The best sexual lubricants in the UK 2023

Do you suffer from pain during penetration and is it interfering with your pleasure and that of your partner? Rest assured, there is a solution. In case of intimate dryness, for pleasure or simply to relieve discomfort, sexual lubricant has the answer to everything. But you need to know which one to choose! This guide explains everything and suggests the best sexual lubricants.

Vibratissimo Play Gel Anal 1

Best value for money

Vibratissimo Play Gel Anal

The best sex lube in 2021

Offering a long-lasting effect, this lubricating gel will please the little players, whether for anal, vaginal or oral practices. Have fun with it, alone or as a couple.

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The water base of Vibratissimo's anal lubricant makes it very pleasant and safe to use. The brand has struck again with this Play Gel lubricant. The product satisfies users with its large capacity, 1,000 mL, delivered in a bottle with pump for easy use. Suitable for all types of sexual activity, this gel opens up endless possibilities. It allows you to have fun with sex toys with or without a partner. It benefits from a dermatological test and is thus respectful of health. All the ingredients are healthy, without toxic products or artificial additives, and without odors.

Durex Play – Gel de massage et lubrifiant 2

Best value for money

Durex Play – Gel de massage et lubrifiant

The best entry-level sex lube

2-in-1 lubricant, this Durex gel can be used both for massage and as a lubricant. Aphrodisiac and relaxing, it offers in more a pleasant perfume enriched with extract of ylang-ylang.

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You will be immediately seduced by the texture and the smell of this lubricant. Its perfume with the extracts of ylang-ylang remains on the skin to spice up even more the frolics. It is appropriate well for all the sexual practices and is used and is used without problem with a condom. No more feeling of discomfort will come to obstruct your sexual practices. Comestible, this lubricating gel allows to realize a good fellatio without worrying about the risks for the health. In short, it really has everything to seduce men as well as women. Not expensive moreover!

Pjur Original – Gel lubrifiant à base de silicone 3

Best value for money

Pjur Original – Gel lubrifiant à base de silicone

The best high-end lube gel

Designed for women and men, Pjur Original lubricating gel is made of silicone. It reduces the risk of condom breakage and prevents vaginal dryness.

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As long as you're looking for pleasure, you might as well opt for a long-lasting lubricant. In addition, it reduces the risks of bursting of the condom and prevents vaginal dryness. What's more, it improves sensations during masturbation! It makes it possible to devote itself to a sex no-limit that it is in penetration or in masturbation. It is also conducive to erotic massage to vary your foreplay. Then, it is used without problem under the shower thanks to its silicone base. In addition to the fact that it does not stick on the skin, it leaves a delicate sensation and which makes climb the libido. No risky product is used for its conception.

Lumunu Gleitefreude – Gel lubrifiant longue durée 4

Long term

Lumunu Gleitefreude – Gel lubrifiant longue durée

The best long-lasting sex lube

A small amount of Lumunu Gleitefreude is enough to make you feel like a million bucks. And this lubricant has a long shelf life. And the effect doesn't spoil your fun.

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Delivered in an ergonomic bottle with dosage,Lumunu Gleitefreude lubricating gel lasts for an entire pleasure party. Produced in Germany, it is skin-friendly, pH-optimized, odorless and tasteless and compatible with silicone Love Toys and latex condoms. The absence of odor does not alter the sensation obtained, whether during a fellatio, a massage or a vaginal penetration. On the other hand, this lubricant is not used under the shower and is contra-indicated for sodomy. Soluble in water, it is removed and washed easily.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best sexual lubricant

Any specific needs?

The best sex lube in 2021

The best entry-level sex lube

The best high-end lube gel

The best long-lasting sex lube

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Comparison table of the best sexual lubricants

Vibratissimo Play Gel Anal 5
Durex Play – Gel de massage et lubrifiant 6
Pjur Original – Gel lubrifiant à base de silicone 7
Lumunu Gleitefreude – Gel lubrifiant longue durée 8
Vibratissimo Play Gel Anal
Durex Play – Gel de massage et lubrifiant
Pjur Original – Gel lubrifiant à base de silicone
Lumunu Gleitefreude – Gel lubrifiant longue durée
Offering a long-lasting effect, this lubricating gel will please the little players, whether for anal, vaginal or oral practices. Have fun with it, alone or as a couple.
2-in-1 lubricant, this Durex gel can be used both for massage and as a lubricant. Aphrodisiac and relaxing, it offers in more a pleasant perfume enriched with extract of ylang-ylang.
Designed for women and men, Pjur Original lubricating gel is made of silicone. It reduces the risk of condom breakage and prevents vaginal dryness.
A small amount of Lumunu Gleitefreude is enough to make you feel like a million bucks. And this lubricant has a long shelf life. And the effect doesn't spoil your fun.
Duration of effect
1,000 mL
200 mL
500 mL
250 mL
Anal, oral, vaginal
Anal, vaginal, oral
Anal, vaginal
Oral, vaginal

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How to choose your sexual lubricant

An essential ally for successful and exciting sexual experiences, sexual lubricant is not chosen at random. Discover the criteria to consider when choosing a lubricant.

#1 - The durability of the effect

The main purpose of a sexual lubricant is to moisturize the areas of penetration to maximize the pleasure of partners. However, their effectiveness differs depending on the ingredient of the preparation:

  • Water-based lubricant is highly recommended by doctors: it moisturizes and does not alter the effectiveness of condoms. However, it dries very quickly, which means that it must be changed often during the act.
  • Silicone lubricant does not dry too quickly. Even if it does not have a hydrating virtue, its texture imitates the natural vaginal lubricant. It's a slippery experience! Note that it is incompatible with silicone sex toys.

#2 - The erotic aspects

In addition to facilitating penetration, sexual lubricants can spice up sexual relations in many ways.

  • For stimulation or oral sex, a water-based lubricant is recommended as well as flavored gel (strawberry, raspberry or chocolate): they are both edible.
  • For extreme sensations, try heated sex lubricants that have menthol or eucalyptus in its ingredients. You can also choose the opposite way which is cold or a gel that combines both effects.

#3 - Its use

Most sexual lubricants can be used during vaginal penetration. Nevertheless, if you use sex toys, silicone-based preparations should be avoided. On the other hand, for anal penetration, you will have to turn to sexual lubricants specially designed for this purpose, because the anus does not secrete natural lubricant.

#4 - Underwater!

If you like naughty games in the shower, bathtub or pool, prefer silicone or vegetable oil-based sexual lubricants. These elements do not dissolve in water, the cavities will be well hydrated to increase the pleasure of penetration tenfold.

#5 - Compatibility

Certain elements contained in sexual lubricants can alter the effectiveness of condoms. Also, to avoid the bad surprises, one will avoid the lubricants containing silicone and vegetable oil (almond or coconut) which are likely to attack the complete sealing of latex.

How to use a sexual lubricant?

A precious ally to facilitate sexual intercourse, to remedy vaginal dryness, or just for a moment of pleasure, the sexual lubricant comes to the end of all the discomforts for pleasant feelings at the time of the penetration. But it is necessary to know to use it well for a better effectiveness. Moreover, there are some precautions to take when you use it because hygiene and cleanliness are important.

Easy to use, you just have to put a dab of it where you want to put it. You can put it at the entrance of the vagina, the anus, on the penis, or even on the sextoy just before penetration. Use your fingertips to spread it around.

Be careful because lubricants can carry bacteria. You must therefore make sure that the mucous membrane is not in contact with the soiled gel. This protects the vaginal flora from contamination by microbes. If you wish to perform vaginal penetration after anal penetration, it is best to clean off the excess lubricant and put some gel back on the penis before intercourse.

If you want to use a latex condom for protection, apply a drop of gel to the bottom or glans before putting it on. This will give you even more pleasure and comfort during sex. But don't use too much, as it will make the latex too slippery. In addition, prefer water-based or silicone-based lubricating gels. Oil-based lubricants can make the latex porous, when all you want is to increase desire during sex.

The different types of sexual lubricants

Water-based, silicone-based and oil-based lubricants do not offer the same satisfaction. And some are more convenient for men while others are specially designed for women.

Silicone sexual lubricant

Silicone lubricant contains cyclomethicone, dimethiconol and dimethicone. Because of these components, it is not very safe to put it in the mouth. It has an unpleasant taste and is therefore not suitable for oral sex. But its biggest advantage is that it resists water. Moreover, you need a specific soap to get rid of it. This leaves no room for doubt about its effectiveness.

Water-based sexual lubricant

The water-based lubricant is more convenient. It guarantees a healthy use and gynecologists unanimously affirm it. This product is not at all complicated and is suitable for all materials, not just genitalia. It can be applied to sex toys and does not damage condoms. But since it is water-based, it is normal that this lubricant leaves easily once in contact with this substance. This also means that it is easy to remove. Unlike silicone-based lubricant, it doesn't leave a trace and is completely edible. Note that this product tends to dry out quickly.

Oil-based sexual lubricant

Oil-based lube is preferred by men. It is mostly used during solo masturbation or to bring anal sex to life. However, its composition could be dangerous for the vagina. It exposes the latter to the risks of infection. Few people turn to this solution. Moreover, it can tear the condoms and is not at all practical.

Oil-based sexual lubricant or water-based sexual lubricant?

Oil-based sexual lubricant

Thanks to their slippery aspects, oil-based sexual lubricants are very soft and pleasant to use. They are especially useful for facilitating vaginal or anal penetration. To use them, you can start by sensually massaging your body, or that of your partner.

Your pleasure lasts longer if you apply a good amount to the penis or lips and vulva. But the major disadvantage of oil-based sexual lubricant is that it can have an impact on the vaginal flora. Among other things, it is not suitable for condoms, as it may cause them to slip even more.

Water-based sexual lubricant

Compared to oil, water-based lubricants are the most recommended. They are easily applied to the condom or to a sex toy. They are your best ally in enhancing arousal and making the orgasm last. This type of sexual lubricant is also a must for facilitating anal penetration.

However, water-based sexual lubricant tends to evaporate faster than oil-based sexual lubricant. This means that it must be reapplied frequently. It is also not used for sex in water. This is because they often contain glycerine, which can cause irritation.


The choice will be made according to the preference and the need of each one. Both of these sexual lubricants provide pleasure during intercourse or masturbation. However, oil-based sex lubricants are easier to spread, although they leave hard-to-remove stains on sheets or clothing. In contrast, water-based sex lubricants are cleaner than oil-based lubricants and leave minimal residue on the skin.

Why buy a sexual lubricant?

For more comfort

For women, if the vaginal mucosa is not sufficiently lubricated, penetration can be painful during sex. By using a lubricant, you can avoid this unnecessary discomfort. You will no longer have to endure the unpleasant friction. It also helps to alleviate vaginal dryness that may occur during foreplay or penetration.

To multiply the pleasure

A lubricant is not only an essential substance to fill or correct a gap. It is also a very popular product for those who want to reach the height of pleasure. Depending on the lubricant, it can give you a cold or warm feeling. As a result, you will discover other pleasures that are just as intense. If you opt for the edible gels, it will only add more spice to your intercourse.

To explore other sensations

There's more to sex than just vaginal pleasure. If you want to experiment with anal pleasure, using a lubricant can help. This will ensure painless penetration for maximum pleasure. Experimenting with a new way of giving pleasure can also lead you to use a lubricant. You can perfectly lubricate your fingers during foreplay, which will cause intense excitement in the woman and make her want to make love again.

For a better use of sex toys

Using a sextoy to get pleasure whether solo or with a partner can be painful, especially if the person is not used to it. Sexual lubricant helps you get the most out of your naughty games.

For smoother movements

Foreplay is a key step in sexual intercourse. Sexual lubricant is able to increase the effects of your caresses. All you have to do is apply this product to your hands and start with the most erogenous zones.

The best brands of sexual lubricants

In our opinion, the best brands of sexual lubricants in 2022 are :

Amor vibratissimo
Pjur Original

Durex is a brand of condoms and personal lubricants owned by Reckitt Benckiser. It was originally developed in London under the London Rubber Company. Certified safe for health, this brand is quality in its field.

Mostly known for its latex condoms, this brand has also launched into the lubricant. The first product has allowed the brand to maintain a fairly strong reputation, which is why the lubricant is among the best products.

This brand features the best selling products in the international arena. The ingredients that this brand uses for its lubricants are of the highest quality and have won awards worldwide. The classic formulas offered by this brand allow for optimal lubrication. The lubricants are safe for all skin types and safe for latex condoms.

The Gleitefreude brand belongs to the Lumunu passion products company. This company is known for producing water-based lubricants with a long-lasting effect. The brand has become one of the best in the field of lubrication and has one of the best products on the market.

Aquaglide is the most popular brand of lubricant in Europe. It offers water-based products that are neither harmful to the skin nor to health. This brand is among the first in the comparison of lubricant. It is reliable and medically approved.

What is the price for a sexual lubricant

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

4 £ to 8 £
8 £ to 10 £
more than 10 £
Price range diagram


Make the experience authentic.

The lube makes penetration and thrusting easier, helping you build the momentum you both need to reach orgasm. Plus, the extra lubrication will add to your pleasure, as it mimics the wetness caused by female arousal.

Arouse the desire of the other.

Cold lubricant on a warm body increases the sensitivity of the skin. Prepare cubes of lube, then draw cold trails on each other's sensitive parts.This little game will exacerbate your pleasure.

Do not slip.


so much lube on you, your partner may have trouble holding you at the crucial moment. To avoid this kind of embarrassment, adopt a position that will limit slippage. For example, for the missionary position, place one leg (or both for that matter) on your partner's shoulders. He will have a perfect angle to easily, but sensually explore your Venus mount. This would make it easier for you to adopt the cadence you want without slipping.

A candy scent for the comfort of your mouth.

Let's be

honest: oral sex can be a lot of work. That's where flavored lube comes in. Its pleasant taste will sweeten your "work," and the extra moisture will make the experience more enjoyable. Even if you have a dry mouth, it won't be a problem for your partner. But don't use sweet lube, or you may develop a yeast infection.

If you are trying to have a child, do not use lubricant.


research suggests that water- and silicone-based lubricants reduce sperm motility, or their ability to actively move - which is important when you're trying to have a baby



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Vibratissimo Play Gel Anal 9
Vibratissimo Play Gel Anal
Durex Play – Gel de massage et lubrifiant 10
Durex Play – Gel de massage et lubrifiant
Pjur Original – Gel lubrifiant à base de silicone 11
Pjur Original – Gel lubrifiant à base de silicone
Lumunu Gleitefreude – Gel lubrifiant longue durée 12
Lumunu Gleitefreude – Gel lubrifiant longue durée


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