The best shoulder bags

Choosing a bag or satchel will depend on your daily activities. Unlike a more compact and personal handbag, shoulder bags are more practical and functional. Indeed, the choice of a shoulder bag will be based on the number of pockets, the volume of storage or the comfort of the shoulder strap.

But finding the right bag, in leather or nylon, can become a real obstacle course because of the hundreds of models available on the market! To help you, we have put together this buying guide of the best shoulder bags available.

Eastpak The One 1

Eastpak The One

17,06 £ on Amazon

With The One, Eastpak offers a shoulder bag that is 21 cm high, 16.5 cm wide and 5.5 cm deep. For storage, this model offers you a main compartment and a front pocket that are both zipped. This is a bestseller on Amazon!

David Jones shoulder bag for women 2

David Jones shoulder bag for women

27,99 £ on Amazon

Made of premium synthetic leather, this women's shoulder bag has all the qualities of a David Jones product. It is chic, practical and robust. The imitation leather is totally successful, and the adjustable shoulder strap ensures great flexibility.

Taygeer shoulder bag 3

Taygeer shoulder bag

19,19 £ on Amazon

In reality, this is a laptop bag with a shoulder strap. This configuration, versatile, offers you a great comfort. It can accommodate a 15.6-inch computer. You have two pockets, five storage slots and two other slots a little smaller.

Eastpak Jr 4

Eastpak Jr

33,84 £ on Amazon

With the Jr, Eastpak offers a larger shoulder bag than The One with a depth of 11 cm. Functional, this bag has a comfortable padded strap and a zippered pocket inside. Durable, it has a 100% nylon structure.

LOSMILE shoulder bag 5

LOSMILE shoulder bag

31,18 £ on Amazon

Presented as a shoulder bag, canvas bag and messenger bag in one, this LOSMILE shoulder bag embodies raw versatility. In the large compartment, you can store a 15-inch laptop or other things.

Tom Tailor Novara 6

Tom Tailor Novara

39,99 £ on Amazon

This beautiful and elegant Tom Tailor shoulder bag is just right! The Novara offers ample storage space for your valuables. The shoulder strap is also adjustable and you can enjoy optimal wearing comfort in any situation.

Lacoste Daily Classics shoulder bag 7

Lacoste Daily Classics shoulder bag

76 £ on Amazon

Lacoste's Daily Classics bags are truly special, and this shoulder bag is no exception with its sleek design and clean lines. It also benefits from a practical size and a removable and adjustable strap.

LEABAGS Oxford shoulder bag 8

LEABAGS Oxford shoulder bag

75,96 £ on Amazon

LEABAGS is known for designing, manufacturing and selling high quality leather goods. This model is made from high quality genuine leather. And despite its vintage look, the bag is predestined for everyday use.

Wishliker shoulder bag 9

Wishliker shoulder bag

15,19 £ on Amazon

Wishliker offers us a traditional bag that we can carry everywhere: hiking, camping, etc. We particularly appreciate the main zipped pocket, the other one is magnetic and it is waterproof.

Kasgo shoulder bag 10

Kasgo shoulder bag

32,71 £ on Amazon

This shoulder bag by Kasgo is made of genuine leather that is both rugged and waterproof. The texture is definitely rough, and that's what gives the bag its elegant and chic look. The main compartment offers a storage volume of about 14 liters.

Buying guide - shoulder bag

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How to choose your shoulder bag

If you are looking for a shoulder bag that will last for years, there are a number of important criteria to consider when making the right choice. Not all shoulder bags are alike and some will suit you better than others based on their specific characteristics.

Criterion n°1 : The durability

No matter how much you plan to spend on a shoulder bag, you need to make sure that the bag is worth the price it is offered at. Inspect the materials, seams and zipper. If there are signs of wear, tear or weakness in the bag, it probably won't be a bag that has a long life.

Criterion n°2 : The size

Think about the essentials you always keep in your purse and the ones that are always on the table. Now, make sure your shoulder bag has enough storage space, volume, and pockets to accommodate all your stuff. This way, you will have a functional bag.

In short, don't get a bag that offers more space than you need.

Criterion n°3 : The shoulder strap

On this type of bag, there is only one shoulder strap or sling. So you need to make sure it's sturdy. If you use a bike for daily commuting, make sure the bag can be adjusted for comfort. The goal is that the bag does not get in the way over time. Also, it will make more sense to choose a bag that has a reinforcement, is padded, and reversible.

Criterion n°4 : The material

If you ride a bike frequently, you'll need a water-resistant polyester bag that can handle rain and road grime (nylons are usually too shiny). If you're just going from the subway or car to the office, you can start thinking about materials like canvas and leather.

If you need a stylish, weather-resistant canvas, coated or waxed canvas is probably for you.

Criterion n°5 : The closure

Before you buy a shoulder bag, be sure to consider the safety of your belongings inside. If you're someone who travels primarily in urban areas, or if you're simply surrounded by a horde of people, a zipper or magnetic closure is a wise decision to avoid spills or theft.

Criterion n°6 : The style and color

If you're looking for a bag that you can use for many seasons, try to avoid overly trendy models that you'll be content to wear for a few months, but will likely end up in the back of your closet or dressing room.

Trendy shoulder bags often have more embellishments (bangs, buttons, heavy hardware) than a more classic, clean style. The color of your bag is of course very important.

However, a bag with a color that is often found in your wardrobe or a neutral color that matches your clothing style will be perfect for everyday use.

What exactly is a shoulder bag?


What's this?

A shoulder bag is a bag with at least one shoulder strap that is long enough to go over the shoulder. The straps are usually securely reinforced on the bag. The strap is intended to be wrapped over the shoulder so that the shoulder supports the bag and the user can carry it hands-free.

The differences

What differentiates a shoulder bag from other bags are the straps. These straps can be thin, wide, long or relatively short, and their purpose is very obvious. The strap is intended to facilitate hands-free carrying of the shoulder bag. Straps may exist on other types of bags, but many other bags are designed to be carried by hand, using the inner elbow, wrist or other methods.

A matching shoulder bag can be the perfect accessory for any person, woman or man. While some might prefer to buy shoulder bags in different colors and materials for different occasions and seasons, others might consider buying just one versatile model. Versatile shoulder bags are usually made of a sturdy material such as leather and are designed for frequent use, making them economical and durable.

How to carry a shoulder bag

They can be worn on the shoulder or, as the name suggests, slung over the shoulder by putting the wearer's head between the straps. An advantage of using a cross-body bag, a more casual style, is that it helps distribute the weight of the bag over the body instead of centralizing it on one shoulder. This is helpful when the bag is filled with heavy items like books.

On the other hand, if you have a more classic, chic style, it's best to carry your bag on your shoulder. However, adjust the strap so that the bag doesn't extend past your knees.

Shoulder bag or backpack

Shoulder bag

Whether a shoulder bag is the right bag for you depends on your personal preferences and what you want to put in it. Secondly, you can carry the bag smoothly and effortlessly while cycling for 10 kilometers thanks to the shoulder strap system. This bag can start to feel heavy when you carry it for a long time.

The advantage of a shoulder bag is that you can easily open it to grab something. While running to the train station to catch your train, you pull out your credit card at the same time. Many shoulder bags have a basic color and a neat look. Some models have a removable shoulder strap that turns the bag into a nice briefcase or purse in no time.


The backpack remains the most common type of bag. It is very popular because it is comfortable thanks to the two shoulder straps. A backpack is perfect if you have a long bike ride to school or work. You can also keep both hands on the handlebars, which allows you to arrive safely at work.

A backpack goes with many outfits, especially if you choose a neutral color (white, black, gray, etc.).


On the one hand, the backpack is more practical. The weight is distributed over both shoulders. On the other hand, the shoulder bag looks more formal and professional and in some cases can be turned into a briefcase. The advantage of a shoulder bag is that you can easily take things out inside.

You have to get a backpack first before you can get your stuff out.

Why buy a good shoulder bag?

It's ideal for students and employees

Thanks to the shoulder system, a shoulder bag is much more convenient than a backpack because you can have better access to its contents. Shoulder bags are ideal for carrying things like notebooks, folders, and books because they can be moved to one side of your body.

Suitable for cyclists

This type of bag has special fittings to adjust the shoulder strap, which allows you to adjust the length of the strap. It is very convenient when you are on a bike because you can attach many accessories (flashlights, mobile holsters, etc.). The "stabilizing straps" they have also help to maintain balance and keep the bag from shifting when you are riding your bike.

It completes your look

Often, shoulder bags are used to make a particular look statement. For both men and women, shoulder bags come in different shapes and structures that are sure to make you look more stylish and modern.

It's perfect for carrying a laptop

Shoulder bags are perfect for carrying laptops, as they are mostly reimbursed and offer complete protection to your laptop. They can also be hung on one side so you don't lose sight of it.

It protects well against the weather

Shoulder bags generally offer better weather resistance. For example, during heavy rains, there is less chance of your shoulder bag getting completely soaked compared to an average backpack. This is because you can protect your shoulder bag more effectively, as it stays on one side of your body.

It is suitable for all occasions

Most handbags seem perfect for all occasions, but shoulder bags are especially so. Shoulder bags are perfect for formal and less formal events, travel, going out on the town, busy moms, teenagers, and honestly, the list could go on and on.

The best brands of shoulder bags

In our opinion, the best brands of shoulder bags in 2022 are :

Tom Tailor

Founded in 1952 by Monte Goldman, Eastpak is an American fashion company specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing and worldwide distribution of a wide range of products including bags, travel gear and accessories of all kinds. Eastpak shoulder bags are known for their great sturdiness.

LOSMILE is an experienced company that specializes in manufacturing bags of all kinds. LOSMILE has made its name by offering high quality canvas and genuine leather bags. The design of LOSMILE shoulder bags is always sumptuous and will give you a stylish casual style.

Specializing in ready-to-wear since 1962, Tom Tailor is a German brand that mainly offers classic and modern casual clothing and accessories for men, women, young adults and children. Its catalog also includes bags, including excellent quality shoulder bags.

What started as a children's shoe store soon became an international manufacturer of luxury handbags. Celine bags are best known for their minimalist look, including the brand's shoulder bags.

Italian leather is known around the world for its durability and luxury. This is the material Gucci uses for its bags. In particular, the brand offers luxury shoulder bags, which are sturdy and have unique designs.

What is the price for a shoulder bag

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Spread the load better

The shortcoming of shoulder bags is the presence of only one strap. If you have to travel long distances and your bag is heavy, you will feel pain in your shoulder. To avoid this and better distribute the load, place the strap across your body. At the same time, don't forget to adjust the height of your shoulder strap.

Take care of your shoulder bag

Taking care of your shoulder bag is to rid it of all traces of dust or other dirt after each use. Then, you should also clean it with mild soap and water regularly. Gentle brushing is allowed to remove stains.

The drying cannot be done in the machine, but in the open air, in a place not exposed to the sun. It can't be ironed either, but a shot of waterproofing spray can give it a touch of new youth every quarter.

Store valuables inside

With a shoulder bag, it's easy to have things stolen especially if you store your valuables in the outside pocket. Before you walk out the door of your apartment, make sure you've put your important stuff, like your apartment keys, in the inside pocket of your bag and that you've locked everything up.

Use your bag for other activities

The big advantage of a shoulder bag is its versatility. In leather or nylon, you can use it to go on a trip, mission or hike. The storage space it provides allows you to have endless possibilities when it comes to its use.

Attach an adjustment buckle

Looking for more comfort, you want to adjust your strap, but it doesn't have the right feature. In order to fix this problem, know that you can find adjustment buckles on the market. Untie your strap and thread it through the buckle entries.


Can I put a laptop in a shoulder bag?

Many shoulder bags will be too small to hold a laptop. However, more and more people are carrying laptops with them every day. Manufacturers are increasingly offering shoulder bags that can hold laptops, especially 15-inch laptops, by adding a dedicated compartment.

How to keep items in a shoulder bag safe?

Some shoulder bags have a hidden security pocket specifically designed to be difficult for thieves to access. The security pockets are usually located in the padding where your back would be, so it's nearly impossible for thieves to reach it unless they know where the pocket is and the bag is not on the wearer.

Are shoulder bags good for travel?

Sling bags are great for travel because you can put the essentials inside. They also make it easy to access the contents and are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and mobility. Many also feature breathable mesh liners and are designed to prevent sweating.

Are shoulder bags bad for your back?

If you wear your shoulder bag correctly and don't overload it with weight, it's not bad for your back. Generally, they distribute the weight more evenly across your trunk rather than your shoulders. However, if you wear one for a long time, it can put pressure on your neck and upper back, especially if it is really heavy, especially with a laptop inside.


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