Sharp refrigerators : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

Durable and functional are the two expressions that best describe Sharp refrigerators. The small and large appliances manufactured by the Japanese brand are so technologically advanced that real connoisseurs swear by them. If you're looking to buy a refrigerator with the best quality/price ratio, Sharp is a brand that deserves your full attention, especially since this buying guide is dedicated to its 4 best-sellers.


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Buying guide • November 2023

Best Sharp refrigerator

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Sharp's best refrigerator in 2022

Strongest entry-level Sharp refrigerator

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Strongest 4-person Sharp refrigerator

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Our opinion on the Sharp refrigerators

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Our opinion on Sharp refrigerators

After making its debut in high-end TVs, Sharp decided to enter the highly competitive refrigerator market. This adventure has not been a smooth one, but today, the Japanese brand is well on its way to becoming one of the top 10 most influential manufacturers in the world. Indeed, more and more consumers around the world are being convinced by its products.

Sharp refrigerators meet the highest expectations, which is hardly surprising, considering their superb qualities. In addition to being packed with innovations, these fridges have an elegant design and are energy efficient. Add to that some very interesting features that optimize the shelf life of food or the production of mineral water and ice cubes.

Sharp is the archetypal Japanese manufacturer that refuses to go for the basics in everything it does. Whether it's televisions, sound bars, smartphones, microwaves or refrigerators, the brand strives to provide consumers with original and trendy solutions.

Very popular with all user profiles, Sharp refrigerators enjoy:

Superior performance: the cooling technologies present in its product range are so innovative that they are able to cool a drink to the maximum without freezing it. Also, it takes only 1.5 hours to produce ice cubes. Protection systems against sudden changes in mains voltage ensure that these fridges will perform at their best for at least 5 years.

Excellent energy efficiency: Sharp's refrigerators are designed to meet the needs of users for economy. By opting for A+ models, you will drastically reduce your energy consumption. Of course, A+ refrigerators cost more, but they will allow you to save money in the long run.

Well thought-out ergonomics: Sharp's refrigerators have numerous drawers and shelves that will allow you to easily store a large volume of food products. Whether you choose a one-door or two-door model, organizing your groceries will be a breeze. Thanks to the quality materials, no surprises, Sharp refrigerators come with a minimum 2-year warranty.

Surprisingly quiet: Sharp refrigerators make almost no sound when they are in operation. By opting for these appliances, you won't be forced to endure insipid humming in the background.

The refrigerators manufactured by Sharp are not lacking in benefits. Nevertheless, they are not free of drawbacks.

The main drawback of Sharp refrigerators directly relates to their costs, which are quite high compared to those charged by the competition. In some categories of appliances, the moisture does not manage to exfiltrate effectively, which dries out the air inside the fridges. As a result, fresh products dry out quickly. To prevent them from drying out quickly, the use of a protective film or an airtight box is mandatory.

Although the price of a Sharp mid-range and high-end refrigerator is not exactly cheap, it is a worthwhile investment. Think of this purchase as a way to maximize your future savings.

Sharp or Samsung refrigerator?

Sharp Refrigerator

Sharp refrigerators are known for their design and the multiple cooling technologies that come with them. They will allow you to efficiently store perishable food items. These fridges are said to be energy efficient, but don't expect better energy efficiency to completely supersede paying electricity bills. One thing is for sure though, these appliances will help you save several hundred dollars a year.

Samsung refrigerator

Samsung is one of the leaders in the sale of refrigerators in the U.S. market, which is as it should be. Indeed, the South Korean firm has a long experience in this sector. Let's remember that its first refrigerators date back to 1980, although they were only sold in the UK from 1988. Samsung has had plenty of time to perfect the design and cooling system of its best creations, which rival German-made refrigerators.


For years, the world has seen Samsung refrigerators occupy the majority of local and European homes. But never mind, its products seem to fall short when it comes to energy savings. In the battle of the energy label, Sharp is the winner, but only by a hair.

How to choose your Sharp refrigerator

Choosing a Sharp refrigerator is more a matter of common sense than science. To give you the best chance of getting a product that meets your every expectation, here are the criteria you should consider before buying:

Criterion 1 : The freezer

While some Sharp refrigerators have the freezer on top, others have it on the bottom. It goes without saying that the arrangement of freezers in refrigerators does not provide the same benefits.

If you like to eat mostly fresh food, the top freezer combo gives you more storage space for the fridge. On the other hand, if you prefer frozen food, the combo with bottom freezer will help you store a large amount of frozen food.

Criterion 2 : The types of cold

The older generations of Sharp refrigerators are equipped with what is called stirred cold air and static cold air. As for the more recent generations, they are equipped with what is called ventilated cold air or "No Frost". To avoid defrosting your appliance, choose the No Frost technology, which circulates cold air evenly in the fridge.

This ingenious system is effective, especially in preventing the accumulation of frost and bacteria in the appliance. On the other hand, the air in Sharp refrigerators dries out more quickly, which is why it's a good idea to wrap food.

Criterion 3 : The energy consumption

Fridges are naturally energy-consuming appliances. Buying a product stamped A or A+ is a good thing, but it doesn't do everything. There are many other parameters to consider. To reduce your energy consumption, choose a Sharp refrigerator that suits your needs. It shouldn't be too big for your family.

Note that between each energy class level, there can be a 20% difference in power consumption for the same volume. It is quite likely that a 330L A+++ refrigerator will consume more energy than a 200L A++ refrigerator.

Criterion 4 : The additional features

Sharp is a company that likes to innovate. So, before buying a refrigerator from its many lines, have the reflex to ask about the features offered by the item you are interested in. More often than not, the Japanese manufacturer has integrated very practical solutions into its refrigerators, such as supercooling, superfrost, cool zone, ice maker and light and sound indications.

Also check if the appliance has a vacation mode. This feature will allow it to run on low for those times when you're away from home.

Criterion 5 : The type of control

For years, Sharp has ditched mechanical knobs for electronic displays and electromechanical controls. While the electronic solution is more convenient, the electromechanical option is more reliable.

In addition, you should pay attention to the safety options of the refrigerator. Ideally, this appliance should have a system that allows it to withstand sudden power surges and other mechanical stresses that may occur.

What makes Sharp refrigerators different?

We keep reminding people that Sharp is a company that refuses to go to the basics in everything it does. Its refrigerators appeal to consumers for the simple reason that their cooling systems are carefully designed. Regardless of the models, their interior chambers are lined with antibacterial protection, which is a huge plus for cleanliness and hygiene.

In keeping with the Japanese way of being and thinking, the shelves of Sharp refrigerators are very neat. So no matter how much you eat and store your groceries, you will have no trouble keeping them organized.

In addition, Sharp refrigerators come with a number of convenient features, such as

The ice maker: this feature is very practical especially since the preparation of ice cubes in molds is somewhat awkward.

Supercooling and Superfrost: these are very practical features for everyday use, although they are only present in high-end products.

The Fresh Zone: this compartment is very practical for keeping rapidly perishable foodstuffs cool.

Double-sided lighting: thanks to this ingenious lighting system, nothing will escape your eyes when you dip your nose into your fridge.

It is true that Sharp fridges suffer from a slight defect in terms of exposure to condensation, but the use of a plastic food film solves this problem.

Why invest in a Sharp refrigerator?

Energy consumption is controlled

Thanks to the No Frost technology that equips Sharp refrigerators, the cold is distributed evenly throughout the appliance, which ensures huge energy savings. Also, the many modes present on the appliance help reduce electricity consumption. A Sharp refrigerator is the perfect choice to reduce your periodic electricity bill.

Noise level is reduced

Most refrigerators produce a characteristic noise when they are active. Rest assured, this hum is barely noticeable on Sharp products. Its appliances are so quiet that they mislead users. They think they don't work, when in fact they do. This great performance is achieved by adding an extra insulating layer.

The flexibility is optimal

Sharp refrigerators are designed to be used by all user profiles. Whether single or double door, these appliances offer great food storage capacity. The adjustable bins, drawers and shelves can hold everything they need for an entire month or more. In terms of storage capacity, Sharp has thought of everything.

Practicality is absolute

As we've mentioned several times before in this guide, Sharp refrigerators are not only technologically advanced, but they're also up to date. It's a real pleasure to have them in the kitchen, as they are so aesthetically pleasing. What's more, their functionalities are cleverly thought out. Ice makers, lighting, safety options, you have the whole package.

The aesthetic is innovative

Sharp refrigerators are a decorative asset that you should not be without. These large appliances come in different colors, sizes and designs. Contemporary, vintage, modern, American, single door, double door... there's something for everyone.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Sharp refrigerators:


LG is one of the most fashionable South Korean companies of the moment, both for its smartphones, as well as for its home appliances. This firm is especially known for the superb performance and high reliability of its creations, including refrigerators.

Since its creation in 1911, Whirlpool has been striving to produce the best quality/price ratio appliances for average consumers. It is this policy that has allowed it to become known in Europe and the rest of the world.

Liebherr is a relatively young company. Indeed, its beginnings date back only to 1949. Despite this, it is already among the most fashionable appliance manufacturers of the moment. Liebherr is best known for its refrigerators, which are both functional and durable.

Despite being one of the youngest companies in the appliance world, Haier is generating a lot of buzz. Its refrigerators are no match for those made by heavyweights like Samsung or Liebherr.

Bosch stands as one of the best refrigerator manufacturers of its generation. If you want to buy a product that will last you years, Bosch will not disappoint.


Consider your needs

Choosing a Sharp refrigerator should depend on the size of your family and especially on your lifestyle. Couples without children don't need a large appliance. On the other hand, a large family will need a huge fridge with a freezer for groceries.

Make the most of the storage space

Sharp refrigerators with multiple storage compartments will help you better organize your groceries. This appliance will meet your daily requirements, but to prevent fresh produce from losing its freshness quickly, get into the habit of storing it in airtight boxes. Fruits and vegetables should be wrapped in cling film so that they don't dehydrate too quickly.

Separate meat from other foods

Never store meat with fruits and vegetables, for the simple reason that its juice may contain bacteria that could contaminate them. Ideally, you should store meat in a freezer, deep inside.

Maintain your Sharp refrigerator

The Sharp refrigerator may be of excellent quality, but it will need regular maintenance. For the interior, use a sponge soaked in a solution of water, vinegar and liquid cleaner. For the exterior, a dry or damp cloth will do. Be sure to dry the appliance thoroughly after each cleaning.

Don't forget to sort

Bad odors come mostly from expired food and food scraps left in the fridge. To prevent your refrigerator from stinking of dead rats, get into the habit of removing products you no longer use, even if it means doing so daily.


How to choose the volume of your Sharp refrigerator?

The size of a Sharp refrigerator depends primarily on the size of your family and your weekly or monthly consumption habits. If you don't have many people, there's no need to buy a model larger than 300L. On the other hand, if there are several of you, you will need a large volume for storing your groceries.

What is the value of the Sharp brand in refrigerators?

Sharp is not as well known as Samsung or Haier when it comes to refrigerators, but its products still generate enthusiasm because of their multiple qualities. Sharp refrigerators appeal for their options, features, safety system, but most of all for the energy savings they provide. It is particularly in this energy level that they beat the competition.

Why does my Sharp refrigerator not cool anymore?

ASharp refrigerator that no longer produces cold is often the result of poor maintenance. Remember, this appliance needs periodic maintenance on your part. To get it back in tip-top shape, defrost the refrigerator cavity. Frost that accumulates on the walls drastically slows down the machine's functions. Also, schedule a fan dusting.

How to optimize the preservation of food in Sharp refrigerators?

The design ofSharp refrigeratorsmeans that not all moisture exits, which quickly dries out fresh foods. To keep these products fresh longer, simply wrap them in plastic wrap or store them in airtight plastic boxes. It's a proven solution, no doubt about it.


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