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No one is immune to blisters after several hours of walking or after wearing closed shoes for a long time. The Scholl brand is dedicated to improving comfort and reducing these pains through removable gel insoles for men and women. Whether you wear sneakers, work shoes or heels, find out everything you need to know about this essential Scholl accessory in this guide.

Scholl - GelActiv Sport Insole for Men 1

Best value for money

Scholl - GelActiv Sport Insole for Men

The best Scholl insoles in 2021

Whether you're involved in strenuous or less extreme activity, the GelActiv technology used in this insole is designed to provide the relief that athletes expect.

13,59 £ on Scholl

The integrated gel in this sole plays an important role in the care of your sports feet. It contributes to the shock absorption and reduces the pain after the exercises. As part of the GelActiv line, this model is very effective and can be used for running or walking.

These insoles have a good grip for this intended use. They are suitable for all men's sports shoes. You will feel a great change in comfort. For size selection, these insoles are available in European sizes ranging from 40 to 46.5.

Scholl - Party Feet 2

Best value for money

Scholl - Party Feet

The best entry-level Scholl insoles

Are you looking for insoles to enjoy your heels all night long? Party Feet is for you. It is a pair of comfortable and non-slip half soles for the flirtatious.

12,16 £ on Amazon

No more sore feet after hours of dancing in high heels. With these pads from Scholl, you'll get nothing but pure pleasure. With GelActiv technology, they provide a very pleasant cushioning effect. The cushioning material maximizes the comfort of use.

The insoles also have a discreet design with a stylish look. Their transparent color is very popular. With the anti-slip system, there is little risk of the insoles not sticking. In addition, this model has undergone strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction. Apart from heels, they are suitable for flat sandals.

Scholl - GelActiv high heel insoles 3

Best value for money

Scholl - GelActiv high heel insoles

The best high-end Scholl insoles

It is designed for high-heeled shoes and immediately reduces any feeling of fatigue. Choose your size among the sizes proposed: 35 to 40.

13,59 £ on Scholl

These transparent insoles are very easy to put on. Transparent in color, they know how to be discreet at the bottom of your heels. Nevertheless, their design is just as compatible with women's flats. Comfort is assured with this GelActiv model.

From now on, you won't have to suffer from aches and pains when you come home with your heels on. The soft gel used is really what your sensitive feet need to not endure the uncomfortable position of heels. In addition, the insoles here are self-adhesive. No risk of slipping while wearing.

Scholl - GelSoft Daily Insoles 4


Scholl - GelSoft Daily Insoles

The best ergonomic Scholl insoles

These insoles are made with GelSoft technology and are designed for men who are looking for everyday comfort and whose foot size is between 40 and 46.5.

13,05 £ on Amazon

These insoles are part of the GelSoft Daily range. They can be worn with normal men's shoes. On the other hand, their design is well compatible with sports and work shoes. However, you should not expect maximum comfort for working hours, especially if you have to stand for a long time.

For daily walks, heels benefit the most. The effect of the gel is more pronounced there. At the same time, these insoles protect the joints from micro-shocks caused by your movements during the walks. As with all Scholl insoles, these are easy to maintain.

Scholl - GelActiv Work Woman 5


Scholl - GelActiv Work Woman

The best professional Scholl insoles

These are professional insoles for business women. They reduce the stress that reaches the muscles and joints.

13,59 £ on Amazon

Performance and design, these Pro insoles for women are equipped with GelActiv technology. They offer a fairly good ventilation and provide optimal comfort for several hours. Since they are designed for work, they are well suited for hard and uncomfortable surfaces. The support offered is appropriate for the arch of a woman's foot.

High top shoes and classic work shoes are compatible as long as the soles are properly cut out. This model features the brand's two types of gel: firm gel and soft gel. This explains its very high performance.

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Best Scholl soles

Any specific needs?

The best Scholl insoles in 2021

The best entry-level Scholl insoles

The best high-end Scholl insoles

The best ergonomic Scholl insoles

The best professional Scholl insoles

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Comparison table of the best Scholl soles

Scholl - GelActiv Sport Insole for Men 6
Scholl - Party Feet 7
Scholl - GelActiv high heel insoles 8
Scholl - GelSoft Daily Insoles 9
Scholl - GelActiv Work Woman 10
Scholl - GelActiv Sport Insole for Men
Scholl - Party Feet
Scholl - GelActiv high heel insoles
Scholl - GelSoft Daily Insoles
Scholl - GelActiv Work Woman
Whether you're involved in strenuous or less extreme activity, the GelActiv technology used in this insole is designed to provide the relief that athletes expect.
Are you looking for insoles to enjoy your heels all night long? Party Feet is for you. It is a pair of comfortable and non-slip half soles for the flirtatious.
It is designed for high-heeled shoes and immediately reduces any feeling of fatigue. Choose your size among the sizes proposed: 35 to 40.
These insoles are made with GelSoft technology and are designed for men who are looking for everyday comfort and whose foot size is between 40 and 46.5.
These are professional insoles for business women. They reduce the stress that reaches the muscles and joints.
Available sizes
40 - 46.5
35 - 40.5
40 - 46.5
35.5 - 40.5
Compatible shoes
Sneakers, sneakers
Women's shoes
Average Heels
Regular shoes, work shoes
Work shoes
Number of pairs

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Our opinion on the Scholl soles

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Our opinion on the School insoles

Scholl is dedicated to optimizing foot care, whatever the problem: fungus, cracks, blisters, warts, corns, calluses and even ingrown toenails. In addition to the valuable advice available on the brand's website, the brand manufactures products and accessories that are essential for beautiful, smooth and healthy feet. Among the brand's creations are insoles that allow its customers to wear their shoes well without sacrificing foot comfort.

Scholl's ActivGel technology

Scholl's place in the insole market is undeniable. It is among the best manufacturers and adopts a unique technology of obvious effectiveness which is the ActivGel.

Moreover, it has proven itself with its gel insoles designed to soothe the pain that forms on the feet. This is due to the comfort provided by a material capable of absorbing the shocks and pressures that they undergo during walking. A better support is thus guaranteed, whatever the size. It is greatly felt at the heel and plantar fascia. The soles are more flexible in these areas and more solid in the center.

Versatile ranges

Scholl has developed several ranges of insoles to cope with various activities in daily life and at work, for both men and women. Thus, all these products meet specific needs corresponding to different types of users. In addition, the ActivGel Professional range not only cushions shocks, but also reduces tensions caused by work-related stresses.

Nevertheless, all the ranges have in common the reduction of the feeling of tiredness whether the shoes are worn during hours of walking, within the framework of a sporting use or for activities which require to be upright for a long time.

Increased safety

Scholl insoles combine comfort and safety. This makes them a welcome addition to both high-heeled shoes and sports tennis shoes. The brand offers the possibility of adjusting the size of the shoe.

In any case, Scholl guarantees a safe use, because its soles are designed to offer a good grip on the ground. This results in a perfect balance during walking for all foot shapes. Thanks to hygienic materials, these products are safe for the skin of the feet.

Some shortcomings to note

Despite their many advantages, Scholl insoles are still handicapped by a few shortcomings. The problem of perspiration is the most recurrent. Moreover, the brand recommends the use of socks or tights to reduce the sensation of discomfort. This means that the ventilation system leaves something to be desired.

Apart from that, it can be difficult to get a good fit if you don't find the right size or the cut is not done correctly. A bad positioning reduces the comfort obtained.

Scholl insoles in brief...

Founded by Dr. William Mathias Scholl, the Scholl brand produces silica gel and silicone insoles and inserts suitable for both open and closed toe shoes for men and women.

Apart from a few precautions to be taken when choosing the size and fixing the accessory, these products are still quite easy to use. The innovation with which they are made is the success of the brand. In addition to this, the stylish design and the undeniable comfort that can be noticed on the Scholl insoles.

Scholl sole or Sofit sole

Scholl sole

Scholl insoles are designed to give consumers the opportunity to have healthy and comfortable feet. They combine comfort, safety and well-being. But above all, the technology used aims to cover the needs of different user profiles.

The cut-out system makes it easy to use for both men and women. The material used reinforces the durability of the accessory. Being washable, it is therefore reusable.

Sofit sole

Sofit insoles are just as versatile with a wide selection of sizes ranging from 34 to 45 for men and women. They are perfect for eliminating foot pain and are discreet whether worn for sports, work or daily walks.

Its design favors a long-lasting use. In addition to the flexibility of the material used by the manufacturer, the breathability of Sofit insoles is very satisfactory. It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial and is therefore respectful of the well-being of the skin of the feet. In addition, Sofit offers orthopedic insoles with a quality that is unsurpassed on the market.


Sofit and Scholl are two giants in the field of insoles. Both offer an excellent level of comfort, regardless of the type of shoes worn. However, Scholl wins on design, while Sofit specializes in orthopedic treatment using soft and firm materials. Its soles also benefit from good finishing and anti-odor treatments.

It must be said that Sofit is much better than Scholl when it comes to the aeration of the insoles. But both offer a cutting system to have a precise size. In addition, Scholl is constantly innovating in its production of foot care products in order to keep up with the changing needs of consumers in terms of comfort and style.

How to choose your Scholl soles

Insoles being generic products, the choice should not be very complicated. This does not prevent you from considering well thought criteria to have products perfectly in adequacy with your needs.

Criterion 1 : Your daily activities

Faced with a wide range of Scholl insoles, you must clearly determine your activities to make the right choice. The Activgel Everyday line of insoles are good for simple walks. They are designed to provide the level of comfort needed to wear traditional shoes or sandals in everyday life.

If you're one of those people who has to stand all day long, professional insoles are the way to go. The same applies to users who walk for several hours a day. The design of the insoles takes into account the more intense magnitude of the shocks in this case.

For sports, special insoles are designed to be firmer to gain comfort in the arch. They are robust enough to cope with the more pronounced efforts made during activities.

Criterion 2 : The type of shoes

The second point to clarify concerns the type of shoes. For open shoes, we turn to thin and discreet half soles that protect the toes and the soles of the feet. They are primarily for women who wear sandals and heels.

The choice is wider for closed shoes for both men and women. Those with an anti-slip treatment are better, they become more comfortable. The explicit range names make the choice easier.

Everyday insoles go very well with tennis shoes, boots and other classic shoes. Sport insoles are suitable for sports shoes and sneakers, while the professional range insoles are compatible with safety shoes and common work shoes.

Criterion 3 : The type of gel

The manufacturer does not use the same gels for all insoles. On the one hand, there's firm gel, which takes care of providing all the support your feet need for a balanced gait and well-distributed comfort. On the other hand, soft gel provides shock absorption. However, most Scholl insoles combine these two forms of gel.

Criterion 4 : The shoe size

For women, the insoles are available in sizes ranging from 38 to 42. They are then customizable with the ability to make an appropriate cut. For men, sizes range from 42 to 48. For the accessory to stick to the shoes, it must be the same size as the shoes. This way, you have a better chance of wearing insoles that fit your feet well.

Criterion 5 : Specific treatment

Scholl insoles can be specially treated to further improve the conditions of use. Apart from the anti-slip surface, you can find the anti-odour and anti-perspirant treatment. Seeking to boost the well-being of consumers, Scholl exploits the virtues of activated carbon in its production.

This material has the ability to eliminate bad odors from the foot and the shoes themselves. This promotes a permanent wear away from sweat and discomfort. Add to this the micro-perforation system that allows better ventilation of the feet. Like all other insoles, those concerned by this treatment are available in all sizes.

Characteristics of a gel insole

Gel insoles have the same roles as classic insoles. However, they are more effective, and by far. They do not only support the feet, but also the legs, the knees and the lower back. Presented in the form of a cushion, they attenuate the shocks with each support of the feet on the ground. On the other hand, some models have a massaging effect that is felt along the legs.

The muscular functions of the lower limbs are better off. Indeed, the bone structure and muscles are not sufficiently supported by the original soles of the shoes. This is why gel insoles are added on top of the original insoles, which not only ensure greater efficiency, but also a longer lifespan. The gel introduced in the support improves comfort, regardless of the type of ground.

This type of insoles is more advantageous for workers who remain in a standing position than for others. This condition causes greater pain in the back. These pains are eradicated by the gel that emits a movement that matches that of the feet. Thanks to this technology, the insoles manage to massage the heel and the arch of the foot. At the same time, they envelop the feet with its soft support, soft on one part and firm on another.

Why buy good Scholl insoles?


The gel support of Scholl insoles increases the comfort felt even when wearing uncomfortable shoes such as high heel sandals. Their role is to eliminate the effects of pressure exerted by these garments so that the feet feel less fatigue and soreness.


Scholl insoles offer excellent value for money whether they are used with work shoes, dress shoes or heels. There is something for every budget in every possible variation from men's insoles to sport insoles to half insoles. This purchase does not represent a lot of expenses while it weighs a lot for your comfort.

Discreet design

Since they are intended for both open and closed shoes, it is only natural that the manufacturer has thought of a discreet and slim design. Some models are even transparent so as not to undermine your look. You won't even notice their presence except for the increased comfort.


Scholl insoles are reusable and washable. For their very affordable price, you'll get accessories that last for months, between 4 and 6 months to be exact, even more if the frequency of use is less. Good maintenance also extends the life of these materials.

Easy to maintain

There is no tedious maintenance required to take care of your Scholl insoles. Simply clean them whenever necessary, which is the same time as your shoes. You keep your same habits for good hygiene and that's it. Plus, all you have to do is use a damp cloth to wash them. Indeed, only the surface is dirty. The dirt does not penetrate to the level of the gel. Moreover, the effectiveness of the gel will not be altered, as water will not disturb it. This means that you don't have to wait long before the soles are dry.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Scholl soles:

Physix Gear Sport

Sidas' ambition was to create insoles that not only perfectly fit the shape of the shoes, but also the morphology of the feet. Hence their products that combine comfort and performance. However, it must be said that Sidas' products appeal more to athletes than to individuals.

Easyfeet insoles are designed to effectively relieve pain during walks. The brand uses quality cushioning to boost the energy of the feet during all activities performed on a daily basis. The brand's customers value the balance offered by these ergonomic and protective accessories.

Superfeet has nothing to envy to any other major insole brand. This is due to its extensive experience in foot care. Thus, the brand advances several lines of insoles for sportsmen and also for everyday use. Its great performance makes this brand a leader in the international market.

This brand is also very well known in the market of accessories for sports shoes. It combines performance with technicality to give the best possible result. Its soles are sturdy enough to support extreme activities. Apart from that, they stand out for the stability they provide during use. All profiles of athletes benefit from Sofsole.

It is another brand of sports accessories like hiking socks, exercise bands and insoles. These are also used in recreational settings for men and women of all sizes. Physix Gear Sport is a reliable brand for orthopedic products around podiatry.


Scholl insoles are not for children whose feet are still growing

Choose an exact size for your insoles. On the other hand, it would be difficult to find a pair suitable for children's feet that are still growing. The insoles may be too large and their effectiveness will be compromised. If your original insole is removable, use it as a guide for the fit. If this is not possible, position your foot on the Scholl insole and start cutting following the contour of your foot.

Use your original insole to get the perfect fit

Always wear socks or tights whenever possible to avoid excessive sweating. However, we must admit that this is not always wise, especially when wearing open shoes. In this case, you should turn to very thin insoles.

Limit foot sweating

You should know that Scholl insoles are not orthopedic items, unless there is really a special mention indicating otherwise. If you have orders to wear foot orthotics or orthopedic inserts, don't risk replacing them with the inserts offered by Scholl. While they provide great comfort, they do not correct medical defects.

Don't replace your orthopedic insoles with Scholl's insoles

The insoles from this brand are not machine washable. To clean them, take a cloth dampened with soapy water. Then rub on the surface in contact with the foot. Rinse with a clean cloth soaked in warm water and let air dry.

These insoles are not machine washable


How to put on the Scholl insoles? How long do these insoles last? How to have a good cut? Are the Scholl insoles orthopedic insoles?

To begin, remove the original sole. There is no point in lining it with the new sole if it is removable. Then, you just have to put the new pair in place of the previous one. It is the side with the gel that is placed against the shoe. Before all that, you need to make sure you have the right size.

Scholl insoles last between 4 and 6 months depending on maintenance and use. That is, its longevity is quite subjective. Athletes are forced to buy new ones before those 4 months if they put them through extremely hard conditions. For everyday use, i.e. with conventional shoes for simple walks, the insoles can last even longer.

Use suitable instruments to avoid damaging the insoles, preferably scissors. Handle them gently so you don't roughly cut the edges. Leave an extra half centimeter while you cut the soles from the outside. This will prevent you from having soles that are too tight. You can use old insoles or your own feet to get the right dimensions.

Scholl insoles are not orthopedic insoles per se. They are just accessories that aim for maximum comfort without the ability to correct poor foot posture or pathological problems. On the other hand, they remain classic insoles of very good quality. Orthopedic insoles are only used on the recommendation of a specialist doctor.


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Scholl - GelActiv Sport Insole for Men
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Scholl - Party Feet
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Scholl - GelActiv high heel insoles
Scholl - GelSoft Daily Insoles 14
Scholl - GelSoft Daily Insoles
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Scholl - GelActiv Work Woman


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