed for this purpose. In addition, the 150 g/m² wadding that acts as a filling maintains optimal warmth. Since they will be worn by children, they have been reinforced with polyurethane on the palms.

In addition, a fairly large opening in the sleeve allows the user to put it on easily. These gloves are robust, as their lining and main fabric are made of 100% polyester. In addition, all these features make these ski gloves suitable accessories for your children's learning.

Dreamscape SNB - Ski and snowboard gloves 3

Best high-end

Dreamscape SNB - Ski and snowboard gloves

The best premium ski gloves

If you're looking for the best ski gloves available, the Dreamscape SNB GL 900 is the one to choose. In fact, they can also be used for snowboarding with complete peace of mind.

32 £ on Decathlon

Both waterproof and durable, the Dreamscape SNB GL 900 are excellent for switching between disciplines such as skiing and snowboarding. Risks of tearing and abrasion are no longer a concern with this high-end ski accessory. Indeed, their robustness comes from the use of sheep leather and other synthetic materials like polyester.

Other features, the Dreamscape SNB GL 900 can protect you from the cold up to - 5°C. Moreover, they are easy to put on by generally inserting them under the sleeve of your jacket. However, the natural leather palm guarantees their longevity, even if you use them daily throughout the season.

Reusch Celia GTX – Gants de ski femmes 4

Gloves that are both stylish and high-performance

Reusch Celia GTX – Gants de ski femmes

The premium alternative

You won't regret choosing the Reusch Celia GTX ski gloves because of their performance. The robust outer fabric will not only protect you from the cold, but also from injury in case of a fall.

32 £ on Decathlon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best ski gloves

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The best ski gloves in 2021

The best entry-level ski gloves

The best premium ski gloves

The premium alternative

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Comparison table of the best ski gloves

Swix XC S Lynx - Men's cross country ski gloves 5
Wedze - Kids ski gloves 6
Dreamscape SNB - Ski and snowboard gloves 7
Reusch Celia GTX – Gants de ski femmes 8
Swix XC S Lynx - Men's cross country ski gloves
Wedze - Kids ski gloves
Dreamscape SNB - Ski and snowboard gloves
Reusch Celia GTX – Gants de ski femmes
If you're a cross-country skier, the Swix XC S Lynx gloves are the perfect fit for your sport. They will keep you warm all the way!
Equip your children with high-performance ski gloves with Wedze. Being waterproof, they will protect their hands from the humidity that often causes numbness when they ski for a long time.
If you're looking for the best ski gloves available, the Dreamscape SNB GL 900 is the one to choose. In fact, they can also be used for snowboarding with complete peace of mind.
You won't regret choosing the Reusch Celia GTX ski gloves because of their performance. The robust outer fabric will not only protect you from the cold, but also from injury in case of a fall.
100% polyester
100% polyester
Synthetic leather
100% polyester
100% sheepskin leather
Nordic skiing and other winter activities
Casual beginner skiing
Skiing and snowboarding

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How to choose your ski gloves

Before you start buying your ski gloves, remember to take into consideration the different criteria that are necessary, so as not to make a mistake. So, find all our advice to easily make the right choice and then get started.

#1 - Ideal glove size

Regarding this first criterion, you should know that ski gloves come in different sizes, depending on the morphology of each person. It is in fact a ratio between the size of the hand and the size of the gloves. It is however necessary to take care not to take the thumb into account, at the time of the measurement.

#2 - Protection

The practice of any sport requires the use of different specific equipment. Such is the case with skiing where gloves are essential to keep your hands from freezing. What's more, they protect you from abrasions if you fall. Therefore, it is necessary to favor sturdy gloves that are adapted to the discipline.

#3 - Fit choice

When referring to ski gloves, you should know that they come in three types:

  • Classic ski gloves,
  • Lobsters,
  • Ski mittens.

Initially, it is a matter of preference. However, you should still take into account the level of practicality, comfort and especially their ability to keep your hands warm. Indeed, these three derivatives have their own characteristics.

#4 - Frequency of use

When investing in a pair of ski gloves, consider the use of them. Indeed, everything depends on how often you will use them and your level. Some are more expensive than others because they are designed for professionals. If you are a beginner and you rarely practice this sport, choose an adapted model that will not wear out quickly.

#5 - Tightening

All models of ski gloves have a varied tightening system. Indeed, from the cuff to the wrist, the tightening determines the proper fit of this equipment. For the cuff, you have the choice between a fitted neoprene and a scratch system (short cuff) or a cord (long cuff). As for the wrist, you will find a velcro or a cord as tightening.

How to take care of your ski gloves?

In order for your ski gloves not to deteriorate after a few outings, you are required to take the utmost care of them. In other words, it starts with the maintenance until they are stored when you are not using them.

Use the right products for cleaning

Not all cleaning products are suitable for cleaning your ski gloves. At first glance, it all depends on the material they are made of. Obviously, the majority of this type of equipment has pores in a membrane, to allow good breathability. However, avoid washing your ski gloves in the washing machine.

In order not to clog them, consider using a brush, preferably with soft bristles like the one used for nails, to gently clean them by hand. But don't forget to apply a few drops of detergent mixed with a little warm water. After using the brush, gently wipe your gloves with a damp chamois. Then dry them vertically away from all sources of heat to avoid shrinking.

Revive the water repellency of your ski gloves

After several cleanings, even if you are very careful, the waterproofness of gloves tends to fade. Indeed, most of them have a Gore-Tex membrane that must be maintained. For this reason, it is necessary to think of reinforcing the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment applied during the manufacture of gloves. Indeed, if this property of the fabric is altered, water drops will no longer bead up properly on the surface and will seep into the glove.

To avoid this problem, avoid exposing your gloves to direct sunlight. Instead, after washing, dry them in the open air away from UV light. You can put them on the veranda, but make sure they are in the shade. In order not to deform them, avoid twisting them. The best way to wring them out is to put them on when the moisture content is lower. This way, you will efficiently evacuate the remaining water contained in the equipment.

The different types of ski gloves

Not all ski gloves are created equal. Indeed, they come in different types depending on the use for which they are intended. Find here the few variations according to the discipline practiced.

Cross-country or Nordic ski gloves

Cross-country ski gloves are characterized by the presence of a system in the form of a membrane called windstopper to serve as a windbreak. This equipment can be waterproof or not. The reason is that Nordic skiing is practiced at medium altitude and on a more or less flat surface. In addition, they are quite breathable, given the superhuman effort that the skier must provide to move on the groomed snow.

Touring ski gloves

This accessory is distinguished by its maximum thermal insulation and waterproofing. Indeed, to practice this discipline, the skier is forced to climb peaks before making his descent. It is clear that the entire body is subjected to a severe test and tends to sweat profusely. Therefore, this equipment is designed to allow the hands to dry quickly due to its great breathability. This is why it is necessary to wear this type of gloves for more performance.

Alpine ski gloves

Alpine skiing being an intense discipline, it requires special equipment from the outfit to the gloves. The latter must have a good grip, given that the laying of the poles is more or less fast at high speed. Therefore, the dexterity of the skier lies in the quality of the gloves. In other words, they must be waterproof, breathable and have a windproof system. Nevertheless, the presence of a leash (a kind of elastic) around the wrist distinguishes them from other models.

Freeride ski gloves

This type of gloves is the violin d'Ingres of passionate off-piste skiers in search of thrills. As the course is not marked in this discipline, obstacles are frequent and accentuate the risks of falls. That's why this type of glove is specifically designed to be as rugged and waterproof as possible, to minimize injuries. They are also tailored to ensure maximum thermal insulation.

Ski gloves for competition

This product is generally intended for professional skiers. Considering that the skier's speed can easily reach 250 km/h, these specific gloves are specially reinforced on all points. Because of this, they are very resistant to abrasion and have a semi-rigid shell on the top of the hand and the phalanges.

Ski gloves or mittens?

Skiing is not only done with classic ski gloves. Indeed, it can also be done with ski mittens. We invite you to find below all that differentiates them from each other.

Ski gloves

The ski gloves are noticeable the fact that the 5 fingers of the hand are separated from each other. This property allows the skier to have more freedom of movement. This means that it offers unparalleled dexterity to hold and manipulate the poles at will.

In addition, ski gloves can be adapted for most winter sports such as slalom, Nordic skiing, etc. However, it generally comes in 5 types, depending on the sport discipline.

Ski mittens

Ski mittens, except for the thumb, wrap all the fingers of the hand without any separation. However, just like classic gloves, they can be used for many winter sports. The only drawback is that the user's gripping ability is still reduced.

In other words, if he had to handle a smartphone it goes without saying that it would be a little difficult. Nevertheless, it should be noted that by joining the 4 fingers of the hand, they provide more heat, unlike conventional gloves.


Classic ski gloves and ski mittens are similar in some respects. Indeed, both allow you to do activities in winter. However, if you are looking for performance in handling ski poles, gloves are more practical. Also, if you are a cold person by nature, mittens are the most appropriate.

However, it should be noted that the use of mittens is restricted in that they do not allow for easy hiking as well as downhill skiing. In conclusion, the choice of their use should therefore be based on the activity in question to optimize its performance.

Why buy ski gloves?

1. A question of safety

Like any other sport, skiing can be dangerous at any time. It goes without saying that the risk of falls cannot be ruled out. If you leave your hands unprotected, you risk freezing your fingers. And even worse, if you fall, you will be exposed to abrasions. By the way, don't be fooled by the fact that it's only snow. In fact, rubbing your skin over a significant distance can cause redness and pain.

2. Body heat

At a certain temperature, the blood will tend to clot, sometimes causing the subject to faint or even have a heart attack. In fact, ski suits are not enough to keep you warm and it is especially the extremities of the limbs that suffer the most. Hence the need to get ski gloves to keep your hands warm.

3. Comfort

Wearing ski gloves is a necessity to evolve well on the ground. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are also designed to provide you with unprecedented comfort. Can you imagine skiing without gloves in the cold winter? This is almost impossible, as it can make you feel uncomfortable. Think about your comfort by choosing the right type and size of gloves.

4. Style

Many manufacturers compete with each other to satisfy skiers. A range of colors and a wide choice of models are available in different outlets and on the internet. Thus, to look like a professional skier, you just have to choose well so that the ski gloves are in harmony with the outfit you wear.

5. Practicality

It goes without saying that skiing would be impossible without wearing appropriate gloves. Depending on the model and the discipline, they are essential to hold the poles firmly so that they do not slip out of your hands. Also, ski gloves allow the fingers to be properly positioned on the handle. They are also very practical to grasp the strap of the pole in case of need.

The best brands of ski gloves

In our opinion, the best brands of ski gloves in 2022 are :

Outdoor Research

Wedze is one of the many brands of the Decathlon company. It is best known for its snow sports. In addition to ski gloves, Wedze specializes in the distribution of many rich and varied articles. Indeed, it also produces clothing specifically for winter activities such as softshells and hardshells.

The Swix brand is a master in the manufacture of ski wax. Under the impetus of Börje Gabrielsson, the Norwegian company of the same name was founded in 1946 in Sweden. The investment company Fred AS, which owns the company, decided to establish its headquarters in Lillehammer. In 1974, Swix invested money in the acquisition of Liljedahls Skistavfabrikk. In 1989, Swix also invested in Norheim. Since then, Swix has been diversifying its activities by producing ski poles and, in particular, ski gloves.

Like Wedze, the Dreamscape brand originated from the French company Decathlon. Dreamscape aims to satisfy snowboarding enthusiasts, especially snowboarders, through its products. Its designers have gathered in a modest team to develop its products near Chamonix in the Alps. With Dreamscape, beginners and professionals alike will find something to suit them.

Since 1934, the founder of this brand named Karl Reusch developed his first gloves. With the help of his son Gebhard, he started in the sports equipment industry by developing gloves for professional alpine athletes in 1972. Since 1989, he has been fully involved in the ski industry. And in the 2000's, he started to develop a whole range of products, each one more performing than the other

Outdoor Research is a brand very appreciated for the quality of its innovative products. Founded by Ron Gregg, who is both a mountaineer and a nuclear physicist, the company of the same name was born in 1981. The company has won numerous prestigious awards including Runner's World, 23 Outside Magazine awards, Gear of the Year, National Geographic, etc. The list of awards is not exhaustive, but all this proves the major role that Outdoor Research plays in the field of snow sports.

What is the price ski gloves

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Keep your hands warm all day long

When you ski all day and the temperature is below 0°C, one pair of ski gloves is not enough to keep your fingers warm. Therefore, consider putting under-gloves, preferably silk, inside your ski gloves. Otherwise, if you are prone to Raynaud's syndrome (a great sensitivity to cold), it is recommended to bring a second pair of gloves. That way, you can switch them out in the middle of the day.

Store your ski gloves properly

When winter comes to an end, your ski gloves are no longer of use to you and should be put away carefully. To do this, consider storing them in a nylon bag with a zipper. Note that a polyester bag can also do the trick. However, it is important to keep them separate from other accessories. Indeed, if they are not completely dry during transport, they will risk wetting the latter.

Do a few routine exercises to warm up

Although you are wearing high-performance ski gloves, at some point, your fingers may become numb. To alleviate the problem, it is necessary to move your fingers from time to time and rub your hands. However, when doing this exercise, don't pull your fingers out much. Finally, by letting your arms fall along your body, you will be able to restore your blood circulation.

Put on your ski gloves properly

Skiing while staying warm is one of the main concerns for all athletes. Indeed, even when wearing high-end gloves, you must consider the proper position when putting them on. Therefore, whether they have a long or short cuff, always make sure that there is no gap between it and the sleeve of your jacket. If possible, make sure the two fit snugly together for better thermal insulation.

Adjust the strap tightness

When you put on your gloves, a tightening strap keeps them in place so they don't slip out of your hands. However, the tightening should not be too strong for a good reason. Indeed, in this precise case, your blood circulation will be less at the level of your wrist. It is therefore necessary to find the right balance for the adjustment of the strap, because this will impact your blood pressure.


How do you clean ski gloves?

Washing ski gloves is quite delicate unlike the usual gloves. Indeed, they should not be put in the machine, at the risk of deforming them. Therefore, you should prefer to clean them by hand using a little detergent in warm water. Toknow the right size, the best technique is to use a piece of string that you have to wrap under your thumb to the bottom of your palm. By relating the length of this to a double decimeter, you will have the circumference that corresponds to a specific size. As an example, for a man, a circumference of hand 18/19 cm = size S.

How do you know if a pair of gloves is the right size?

At the same time thin, light and tight, the lining gloves provide a real comfort of use. Indeed, they can be put on under the gloves and are essential for people who tend to sweat profusely. However, if they are not delivered with the product, you should still think about taking a slightly large size of ski gloves.

Are liner gloves really necessary?

The choice between ski gloves and ski mittens is made according to the discipline. Indeed, gloves offer a better dexterity, given that the 5 fingers are independent. In addition, ski mittens immobilize the index, middle, ring and little fingers. However, gloves provide less heat than mittens.

Are ski gloves more effective than ski mittens?


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Swix XC S Lynx - Men's cross country ski gloves 9
Swix XC S Lynx - Men's cross country ski gloves
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Wedze - Kids ski gloves
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Dreamscape SNB - Ski and snowboard gloves
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