The best shampooers in the UK 2023

More efficient than a vacuum cleaner, the shampooer allows you to clean your home thoroughly. It also prevents the proliferation of bacteria, microbes and dust mites on all types of surfaces (hard floors, carpets, tiles, etc.). But finding the right model is not always easy. That's why we've put together this complete guide to the best shampooers.

Kärcher SE 5100

Editor's Choice

Kärcher SE 5100

The best shampooer in 2021

One of the most powerful shampooers on the market, this Kärcher shampooer is fast, efficient and easy to use. It is ideal for people with allergies and pets.

245 £ on Amazon

The Kärcher SE 5100 operates at a power of 1400 W. It vacuums up both water and dust and has an airflow of 70 m³/s. With such a powerful device in your hands, you will have no trouble maintaining a large area or removing stubborn stains. Of course, the shampooer is quite heavy with its 7 kg and its sled format, but you will be able to move it around with the help of its transport wheels.

Several accessories come with the purchase, which makes cleaning even easier. Note that these elements have a compartment dedicated to their storage. On the other hand, storage seems more complex than it seems. The device is, in fact, bulky compared to a broom model. But considering how useful it can be, we can forgive its little flaws. It should also be very popular with professionals.

Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ (788568)

Best cheapest

Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ (788568)

The best entry-level shampooer

Using the Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ Shampooer (788568) requires minimal effort on your part. Yet your home will be cleaned cleanly and efficiently thanks to its on-board technology and power.

200 £ on Boulanger

The Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ (788568) is primarily intended for people with dust allergies. With its Aqua+ technology as its main asset, the device has a water filtration system. But this is not its only function as it also ensures a deep cleaning of your hard floors and carpets. Its power is adjustable on 3 levels (up to 1600 W), which gives you the possibility to adjust the air flow according to the type of surface to be maintained and the level of dust to be removed.

The Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ Shampooer (788568) also vacuums up pet hair. A switchable brush is offered for this purpose. The extra large brush will be indispensable when cleaning your sofas and armchairs. Has your washing machine overflowed or had a leak in the pipes? No need to get your hands dirty with a mop, just use the Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ (788568). To simplify its use, the device is equipped with multidirectional front wheels and an 8 m power cable.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off

Best high end

Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off

The best high-end shampooer

This multi-functional model, a full-size version and a portable version, does more than just vacuum water and dust. It also cleans all types of surfaces and even replaces a mop and cleans the entire interior of a car.

305 £ on Amazon

The Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off is a 2-in-1 shampooer consisting of a full-size model and a portable model. The machine is suitable for different types of surfaces such as hard floors, carpets, rugs, dog beds, upholstery and mattresses. It eliminates dirt and can clean an entire house in a few hours. Weighing around 11 kg, the shampooer is easy to handle, giving you the opportunity to carry it from one room to another. Even better, the portable version, along with the EdgeSweep brush, will help you get into nooks and crannies and difficult areas.

A variety of accessories are included. These include the 12-row rotating brushes, the flat nozzle and the 8 cm wide narrow nozzle for tough stains. The shampooer features a 2.84 L clean water tank and a 2.2 L dirty water tank. Since the machine will be permanently plugged into a power outlet while in use, you will enjoy unlimited autonomy. Naturally, the back and forth to and from the sink will be considerably reduced. It should be noted that this shampooer is capable of completing the work done by a car vacuum cleaner.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

Excellent choice

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

A great alternative

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is remarkably easy to use. It is greatly appreciated for its power, but also for the many accessories included. You can enjoy the performance of a professional shampooer at home.

219 £ on Amazon

When it comes to shampooers, Bissell is not at its first attempt. The Proheat 2X Revolution demonstrates its know-how in this field. Compact in size and easy to handle, the cleaning equipment has a powerful 800 W motor. The cleaning can be done while hot, especially if you want to sanitize carpets and rugs in an optimal way. The Surround suction power ensures better aeration of the fibers, thus reducing the drying time to 60 minutes.

Every part of the shampooer is made of high quality materials. So you don't have to worry about its durability and sturdiness. The device has a 3.7 L tank, which allows you to clean a maximum area of 40 m². The Proheat 2X Revolution is equipped with 12 rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes to get rid of dust and dirt embedded in the long pile of carpets. In a hurry? Try the Express Mode. All your surfaces will be clean and shiny in 30 minutes max (washing and drying).

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The best shampooer in 2021

The best entry-level shampooer

The best high-end shampooer

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Comparison table of the best shampooers

Kärcher SE 5100
Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ (788568)
Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off
Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution
Kärcher SE 5100
Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ (788568)
Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off
Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution
One of the most powerful shampooers on the market, this Kärcher shampooer is fast, efficient and easy to use. It is ideal for people with allergies and pets.
Using the Thomas Pet & Family Aqua+ Shampooer (788568) requires minimal effort on your part. Yet your home will be cleaned cleanly and efficiently thanks to its on-board technology and power.
This multi-functional model, a full-size version and a portable version, does more than just vacuum water and dust. It also cleans all types of surfaces and even replaces a mop and cleans the entire interior of a car.
The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is remarkably easy to use. It is greatly appreciated for its power, but also for the many accessories included. You can enjoy the performance of a professional shampooer at home.
1400 W
1600 W
800 W
800 W
Noise level
77 dB
71 dB
84 dB
82 dB
Capacity of fresh/dirty water tanks
4 L/4 L
2 L
2.84 L/2.2 L
3.70 L/3.70 L
Compatible surface types
All types of floors
Hard and soft floors
Upholstery and rugs, car interiors, stairs, mattresses...
Upholstery and carpeting, baseboards, stairs and upholstery...
7.7 kg
8.25 kg
11 kg
8.2 kg

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How to choose your shampooer

There's no point in rushing into the first model you find. The choice of a good shampooer requires a thorough study of a number of parameters. That's why we've listed below the criteria we think are the most important to consider before investing.
choisir shampouineuse

#1 - Usage

It is important to determine the intended use of the shampooer before purchasing one, knowing that each type of model corresponds to a well-defined area. For example, we recommend a sled shampooer if you intend to maintain an area of more than 80 m². The broom model, on the other hand, will be a very interesting option for cleaning surfaces of less than 40 m².

In general, such an appliance can clean all types of surfaces: hard floors (tiles, parquet, etc.) and soft surfaces (cushions, mattresses, carpets, etc.). In case you find shampooers unable to perform certain tasks, move on. It is often a counterfeit.

#2 - Power

The power of a shampooer is evaluated in W or watts. It gives you a precise idea of the performance and cleaning capabilities of your future equipment. This power usually oscillates between 300 and 1800 W. A minimum of 500 W will be necessary to vacuum, scrub and clean a surface thoroughly. If you want more power, focus your choice on drag shampoos.

#3 - Lifetime

Whatever type of shampooer you are interested in, its autonomy will define the cleaning time. Ideally, we recommend a model that can offer a working time of 45 to 60 minutes. If the surface to be cleaned is quite large, choose a corded shampooer. The autonomy will be unlimited and you will have no time constraints. A cordless model is better suited for a small surface.

#4 - Tank capacity

The shampooer stands out from other cleaning devices by its 2 tanks: one for clean water and the other for dirty water. Their capacity varies from 1 to +20 L and are not distributed, in most cases, in an equitable way. The clean water tank is smaller than the dirty water tank. Your choice will depend on your budget, but preferably choose a model with large tanks.

  • Sled shampooer : its capacity is 3 to 4 times greater than that of a broom model. It ranges from 7 to 20 L and more.
  • Broom shampooer : Generally, the two tanks of a broom shampooer have a capacity of 1 to 5 L each.

#5 - Accessories

You can easily recognize a good shampooer by the number of accessories. Thus, the device does not only take care of the floor, but also furniture, curtains, mattress ... and even the entire interior of a car. Among them, we quote:

  • Rotating brush : With multiple rows of bristles, it provides a thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs, whether they are shag or shag.
  • Furniture brush : gets rid of both dust and pet hair.
  • Long nozzle: gets you into nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach places.
  • Injector-extractor nozzle : sprays, scrubs and then vacuums up embedded dirt on all surfaces.
  • Cleaning solutions : allow you to obtain better results during your cleaning.
  • The cleaning product : most often, it is offered as an option.

#6 - Features

The more features there are, the better the shampooer will perform. In addition to the basic options, some models offer you other features, such as:

  • Vacuuming : no need to have a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt on the surface to be cleaned.
  • Injection/extraction : the device sprays water and cleaning agent on the textiles in order to get rid of the dirt and then extracts the dirty water.
  • Water level indicator : the tanks are usually transparent. However, some models have an indicator to let you know when you need to fill or empty them.
  • Express mode : the cleaning time will be reduced and the surface will dry faster.
  • Temperature maintenance : the temperature of the cleaning water (hot or warm) will remain constant during the working time.

Not to be confused

Do not confuse shampooer and shampooer. The former refers to a household appliance used to maintain a home, while the latter refers to a person working in a hair or beauty salon administering shampoos to customers.

How does a shampooer work?

avis test shampouineuse

As its name suggests, it is a device used to "shampoo the floor". The shampooer is used to clean all kinds of floor coverings, including hard floors, carpets, upholstery, stairs, furniture, curtains and even mattresses. How does it really work? Find out more in the rest of this article.

How a shampooer works

Visually, the shampooer is similar to a vacuum cleaner. The machine is equipped with 2 independent transparent tanks. One will hold soapy water or clean water from the tap. The other one, on its side, will recover the used water.

An integrated membrane pump system propels the cleaning solution into the fibers of the material to be maintained. The power of the jet varies depending on the model and brand. After scrubbing and scouring the floor, the shampooer sucks up the dirty water and transfers it to the dedicated container. You will be able to evaluate the suction power and the performance of the machine according to its vacuum (in kPA) and its air flow (in dm³/s or L/s). Drying time can take up to 120 minutes. However, some models offer an "express" option that reduces the cleaning and drying time to 30 minutes.

To be noted

Hot water has a deep effect on the fibers. Furthermore, since the use of a shampooer is occasional, it will not have a big impact on your electricity bill.

How to use a shampooer?

The two types of shampooers are used in much the same way, with a few differences.

  • The broom shampooer: Prepare a cleaning solution of clean hot water/tide and cleaner. Pour the mixture into the clean water tank. Plug in and turn on the shampooer and start cleaning. To rinse, simply empty the tank and refill with warm water, this time without the soap.

The sled shampooer: install the spray and vacuum hoses if the model you have has them. Continue with the above method.

The different types of shampooers

To date, there are only 3 main types of shampooers, namely the broom shampooer, the sled shampooer and the portable shampooer.

Broom shampooer

Shampouineuse à balai

The broom shampooer is a little larger than a vacuum cleaner. It's not complicated to use. Simply pour a little carpet shampoo into the clean water tank and add warm water. Turn on the unit and clean the surface as usual. Replace the water/cleaner mixture with clean water and rinse your floors. Finally, use the drying function.

Advantages: The broom shampooer is light, fast, convenient and space saving. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to store and transport. The device is also affordable.

Disadvantages: The small capacity of its tanks and its very limited power are its biggest drawbacks. You will have to refill them several times to maintain a larger area.

Who is it for? The broom shampooer is designed for people who want to perform daily and occasional maintenance of their home, more precisely for small areas. This type of shampooer has a lot in common with thecanister vacuum cleaner, both in terms of design and in terms of features and accessories. The two appliances are complementary. However, the shampooer can also replace the vacuum cleaner if it has the "automatic vacuuming" option.

Advantages: The sled shampooer has two large water tanks. Its main advantage is its high power, the equipment cleans and maintains a large surface without showing any signs of fatigue. It also has a more than satisfactory autonomy and offers the guarantee of an impeccable result.

Disadvantages: As you can imagine, the sled shampooer is more cumbersome, heavy and expensive. It is difficult to transport unless you have multidirectional wheels.

Who is it for? This is the type of shampooer that is best suited for larger jobs. It is also suitable for sanitizing overly soiled floor coverings and heavily soiled carpets/rugs.

Sled shampooer

Shampouineuse à traîneau

The portable shampooer is similar to a handheld or tabletop vacuum cleaner. Often referred to as a car shampooer and complementary to a car vacuum, it is popular for deep cleaning of vehicles, sofas, tables and under furniture.

Advantages: Practical and easy to handle, the portable shampooer is also light. It can be used with one hand and allows you to get rid of the dirt on your chairs and sofas, your bed, your dining table. You can also sanitize the interior of your car with ease, without the hassle of a power cord.

Disadvantages: We appreciate less its autonomy. Moreover, it is not suitable for intensive use. Due to its compactness, the device has a reduced power and performance.

Who is it for? The portable shampooer will serve you mainly as an auxiliary cleaning equipment.

Portable shampooer

Shampouineuse portable

Shampooer or steam cleaner?


The shampooer is commonly called an injector extractor or cleaner extractor. It is a specific household appliance designed for the maintenance and cleaning of various floor coverings such as carpets, stair treads, tiles, linoleum, armchairs, mattresses... It is ideally chosen for the realization of scouring or deep cleaning work, which limits the proliferation of bacteria, mites and microbes.

The shampooer looks like a classic vacuum cleaner. It has two tanks (for clean water and dirty water). Offering two main functions, the device sprays hot soapy water on the surface to be maintained, removes the dirt with its brush and then sucks up the dirty water and dirt.

Steam cleaner

The steam cleaner is a multi-surface equipment. It allows to maintain all the rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the garage. The device adapts to different types of floors such as tiles, carpets, rugs... thanks to its accessories. Equipped with a water tank, it first heats the liquid before projecting hot water vapor onto the surface at high pressure. This removes dirt and grime.

There is no need to vacuum up the dirty water since the steam cleaner only sprays a tiny amount of water on the floor. The drying process is therefore very fast. Practical if you are about to receive guests. Note, however, that this type of appliance requires regular maintenance for a better longevity. It is also essential to check the water level frequently. Also, the heating time and the filling take time.


Choose a shampooer if you need to de-grease the floors in your home or do a major spring cleaning. The machine easily removes stubborn stains and seems to be effective on carpets and rugs. However, choose the steam cleaner if you don't want to use chemical cleaners. Using only hot water, the device maintains, cleans and shines your floors effectively.

Why buy a shampooer?

pourquoi acheter shampouineuse

Easy to use

Cleaning carpet or rugs with a brush is a particularly difficult task. You have to scrub, remove dust and dirt, and rinse. All this takes a lot of time. Cleaning becomes much easier with a shampooer. Simply wipe the machine over the surface to be cleaned, wait a few seconds and you're done.

Versatility and efficiency

The shampooer is initially designed for cleaning soft floors such as carpets and rugs. But its use is not limited to floors. Some models come with tips dedicated to cleaning mattresses and furniture such as sofas and armchairs. It is even possible to use the shampooer to disinfect the interior of a car. It is therefore a versatile device that will serve you in different situations.

Ideal for dry cleaning

The shampooer ejects hot water onto the surface to clean the carpet or rug. Yet, after cleaning, the surface is virtually dry. This is possible thanks to the suction system that sucks up dirt and dust with the water. You will avoid the long drying time of carpets and rugs. The cleaned surface will be ready for use sixty minutes after the shampooer has been used.

A great way to eliminate bacteria

Carpet and rugs have the disadvantage of harboring dust, but also dust mites, allergens and bacteria. The shampooer is the ideal device to eliminate these bacteria that are embedded in the fibers of a soft floor. Are you sensitive to allergens, dust mites and bacteria? Equip yourself with a shampooer to clean your soft floors efficiently and easily.

Low energy consumption

The shampooer will not be the most energy-intensive appliance in your home. On the contrary, this cleaning tool consumes relatively little energy compared to other electrical appliances. Moreover, it is not intended for daily use unlike the vacuum cleaner. The use of a shampooer will therefore have little impact on your electricity bills.

The best brands of shampooers

In our opinion, the best brands of shampooers in 2022 are :


Bissell has made the manufacture of vacuum cleaners and floor care appliances its great specialty. Today, the manufacturer has become one of the great leaders in the market, alongside major brands such as Kärcher. Bissell offers many innovations on its shampooers. This makes them very effective tools in cleaning carpets and rugs.

Kärcher made a name for itself with the creation of the very first high-pressure hot water cleaner in 1950. Since then, the German brand has become a true reference in the market of domestic and industrial cleaning appliances. We find in its very large catalog of products high quality shampooers able to meet the needs of individuals and professionals.

The Thomas brand is specialized in vacuum cleaners and appliances dedicated to cleaning floors of all types. The brand emphasizes the ergonomics, performance and accessibility of its cleaning devices. Thomas shampooers are no exception. These appliances clean carpets and rugs with impressive ease and efficiency.

Vax is not the most well-known manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and floor care appliances on the market. Yet it manages to stand out by offering reliable appliances that deliver good performance. This is particularly true of its shampooers, which have impressive cleaning capacities. They are also handy and accessible to all budgets.

Founded in 1906 in Denmark, Nilfisk is a brand that specializes in cleaning solutions for professionals. It manufactures vacuum cleaners and floor care appliances such as shampooers. These appliances are designed for industrial and commercial use and offer great performance and durability. You can have a Nilfisk professional shampooer at home if you pay the price.

What is the price for a shampooer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 375 £
more than 375 £
Price range diagram


Vacuuming before using the shampooer

It is recommended to vacuum before using a shampooer. This will make cleaning much easier since the dust will not form a sludge under the effect of the hot water ejected by the shampooer. Stains will also have to be treated beforehand. Simply pour some liquid stain remover on the surface and leave it on for about ten minutes. You can then shampoo.

Start cleaning from the bottom of the room

When shampooing, your goal will be to not step on areas that have already been washed. To do this, be sure to start at the bottom opposite the door to exit the room. Approach the doorway by running the shampooer across the width of the room. This method will also allow you to cover the entire surface without leaving parts that won't be cleaned.

Ventilate the room during and after cleaning

The shampooer sucks up the water it has propelled onto the surface to be cleaned. This will speed up the drying of the carpet or rug after the machine has passed. Even so, it will take about an hour for the surface to dry completely. To speed up this drying time, remember to air the room well during and after cleaning by opening windows and doors.

The shampooer for cleaning the interior of a car

Car seats get very dirty over time. The vacuum cleaner is not always enough for cleaning especially on models that have fabric seats and not leather. The shampooer then offers an interesting solution. Choose the furniture cleaning nozzle to clean the seats of your car. The cleaning will be simple yet very effective.

The broom shampooer is more manageable

The sled shampooer offers the longest range. Models with large tanks can clean large areas before they run out. The problem is that it is heavy and relatively difficult to handle. Want to be more maneuverable when using a shampooer? Choose a broom shampooer. It is lighter and has a better grip.


How to shampoo a sofa?

Planning to use a shampooer to disinfect a sofa? Start by vacuuming to remove dust and debris. Then pour a stain remover on the stains. You can also dampen the area, pour in baking soda and leave it on for two hours. Then shampoo with the dedicated nozzle or use a portable shampooer directly.

What to put in a shampooer?

Water isn't the only thing you need to pour into a shampooer tank. There are detergents specifically dedicated to this device. The problem is that they can be quite expensive without being as effective as you thought. As an alternative, you can use an ordinary detergent. It is possible to pour a little baking soda or white vinegar into the tank.

Can you use a shampooer on a mattress?

Yes! By the way, the shampoo machine is much better than the steam machine in disinfecting and stain removal of a mattress. Ordinary detergent should suffice. However, if the mattress has hard-to-remove stains, you can mix the water in the tank with ammonia, white vinegar, baking soda or soda crystals. Work on a mattress that is placed vertically against a wall. This will help you see and reach the stains better.

How to shampoo your car?

The shampooer is especially effective on car seats and carpet. It cleans, degreases and disinfects efficiently and quickly. To do this, you'll need to put the dedicated furniture cleaning nozzle on the shampooer. Pass the head of the shampooer over the entire surface. Then let it dry for about an hour before getting into the car.


Note: Below are some of the sources we have consulted in writing this article. Links to other sites are not continuously updated. It is therefore possible that a link may not be found. Please use a search engine to find the desired information. See more


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