The best scented candles in the UK 2023

Having scented candles in your home can be a great asset, because not only do they provide optimal relaxation, but also, they spread a pleasant scent in the house. On the market, there are several kinds of scented candles, you wonder how to choose one. In this article, we will present you the best scented candles to guide you in your choice.

WoodWick large scented candle 1

Editor's Choice

WoodWick large scented candle

The best scented candle in 2021

This large linen scented candle from WoodWick will give you the smell of dried wax and a summer breeze in your home. It will bring a refined and personal touch to your room.

25,50 £ on Amazon

The WoodWick scented candle is a special candle with a delicious scent of clean, dry wax and a summer breeze, also a black wax scent. It is shaped like a round hourglass and the wooden lid can also be used as a coaster. This candle is made of soy wax and has a burn time of 130 hours. It also has a wooden wick that makes the candle crackle like a fire.

The soothing crackle of this candle is created by patented PLUSWICK technology, designed to ensure a safe and consistent crackling experience for faster fragrance and better burn while scenting your home with the soothing sound of a crackling fire. It is also perfect for being in rooms with a large surface area, therefore a living room, dining room. With a weight of 454 g, the WoodWick scented candle can therefore allow you to have a very satisfying moment of relaxation.

Yankee Candle Rose succulent 2

The best cheap

Yankee Candle Rose succulent

The best scented candle in 2021

The Yankee Candle Luscious Rose scented candle is our second choice because of its very affordable price and its ability to bring sweetness and freshness into your home.

15,60 £ on Amazon

This candle is a scented candle with a burst of lush flowers, delicious apricots and delicate petals. Its ingredients have been carefully selected. The wax in this candle is also of the highest quality, ensuring a clean burn and diffusing an even fragrance throughout your home. With a burn time of 70 - 75 hours, it comes in a classic glass medium jar with a lid to preserve the fragrance.

To ensure even burning, the wick of this candle is 100% cotton and well centered. This adds to its strong point. Finally, with a weight of 411g, the scented candle Yankee Candle Rose succulent will thus allow you to take time to appreciate each moment of your day and live a calmed rhythm.


The best high end


The best scented candle in 2021

LA JOLIE MUSE Wood Wick scented candle offers you a long lasting sensory journey with 100% natural soy wax. It is a special candle that will bring freshness and elegance to your home.

51,45 £ on Amazon

This scented candle has an amber scent of sandalwood known for its therapeutic benefits very good for health. With this candle you can both have a pleasant scent and relieve your stress. It also has top notes of hyacinth and lemongrass; middle notes of pink rose, violet and jasmine; and bottom notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Equipped with a special wooden wick, this candle crackles as it burns to provide serenity for your deep relaxation with a soothing effect for the mind reminiscent of the comforting fireplace in the home. With a long burn time of 90 to hours and a weight of 550g, this candle will guarantee you maximum relaxation. Finally, elegantly designed with delicate daisy motifs carved on the thick glass jar, the LA JOLIE MUSE Wood Wick scented candle can be used as a gift to exchange greetings with family and friends.

Yankee Candle bougie parfumée gâteau à la vanille 4

The best excellent choice

Yankee Candle bougie parfumée gâteau à la vanille

Yankee Candle scented jar candle is made from selected ingredients, including pure natural extracts. It is an ideal scented candle for a large room.

21,04 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best scented candle

Any specific needs?

The best scented candle in 2021

The best scented candle in 2021

The best scented candle in 2021

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Comparison table of the best scented candles

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High quality Excellent choice
WoodWick large scented candle 5
Yankee Candle Rose succulent 6
Yankee Candle bougie parfumée gâteau à la vanille 8
WoodWick large scented candle
Yankee Candle Rose succulent
Yankee Candle bougie parfumée gâteau à la vanille
This large linen scented candle from WoodWick will give you the smell of dried wax and a summer breeze in your home. It will bring a refined and personal touch to your room.
The Yankee Candle Luscious Rose scented candle is our second choice because of its very affordable price and its ability to bring sweetness and freshness into your home.
LA JOLIE MUSE Wood Wick scented candle offers you a long lasting sensory journey with 100% natural soy wax. It is a special candle that will bring freshness and elegance to your home.
Yankee Candle scented jar candle is made from selected ingredients, including pure natural extracts. It is an ideal scented candle for a large room.
454 g
411 g
550 g
623 g
Burning time
130 hours
70 -75 hours
90 hours
110-115 hours
a black cherry scent
a burst of lush flowers, delicious apricots and delicate petals
an amber sandalwood fragrance
pure vanilla fragrance
Great scented candle created by patented PLUSWICK technology.
Made with premium wax
An elegantly designed candle with delicate carved daisy motifs
ensures clean burning and even fragrance

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How to choose your scented candle

Scented candles have the role of beautifying and providing a warm atmosphere to your home. If you want to buy one, it is essential to gather some information about its technical characteristics before buying. For this, take into account the few criteria that we will present below.

#1 - The fragrance

It is the first criterion not to neglect, because the odor which will be released by the candle plays a very important role on your mood. There are different kinds of perfumes that you can choose on the market. But, the selection is made according to your opinions. If you want to have a soothing atmosphere, choose models that have fruity notes such as chamomile, orange blossom and lavender, etc..

On the other hand, if you want to immerse yourself in an invigorating atmosphere, choose hesperidia. These are citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine or grapefruit. And finally, for a seductive environment, prefer floral fragrances like jasmine, rose or orchid.

#2 - The design

The design is also important, as it varies from one scent to another and at different prices. You will therefore have the choice between vegetable waxes and mineral waxes. The former will allow you to have a scented candle with a longer burning time. And the last one allows you to make a choice on the colorations and the scents.

The choice will thus depend on your tastes.

#3 - The wick

It is also necessary to take into account the wick of your candle, because it is the support of the fire. It must be chosen with care. Not too thin, not too thick and made of a suitable material. A scented candle with a very large wick will offer you more flame. On the other hand, a scented candle with a small wick gives you an insufficient fire language.

To make the right choice , it is strongly advised to choose wooden wicks to have a candle that burns optimally.

#4 - The amount of item in a package

If you want to have a scented candle for the best value, it is important to take a look at the number of items in the package. This will let you know if the number is right for your needs. A package of scented candles may have 2 or about 30 pieces depending on the model.

And if you want several candles to have more ambiance, it's best to lean on a well-stocked pack. It is also ideal if you use it very daily. On the other hand, if you just want a scented candle in the rare occasions, a batch of 2 or 5 can be enough for you.

#5 - The price

The price is also to be taken into account. It mostly depends on the manufacturer, brand, scent, quality of candle wax and number of candles. If you have a large budget, you can have a pack of scented candles for various occasions.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, go for a scented candle pack of 2 or 3. It's affordable and it's enough.

What not to do when using a scented candle

It is strictly advisable to avoid lighting a scented candle in the presence of a person suffering from respiratory problems, as this may worsen their condition. And it is also to be avoided to use a scented candle during meals, because its strong smell can alter your taste.

With scented candles, too much can have another effect in the room and can also cause headaches. Therefore, it is forbidden to leave a scented candle burning for more than two hours. To avoid headaches, you should air out your room for 5 to 10 minutes after blowing out the candle.

The different types of scented candles

The scented candles are made with waxes. To better understand, we will see below, the 3 kinds of scented candles:

Scented candles made with mineral waxes

A candle made of mineral wax or kerosene wax is very pure. It is the result of a complex refining process of crude oil. Its combustion does not present any danger for health. That's why they are the most common on the market.

Scented candles made with vegetable waxes

A candle made from a vegetable wax is known to be natural and ecological, because vegetable waxes are derived from soy, rapeseed, rice or jojoba. They do not contain toxic compounds such as pesticides or herbicides. Vegetable waxes have a very good olfactory performance.

They highlight the fragrances of the perfumes they are mixed with.

Scented candles made with animal waxes

They are very little used nowadays, because the ingredients from which it is derived such as the whale or sperm whale are protected species. They are not often seen on the market which explains why they are expensive. There is also beeswax but it is becoming rare and only reserved for handcrafted products.

A scented candle or a perfume diffuser

A scented candle

The advantage with scented candles is that they have the power to change the smell of a room. They make the atmosphere more pleasant. Also, some scented candles have therapeutic benefits that help reduce the effects of stress. They also provide quality sleep. And finally, they make the atmosphere in your home pleasant and perfect.

The disadvantage with these products is on the ingredients, because some scented candles are made with substances that can harm your health. Also, they are more or less expensive on the market.

A perfume diffuser

The advantage of having a perfume diffuser is that it allows you to enjoy a scented ambiance and a zen atmosphere in the house. Also, the essential oils used with these diffusers can bring therapeutic effects on mood and well-being. And finally, the diffusers can serve as decoration with their various shapes and designs.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is on the perfume. Indeed, some perfumes are composed with volatile organics which are extremely polluting. They are chemical substances which are harmful for the body, because they are carcinogenic.


These two products have the same role but different quality. However, if you want to keep your health while having a pleasant atmosphere at home, choose scented candles. And if you want to fill your decoration in the house, choose a perfume diffuser, because they are of different forms on the market.

Why buy a scented candle?

To add class to your home interior

Home is where the heart is, and it is a reflection of you. You want to make your home peaceful, yet elegant, that's where scented candles come in. It gives your home a pleasant look and a new perspective. The scent and flame of aromatherapy candles increases the aura of your room and creates positive and peaceful vibes. It adds class to your home, even if you don't light it.

To de-stress

Scented candles give you a peaceful atmosphere and escape from the daily distress. You can take a bath for 10 to 15 minutes, surrounded by scented candles to relieve stress. Alternatively, you can read a book or watch your favorite movie while sitting on the couch with a scented candle to find an escape.

To attract positive vibes

Smell is synonymous with feelings, whether they are good or bad. You can easily distinguish bad smells and feel bad because they stink. Also, bad smell attracts negative vibes or bad energy. So, keep your ambience smelling good, and scented candles are the best option to eliminate negative vibes. It also lifts your mood and promotes positive energy.

To do aromatherapy

Everyone loves to read their favorite book and sip red wine while relaxing in the tub with rose petals and bath bombs. But is there anything missing from this scenario? Yes, you heard me right, burnt scented candles. So, you can indulge in the spa session with aromatherapy candles. Choose soothing scents to relax you, like lavender and jasmine.

To improve your sleep

As you know, you should turn off your phone before going to bed because it can disrupt your sleep routine. The cell phone screen emits blue light that causes a reduction in the level of magnesium in the body, which makes you restless. This is why you can't fall asleep after an exhausting day. Light your favorite scented candles and turn off the lights at night; it will help you reset your sleep pattern by calming your mind.

A lavender scented candle is great for improving sleep quality.

The best brands of scented candles

In our opinion, the best brands of scented candles in 2022 are :

Yankee candle
La jolie musée

is an American manufacturer of scented candles with a unique concept of crackling wooden wicks. Woodwick scented candles are made with soy wax which allows for a healthier burn.

is an American company that manufactures and sells scented candles and other related decorative accessories. Their candles are the best-selling candles on the market.

is a scented candle brand that combines elegance, prestige and glamour. Its scented candles have an aesthetic that can be served as a gift.

is a brand of candle, spray and air freshener manufacturer. It is a very well known and popular brand.

is a global brand, known worldwide as Glade, Gleid, Brise (Germany, France and the Netherlands). It is an American brand of household air fresheners that was first introduced in 1956.The product family includes: aerosol sprays, candles, car scented oil, carpets and parts, glass scents, plug-ins, PlugIns scented gel, PlugIns scented oil, Press'n Fresh, Secrets, scented oil candles and Wisp.

What is the price for a scented candle

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Use different candle scents in each room

After smelling the same scent for more than about 15 minutes, your nose and olfactory system become less sensitive, making it seem as if the scent of your candle has disappeared. For scents that stand out more, use a different smelling candle in different areas of your home, so your nose can be re-stimulated as you walk from room to room.

Place candles away from fans to maximize their fragrance

Be careful where your candle is placed in the room. If you place it near a window that opens often, a ceiling fan, or an air vent, as all of these things can affect the strength of the candle's scent.

Use an essential oil-based scent

If you're concerned about indoor air quality, essential oil scented candles are the best choice for keeping your home's air toxin free. Plus, essential oils are often less irritating to allergy sufferers than artificial scents.

Choose the right candle scent for the right room

Each area of your home might need a different scent.Make sure you're not sending the wrong scent message with your candles. Not sure what goes where? Here's a room-by-room breakdown:

Kitchen: This room doesn't always need to be scented because real food smells so good. But if you haven't made a batch of cookies lately, try an intimate food scent. Try vanilla and apple pie, lemon candles.
The living room: everyone gathers here, so be sure to choose warm scents like sandalwood to remind you of a crackling fireplace, helping you relax and feel comfortable.
The bedroom: your bedroom is a place to relax at the end of the day, and you can choose scents like lavender to help you fall asleep faster.
The bathroom: this is a personal wild card, so choose a scented candle that you love. Almost any scent will help neutralize bathroom odors.

Don't try to use a scented candle to mask odors

If you cooked fish last night or your dogs had an accident, think twice about lighting a scented candle. Trying to mask odors with a simple candle doesn't really work. When you light a scented candle to try to hide a smell, you end up with both smells competing in your room, and nothing smells right.


How to extinguish a scented candle?

To extinguish your scented candle, it is forbidden to use the lid and blow on it. It is best to smother the flame with a snuffer or use a wick cutter to safely dip the wick into the liquid wax. If you don't have a wick cutter or snuffer, you can use the tail of a spoon to dip the wick into the hot wax to extinguish your candle cleanly.

What is the ideal burning time?

A scented candle should not burn longer than 2 hours. And the whole surface must be well in oil and that it does not dig. If it's your first use, you should re-cut the wick if necessary so that it has a height of 0.5 to 1 cm from the wax surface.

What is a scented candle made of?

First of all, a scented candle can be composed of many things. But the main composition is the wax. Whether it is of animal, vegetable or mineral origin, it is an indispensable element. As for the perfume, there can be fruity aromas like lemon, orange and many more. It can also be a floral fragrance scent like rose, jasmine or orchid.

How to make a candle smell strong?

To make it smell strong, cut a piece of aluminum foil more or less large depending on the size of the candle. Fold it in half and place it around the candle to make a kind of dome. You can let it burn for about an hour but the time can vary. You will see that your candle will have burned evenly.


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WoodWick large scented candle 9
WoodWick large scented candle
Yankee Candle Rose succulent 10
Yankee Candle Rose succulent
LA JOLIE MUSE Wood Wick 11
Yankee Candle bougie parfumée gâteau à la vanille 12
Yankee Candle bougie parfumée gâteau à la vanille


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