The best shovels in the UK 2023

The shovel is indispensable for many different tasks. This tool allows you to move dirt, pick up leaves, fill a hole, and even do various jobs outside of gardening. However, it is difficult to choose the perfect shovel from the many models on the market. That's why we're going to show you the best shovels out there.

Fiskars steel blade shovel 1

Editor's Choice

Fiskars steel blade shovel

The best excavator in 2021

Equipped with a steel blade and a fiberglass-reinforced plastic handle, this model of shovel will be perfect to accompany you in your work. With a weight of 1.95 kg, the shovel will be easy to handle.

43,92 £ on Amazon

If you want to move earth, gravel, sand and other materials, this model of shovel is recommended. The size of the shovel head is ideal for shoveling the necessary amount of material. The blade's construction material is steel, which makes the shovel extremely strong and durable.

The handle design of this type of shovel offers you great comfort during the gardening operation. Therefore, you will certainly not get any hand pain with this model, even after heavy use. Also, the height of the shovel prevents you from working in an uncomfortable position. This means that you will never have back pain when using this shovel.

Oxo Good Grips Shovel and Broom for the Home 2

The best cheapest

Oxo Good Grips Shovel and Broom for the Home

The best entry-level excavator

If you want to do a quick and efficient cleaning at home, this model of dustpan and broom will be perfect. With a weight of 185 g, this equipment will not tire you.

9,20 £ on Amazon

This broom and dustpan set is of incomparable quality. Its stainless steel design, with rubber bangs on the broom, gives this set maximum durability. With a minimalist design, the mini shovel and broom set allows you to efficiently clean hard-to-reach corners with a soft rubber edge.

The shape and design of this shovel's handle ensures excellent maneuverability during use. The angled cleaning brush also makes it convenient to use on a table or countertop, as well as directly on the floor or even in a car. As an added bonus, its compact design makes storage much easier!

Gerber Folding Shovel 3

The best high-end

Gerber Folding Shovel

The best premium excavator

If you want a shovel that combines strength and lightness, this folding shovel will meet your expectations. One size fits all and black in color, this is the model you absolutely must have for gardening.

58,84 £ on Amazon

With a serrated edge, this folding shovel can help you on chopping and sawing. This is very useful for removing roots from plants. Small in size, it is easy to carry when needed. But also, it's ideal while working, because it won't require too much effort from you.

When the shovel is folded, it can be used as a hammer. However, its use as such should be done with care to avoid damaging the tool. The design of its handle offers you an outstanding comfort during the handling of the shovel. So, what more could you ask for than a light and operational tool for gardening with peace of mind?

OXO Good Grips Telescopic Shovel Set 4

The best alternative

OXO Good Grips Telescopic Shovel Set

A great alternative

The special feature of this broom and dustpan set is the design of the handle. Adjustable, the handle of this shovel will be able to adapt to your size.

32,57 £ on Amazon

Telescopic style, the handle of this shovel can be extended up to 1.30 m high. This makes its use more practical and suitable for everyone. And that, in total comfort. The shovel is equipped with several teeth, so you will be able to remove the dirt embedded on the bristles of the broom in a minimum of time.

To remove dust, the brush of the broom is designed with thick bristles. This allows you to clean a large area quickly and efficiently. By nesting the broom in the scoop, this equipment will be compact for better storage. So, what are you waiting for to get one so that cleaning tasks become a pure moment of happiness?

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Best shovel

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The best excavator in 2021

The best entry-level excavator

The best premium excavator

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best shovels

Fiskars steel blade shovel 5
Oxo Good Grips Shovel and Broom for the Home 6
Gerber Folding Shovel 7
OXO Good Grips Telescopic Shovel Set 8
Fiskars steel blade shovel
Oxo Good Grips Shovel and Broom for the Home
Gerber Folding Shovel
OXO Good Grips Telescopic Shovel Set
Equipped with a steel blade and a fiberglass-reinforced plastic handle, this model of shovel will be perfect to accompany you in your work. With a weight of 1.95 kg, the shovel will be easy to handle.
If you want to do a quick and efficient cleaning at home, this model of dustpan and broom will be perfect. With a weight of 185 g, this equipment will not tire you.
If you want a shovel that combines strength and lightness, this folding shovel will meet your expectations. One size fits all and black in color, this is the model you absolutely must have for gardening.
The special feature of this broom and dustpan set is the design of the handle. Adjustable, the handle of this shovel will be able to adapt to your size.
Moving soil, sand, gravel and other loose materials
Household cleaning
Gardening, camping, hiking, mountaineering
House cleaning (hard floor)
Handle material
Rust-free material
Head material
0.185 kg
1.02 kg
0.621 kg
1.95 kg
0.41 x 18.7 x 13.7 cm
24.13 x 15.24 x 5.4 cm
24.1 x 7.6 x 97.8 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
130 x 22.4 x 16.7 cm

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How to choose your shovel

It's normal to have difficulty choosing the right shovel. So, to make it easier for you, here are some things to consider:

#1 - The work to be done

The first thing to do is to determine the type of work you will be doing. This is the basis for choosing a shovel. So, for large jobs, it is best that you choose a shovel that is both solid and larger. If you want to dig, it is better to choose a light, but wide shovel so that you do not get tired. For transporting different materials, a wide and flat shovel is ideal.

#2 - Your body type

This criterion is very important for your comfort. But also, it will allow you to avoid muscular accidents. In addition, you should bear in mind that once loaded, the weight of the shovel will increase. That is why you should choose a shovel that you will be comfortable with. Ideally, the shovel should have a handle at your torso height to avoid bending. For a dustpan, go for models with a long handle so you don't have to bend over to pick up trash.

#3 - The strength of the excavator

Considering the sturdiness of the shovel is going to allow you to use it as long as possible. Whether it's for frequent or occasional use, it's always to your advantage to choose a sturdy shovel. For this, you need to see the material of the shovel head. This part should be strong enough for any type of soil. The same goes for the handle so that the shovel can perform its role without problems. Also, the attachment between the different elements must be very solid.

#4 - The maneuverability of the excavator

A shovel is taken with the hand! And this is a fact that cannot be denied. So, the shovel you are going to choose must be easy and convenient to use. Remember, if the shovel is difficult to handle, your work will not be done perfectly, because you will get tired in no time. So, choose a shovel with an ergonomic, non-slippery handle that does not give blisters, for a better grip. Favor models with a handle that fits your hands perfectly.

#5 - The aesthetics

The aesthetics of a shovel aren't really about its use or function. It's just a preference for a better look for the equipment. If you have your own preference in color and finish, choose accordingly. By the way, there are several models of shovels with a wide choice of color and shape. For working with soil, the ideal color is a color related to nature such as green or brown. If it's a sand shovel for your child, choose a bright color like red or yellow.

What are the different uses of a shovel?


In general, a shovel is used for a variety of purposes. Already, you can clean your house with a dustpan. But also, a shovel can be used to work the land. In order to really enlighten you about the different uses of this tool, here are some points that might interest you!

For the big jobs

The use of a shovel in a construction site is essential. Indeed, thanks to this tool, working the earth will be easier and faster. A shovel also offers considerable time savings for bringing back the blocks of earth or other elements. It also allows you to work without requiring much effort from you.


For work in the garden

Many tend to underestimate the usefulness of a shovel for gardening. However, it is quite the opposite. First of all, by using the shovel designed for a specific task, you will be spared the back pain. On top of that, the result will be more satisfying. So, to dig holes for your future planting, the use of a shovel is necessary. Finally, a gardening shovel allows you to remove or move plants and vegetables without killing them.

For house cleaning

There are models of sweeping shovels that you can use while cleaning the chimney or to remove dust.

To clear snow

It is impossible to clear snow that accumulates on the yard with your hands. It is best to use a shovel to do this task perfectly. With a shovel, you could clear the maximum amount of snow without getting tired.

To clean up trash and vegetation

Of course, the broom is the tool designed for this task. However, to pick up trash and fallen leaves in your garden for easy transportation, it is best to use a shovel.

In the kitchen

The scoop here is used to safely put pizza or bread in the oven. In smaller sizes, it is also used to quantify ingredients when you are cooking, when you are preparing, for example, a pastry, or when you need to serve yourself or someone (with a pie scoop). Similarly, at the grocery store, it is used to pick up a certain amount of a specific food.

The different types of shovels

If you are not yet familiar with the various types of excavators, do not worry, because we will introduce them to you. This will allow you to discover the characteristics of each shovel.

The round shovel

Usually, the round shovel is the one that is commonly used to do gardening work. This type of shovel is most often used to complement a spade. The advantage of a round shovel is that it is easy to use due to its simple, yet practical design.

Indeed, with a round shovel in your hand, you can move sand, gravel or soil in one movement. The round shape that ends in a point allows you to effectively penetrate the earth deeply. This is why this model of shovel is known as a digger shovel.

The snow shovel

If you live in a place where it snows often, using a snow shovel is a must. Given its name, the snow shovel or square shovel is very practical for moving the layers of snow that accumulate. The advantage of using a snow shovel is that it allows you to transport the snow blocks without having to make too much effort.

But also, the snow shovel can be used to pick up the vegetation that falls on your ground in autumn for example. The square shape of the shovel's head allows you to pick up a large quantity of anything you want. So, by using the snow shovel, the work you want to do will be done quickly and efficiently.

The hydraulic shovel

If you feel like doing big work in your property, it is recommended to use the hydraulic power shovel. The innovative technology used in the hydraulic excavator is going to allow you to dig with incredible speed. So, no matter what kind of soil or surface you are going to work with this model of excavator, you will have no difficulty in performing your task while getting a perfect result.

The field of use of a hydraulic excavator is mainly in construction sites. However, in relation to its potentialities, manufacturers have developed a version of hydraulic excavator that can be used by individuals.

The dust shovel

The dust shovel has another name: "ash shovel". It is a model designed to perform domestic work. Indeed, the design of the dustpan does not allow you to do gardening work. The use of this shovel is rather oriented on the fact of collecting dust at home.

But also, what qualifies this equipment as an ash shovel is that its role is also to clean the ashes in a fireplace. So, if you want to clean the house and the chimney, the use of a dustpan is recommended.

The spade shovel

A model somewhere between a shovel and a spade, the spade shovel is the perfect ally for gardeners. It is designed to make the work easier and faster. What differentiates the spade shovel from other models of shovel is that it is very durable. Therefore, you can use this shovel to dig the earth.

Moreover, with the strong and sharp head of this type of shovel, you could easily cut the roots buried under the ground. The small drawback of the spade shovel is that it is not recommended to lift the soil with it. This is not because of the strength of the shovel, but its size will force you to bend frequently during the work. And precisely, this position is not ideal for your back.

The ladle

The ladle has a longer and narrower head. This shape makes it stand out from other shovel models. Even if its use is similar to that of a spade, it is the most efficient equipment if you want to work the soil in your garden with peace of mind.

The material used to make the ladle is very strong. This means that the spade will last for a long time, even with frequent use. So you can use this shovel on heavy clay soils without worrying that it will break. Want to do some transplanting work? We highly recommend the ladle as a type of shovel.

Shovel or spade?

You may be wondering which to choose between a shovel or a spade? This is a normal reaction, but each of these tools has its own particularities.

The shovel

A shovel is made to help you in your gardening tasks. It is arguably the oldest piece of equipment in terms of gardening tools. The use of large shovels is essential for moving soil. While the smaller models are designed for planting, such as flowers.

The spade

The design of a spade directs the tool to dig or pull up roots, for example vegetables in your vegetable gardens. We can even say that the spade is the unconditional ally of a gardener. So, to loosen the soil, it would be better to opt for a spade. Moreover, the ash handle of the spade makes the tool strong and light.


A shovel is very practical and efficient if you want to work the garden. With the shovel, you will not have difficulties to move a large quantity of earth. On the other hand, the spade will be useful to work your particular vegetable gardens or to dig for your future plantations. But the ideal is the shovel for its versatility.

Why buy a shovel?

If you are still hesitating to buy a shovel, here are some reasons that should change your mind:

For its efficiency

Considering the price of a shovel, compared to the things it can do, it is the tool that will definitely save you money. By buying a shovel, you will avoid unnecessary expenses while having a tool that will offer you a happy moment during your work. So what more could you ask for?

To avoid back pain and fatigue

Frequent bending is a danger to the health of your back. It is the most common cause of back pain. That's why using a shovel is a great advantage. With a shovel, you can get the job done without having to bend down at every moment or put yourself in an uncomfortable position. By its design, a shovel also prevents you from working with maximum effort.

For comfort

Through the materials and design of the shovel, the grip of the shovel will be more comfortable. Indeed, the design of the shovel's handle is made to fit your hands perfectly. As a result, you will have no trouble using the tool.

To make your work easier

With the right model of shovel, you won't have any difficulties in doing your daily tasks. Whether it's carrying, digging or cleaning, nothing will be more difficult for you.

For its robustness and resistance

Is it possible to have a tool at a lower price, but of good quality? Of course, the shovels we presented at the beginning of this article are of incomparable quality, yet they cost little. By choosing one of these models, you will have a shovel that will serve you for years.

The best brands of shovels

In our opinion, the best brands of shovels in 2022 are :


The Fiskars brand is one of the best in terms of manufacturing tools for everyday use. At the beginning, it only designed scissors. But now, it is expanding into several other activities.

The special thing about the Oxo brand is the design and quality of the handle of their shovels. Thanks to this iconic handle, you can distinguish them among so many others at a glance. On top of that, no matter what your hand shape or strength is, an Oxo shovel won't disappoint.

Known for their multi-function pliers, the brand is expanding into other businesses, including gardening tools like shovels. What makes the Gerber brand special is the quality of materials it uses to develop its products. Even though it offers quality tools, this does not mean that the design is neglected.

Caterpillar is one of the brands that specialize in manufacturing tools and construction equipment. This is to meet the demand of industries and individuals. With its quality tools and outstanding design, it is a brand that stands out from the rest.

The Bobcat brand differentiates itself from other manufacturers with the color of its machines and the design of its logo. But also, it offers innovative products to meet the needs of customers. If you want to buy excavators that are out of the ordinary, Bobcat will spoil you.

What is the price for a shovel

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Grab the handle of the shovel with both hands

Like any tool, using a shovel can become dangerous to yourself and others around you. It is therefore important to have the right method. For better stability of the shovel, avoid picking it up with only one hand. This can cause an accident at the handle. Also, the use of the shovel will not be optimal.

Place the shovel slightly horizontal in front of you

Researchers have designed the shovel to be easy to handle. To be more efficient in your gardening, place the shovel slightly horizontal in front of you. This positioning allows you to work efficiently with the shovel. Besides, to dig while saving strength, this way of positioning the shovel will be a great advantage to you.

Don't bend your back

During gardening sessions, the hardest thing for some people is to get back pain and give up. So when using a shovel, avoid bending even a small angle. Stand up straight to avoid back pain, the strength of your arms should be enough to handle the shovel well.

Push the shovel further into the ground using your foot

It is impossible to dig and have a significant depth just by using arm strength. But to dig more efficiently, push the head of the shovel with your foot. This way, you won't wear out your tool quickly especially on hard ground.

Take advantage of the leverage

That's why using a shovel is more convenient. With the handle of the shovel, you can easily lift a large amount of soil. To do this, you simply put your other hand in the middle of the handle and the other on the top end. Then press down on the top end of the handle to remove a large block of dirt or snow from the ground.


How to care for a garden shovel?

Despite the robustness and quality of the shovel, it is still necessary that you perform regular maintenance on the tool. This will ensure maximum longevity. In general, maintenance is performed according to the material of the shovel's design. But to make it simple, avoidusing the shovel for work that it is not intended for. After each use, get in the habit of cleaning it and drying it well.

How many shovels for a bag of cement?

Actually, it all depends on the capacity of your shovel here. But, on average, for a bag of cement weighing 25 kg, you will need about 29 shovels. For a bag of sand with a capacity of 35 kg, you need to count 40 shovels on average to empty it completely.

Can anyone drive a shovel?

For a professional excavator, that is, for use in a large construction site, an excavator is designed to be used by professionals. However, given the usefulness of this type of shovel, manufacturers have developed a version that individuals will be able to use for their work at home with the proper permit.

Where to store your garden shovels?

To keep your shovels in good condition, the best solution is to store them in a place protected from moisture. For garden shovels, simply put them in the garage after thoroughly cleaning them. Ideally, you should build a small shed to store your garden tools. This way, you will extend the life of your tools.


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