The best scroll saws in the UK 2023

Making fine, precise curvilinear cuts is no easy task, unless you have the right tool: the scroll saw. The scroll saw has become indispensable and has revolutionized the work of craftsmen such as carpenters and model makers. Would you like to have one? It's a good thing. We've put together a specialized guide to help you discover the best scroll saws available.

Ryobi 4892210149602 1

Best value for your money

Ryobi 4892210149602

The best scroll saw in 2021

From solid wood to synthetic materials to fine metals, this tool cuts through a variety of materials with unprecedented precision. In fact, the Ryobi 4892210149602 is a benchmark in scroll saws.

143 £ on Manomano

Best value for your money


The best entry-level scroll saw

Choose this powerful, precise and durable scroll saw. With its 120 W power, it is perfect for regular use.

79,99 £ on Cdiscount

Powerful, precise and inexpensive, this scroll saw lives up to the Einhell Group's reputation for offering a range of tools that are as powerful as they are affordable. With a 120 W motor that can run at a speed of 1600 rpm, it is perfect for scrolling wood, synthetic materials and aluminum. This will always be done with finesse.

The Einhell TH-SS 405 E has a safety switch, a vacuum connection and a sawdust removal system. To make your work easier, you will benefit from an electronic speed control as well as a clamping screw for changing the blade.

Scroll saw JET 354 3

Best value for your money

Scroll saw JET 354

The best high-end scroll saw

Opt for a professional machine with this powerful and impressive precision tool. Indeed, the JET 354 is the ideal scroller to realize brilliant works by their smoothness.

447 £ on Manomano

If you are looking for the best scroll saw available today, this is the tool for you. Indeed, the JET 354 is a professional device equipped with a 2-turn motor and an adjustable table 45 ° left and 10 ° right. This one is tiltable of 90 ° and 45 °. Its 120 W motor can run at high speed for hours without the machine getting hot. All in all, this scroller has everything you need to make your curvilinear designs in the best working conditions.

We appreciate the presence of a bellows for the evacuation of sawdust as well as the protection system against chips. Finally, it is equipped with a quick blade change device, which will make a big difference when you are well absorbed in the work and cannot afford to lose the thread of the task.

DREMEL Moto-Saw F013MS20JA 4


DREMEL Moto-Saw F013MS20JA

A great alternative

Once again, Dremel is proving that it has a say in the precision and model-making tools sector. This very affordable scroll saw also has a strong performance case to make.

87,20 £ on Manomano

Once again, Dremel has shown that you can't do without them when it comes to precision tools for crafts and hobbies. Build your own models and scale models with this Dremel tool. Equipped with a quick-change accessory system, this scroller also has a vacuum cleaner for easy dust removal. Mixed with glue, wood dust can still be used to fill small gaps, hence the usefulness of this installation.

This portable 2-in-1 saw can be detached to work on larger jobs. With a power of 70 W, it can run at a speed of 1500 to 2250 rpm. Finally, you should know that if you have any concerns, the Dremel/Bosch Group's after-sales service department will be happy to help you during the 2-year warranty period. So, don't hesitate to call us if you have any problems with your machine.

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The best scroll saw in 2021

The best entry-level scroll saw

The best high-end scroll saw

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best scroll saws

Ryobi 4892210149602 5
Scroll saw JET 354 7
DREMEL Moto-Saw F013MS20JA 8
Ryobi 4892210149602
Scroll saw JET 354
DREMEL Moto-Saw F013MS20JA
From solid wood to synthetic materials to fine metals, this tool cuts through a variety of materials with unprecedented precision. In fact, the Ryobi 4892210149602 is a benchmark in scroll saws.
Choose this powerful, precise and durable scroll saw. With its 120 W power, it is perfect for regular use.
Opt for a professional machine with this powerful and impressive precision tool. Indeed, the JET 354 is the ideal scroller to realize brilliant works by their smoothness.
Once again, Dremel is proving that it has a say in the precision and model-making tools sector. This very affordable scroll saw also has a strong performance case to make.
12 kg
9 kg
27 kg
11 kg
1700 rpm
1600 rpm
1400 rpm
2250 rpm
Cutting angle
90° and 45°
90° and 45°
90 °
Maximum cutting height
20 mm
57mm at 90°, 27mm at 45°
60 mm at 90°, 45 mm at 45°
18 mm
125 W
120 W
120 W
70 W

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Buying guide - scroll saw

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How to choose your scroll saw

The scroll saw is a tool that has become indispensable for manual work requiring great precision. This tool comes in two versions and can have different characteristics that influence its performance. To choose the model that will suit you best, here are the parameters to take into account:

#1 - Type

There are two families of scroll saws to choose from: electric and manual models. The manual scroll saws are the first to arrive on the market. They are designed for occasional DIY and are intended for infrequent use. The electric models are made for professional and intense use because they are equipped with powerful motors capable of running for several hours depending on the product range. In short, you should choose according to your frequency of use.

#2 - Power

The power of a scroll saw is a determining characteristic in the choice of this tool. It will determine your frequency of use as well as the life of the device. Generally speaking, the more powerful it is, the better. However, you should not rely solely on this data, because many overpowered models are not as powerful as others that are less powerful. At 100 W or more, you'll have enough power to get the job done.

#3 - Speed of rotation

Like power, speed is a key consideration when choosing a scroll saw. The speed of rotation greatly influences the performance of this type of machine. But just like the power parameter, you have to be careful with high speed scrollers. Indeed, a model that turns at 2500 rpm is not worth it if its motor does not provide equivalent power. In other words, you must always be vigilant on this parameter.

#4 - Lighting

The work of modeling, of elaborating the scrollwork menus represents a long time work that can make you spend sleepless nights. You should not let the ambient light force you to stop. Also, make sure that the scroll saw of your choice has an efficient lighting system that can provide you with good visibility in all circumstances.

#5 - Sawdust management

Scroll saws are devices that generate a very large quantity of sawdust. This element, in addition to being cumbersome, is highly toxic and we so often forget to wear proper protective equipment. To remedy this, scroll saw designers have developed a blower and sawdust collection system. Make sure the tool you choose is equipped with this feature.

How to define edging ?

Edgebanding is the action of cutting the edges to form a curve. The edges define the sides of the wood, metal or synthetic panel. They are also known as thickness. Thus, edgebanding simply means curvilinear cutting. This technique is used in cabinet making for chair backs and decorative panels.

Other specialties such as marquetry, violin making and especially model making also use the scroll cutting technique to obtain curved lines filled with finesse. This is why the birth of electric scroll saws has profoundly revolutionized the work of many craftsmen who, in addition to improving the quality of their products, have also improved their working conditions.

The different types of scroll saws

For the scroll sawing process, you can choose between two main categories of tools: electric scroll saws and manual scroll saws. Let's take a look at the characteristics of these two categories:

Electric scroll saw

The electric scroll saw has only recently appeared on the market. However, it has already convinced many workers and handymen thanks to its performance, which makes it the most popular model at the moment. The electric scroll saw is characterized by its electric motor, but also by the presence of a gooseneck that determines the size of the objects that can be cut.

In addition to its characteristics, this type also stands out thanks to the presence of a sawdust management device. The majority of the power tool giants market this type of device, which gives those who are looking for one an embarrassment of riches. The 4 products proposed in our comparison belong to this first category of devices.

Manual scroll saw

The manual scroller is the first born of this family of tools. It remains popular with many craftsmen attached to the values of handmade products. Composed of a handle to which a U-shaped structure is attached, it can be handled or moved vertically or perpendicularly, depending on the users' needs.

Although this machine requires a higher energy expenditure than the electric models, it compensates with its lightness. Indeed, its weight allows it to be moved easily, unlike electric scrollers that can weigh up to 20 kg. Therefore, it is useful for many handymen and itinerant workers.

Scroll saw or jigsaw?

Scroll saw

The scroll saw is one of today's best tools for curvilinear cutting. This device allows you to do precision work on small objects depending on the size of the gooseneck. The scroll saw is appreciated by many workers. However, some point to their propensity to accumulate sawdust, which can obscure the lines to follow. In addition, the scroll saw is less convenient to move, unless you opt for a manual scroll saw.


The jigsaw can also be used to make curved cuts, but it must be done with precision. This tool can be used to make the back of a chair, the curves of a guitar and many other patterns. More versatile than the scroll saw, jigsaws are nevertheless much less suitable for designing small objects such as puzzles, unless you are as accurate as possible.


If you need a tool to design small objects such as decorative items, accessories with curves on the sides, a scroll saw will do the trick. If you want a versatile tool that allows you to work on a larger surface, a jigsaw is the way to go. In both cases, you'll need to follow the lines carefully to get the job done.

Why buy a scroll saw?

For making precise curved cuts

The primary use of a scroll saw is the precision found when using it to create curves on wood, aluminum or other materials. This kind of work, which used to require several hours of alternating hand sawing and sanding, can be done in a few minutes, with precision. In short, if you are working on curved work, the scroll saw is your ideal ally.

To make your work easier

As explained above, this tool can reduce working hours to a few minutes, if you know how to use it. Once you have learned the basic techniques and are well equipped, you will immediately realize that everything will go much faster with this one machine.

To expand your field of activity

With the ability to create curvilinear shapes, you can make many objects and take your design to another level. Anthropomorphic pendants, picks, look at all the everyday objects that are useful to you and try to reproduce them. Indeed, that's what this kind of machine is for, to broaden your skills.

For its practicality

The scroll saw is a space-saving tool that can be installed on any work table. It is not very bulky and can be moved if needed. You can get on with it and encourage your friends and family to take advantage of this equipment. Indeed, your loved ones will surely find some use for this revolutionary tool and this can lead to something really interesting.

For its ease of cleaning

The electric scroll saw usually has a sawdust and shavings blowing system as well as a device that will collect it all. This is what makes the difference with a jigsaw where the sawdust is scattered everywhere and whose effects on health are no longer to be proven. In short, this machine cleans itself, which is a considerable advantage.

The best brands of scroll saws

In our opinion, the best brands of scroll saws in 2022 are :


Ryobi is a Japanese company with a proven track record in manufacturing electronic components for the automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries. It has also designed power tools that are among the world's references, including various models of grinders and, of course, scroll saws.

Einhell is a German company specializing in the design and marketing of power tools for DIY and gardening. Chainsaws, lawn mowers, pressure washers, this company is mentioned just about everywhere, including the entry-level and mid-range scroll saw market.

Proxxon is another German group that is one of the must-haves in the scroll saw market. This Luxembourg-based company specializes in the design of hobby tools such as rotary tools, rotary grinders, and other milling machines.

Scheppach is a family-owned company founded in 1927 that has made its mark in the design and sale of woodworking machines. Today, it offers a wide range of equipment for amateur, semi-professional and professional handymen, including top-quality scrollers.

Dremel is a brand that no longer needs to be introduced, especially for DIY and hobby enthusiasts. Belonging to the Bosch group, it is best known in the rotary tool sector, a device that is often accompanied by the phrase "Dremel type". Dremel scrollers are very popular, and have been for some time.

What is the price for a scroll saw

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

80 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Secure the scroll saw to a solid base

Before you start it up, make sure the scroll saw is set on a solid, stable base. Try shaking it a bit to see if everything is secure. Then make sure it's at the right height. All in all, get comfortable before you start any work.

Install extra lighting

An electric scroll saw is usually equipped with a lighting system that will allow you to work during the night. Good lighting is an important factor in manual work. Also, it would be best to install a few night lights nearby to illuminate the work area as much as possible.

Start with the wood

If you are new to scroll sawing, start with woodworking. Wood is a very easy material to shape and the least toxic, compared to plastic and aluminum. Then you can gradually move on to other materials and start crafting final objects.

Install a sawdust extraction system

Some high-end scroll saws are equipped with a dust extraction system, an essential feature to reduce the degree of toxicity as well as the amount of dirt entrained by the unit. If this is not the case, install an external vacuum cleaner or something that will quickly collect the sawdust.

Wear PPE

While you are working, wear good personal protective equipment. Wearing a mask is mandatory so that you are not exposed to too much sawdust. It will also be necessary to install wearing the helmet, especially if the noise level of the machine is important. Finally, wearing gloves would be safer, unless you are uncomfortable with your work.


What is scroll sawing?

Scroll sawing is a process that consists of cutting curves on the sides of an object. The scroll saw is used to give curved shapes to the objects you want to shape. This technique requires a good deal of concentration and requires that you hold the objects to be cut by both hands.

What scroll saw blade should you buy?

Good quality scroll saws come with a set of blades that should be sufficient for all your work. If not, you'll need to get some. Steel blades are needed for cutting wood and thin metals. If you want to cut glass, get a diamond blade. This will also be used for marble or stone.

What precautions should you take while working?

To work in the best conditions, start by setting up the scroll saw on a stable table and securing it well. You'll also need to wear a helmet to avoid inhaling sawdust. To optimize the work, hold the object to be cut with both hands and make sure to follow the lines drawn.

What motor power should you choose?

Generally speaking, scroll saws are equipped with a motor with a power ranging from 70 to 130 W. To be prepared for all eventualities, think big. In other words, prefer the most powerful scroll saws, this, without neglecting the other essential parameters to consider on this type of device.


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Ryobi 4892210149602 9
Ryobi 4892210149602
Scroll saw JET 354 11
Scroll saw JET 354
DREMEL Moto-Saw F013MS20JA 12
DREMEL Moto-Saw F013MS20JA


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