The best shoe racks in the UK 2023

You love collecting shoes, but you have so many that they end up taking up too much floor space or even scattering all over the house! No matter, there are different shoe storage systems on the market today. Follow our guide to find the model that best suits your needs.

Premag - Portable shoe rack 1

Best value for money

Premag - Portable shoe rack

Best shoe storage in 2021

Durable and practical design shoe storage, it can hold up to forty shoes depending on their size and shape. The transparent doors of these shoe boxes are particularly attractive.

60,79 £ on Amazon

Each cube of this shoe storage is spacious enough to hold one or two pairs. Sandals, sneakers, boots, heels and slippers all fit in. This is truly the shoe organizer for the whole family. Its aesthetic material makes it suitable for any room .

This model is resistant and can support the weight of 48 adult and children's shoes. During the installation, consult the manual provided by the manufacturer to succeed in only a few minutes. Be aware that this product can quickly turn into a storage organizer if you want.

Homyfort - Hanging shoe rack 2

Best value for money

Homyfort - Hanging shoe rack

Best entry-level shoe storage

An economical model to store your shoes, its installation is childish. You just have to find the right place to hang it. It holds between 12 and 24 pairs and you can use it to store a few things.

14,38 £ on Amazon

Economical and environmentally friendly, this hanging shoe rack is made mostly of fabric. It's made to last and helps you save space in your home. Not only does it keep clutter at bay, but it's just as convenient to install. It doesn't sit on the floor and is far from bulky.

To hang it stably, you have four hooks that adhere perfectly to the fabric of these shoe pockets. As for its maintenance, you just need to use a damp cloth to rub it and get rid of the dirt. A little blast of fresh air and it's in good shape.

Songmics - 12-Tier Shoe Rack 3

Best value for money

Songmics - 12-Tier Shoe Rack

Best high-end shoe storage

This shoe storage holds up to 60 pairs on its 12 levels. We love this shelf for its ability to change shape. The two tiers can be placed on top of each other or separately depending on the space you have.

65,59 £ on Amazon

Are you short on space for your new shoe storage? Don't worry, opt for this 12-tiered model. And if the room layout allows, you can even have two shelves, each with 6 tiers, that sit against each other. Plus, each row can tilt for a better view. And its legs are adjustable if the floor isn't perfectly flat.

In both cases, the height between two levels is 18.5 cm. You'll never run out of room for your shoes again. And each of them supports a load of 10 kg. This is due to the solidity of the material of this shoe rack.

Vasagle - 3-Tier Shoe Rack 4


Vasagle - 3-Tier Shoe Rack

Best single shoe storage

You will love this shoe storage model if you like rustic furniture. This one is rustic because of its color and material. With its 3 levels, you can store up to 15 pairs of shoes of all kinds.

47,99 £ on Amazon

This is a 2 in 1 piece of furniture that you will love for sure. You have three floors to store your shoes. As for the top of the furniture, it is used to put decorations or other objects to improve the decoration of your home. It is preferable to install it at the entrance, but it is up to each one to see according to his needs.

This shoe storage is authentic by its material and its color, a beautiful alliance between black and brown. For its assembly, use the instructions, it will be easy, because each piece of furniture is numbered. Don't worry, it is very stable thanks to its adjustable feet.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best shoe storage

Any specific needs?

Best shoe storage in 2021

Best entry-level shoe storage

Best high-end shoe storage

Best single shoe storage

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Comparison table of the best shoe racks

Premag - Portable shoe rack 5
Homyfort - Hanging shoe rack 6
Songmics - 12-Tier Shoe Rack 7
Vasagle - 3-Tier Shoe Rack 8
Premag - Portable shoe rack
Homyfort - Hanging shoe rack
Songmics - 12-Tier Shoe Rack
Vasagle - 3-Tier Shoe Rack
Durable and practical design shoe storage, it can hold up to forty shoes depending on their size and shape. The transparent doors of these shoe boxes are particularly attractive.
An economical model to store your shoes, its installation is childish. You just have to find the right place to hang it. It holds between 12 and 24 pairs and you can use it to store a few things.
This shoe storage holds up to 60 pairs on its 12 levels. We love this shelf for its ability to change shape. The two tiers can be placed on top of each other or separately depending on the space you have.
You will love this shoe storage model if you like rustic furniture. This one is rustic because of its color and material. With its 3 levels, you can store up to 15 pairs of shoes of all kinds.
Plastic, metal
Fabric, metal
Chipboard, steel
Maximum capacity
48 pairs
24 pairs
60 paires
15 pairs
Hanging pocket
Space saving

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Buying guide - shoe storage

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How to choose your shoe storage

Enhance your room's decor with a practical and stylish piece of furniture to store your shoes. Here are some criteria that will help you make the right choice.

#1 - The size

How many pairs of shoes will you store? Answering this question will help you determine the size of the unit you need: the number of compartments, the height and width. Also consider each category of your pairs of shoes to make a better arrangement: stilettos, boots, sneakers, indoor shoes, flats, everything should be arranged in an organized way for a pleasant visual.

#2 - The design

Manufacturers compete in designing modern and practical furniture. The finish must be fussy to appeal to customers at first sight. Depending on the style of your interior, you can find the right shoe storage that will match your decorative arrangement.

#3 - The color

The choice of colors is also essential in harmonizing your interior. Several furniture models are currently available in different colors, so it's up to you to decide which one suits your taste. The ideal would be to marry the tones of the furniture between them, so as not to create an unpleasant contrast at sight.

#4 - The material


material of a shoe storage is largely variable, depending on the model you are looking for: plastic, wood or synthetic metal, you will surely find the one you like and that fits your budget. On this point, be sure to give importance to the finish of the furniture you choose: the first impression remains decisive every time!

#5 - Location

Choose your shoe storage according to the volume of your space. Will a low shelf be enough? Is another room for shoe storage needed? You're spoiled for choice and it's up to you to choose the one that suits your personal taste, while still emphasizing practicality.

How to make your own shoe storage?

If you don't have the budget, there are a few simple and practical "shoe storage operations" you can do yourself while you wait to switch to a more innovative piece of furniture. There are many ideas, find the one that suits you.

The simplest is to encourage recycling by providing yourself with plastic bottles, cut the top and use it to slide your pairs of shoes. You can then arrange the whole in a box of your wardrobe so that the bottles do not scatter. The same system is possible with PVC tubes.

For you ladies, your stilettos would hang well on a wall grill that you can discreetly fix behind your closet, or on a wooden ladder painted by you.

If you're good friends with the local grocer, you can get some clean wooden boxes from him. Stack them in a corner so that you have a multi-space shelf and you're done, they can hold the pairs you wear most often. To make them more cheerful you can add a colorful touch.

Using only a board of cork the size of a painting, a drill and some stiff rubber bands, float your shoes on the wall by holding them with the rubber band. Easy and practical, this technique also serves as an original decoration.

The different types of shoe racks

For a well organized storage of your shoes, you will find on the market different types of furniture that will meet your needs. Find the right type for your home among this list.

The shoe cabinet

If you are a big collector of different shoe models, or simply if there are many of you at home, you need a large cabinet style piece of furniture to hold your many pairs. This way, you will be able to easily classify them according to their category and their belonging (on the left for dad, on the right for mom, a little lower for the kids, etc.). This type of storage will then occupy a considerable amount of space and you need to carefully choose the most convenient place to install it.

The shoe bag


cover doesn't take up a lot of space: so you'll have peace of mind about this type of practical, non-bulky storage. Made of plastic or synthetic fabric, the cover can hold a few pairs of shoes that you can then arrange over a piece of furniture, under your bed or hide behind your door. The fundamental advantage of this type of storage is its effective protection against dust. However, the cover is not practical if you have several pairs since in this case, you will be forced to have several and finding a place to store several covers proves complicated.

The shoebox


shoe box presents itself as an interesting alternative also in terms of protecting your shoes from any dirt. Originally stacked on top of each other, shoeboxes have undergone a singular innovation whereby the boxes are arranged in the manner of sliding boxes, like mini drawers. This way, the design is on point, and you can choose to put your furniture in the right place in your room.

The shoe rack


principle of the shelf is based on the alignment of shoes. Its advantage: you can adjust the height and the number of levels according to the number of your pairs of shoes. If you opt for a shelf, consider assembling your pairs by category for a pleasant visual: sneakers on one level, work shoes on another, stilettos placed on the highest level, etc. In this case, you're also off to regular dusting because your shoes are exposed to the air, so you'll have to clean your shelf and shoes often.

Shoe pockets


concept of pockets is based on space saving: they are made for you to store your shoes and hang them in a specific place. Depending on your room, it's up to you to determine the convenient location for your shoe pockets. For example, you will fix the pockets that contain the most common pairs closer to your mirror or your wardrobe. The less-worn pairs will be stored in the bathroom and you will only take them out when you need them. In this case, you will be able to manage your space as well as possible but you will have to go back and forth depending on the pair you are going to wear.

Shoe storage or a place for shoes?

Shoe rack

As the name suggests, shoe storage consists of keeping your pairs in a specific place, either in boxes, on a special shelf, or among your dressing room, depending on your personal taste. In this way, you can use the furniture of your choice while enhancing your room.

Shoe storage is an interesting option especially if you have a large number of pairs. You will then have a greater ease to find the one you are going to put. In addition, it is always better to use a piece of furniture for any storage, it avoids the dispersion of all your stuff. Finally, some storage units have the precious advantage of keeping your shoes out of reach of dust.

Place reserved for shoes

For some people, the most convenient solution for shoes is a piece of open space where all the pairs are lined up on the floor. Theoretically, this is as good an option as any, but it is less aesthetically pleasing, especially if all the family's shoes are arranged in this way.

At the time of the cleaning, you will have many movements to undertake between moving the shoes, cleaning the part where they are aligned, dusting each pair before putting them back one by one, and this every day.


If you only have a few pairs of shoes that you wear regularly, you can hide them behind your closet so they don't get in the way. On the other hand, those who have a pair for each outfit would do well to find a shoe storage to avoid clutter.


Find a suitable room to store your shoes.

Most of the time, you prefer to store your shoes in your room even if you add a small shelf or a corner of your closet. But you should know that there are other places where you can store your shoes just as well: the bathroom, under the stairs (if you build some kind of closet there), the hallway, etc. Optimize your storage to fit your space.

Sort out your waste.


all your pairs of shoes, there will always be those you wear frequently, those you wear less often but love, those you rarely wear because they cost you a fortune, etc. Sort them according to these different criteria. This will make it easier for you to think about appropriate storage. In the same vein, make it a priority to also take your shoes out according to the seasons, and switch them accordingly.

Between exposure or concealment: choose

Dare to

show off your best pairs and discreetly file away the more ordinary ones. Depending on your personality, this rule can be applied in reverse. It also depends on the size of your shoe storage unit. If it can only accommodate a few pairs, why not display the trendiest ones? Especially if you're installing it in your bedroom.

Donation or sale, to be considered!

After many years, you end up with a good pile of shoes and many of them you no longer wear even though they are still in great condition. Don't hesitate to share them with others who will use them better than you! You can organize a small shoe sale where you will invite your acquaintances, or simply offer them to your sister or a family member who has the same size as you. This trick will free you from some pairs and thus reduce the number of shoes you will have to put away.

Organize your shoes by type.


storage you will be doing is not the same for your different types of shoes, just by judging the surface area you will need which is different for a pair of sandals and a pair of boots. So you need to take this into account when choosing your shoe storage.


What is the best shoe storage?

The best shoe storage depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Is it possible to order custom-made shoe storage units?

It can be done, but the cost is high. In general, these are quite complicated systems that require meticulous professionalism.

What type of shoe storage can be installed in the entrance hall?

The storage bench is a great option if you prefer to get rid of your shoes in the hall. Sitting down, all you have to do is file your shoes underneath the bench after removing them.

How do you prevent mold in shoe storage?

Place a piece of coal in your furniture. Its absorbency will protect your shoes from moisture.

What are the specific guarantees of a shoe rack?

Shoe storage saves space, creates a harmonious interior and keeps your shoes dust-free.


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Premag - Portable shoe rack 9
Premag - Portable shoe rack
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Homyfort - Hanging shoe rack
Songmics - 12-Tier Shoe Rack 11
Songmics - 12-Tier Shoe Rack
Vasagle - 3-Tier Shoe Rack 12
Vasagle - 3-Tier Shoe Rack


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