The best shower columns in the UK 2023

For your bathroom renovation, you have decided to opt for a shower column. You think this type of installation will enhance your shower experience. We are happy to say that you are right. On average, English people spend 9 minutes in the shower. So you want to make those special moments in the shower as relaxing as possible. Here's a guide to the best shower columns to help you find the right model.

GROHE - Rainshower 310 thermostatic shower column 1

Best value for money

GROHE - Rainshower 310 thermostatic shower column

The best shower column

With its fast, even instantaneous regulation, you will have a shower column that meets your needs. It is simple, but practical, especially for everyday use. Your peace of mind, safety and comfort will be assured by choosing this model.

554 £ on Amazon

Want to relax in the shower? The GROHE Rainshower 310 will satisfy you. This is a 310 shower system, so you can enjoy the feeling of summer rain with its extra large head. The jets are perfectly adjustable and you can combine them by pressing the different buttons.

Also, you can benefit from GROHE technology for slider and temperature adjustment. The thermostatic mixer allows you to vary the intensity of the heat. The flexible and adjustable hand shower helps you easily clean certain parts of your body. The overhead shower and hand shower have soft silicone nozzles to prevent limescale build-up and are finished with a quality chrome coating for easy cleaning.

GROHE - Euphoria 260 shower column with thermostatic mixer 2

Best value for money

GROHE - Euphoria 260 shower column with thermostatic mixer

The best entry-level shower column

With a very neat design, you will have an unequalled comfort. Its adjustable shower arm makes it very practical. Its head shower has an easy to turn ball joint. In two words: efficient and ergonomic.

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For a moment of relaxation in your daily life, choose the GROHE Euphoria 260 shower column. Precision engineered, the engineers have equipped it with an easy control option. You can switch from its hand shower to its overhead shower with a click. The angle of rotation of the overhead shower guarantees you a relaxing moment as well as increased cleanliness.

This model is multifunctional. Its jet can vary between Rain, SmartRain and Massage to offer you unique sensations. The difference lies in the intensity and relaxation it brings, adjustable to your liking. It also ensures water savings, while allowing you to maximize your pleasure.

Hansgrohe - Thermostatic Shower Column with 2 Mixer Sprays 3

Best premium value for money

Hansgrohe - Thermostatic Shower Column with 2 Mixer Sprays

The best high-end shower column

Discover the Hansgrohe wall-mounted shower column to be comfortable in your bathroom. In addition to being easy to install, it is compatible with all hot water systems.

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With its modern design, this shower column has a great autonomy. It has an easy-to-hang shower holder. It allows you to benefit from jets imitating natural rain. Flexible, adjustable and light, it is simply ergonomic. Take full advantage of 2 distinct jets with its 18 cm diameter head shower. It is equipped with a double function: the RainAir jet and the RainFlow jet (or water blade). The difference is in the pressure that is poured.

Its hand shower is 160cm long, and has a nut to offer you an optimal use. Finally, its mixing valve grants you a temperature of up to 40° for more comfort during its use.

Bonade - Hydromassage shower column in stainless steel 4

Best alternative

Bonade - Hydromassage shower column in stainless steel

Excellent alternative

With this shower column, the water temperature provided is limited to 49°C for safety. Take comfortable showers, as it has both an anti-scald and anti-cold system.

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Take your shower safely with the Bonade column. The installation of this shower panel is wall mounted. Thanks to its power, its head shower can reach your back, your buttocks and your stomach at the same time. This gives you a breath of fresh air that is sure to relax you. You can also opt for the handheld shower.

Its style is quite original since it has an elegant mirror effect. Its material is resistant and stainless, which proves the 10-year warranty. To regulate its temperature, it has a thermostatic valve that is easy to use, as you just have to turn it.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best shower column

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The best shower column

The best entry-level shower column

The best high-end shower column

Excellent alternative

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Comparison table of the best shower columns

GROHE - Rainshower 310 thermostatic shower column 5
GROHE - Euphoria 260 shower column with thermostatic mixer 6
Hansgrohe - Thermostatic Shower Column with 2 Mixer Sprays 7
Bonade - Hydromassage shower column in stainless steel 8
GROHE - Rainshower 310 thermostatic shower column
GROHE - Euphoria 260 shower column with thermostatic mixer
Hansgrohe - Thermostatic Shower Column with 2 Mixer Sprays
Bonade - Hydromassage shower column in stainless steel
With its fast, even instantaneous regulation, you will have a shower column that meets your needs. It is simple, but practical, especially for everyday use. Your peace of mind, safety and comfort will be assured by choosing this model.
With a very neat design, you will have an unequalled comfort. Its adjustable shower arm makes it very practical. Its head shower has an easy to turn ball joint. In two words: efficient and ergonomic.
Discover the Hansgrohe wall-mounted shower column to be comfortable in your bathroom. In addition to being easy to install, it is compatible with all hot water systems.
With this shower column, the water temperature provided is limited to 49°C for safety. Take comfortable showers, as it has both an anti-scald and anti-cold system.
Anti-scald protective function
Easy to control
Separate dual spray pattern
Safe operation
Combination of different jets
Variation of jets according to your desires
Adjustable spray flow rate
Water jets covering your entire body
Modular fountain
Made of quality chrome plated brass
Quality design with elegant white chrome finish
Easy-to-use thermostatic valve

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How to choose your shower column

Shower columns are a great way to inject modernity into any bathroom. Currently on the market, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of models of shower columns. Finding the right model can be a real challenge.

To help you make your choice, there are a number of criteria that you should consider when making your choice. So, if you're thinking of installing a shower column in your bathroom, here's everything you need to know to choose the right model.

#1 - The shower head

Showerheads differ in water distribution, material, shape and number of spikes. Generally, when the number of spikes is high, the water is distributed evenly and gently. When there are fewer pimples, the advantage is that the muscles feel more relaxed.

The distribution of the water depends on the number of pimples and the jet. There are two options: single-jet or multi-jet. The multi-jet shower offers more comfort and relaxation thanks to the various diffusions available: massage, foaming, rain, etc.

Square, round or rectangular, the shape is nothing more than a question of aesthetics. It is at the level of the material that one must be vigilant since the resistance of the product depends on it. The majority of the knobs proposed on the market are made of ABS plastic.

#2 - The flexible hose and the shower bar


parameters must also be taken into account for the flexible hose, the element that connects the mixer and the hand shower. You have to consider its material, its dimensions and the stapling, which can be single or double. Between brass, plastic and stainless steel, the latter is recommended for more robustness. Regarding the dimensions, it is necessary to ensure that its length exceeds by 10 cm the height of the tallest person in the family.

The shower bar must be the right size, accessible and comfortable, so that the whole family can shower with ease, young and old. This item is usually installed about 4 feet off the floor.

#3 - Fittings


you choose a shower column with faucets, you have the choice between 3 models of faucets: the mechanical mixer, the thermostatic mixer and the mixer. The mechanical mixer allows you to adjust the water temperature and flow rate. All you have to do is move the lever from bottom to top for the flow rate and from left to right for the temperature.

Unlike the mechanical mixing valve, the thermostatic mixing valve does not adapt to all hot water production. However, the temperature can be adjusted more precisely thanks to a handle graduated in degrees.

The mixer has two handles, one for cold water and one for hot water. You mix to find the right temperature. If you're looking for convenience and economy, skip it!

#4 - The material


materials are available, but metal is always recommended because of its excellent resistance. High-end models are usually made of stainless steel, brushed stainless steel or/and aluminum. For those who prefer aesthetics, glass and wood shower columns are an excellent option.

It would also be interesting to opt for a combination of materials: ABS plastic shower head, brass flexible hose, stainless steel bar...

#5 - Types of shower columns


shower columns without faucets, with mechanical or thermostatic mixer, hydromassage, with built-in faucets, telescopic and LED, the choice is yours!

How do you clean your shower column?

To clean your shower column, you first need to make sure that you are using the right type of cleaner for the material that makes up your model. Shower cleaners can be aggressive on metal. It is therefore important to use a cleaner with a mild pH, but that cleans effectively.

Pure bleach is not always the best cleaner for a shower column, no matter what material it is made of.

Regularly wiping the surface of the shower panel is a simple step that can extend the life of your shower panel. From time to time, a deep cleaning will need to be done for the faucets and shower head, but this time using a heavy duty shower cleaner. You can also use household items like vinegar to clean all the components of the shower column. This is an environmentally friendly alternative that is no less effective.

Adding a dehumidifier to the bathroom will also help manage humidity and prevent mold and mildew buildup. Good air circulation is important to keep the shower clean. A clogged, damp environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold growth, which will accelerate the wear and tear on your shower column.

The different types of shower columns

In addition to the five main criteria we have listed above, you will also need to consider the type of shower column you want to have. For example, you can choose between a thermostatic shower column and a hydromassage shower column. In this section, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of each type of column.

Thermostatic shower column

A thermostatic shower column is a type of column with a system that allows precise control of the water temperature. In fact, it is a built-in safety feature that ensures that the water remains at a constant temperature throughout your shower. Even if someone turns on a faucet elsewhere in your home, there's no need to worry about a sudden drop in water pressure or temperature.

More importantly, you'll feel much safer knowing there's no danger of the water getting too hot and burning you.

Most modern thermostatic shower columns also have a memory system that records the temperature used during a shower. The column will instantly reproduce this same temperature the next time you use it.

A thermostatic shower column includes the elements common to all showers:

  • A high shower head
  • A hand shower
  • A flexible hose
  • A mixing valve

In addition, what really distinguishes the thermostatic shower column is the presence of a mixer with two controls. The first is designed to control the temperature, while the second is used to adjust the flow of water.


  • Total and precise control of the temperature
  • Maintains the temperature at the desired level
  • Memorization of the temperature between two uses


  • High water consumption
  • Very sensitive to limescale

Who is it for?

If you have young children or are concerned about the safety of an elderly person, thermostatic shower columns are very reassuring and will suit you perfectly.

Hydromassage shower column


hydromassage shower column has the same basic features of a shower column. What distinguishes it from the others is the presence of an array of massage jets attached to the main panel. The water does not only come from the shower head. With a hydromassage shower column, several water jets are directed along your body. Depending on the model, these can be fixed or adjustable.

Hydromassage shower columns offer many massage options. You can choose between relaxing or toning jets.

To install a hydromassage shower column, your shower must meet a few requirements. First, you must have a shower stall. At least, your shower must have a wall or curtain that faces the jets to avoid spraying water all over the bathroom. Second, the water pressure in your plumbing system should be at least 3 bars.

Advantages :

  • Hydrotherapy treatment of back pain, headaches, aches and pains in the joints
  • Reduction of stress
  • Space saving
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages :

  • Need to have a shower cabin
  • High water consumption

Who is it for?

Hydromassage shower columns are primarily intended for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a thalassotherapy session while remaining at home. The best hydromassage shower columns currently on the market are relatively expensive and consume a lot of water. You should therefore be aware of all this before making your purchase.

Built-in shower column or exposed shower column?

Now you know the criteria to take into account when choosing a shower column. You also know the difference between a thermostatic column and a hydromassage column. However, there is still a dilemma you have to solve: Which type of installation should you choose? Indeed, for each type of shower column, there are models that can be installed in a recessed or exposed manner. To make your choice in terms of installation, you will have to take into account the advantages you want to obtain from one or the other.

The built-in shower column

Built-in shower columns offer many advantages. First, this type of installation allows you to create a custom shower. By embedding the control panel in the wall, you will have much more room to add options (increase the number of jets on a hydromassage column, integrate chromotherapy and aromatherapy programs, etc.). But the main advantage of a built-in shower column is the space saving. The fittings take up much less space in your shower cubicle.

The exposed shower column

As the name suggests, a visible shower column will reveal the fittings and some of the column's components. On the other hand, this model is easy to install. In most cases, you won't even have to call in a plumber. Maintenance will also be much easier, as almost all of the mechanical elements are visible.


So, if you want a shower column that brings harmony and aesthetics to your bathroom, opt for a built-in shower column. But if you want a versatile and easy-to-maintain model, choose an exposed shower column instead.

Why buy a shower column?

A new way to enjoy the shower

With some shower columns, showering becomes a pure pleasure. This is the case with the hydromassage models that allow you to benefit from massaging jets. You can enjoy three types of massage with this type of shower column, namely cervical, plantar and vertical massages.

The first one allows you to relax the muscles of the neck via well-targeted water jets, an excellent option to relieve the pains accumulated during the day. The second ensures relaxation of the entire body thanks to the arch massage, while the third relieves back pain and all muscular tensions.

A great comfort of use

No more cold or very, very hot showers! Thanks to the thermostatic shower column, you can adjust the temperature to the exact degree and benefit from a constant water temperature, whatever the flow rate. Safety is ensured by a temperature blocker. It's also easy to use, as all you have to do is press a button and turn the faucet.

To benefit from chromotherapy

What about bringing colour into your shower? This is possible thanks to LED columns, which have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. You don't need an electrical installation to enjoy a "multicoloured" shower.

The LED lights are powered by the water supply system, while the lighting and power are controlled by the thermostatic mixer. White, blue or yellow, the colours bring you well-being and relaxation to start your day in a good mood.

The best brands of shower columns

In our opinion, the best brands of shower columns in 2022 are :

Jacob Delafon

Grohe is a German manufacturer of sanitary fittings and stands for quality, technology, design and durability. These values have propelled it to the top: today Grohe is the European leader in the field of fittings. The company stands for the famous "German quality".

Auralum is a young and rapidly expanding sanitary appliance manufacturing company. The quality, performance, durability and aesthetics of its products make it a brand that is very popular with the public. Its shower columns are among the most popular because of their sleek, modern design.

Hansgrohe is a German manufacturer of sanitary fittings founded by Hans Grohe in 1901 in Schiltach, Germany. It is a brand with more than 100 years of experience, and buying its shower columns means opting for a robust product.

Jacob Delafon is a brand created in 1889 and the company Kohler France has been operating it since 1986. It is a multi-specialist in the design and manufacture of high-end sanitaryware. In particular, shower columns with a modern and pure design, very aesthetic.

Homelody is a professional manufacturer of sanitary and kitchen products, such as bathroom faucets, shower systems, etc. The brand has an excellent reputation, and its shower columns, in particular, are appreciated for their simplicity, functionality, and innovation.

What is the price for a shower column

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

80 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


The shower column: simple and practical

For maximum functionality with minimum fuss, install a wall-mounted shower column to support your shower head. This will allow you to have much more freedom of movement.

Choose an adjustable shower column


a shower column, you'll be able to adjust the height of the shower as you see


Shower columns equipped with rails are very interesting.

Upgrade your blender


you are not satisfied with the performance of your current shower, consider replacing the mixer. Opt for those that come with the hose, head, and shower stand or column. This will make your life easier.

All-in-one shower column


for an all-in-one shower column that will already bring together everything you'll need with one piece. Especially those equipped with sliding bar with adjustable support, the integrated head, the mixer...

Hydromassage column: maximum comfort


if you want maximum comfort, opt for the hydromassage column. It incorporates all the components of a conventional column plus targeted jets that can reduce stress and improve circulation.


How do I fix a leaking or dripping shower column?

You should check all the connections on your shower column to make sure they are tight. You can also use plumber's tape or putty to reinforce the joints on the connections.

How high should a shower column be?

This will depend on the size of the users and the layout of the shower. In addition, it is recommended that the shower column be placed so that the integrated shower head is 40 cm above the head of the tallest user in the house.

What is the best material to use for shower walls?

It is recommended to use acrylic for shower walls. This material is very affordable, easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

Do shower columns work well at low water pressure?

All shower columns are manufactured with a recommended PSI rating. You should check the water pressure in your home and see if it is within the PSI range of the shower column you want to buy. If it is not, you can install a water booster to increase the pressure.


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GROHE - Rainshower 310 thermostatic shower column 9
GROHE - Rainshower 310 thermostatic shower column
GROHE - Euphoria 260 shower column with thermostatic mixer 10
GROHE - Euphoria 260 shower column with thermostatic mixer
Hansgrohe - Thermostatic Shower Column with 2 Mixer Sprays 11
Hansgrohe - Thermostatic Shower Column with 2 Mixer Sprays
Bonade - Hydromassage shower column in stainless steel 12
Bonade - Hydromassage shower column in stainless steel


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