The best 125cc scooters in the UK 2023

Tired of wasting hours in traffic and always arriving late for work or an appointment? It's time to get on two wheels. Why not a 125cc scooter? Yamaha, Honda or Peugeot... with injection or carburetor... if you are interested in riding without hindrance, this guide is for you.

Kymco People S 1

Best value for money

Kymco People S

The best 125 scooter

Light, maneuverable and stable, this Kymco People S large wheels will be your unfailing ally in the city, but can also ply the roads of the countryside. A nimble scooter, it has several protective accessories for your safety.

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With its original design that has nothing to envy to others of the same type, the People S has received a bit of a facelift: new optics, black wheels, top case and much more. It is equipped with a high seat to allow a comfortable sitting. With its 11 HP power at 8500 rpm, this Kymco scooter has no difficulty in revving up.

In terms of ergonomics, this scooter is equipped with a digital dashboard that clearly displays all the data as well as a dedicated meter for the Noodoe system. With its GT-like features and its attractive price, People S is one of the best big wheel scooters of the moment.

Sym Fiddle IV 2

Best value for money

Sym Fiddle IV

The best entry-level 125 scooter

This little city rider from Sym will please women looking for power and comfort in urban areas. The Fiddle IV has a vintage look without skimping on modern, high-performance features.

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Far from being ordinary, the Sym Fiddle IV has a style all its own. Retro, chic and powerful, with rounded lines, these are the most striking features of this city scooter. Even though it is small, it has all the technological assets such as the digital dial displaying useful information, the warning button, the switch with anti-theft system, the USB socket.

This scooter is equipped with a Euro5 liquid engine of 11.7 HP running at 8500 rpm. Rather slow to start, it reaches cruising speed in no time and easily reaches 80 km/h for overtaking on fast lanes. Its ABS braking system offers a precise and secure stop, and the hydraulic forks react well to provide comfort on the road.

Yamaha X Max Tech Max 3

Best value for money

Yamaha X Max Tech Max

The best high-end 125 scooter

It's a road monster! The Yamaha Tech Max is a variation of the X Max with some improvements. With its clean lines and futuristic design, it's the ideal scooter for those looking for real power in its raw state.

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This new version of the X max 125 is a real technological jewel. In terms of looks, it's still as sporty as ever. The change is in the equipment and the engine. The Tech Max is equipped with a Blue Core engine of 124 cm3 Euro5 injection with liquid cooling with a power of 10.5 kW at 8750 rpm.

It has also been lengthened in terms of wheelbase with a ground clearance of 140 mm for better handling. It is distinguished by its high-end finish: Smart Key function, "frost silver" fork, two-seater leather seat, Gilles Tooling handles. Comfort and stability are assured by the telescopic fork.

Kymco X-Town City 125 4

A great choice

Kymco X-Town City 125

A stylish and powerful scooter

If there's a powerful and stylish scooter, it's the X-Town City. Kymco has equipped it with a flat floor for foot comfort. It's the ideal two-wheeler for city errands, but also for country rides.

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As far as the engine is concerned, the Kymco CT125 has not undergone any changes compared to its predecessor. However, it is still one of the fastest GT scooters on the market. On the look side, the full Led signature does not go unnoticed. Its frame has been redesigned to allow easier access combined with its seat height of 765 mm.

The powerful 125 cm3 Euro4 engine is still relevant, with a maximum power of 15 HP at 9000 rpm liquid cooled. This makes it a powerful scooter on highways and a good companion on rough terrain. It is also equipped with a USB port, a spacious trunk and a comfortable two-seater seat.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best scooter 125cc

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The best 125 scooter

The best entry-level 125 scooter

The best high-end 125 scooter

A stylish and powerful scooter

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Comparison table of the best 125cc scooters

Kymco People S 5
Sym Fiddle IV 6
Yamaha X Max Tech Max 7
Kymco X-Town City 125 8
Kymco People S
Sym Fiddle IV
Yamaha X Max Tech Max
Kymco X-Town City 125
Light, maneuverable and stable, this Kymco People S large wheels will be your unfailing ally in the city, but can also ply the roads of the countryside. A nimble scooter, it has several protective accessories for your safety.
This little city rider from Sym will please women looking for power and comfort in urban areas. The Fiddle IV has a vintage look without skimping on modern, high-performance features.
It's a road monster! The Yamaha Tech Max is a variation of the X Max with some improvements. With its clean lines and futuristic design, it's the ideal scooter for those looking for real power in its raw state.
If there's a powerful and stylish scooter, it's the X-Town City. Kymco has equipped it with a flat floor for foot comfort. It's the ideal two-wheeler for city errands, but also for country rides.
Equipped with a top case as a trunk
Perfectly suited for city driving
Large size for better handling
Flat floor to make everyday life easier
High windshield and Noodoe dashboard
Front and rear disc brakes
Powerful engine
New LED light signature
Euro5 compliant engine
Aluminum foot plates

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Buying guide - scooter 125cc

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How to choose your scooter 125cc

Aside from design and power, there are many other criteria that come into play when buying a 125 scooter. Because of its success, suppliers are equipping their products with multiple features and options for added comfort and power. Here are a few things to help you make the right choice.

#1 - The journey

A 125cc scooter is more practical than a 50cc scooter in urban areas, especially if you often ride on a highway. Robust and long-lasting, this type of scooter can cover several kilometers in a day. But always keep your habits in mind. If you are often confronted with traffic jams, a "big wheel" is the best option for you. For short errands and rides around town, opt for a compact. Long trips and rough roads will be a breeze with a GT.

#2 - Body type


is an important consideration when choosing a 125cc scooter. If you're light and small, don't venture out and buy a GT or a sporty one. Try a compact instead. On the other hand, if you're curvy, big, tall, or used to traveling with two people, go for the big scooters.

#3 - Handling


high speeds, a scooter can lose handling, unlike a motorcycle. However, a 125 scooter is more stable and offers much better handling, especially the larger wheels and GTs. These two types of scooters are very desirable, as they are very comfortable and equipped with a suspension that responds well to all types of roads.

#4 - The braking system

It is

often difficult to control a 125 scooter because of its power. Prefer models that are equipped with an ABS braking system or at the very least those that offer a front and rear brake splitter for more safety on the road.

#5 - Accessories

Accessories are a must, especially if you often make long trips. Choose the models that offer the most equipment: spacious trunk, keys, some spare parts, mirrors, reflectors, etc.

How to maintain your 125cc scooter?

For successful maintenance of your scooter and especially to ensure its longevity, it is essential to know your scooter first. You will need to learn how it works, for example, what type of fuel is used or what type of oil is used. To obtain this information, it is imperative to read carefully the manual supplied with the purchase.

This manual contains tips on how to use your scooter on a daily basis. You should also ask your dealer and take into account all the constraints imposed by your scooter. Once you've learned everything you need to know, the next step is to learn the right things to do.

First, you should get into the habit of systematically warming up the scooter's engine before you leave. This only takes about 2 minutes. You should also regularly check the oil level and tire pressure. It is important to make sure that the tires are properly inflated for a safe ride.

Wearing parts and accessories such as brake discs or rear drums, headlights, turn signals, suspension, etc. should also be checked regularly because your scooter should always be in good condition. In addition, you should have regular technical checks and overhauls, even if you think everything is fine.

In addition, regular cleaning of the scooter is necessary to prolong its life. As soon as you notice that something is not working perfectly, or you hear a small noise, it is strongly advised to call a professional to solve it as soon as possible, as it can cause serious problems

The different types of 125cc scooters

The choice of a 125 scooter depends on your needs and especially on the condition of the roads you usually ride. Faster and more agile than a motorcycle, it is more comfortable than a 50cc. Learn about the types of 125 scooters that exist.

Compact 125cc scooter

It is a scooter easy to handle thanks to its wheels which adapt perfectly to urban driving and its ultra-light frame. Very suitable for urban areas, it is particularly efficient in the lanes. The low seat position is well anchored on the fairing and the flat floor allows you to rest your feet comfortably. It's also a popular model because it's easy to park and doesn't require much space.

However, the size of the seat is not very suitable for two people.

A 125cc scooter is for those who frequently ride in urban areas. It is recommended for those who want to start riding two wheels and for women. It is the ideal scooter for rides and errands in the city.

Scooter 125 cm3 big wheels


126cc big wheel scooter is very versatile. It can be ridden in the city as well as in the countryside and reacts well on winding roads thanks to its large wheels. Comfortable with its high riding position, the rider has an eye on everything in front of him and can anticipate in case of an accident. This type of scooter is very maneuverable and reacts well on rough roads. However,

the lack of a storage box handicaps this scooter somewhat, and it is not equipped with rain protection either


The big wheel scooter can be driven in the city as well as in the country. Due to its light weight and great maneuverability, it can slalom between cars in traffic jams, but is also a very practical scooter on pavements. It is the ideal scooter for those who have a varied commute.

125cc GT Scooter


now swears by the 125cc GT scooter. It is powerful, stable and has many accessories. Usually, it has an apron and a windshield to allow riding in light rain. Its large size ensures perfect handling and comfort. You will also have a large trunk in which you can store all sorts of objects.

Its only disadvantage is its imposing size which requires that it is not really adapted to urban traffic.

This type of scooter is mainly intended for those who often take the highways because of their power. Nevertheless, it also adapts to the poor quality of its road holding. If you are a speed lover, this is the scooter for you.

Scooter 125 or motorcycle 125?

Scooter 125

The advantages of a 125 scooter lie in its ease of use. You just have to start the engine and you can ride. No clutch and foot brake... just get used to it and it's done. A scooter is also cleaner because the frame is fully enclosed so you don't get your clothes dirty. But it's a very practical two-wheeler in case of light rain, as the front window protects against splashes. And of course, there's the trunk where you can store a few personal belongings. The top-of-the-range models even offer a large trunk for larger items.

But it also has its little drawbacks, like the road holding because of its small wheel or the engine which is not very stable. The comfort offered by the suspensions is also less. But scooters are especially prone to theft because they are easy to start and drive.

Motorcycle 125

A 125 motorcycle stands out for its aggressive and sporty look. It is also very maneuverable and offers a better feeling than a scooter since you will have to clutch, shift gears and brake. In addition, a 125cc motorcycle is more affordable than a scooter of the same displacement in terms of price. But its best asset is its road holding thanks to its tires and its frame which is more imposing.

However, a 125cc motorcycle does not have any basic protective features. Therefore, you should buy separate protective gear and equipment (goggles, jacket, etc.). You will also need to carry out regular maintenance such as greasing the chains, if you choose one of these bikes.


Easy to ride and very practical for short trips around town, a 125cc scooter is the most practical solution if you are new to two wheels. Not only will you be safe, but it does its job well in terms of power. On the other hand, if you're a thrill-seeker with experience, a 125cc motorcycle will be your best companion on the road. Thanks to its handling, you'll feel comfortable, even at high speeds. In any case, always wear a helmet and get the right equipment.

Why buy a scooter?

You want to buy a scooter, but you hesitate because you know nothing about it? Less expensive than a car, the scooter offers many advantages in everyday life. It is a practical and very economical way to travel. Indeed, it consumes less fuel than other motorized means of locomotion. If you choose a 125cc scooter, you will only burn 2.5 litres of fuel per 100 km. This type of vehicle can also weave in and out of traffic in the event of a traffic jam (for the more experienced).

A scooter is easy to maintain and spare parts are easy to find in case of breakdown. Moreover, if you are mechanically inclined, you can do the repairs yourself, which saves you time and money.

As far as driving is concerned, a scooter can be driven from the age of 14 for the basic models, provided you have an AM or B licence. The driver only needs to follow a 7-hour training course to learn the basics.

But being at the handlebars of a scooter also brings a real pleasure and a great feeling of freedom. The short rides allow you to enjoy the environment and the landscape. It is a source of entertainment beyond the fact that it is a very advantageous means of locomotion.

Be alert on the road

Always stay focused when you are riding your scooter. Observe everything that is happening around you, the movements of vehicles, and above all respect a good braking distance. It is also important to control your scooter in order to anticipate any danger.


If your battery is dead

If you are thinking of connecting the battery to a car's battery with a jumper cable, this solution does not work on a scooter. The easiest option is to use the kick of your scooter to start it. However, newer models are no longer equipped with this to make room for electronic equipment. You can also get a portable charger, as this can save you.

Equip yourself properly

Riding a scooter, no matter how powerful, requires specific equipment so that you are safe. Since you are constantly exposed to dangers, you need to protect yourself as much as possible. Since wearing a helmet is mandatory, you must also make sure to cover certain parts of your body: arms, feet, hands, shoulders, knees, torso...

Vary the fun and your driving style

Despite the fact that a 125cc scooter is powerful, you must take into account the type of road you are riding on. There's nothing like riding on rough roads to perfect your skills. Also, don't just drive; enjoy the scenery and, most importantly, enjoy the moment. It's also a good way to learn how to control your scooter.

Braking with a 125 scooter

A 125 scooter is more aggressive, which means the braking system has to perform well. However, you may fall off if you brake hard. So, for precise braking start with the front brake until you feel a pressure point. Do the same with the rear, then apply both gradually to stay balanced and stop smoothly.

Driving at night

Think about being well equipped if you plan to ride at night. Wear a vest with reflective tape and make sure your taillights work properly as well as your scooter's headlights. And most importantly, slow down when you see an obstacle and don't think about overtaking unless you are 10 km/h faster than the vehicle you are passing.


What is the best 125 scooter?

The best 125 scooter depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How much does it cost to insure a 125 scooter?

To date, only two scooters in the sporty GT category are considered to be the most powerful and also the most sold: the Yamaha Xmax and the Honda Forza. in the UK alone, the Honda Forza has sold more than 6000 units. But it is closely followed by the Xmax, which has not lost any of its value or notoriety. But let's not forget the indomitable Kymco X-Town which reigns supreme on the asphalt.

Which driving licence for a 125 scooter?

You can ride a 125cc scooter if you have an A1 licence. Those who have a B licence are also entitled to do so, provided they have completed a 7-hour training course on the basics. However, those who have an A1 equivalence before 1 March 1980 and those who have insured their scooter before 2011 are exempt from the training.

How to properly maintain a 125 scooter?

Unlike a motorcycle, a scooter does not require specific maintenance, especially in the first few years of ownership. Often supplied with a good warranty, maintenance begins once you reach 25,000 km. The key is to check the parts regularly to avoid major breakdowns. It's worth noting that scooter parts are less expensive than those for a motorcycle of the same capacity.

Do I have to register my 125 scooter?

By law, all two-wheeled vehicles purchased before 1 July 2004 must be registered in order to be able to ride on public roads. A certificate of conformity is also required.


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