The best sewing machines in the UK 2023

The trend is towards DIY, which is why the sewing machine is a big hit with both men and women. Thanks to this revolutionary household equipment, making linens, clothes and fashion accessories becomes a real pleasure. Do you find it difficult to choose? Check out our comparison of the best sewing machines.

Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition

Best value for money

Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition

The best sewing machine in 2021

This sewing machine is primarily designed for beginners. Easy to use, it offers up to 17 different stitches, including decorative stitches.

128 £ on Amazon

Easy to use, the Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition is designed for beginners. This sewing machine is as practical as it is compact and easy to handle. The machine is very complete with its 17 stitches, its reverse function, its 6 straight stitches, its stretch stitch... Buttons can be applied in 4 steps. You can adjust the buttonhole function according to the size of your buttons as well as the thread tension.

You don't need a serger to achieve perfect finishes on your creations, they will be done with a zigzag stitch. The Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition sewing machine supports heavy fabrics as it is equipped with a double presser foot lift, a solid rotary hook and a metal plate.

Magicfly Mini

Best value for money

Magicfly Mini

The best entry-level sewing machine

The Magicfly Mini will appeal to novices, children and those looking for a travel sewing machine. It offers only the straight stitch, adjustable on 2 speeds.

23,99 £ on Amazon

Would your child like to try his hand at sewing? Give them this beautiful portable sewing machine. Let's be clear, there is only one stitch that can be sewn, which is the classic straight stitch. However, the device comes with a lot of accessories for a total of 42 pieces, including the machine. The package includes 16 spools of thread, 16 cans, 1 tape measure, a thimble, replacement needles, a pair of scissors, a needle threader and a quick detacher.

The Magicfly Mini works in corded or cordless mode. Its speed can be set to 2 positions: high and low. To ensure a better comfort of use, there is a thread cutter on the left side of the machine, a light, a finger protection system and an extension table.

Juki HZL LB 5100

Best value for money

Juki HZL LB 5100

The best high-end sewing machine

What could be more impressive than a sewing machine that promises you up to 100 stitches! Better yet, quilting and patchwork will hold no secrets for you.

280 £ on Amazon

The Juki HZL LB 5100 is a sewing machine for enthusiasts with over 100 stitches, including elastic, utility and decorative stitches. And since "the imagination is only as good as the people who use it", you can use your creative spirit to create personalized items. This is the perfect sewing machine if you already know how to quilt or if you want to sew thick fabrics like jeans.

The metal body of the Juki HZL LB 5100 is strong and durable. The machine is equipped with a 7-jaw feed mechanism and an automatic threader. Information on the type of sole to use is shown on the LCD screen, as well as the settings for seam width and length. Note that this model achieves up to 700 stitches/min.

Singer Brilliance 6160

Practical and powerful

Singer Brilliance 6160

A practical and powerful sewing machine

The Singer Brilliance 6160 is appreciated for many reasons. Convenient, efficient, and high performance, this sewing machine has features that make it comfortable to use.

240 £ on Amazon

The Singer Brilliance 6160 is a sewing machine worthy of professionals, but it is also suitable for beginners. It allows you to express yourself through sewing by making linens such as curtains, tablecloths, quilts... You can even update your wardrobe. This sewing machine has been specifically designed to cope with difficult fabrics such as jeans, thin and stretchy textiles.

Automatic threading saves you time. Among the many stitches offered are full embroidery, buttonhole, decorative stitches, stretch stitches, reinforcement stitches, quilting stitches, hemming and of course utility stitches such as straight stitch or zigzag stitch. All settings are automatic (width, length and thread tension) and are displayed on the LED screen of the device.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best sewing machine

Any specific needs?

The best sewing machine in 2021

The best entry-level sewing machine

The best high-end sewing machine

A practical and powerful sewing machine

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Comparison table of the best sewing machines

Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition
Magicfly Mini
Juki HZL LB 5100
Singer Brilliance 6160
Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition
Magicfly Mini
Juki HZL LB 5100
Singer Brilliance 6160
This sewing machine is primarily designed for beginners. Easy to use, it offers up to 17 different stitches, including decorative stitches.
The Magicfly Mini will appeal to novices, children and those looking for a travel sewing machine. It offers only the straight stitch, adjustable on 2 speeds.
What could be more impressive than a sewing machine that promises you up to 100 stitches! Better yet, quilting and patchwork will hold no secrets for you.
The Singer Brilliance 6160 is appreciated for many reasons. Convenient, efficient, and high performance, this sewing machine has features that make it comfortable to use.
Number of stitches
50 W
70 W
65 W
Integrated light
5.58 kg
1.65 kg
7.94 kg
6.61 kg
43 x 18.5 x 35 cm
27 x 25.1 x 19.2 cm
47 x 36.5 x 24.5 cm
42.01 x 20.5 x 31.09 cm

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How to choose your sewing machine

In order to be able to enjoy the pleasures of sewing to the fullest and not have to spend money on features that won't even be of use to you, here are the parameters to consider before investing in a sewing machine.

#1 - An automatic needle threader

It is an accessory that can make your sewing moments more enjoyable. Most sewing machine users have difficulty threading the machine's needle because of vision problems or a lack of fine dexterity. If this is your case, choose a machine that has an automatic needle threader. It will allow you to thread your thread through the needle very quickly and avoid spending a moment concentrating on aiming at the hole.

#2 - The number of points

Some machines offer hundreds of stitch options. The more stitches offered, the more sewing and finishing possibilities your machine will guarantee, giving you the opportunity to make a variety of designs on all types of textiles, from thin to thick.

#3 - The "double needle" function

As the name suggests, a double needle machine is a sewing machine that has 2 needles side by side. Opt for this model if you are sewing stretchy jersey type fabrics. You can also use the twin needle to produce 2 parallel rows of seams around the neckline, hem and cuffs of jersey garments to give them a more professional/ready-to-wear feel and look. This model of machine also incorporates a zigzag stitch on the back of the 2 rows of sewing to allow the stitches to stretch without breaking. If you want to take advantage of this double needle feature, your machine will need to have the "double needle feature."

#4 - One-step buttonhole

Many modern sewing machines have the ability to sew a buttonhole in one step and to the exact size button you are using. All you have to do is follow a few steps to tell the machine what to do, including using a special buttonhole foot where you insert the button. If you don't have this one-step feature, sewing a buttonhole takes a lot longer, so it's a must-have criteria to consider when choosing a sewing machine.

#5 - Integrated lighting

If you often sew at night, a built-in light for the machine is a fantastic feature. The built-in light will not only help you in the evening, but it will also be a great help in illuminating the sewing area at any time of the day. This is very handy especially if your eyesight is not so good. This option will also help you when threading the needle if you don't have automatic threading.

How to clean, oil and maintain a sewing machine

The best sewing machines 1

  • First, unplug your machine.
  • Use a nylon brush to collect all the dust and clean all the nooks and crannies of the machine.
  • Once the bottom of the machine is cleaned, it's time to oil your machine. Sewing machine oil is a specially formulated lubricant that keeps machine parts running smoothly by preventing friction and possible wear. To apply, use one hand to turn the handwheel back and forth, and see where the moving parts touch and friction is created. That's where you need to oil. Put a little oil on these moving parts. Your machine may come with a small reservoir of oil. After you oil the wheel, move it back and forth several times to get the oil in.
  • Take a piece of muslin-type cloth to absorb any extra oil on the body of your machine.

The different types of sewing machines

Let's review each type of machine on the market with its own set of advantages and disadvantages to better understand how it works and what it is used for.

Mechanical sewing machine

This sewing machine uses manually operated knobs and buttons to adjust the straight stitch, needle threader position and fabric feed. It can be turned with a hand crank or foot pedal and has a smaller variety of stitches. However, it is important to note that the higher end models include decorative stitches.

The mechanical version is ideal for beginning sewers and is low maintenance compared to other types of sewing machines. Less threading and foot automation can be helpful for a beginner. Also, seeing how small adjustments affect stitch length and width and doing much of the maintenance on the machine at home leads the beginner toward a better understanding of the machine and the sewing process in general.

Electronic and computerized sewing machine

Electronic and computerized sewing machines offer greater accuracy than mechanical machines, and offer a wide range of decorative stitches. Electronic machines typically have an automatic needle threader and an LCD screen so you can see the adjustments you are making, while many computerized models are capable of creating decorative embroidery designs and many buttonhole styles. The electronic machine is an excellent choice for seasoned tailors and craftsmen. However, its regular maintenance is quite complex and restrictive, so it must be done by a professional.

Industrial sewing machine


heavy-duty machines are effective for shop use. They have usually been designed for a single point or a single specific task to the highest standards. These are normally models used as dedicated garment machines for industrial sewing. Among these machines, the best known are overlockers, cover stitchers, stitching machines and buttonhole machines.

Embroidery sewing machine


machine used in the fashion industry to decorate garments allows for decorative needlework, patterns and designs on fabric surfaces. It is mostly used for commercial purposes in product branding, corporate advertising and uniform adornment.

Quilting or short tack sewing machine


machine can sew multiple layers of fabric or thick fabrics (thick blankets, jeans, etc.) like those found on a quilt. This is the best sewing machine capable of easy sewing. It often comes with an extension cord to handle larger projects. However, quilt kits have limited flexibility and tend to deteriorate the fabric.

Mini portable sewing machine

It is

a small, compact hand sewing machine, usually battery or AC operated. Very inexpensive, easy to use and handle, it is best suited for beginners and those with no sewing background. However, they are just for emergency troubleshooting and cannot work on difficult sewing projects.

Sewing machine or serger?

Sewing machine

The sewing machine is used for sewing, although some versions of sewing machines have the option of serging just like the serger. However, the sewing machine is not able to provide the finishing work of the serger, which was specifically designed to do just that.

Overlock machine

A serger is used for surfacing and joining and provides professional quality finishing work. However, it is not a substitute for a sewing machine, which has many stitches and is not suitable for beginners or for sewing jobs. A more advanced sewer will find it more interesting to use a serger to give a more professional look to his creations.


To conclude, sewing machines and sergers are used in complementarity because one cannot fulfill the role of the other. Therefore, if you are a beginner in sewing, turn to a sewing machine because in addition to being easy to use, it is more affordable than a serger. As for the latter, it can be bought after you have purchased a sewing machine. If you plan to go further in your creations, the purchase of a serger is necessary.

Do the right thing

Make sure your sewing machine cord is in good condition because most people don't pay much attention to the cords on their machines. Next, pull your hair back to avoid any accidents due to the speed of the machine. Finally, watch your fingers against the moving needles.

Why buy a sewing machine?

To sew faster

Compared to sewing by hand, sewing with a machine is faster. With a sewing machine, you don't have to waste time threading the needle, because everything is ready. If you are a professional sewer, the speed of the machine allows you to move quickly from one project to the next.

To gain precision

By using a machine, you can easily achieve precision sewing. It is difficult to ensure a clean finish with handwork. Hand sewing can actually result in stitches that are not uniform.

To make sewing easier on some fabrics

The thicker the fabric, the harder it is to sew correctly. The sewing machine makes this job easier. Using a double thread, it provides very strong stitches on thick fabrics. It also opens many doors and possibilities, such as making your own curtains, quilts, tailor-made clothes, etc.

To make alterations if necessary

It may happen that you like a garment, but it is not available in your size. If you have purchased a garment that requires alterations, the sewing machine is a convenient way to make a precise adjustment. You won't have to look at the size, as you are sure to be able to fit your clothes. This is usually the case for trousers.

To make your own clothes

With a sewing machine, you can make your own clothes. You will adopt a style that reflects you and you will feel more relaxed and comfortable when wearing your creations, because they will better define your personality and the message you want to convey. You have complete creative freedom. It is also a way to express your creative talents.

The best brands of sewing machines

In our opinion, the best brands of sewing machines in 2022 are :


Brother is a world-renowned brand that offers sewing machines to sewers of all levels that adapt to their needs and desires, most of which are equipped with a touch screen and over 400 different sewing functions. Brother is especially appreciated for its excellent after-sales service and the special presser feet such as flat hem, invisible zipper or buttonhole feet that come with their sewing machines upon delivery.

With 165 years of know-how, the Singer brand is positioned as a reference in sewing machines, embroiderers, sergers and sewing accessories. Faced with tough competition, Singer manufacturers have readapted the design and options of their machines in order to conquer a wider clientele and thus satisfy all budgets: a change that has moreover greatly pleased consumers.

The Swiss brand Bernina offers fairly high-end and very sophisticated sewing machines, most of which are guaranteed for 5 years. Ideal for everyday use, they have nothing to envy to their competitors thanks to their high precision and their large choice of decorative stitches.

The robustness and excellent performance of the sewing machines of the German brand Pfaff are no longer to be demonstrated. It has also made a name for itself thanks to its elegantly designed machines specialized in embroidery that offer a large working space and that work via software that models the design to be embroidered on the fabric.

It is a Swiss brand that markets professional sewing machines with a fairly high speed of execution and offering many adjustment possibilities such as stitch width or length for example. Perfect for furnishing small square meters, they are especially appreciated for their compactness and simple handling

What is the price for a sewing machine

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

60 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Use matching wires.

A sewing machine uses two threads. You should always use the same type of thread (same material, same thickness) at the top and bottom to avoid uneven tension, jams, and breaks.

Keep your lines straight.


sew a straight line, place the edge of your fabric along one of the lines on the needle plate, and keep that alignment as you sew


Keep your curves sharp.


achieve a smooth curve, sew slowly while turning the fabric with both hands. Do this in a steady, continuous motion if you can. If you can't (or if you need to make a sharp turn), especially keep the needle planted in the fabric when adjusting the motion or direction. This allows you to rotate the fabric while ensuring a clean curve.

Hold the tails of the threads tightly when making your bartack.


tails of the threads can easily get tangled in the mechanism of your machine if you don't hold them tightly when you start sewing. They can even drag the fabric inside with them (especially thin, lightweight fabrics). To avoid this mess (and possibly having to punch a hole in your fabric to free it), always hold the tail of the threads with your left hand while you're making your bartack.

Smooth out the fabric pieces before sewing.


avoid sewing them crooked, smooth out your fabric pieces thoroughly before you begin. Just use your hands if that's enough to loosen the fabric and remove any wrinkles. You can even iron the fabric if necessary.


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Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition
Brother JX17FE Fantasy Edition
Magicfly Mini
Magicfly Mini
Juki HZL LB 5100
Juki HZL LB 5100
Singer Brilliance 6160
Singer Brilliance 6160


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