The best shoe dryer in the UK 2023

Simple and practical, the shoe dryer is an essential accessory to face the rainy season and winter. But it can be difficult to find your way around the many models available. To help you get the best on the market, read our comparison of the best shoe dryers.

TriggerPoint 90049 Shoe Dryer 1

Best value for money

TriggerPoint 90049 Shoe Dryer

The best shoe dryer in 2021

This model saves you a lot of time. It removes moisture, perspiration and odors from your shoes in just one hour.

53,40 £ on Amazon

Thanks to the "Forced Air" technology, this shoe dryer manufactured by Maxx Dry Heavy Duty offers an adequate and fast drying without damaging your shoes. It dries moisture and perspiration inside perfectly in about an hour thanks to its circulatory mode. In addition, it eliminates unpleasant odors in your shoes, which will reduce the growth of bacteria.

With such performance, you can comfortably enjoy a warm and dry boot after a short drying time. It is ideal for ski boots, but it is suitable for all types of shoes. In addition, this device offers you the possibility to dry other equipment like gloves, stilts and helmets at the same time.

THERMIC T48-0200-001 Shoe dryer 2

Best value for money

THERMIC T48-0200-001 Shoe dryer

The best entry-level shoe dryer

This low-cost thermal shoe dryer is specially designed to guarantee express drying for perfectly dry shoes.

31,99 £ on Amazon

Compact, silent and very practical, the Therm-ic Dryer dries your shoes in an efficient and gentle way. It does not heat up much so as not to damage the materials of your shoes. It has the great advantage of being adjusted according to the dimensions of the shoe. Indeed, you can adapt the length according to the size of the shoes and incline the branches. In addition, you can direct the flow of hot air in one direction or another.

With a low ventilation noise and low temperature, you can enjoy with this model an easy use. Leave your shoes on all night, you will find them dry and warm in the morning. Sold at a low price, it is suitable for all types of shoes.

Shoefresh Electric Shoe Dryer 3

Best value for money

Shoefresh Electric Shoe Dryer

The best high-end shoe dryer

This shoe dryer and deodorizer from Shoefresh allows you to keep your shoes fresh, dry and above all hygienic every day.

87,20 £ on Amazon

This device is a quick and easy way to get rid of wet and smelly shoes. Thanks to the patented Active Oxygen Technology, it is able to clean your shoes in only 5 minutes. Plus, it kills bacteria and fungus so you don't have to worry about unpleasant odors in your shoes. It is the powerful Turbo Air Fan with 5000 rotations per minute that makes drying even faster.

Apart from that, the Infrared Detection System makes it very easy to use. Indeed, this function starts the program automatically. You just have to put your shoes on the racks and the device takes care of the rest. More than a shoe dryer, it also allows you to dry your ski helmets, your slippers, your gloves, etc.

MINPE Electric Shoe Dryer 4

A great choice

MINPE Electric Shoe Dryer

An efficient shoe dryer with UV timer

Foldable and expandable, this shoe dryer with UV timer from MNPE is ideal for sterilizing and deodorizing your shoes to keep them dry and fresh.

15,63 £ on Amazon

Thanks to the MINPE Power fan and the production of ozone with strong deodorization, this shoe dryer effectively removes moisture, perspiration and unpleasant odors from your shoes. With this model, the drying time lasts between 1 and 4 hours for optimal drying without damaging your shoes. Moreover, it allows to fight against bacteria and moulds.

You can adjust the drying time with the different durations proposed according to your shoes. Easy to use and handle, the stand of this device is foldable, which allows a compact storage. Finally, it can be used for all types of shoes and other accessories such as gloves, helmets, etc.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best shoe dryer

Any specific needs?

The best shoe dryer in 2021

The best entry-level shoe dryer

The best high-end shoe dryer

An efficient shoe dryer with UV timer

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Comparison table of the best shoe dryer

TriggerPoint 90049 Shoe Dryer 5
THERMIC T48-0200-001 Shoe dryer 6
Shoefresh Electric Shoe Dryer 7
MINPE Electric Shoe Dryer 8
TriggerPoint 90049 Shoe Dryer
THERMIC T48-0200-001 Shoe dryer
Shoefresh Electric Shoe Dryer
MINPE Electric Shoe Dryer
This model saves you a lot of time. It removes moisture, perspiration and odors from your shoes in just one hour.
This low-cost thermal shoe dryer is specially designed to guarantee express drying for perfectly dry shoes.
This shoe dryer and deodorizer from Shoefresh allows you to keep your shoes fresh, dry and above all hygienic every day.
Foldable and expandable, this shoe dryer with UV timer from MNPE is ideal for sterilizing and deodorizing your shoes to keep them dry and fresh.
about 25 min
Drying time
1 to 2 hours
About 1 hour
1 to 4 hours
Temperature setting

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Buying guide - shoe dryer

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How to choose your shoe dryer

With so many shoe dryers on the market, choosing the right one is no easy task. Here are a few things to consider when buying to find the right shoe dryer for your needs.

#1 - Portability

This is a factor to consider when buying a shoe dryer. There are both mobile and wall-mounted shoe dryers. Opt for the mobile shoe dryers if you want greater portability. They are quiet and perfectly designed so you can easily take them anywhere you want.

These mobile shoe dryers are often silica gel models. In addition, they are fairly easy to use even though they tend to be quite slow. Generally, they are affordable and can cover a capacity of one pair of shoes per drying cycle.

#2 - The capacity

Concerning capacity, you have a choice between small capacity shoe dryers and large capacity shoe dryers. Small-capacity or individual shoe dryers are often handy, reasonably priced and easily stored. They can dry between 1 and 8 pairs of shoes.

On the other hand, with large capacity shoe dryers, you can dry several items at once. There are those that are made for the family and cover a capacity of 8 to 15 pairs. You can hang them on walls or on stands. Shoe dryers with the capacity to dry between 8 and 20 pairs are often used by professionals and industrialists. You benefit from a fast drying with a very reasonable consumption.

#3 - Consumption

The power consumption is also an important criterion to consider when buying, because many models are cheaper and can be more expensive in terms of use. Choose a shoe dryer that won't take long to dry your shoes and uses less electricity. A model with an efficient blower is ideal.

A shoe dryer with a timer is also better than one without. It limits your electricity consumption, but on top of that, it will preserve your shoes, as it will heat them with a normal and specific temperature.

#4 - Drying time

It is very important to consider the length of drying time when buying a shoe dryer. This will surely help you better choose the right model. The efficiency and power of an appliance depends largely on the drying time of the shoes. Indeed, the drying time can vary between 2 and 5 hours depending on the shoe dryer model.

The largest models can often take 3 hours to dry a wet shoe. In addition, some dryers have a unit that accelerates the drying period. You will have your shoes dry quickly, in 2 hours on average.

#5 - Setting the temperature

For optimal use, prefer a shoe dryer with adjustable temperature and a timer. Indeed, models with a timer can be set in advance and are especially useful if you dry your shoes overnight.

Some models even come with additional accessories such as tubes for gloves and mittens. These accessories make drying easier while keeping the shape of your items.

How to use a shoe dryer?

When your shoes or sneakers get wet, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure they recover properly. If you have chosen to use a shoe dryer to dry them, it is important to know how to use it properly for optimal drying. The first thing to do is to remove the insoles and air dry them independently next to your shoes.

Another point to check before starting your shoe dryer: is the hot air blowing well distributed in each shoe? If the blower tip of your shoe dryer does not go deep enough into the shoes, it can damage them or deteriorate their condition.

Shoe dryer installation is not at all difficult, but it depends on the model you choose. If you have chosen a wall-mounted shoe dryer, you only need to plug it into an electrical outlet. You may then need to drill a few holes and set up an attachment.

Shoe dryers are designed for the comfort and hygiene of your feet. In addition, they can be used with most shoe materials such as leather, plastic, canvas, rubber, etc. As for the frequency of use, you can use them 2 to 5 times a day depending on your needs. If you play sports, it is best to dry your shoes directly after practice.

The different types of shoe dryer

There are shoe dryers on the market that come in different shapes and models. In general, there are three types of shoe dryers because they work in different ways. Some are faster, others slower.

Thermal convection shoe dryer

As the name implies, this small portable unit uses thermal convection or convective heat transfer. It does not use fans, which means that the warm air rises naturally.

It warms your shoes in just a few minutes and dries your wet boots or shoes in a few hours, without damaging the materials and components.

Forced air shoe dryer

Like convection shoe dryers, forced air models also have vertical tubes on which you place your shoes. What makes them different is that forced-air dryers use fans to circulate the hot air. The fan blows through the shoes.

UV and PTC shoe dryer

UV and PTC machines ensure optimal drying. Thanks to the ultraviolet light they use, they dry shoes effectively. In addition, they kill bacteria to prevent bad odors.
It ensures a good diffusion of the heat in a homogeneous way in the shoe. Indeed, they use a heat generator and force the air to dry the shoes.

Shoe dryer or newspaper?

Shoe dryer

There is nothing more distressing than finding yourself with wet shoes. What's more, they will emanate bad odours from perspiration that are so embarrassing. Fortunately, there is an ideal solution for this situation: shoe dryers. They come in different models and each model has its own specificity.

Some of them guarantee a quick drying while eliminating bacteria and fungus. Others are perfect to help you get rid of those nasty smells and make you feel comfortable. In addition, they protect against the consequences of stagnant humidity. Indeed, the latter can lead to dermatological problems if bacteria are allowed to proliferate.

To top it all off, the shoe dryer is an effective device that allows you to get dry shoes quickly. It also helps prevent the growth of germs and fungus in shoes. A shoe dryer that blows hot air is a good choice because it circulates hot air while respecting the materials that make up your shoes to keep them in good condition all the time.


Another good way to dry your shoes quickly is to use newspaper. Known for its absorbent properties, it can be applied effectively to all types of footwear, whether it is ski boots or snowboard boots, leather shoes, canvas shoes, etc. As it dries "naturally", newspaper can also ensure a satisfactory drying.

This drying method is really simple and practical. Simply make small balls and put them directly into your shoes. Then place them on a window in the open air. But of course before you do anything else, don't forget to remove the soles. This is the very first thing to do to get good results. Of course, the result will not be as perfect as with an electric shoe dryer, but it can help you out if needed.


These two techniques that we have seen above allow you to dry your shoes. The choice will depend on your desires and needs. But if you want some advice, turning to a shoe dryer is the best way to get a quick and optimal drying without damaging the shoes. The ink from the newsprint can dirty the inside of your shoes and it can take a long time to dry.


Focus on safety

Opt for a shoe dryer that is equipped with overvoltage and overheating protection. This prevents any risk of fire because the unit will automatically shut off.

Do not dry too hard

With a model equipped with a timer, you'll preserve your shoes by not heating them too hot or more than necessary. You'll also reduce your power consumption. Plus, the timer will turn the unit off automatically.

Use a drip tray

Use a drip tray under your shoe dryer is a good idea. This will protect your floors and minimize the damage caused by moisture and mud as your shoes dry.

Check that the blower mechanism is not too noisy

The shoe dryer's blower mechanism should not make too much noise. If it is too noisy, it can have a negative impact, especially if you use this device frequently.

Do not place near a heat source

Putting a shoe dryer near a heat source damages it. This is because it causes the unit to overheat.


What is the best shoe dryer?

The best shoe dryer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Do shoe dryers destroy bacteria?

Yes, shoe dryers remove mold and bacteria from the inside of a shoe. They also eliminate perspiration. Plus, they extend the life of the shoes.

How long does it take for shoe dryers to dry shoes?

This depends on the model and type of shoe dryer you buy. In general, the drying time can vary between 2 and 5 hours.

Can shoe dryers be used on all types of shoes?

Most of these devices can be used on all types of shoes. They are safe for all types of shoes.

Can a shoe dryer overheat?

Any electrical appliance is prone to overheating, but most shoe dryers have a built-in temperature control. It can be set so that they do not exceed a specific temperature.


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TriggerPoint 90049 Shoe Dryer 9
TriggerPoint 90049 Shoe Dryer
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THERMIC T48-0200-001 Shoe dryer
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Shoefresh Electric Shoe Dryer
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MINPE Electric Shoe Dryer


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