The best pans in the UK 2023

Let's talk about a utensil that we use every day: the saucepan. Essential in the kitchen, it allows a multitude of culinary preparations, if only to boil water. The problem is that there is a multitude of models on the market. Cast iron, copper, stainless steel, which pan to choose? To avoid regretting your purchase, discover our guide to the best pans for this year.

Tefal Ingenio Authentic L6719012 1

Best value for money

Tefal Ingenio Authentic L6719012

The best pan in 2021

Tefal opens the ranking with this set of 3 aluminum pans L6719012 from the Ingenio Authentic series. With a 8 year life span and all fire compatible, these utensils have a removable thermo insulated handle.

39,19 £ on Amazon

This set of 3 Ingenio Authentic pans is a real achievement of the French brand Tefal. Each pan is made of aluminum, rust-proof and easy to clean. You can use them on any type of stove, including induction. And when it's time to store them, you can remove the handle and stack the 3 pans inside each other to save space.

These Tefal Ingenio Authentic pans have a capacity of 3L, 2.1L and 1.5L respectively. Each of them also has a PFOA-free Titanium Mineralia non-stick interior coating. This prevents food from sticking to the bottom during cooking. Finally, these cookware items are dishwasher safe and offer 32,000 cycles or 8 years of use. The 3 points of fixation of the thermo insulated handle allow it to support 10 kg of load.

Beka Polo 12036184 2

Best value for money

Beka Polo 12036184

The best entry-level pan

Are you looking for a good-sized, simple, no-frills pan? Here is the Beka Polo 12036184. Compatible with all burners, it has a sealed bottom for optimal heat diffusion.

83,92 £ on Amazon
Mauviel1830 M'Heritage 150s 611020 3

Best premium value for money

Mauviel1830 M'Heritage 150s 611020

The best high-end pan

The Mauviel1830 M'Héritage 150s 611020 will add character to your kitchen and taste to your preparations. This copper pot with bilaminated stainless steel interior has a capacity of 3.3 L.

146 £ on Amazon

Here is a pan that you absolutely must have in your kitchen. The Mauviel1830 M'Héritage 150s 611020 is available in 5 sizes, but we wanted to offer you the version with a capacity of 3.4 L for 20 cm in diameter. Compatible with all burners, except induction, this model has a copper exterior and a bilaminated stainless steel interior. It goes without saying that food will not stick to the bottom of this pan!

Good to know, the Mauviel1830 M'Héritage 150s 611020 has a thickness of 1.5 mm. This will have an impact on its durability, which exceeds 8 years and ensures excellent heat retention. The only drawback is that the handle and frame of this pan are made of cast stainless steel. Be careful not to burn yourself while handling it!

Kamberg 0008038 4

Cast aluminum pans

Kamberg 0008038

A great set of cast aluminum pans

Don't let their color fool you: these 3 Kamberg 0008038 pans are made of cast aluminum, not stone! Non-stick and with a capacity of 1 L, 1.5 L and 2.5 L, they will be of great service in the kitchen.

44,72 £ on Amazon

This set of 3 pans Kamberg 0008038 is made of cast aluminum imitation stone. This material is suitable for all types of fires, including induction. In the set you will find a 16 cm pan, an 18 cm pan and a 20 cm pan. The respective capacities of each utensil are 1 L, 1.5 L and 2.5 L.

Certified PFOA (Teflon) free and with a non-stick coating that keeps the authentic taste of food without adding fat, Kamberg 0008038 pans are long lasting and are certified as non-deformable as long as you do not hit them with a sledgehammer. The removable handles are also heat-sealed, so each pan can be removed from the fire without gloves and the handles can be removed to put the pans in the dishwasher.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best saucepan

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The best pan in 2021

The best entry-level pan

The best high-end pan

A great set of cast aluminum pans

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Comparison table of the best pans

Tefal Ingenio Authentic L6719012 5
Beka Polo 12036184 6
Mauviel1830 M'Heritage 150s 611020 7
Kamberg 0008038 8
Tefal Ingenio Authentic L6719012
Beka Polo 12036184
Mauviel1830 M'Heritage 150s 611020
Kamberg 0008038
Tefal opens the ranking with this set of 3 aluminum pans L6719012 from the Ingenio Authentic series. With a 8 year life span and all fire compatible, these utensils have a removable thermo insulated handle.
Are you looking for a good-sized, simple, no-frills pan? Here is the Beka Polo 12036184. Compatible with all burners, it has a sealed bottom for optimal heat diffusion.
The Mauviel1830 M'Héritage 150s 611020 will add character to your kitchen and taste to your preparations. This copper pot with bilaminated stainless steel interior has a capacity of 3.3 L.
Don't let their color fool you: these 3 Kamberg 0008038 pans are made of cast aluminum, not stone! Non-stick and with a capacity of 1 L, 1.5 L and 2.5 L, they will be of great service in the kitchen.
3 L, 2.1 L and 1.5 L
2 L
3.3 L
1L, 1.5L & 2.5L
All fires
All fires
All burners except induction
All Lights
Removable and heat-insulated handle ?
8 years or 32,000 wash cycles
3 years old
Over 8 years old
7 years old
Material of manufacture
Copper for the exterior, bilaminated stainless steel for the interior, cast stainless steel for the handle
Aluminum cast

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Buying guide - saucepan

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How to choose your saucepan

To better guide you in your search for the pan of your dreams, here are the criteria to take into account.

#1 - The interior coating

This is the inside of the pan. The part of the utensil that interacts directly with the food. Therefore, it is the first criterion that must be taken into account, because the good progress of your preparation and your health depend on it. To ensure a healthier composition, the presence of PFOA in the inner coating has been banned since 2015. Thus, PTFE is the most commonly used coating among manufacturers. Ceramic, for example, is a natural nonstick, but known to have low scratch and impact resistance.

#2 - The exterior coating

Take thechoice you make regarding the exterior coating of your pan very seriously. The real reason is durability, not to mention the potential incompatibility with your other kitchen equipment, which, a fortiori, can damage one or the other. The outer covering is the part that interacts directly with your fire. As such, you need to keep a discerning eye on this aspect of your pan. Therefore, it is best to choose the utensil with the kind of fire you are used to using in mind so that it is durable.

#3 - The shape

We are talking about the aesthetic figure of the pan. We are particularly interested, therefore, in the external appearance of the latter. Indeed, choosing this product means knowing what to do with it. And you must first know the shape that suits you according to what you are looking for. Indeed, there are different shapes of casserole. First, there is the simple saucepan for everyday use. Then, the pan with a spout which, as its name indicates, adds an extra utility to the pan. There is also the one with removable handle... In short, you have a choice.

#4 - The compatibility

Don't be satisfied with just having a pan and a fire if you want to excel in your preparation. Be aware that not all pans are compatible with all types of fires. Each one has its own particularity and the type of fire that suits it. So choose your pan according to the type of fire you are used to using. Most pots and pans can be used in any type of fire without any problem. The problem lies in the durability of the utensil. There are certainly many materials that are allergic to certain fires, especially induction, making them very vulnerable to wear and tear.

#5 - Frequently cooked foods

Be sure, every pan is meant for a certain type of preparation. This varies according to its interior coating, exterior coating and base material. Three criteria that add up to one. All you have to do is take stock of what you're used to preparing and you'll be able to choose your pan properly. For example, for drier cooking, i.e. cooking with little or no fat, it is advisable to use a pan that is made of a material that does not heat up too quickly and has a non-stick coating.

Why stainless steel and how to recognize it?

Why stainless steel?

Indeed, most kitchen utensils today are made of stainless steel. The "why" lies in the quality and resistance to the test of time. Stainless steel provides good cooking quality, with or without a coating. It also allows you to keep all the flavor of your dishes. Finally, stainless steel can withstand thousands of cooking cycles and is guaranteed to last for many years.

The trick to recognizing stainless steel

Don't worry! Everyone is afraid of counterfeiting, and you're not alone. To recognize if a pan is stainless steel or not, you can use the magnet technique: put a small magnet on the pan. If the magnet catches, it's stainless steel! If it doesn't, it's probably aluminum.

What is 18/10 stainless steel

You have probably already heard of 18/10 stainless steel. These two numbers are percentages of the material's composition. The "18" means 18% chromium; the "10" means 10% nickel. The chromium helps resist oxidation and the nickel keeps the flavor of your dishes.

The different types of pans

Here we have decided to classify the pans according to their basic material in order to facilitate the differentiation between those that are suitable for you and those that will be suitable for others.

Stainless steel pan

Stainless steel or inox is an alloy of chromium that allows an optimal resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Since the pan is in constant contact with solid and liquid food, stainless steel is the most popular material among manufacturers. Thus, most of the major brands produce a fairly large percentage of their kitchenware with this alloy. This material offers great resistance to heat, so it will never allow your preparation to burn. It is natural and environmentally friendly, but also ideal for meat, poultry and fish.

Aluminum pan

A material that is very often used in the manufacture of kitchen equipment: aluminum. An aluminum pan is perfect for quick cooking or just a mundane preparation, but that you just don't have time to hang around. Indeed, it rises in temperature very quickly and restitutes the heat very well. From a more scientific point of view, an aluminum pan always has a non-stick coating. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about if the utensil has no added coating.

Copper pan

The copper pan is a very elegant and aesthetic utensil. Major brands rarely produce copper pans, but that doesn't take away from its elegance. The beauty of this product lies mainly in its very attractive physical appearance. It is compatible with most types of fires. The copper pan conducts heat very well and distributes it evenly throughout the preparation. Moreover, it will not let any aroma escape during cooking, as it preserves every aroma of every food.

Cast iron pan

Contrary to most of the pans mentioned above, this one is made for long and slow cooking. Long enough inertia and slow heat diffusion will allow you to bring out the true flavor of your preparations. Recommended for slow cooking and preparations that require a lot of cooking time, the cast iron pan will accompany your long cooking adventures and ensure the homogeneity of the flavor of your dishes.

Casserole or pot?


In terms of aesthetics, the pan, in its standard form, is equipped with high edges and a non-removable handle. With its curved and ringed bottom, it can hold a large quantity of preparation depending on its diameter and capacity.

From a practical point of view, the pan can perfectly accompany the cook in his preparations. It can, for example, boil water to make pasta, cook rice or prepare a sauce. In short, it is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen.


The pot is a kitchen utensil that can be confused with the saucepan. Often with a lid and usually with handles, it is distinguished by its ability to hold a larger quantity of food than a saucepan. In addition, the pot offers a better simmer to the food than the saucepan.

Most of the time, the pot is made of metal or clay, with a flat or rounded bottom. The capacity may vary depending on the manufacturer, but most pots can hold about 20 L of food. A pot is very thick, so it takes a long time to heat up.


On the one hand, the saucepan is distinguished by the fact that it is all-purpose. It can be used in a variety of ways, but is designed primarily for quicker or slower cooking because it is fairly thin at the bottom and traditionally does not have a lid.

The pot, on the other hand, stands out for its large capacity and the thickness of the bottom. Thus, it is advisable to use its qualities when you prepare a large quantity of food. Also, it is very practical for long cooking time preparations.

Why buy a pan

An essential element in the kitchen

Don't tell me that there are people who don't use a pan in their kitchen! The pan is one of the basic utensils in this part of the house. Ladies, I'm sure you agree with me.


The pan offers so many alternative uses that we couldn't possibly list them all. Whether it's boiling, cooking, sautéing, or even just heating, it's ready to do it all and won't let you down as long as you're willing to pay close attention.


It is undeniable that this utensil is one of the most used materials on a daily basis: it is used twice a day at the very least. However, the pan is one of the most durable.

Easy to use

As mentioned before, there is no limit to what the pan can be used for, just as there is no limit to who can use it. It is only a matter of controlling the fire underneath and everything will be fine.


Indeed, like everything else, the pan would not exist if we had not found a use for it. It would not exist either if it were replaceable. There are many things that only this utensil can do.

The best brands of pans

In our opinion, the best brands of pans in 2022 are :


Created in 1956, Tefal has expanded its popularity around the world by specializing in the manufacture of cookware. Essential in the kitchen, this brand is among the favorites of the French.

Thisbrand has, for 30 years, specialized in the manufacture of cooking equipment. It is often recommended because of the often unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Previouslynamed Kaiser, this brand was created in 2011 by a French importer. It is based in China, which does not prevent it from demonstrating quality and robustness.

Beka hasspecialized in manufacturing high-end kitchen equipment since the 1960s. It has made its mark in the market by mixing simplicity and quality.

Weoften hear about this brand. In fact, it has been offering a wide range of kitchen utensils and appliances since 1982. It continues to expand its scope.

What is the price for a saucepan

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Remember the diameter of your fire

Always make sure that the diameter of the bottom of your pan is larger than the diameter of your fire. This prevents overheating and the deposit of indelible stains on the coating.

Don't keep acidic concoctions in the pan!!!

Especially for stainless steel pans, do not leave your acidic preparations in the utensil. Put them somewhere else after cooking. This could greatly facilitate the degradation of the pan, especially if repeated.

Use the proper accessories

There are some pans that are easily scratched with certain tools that we are used to using. But to avoid looking for what suits the pan every time, just avoid stirring your dishes with sharp-edged objects.

Never leave your empty pan on the fire

Leavingyour empty utensil on the fire will deteriorate it very quickly. If by some misfortune this happens by accident, take it off the heat and let it cool in the open air.

Use the pan with care

In truth, we often use the pan that we forget that this utensil can burn our hand if we are not careful. If you have the opportunity and time, always put on gloves before you pick up the handle or the grip.


When to clean a pan ?

If you have a multitude of preparations to make in the pan and it is for the same meal, you can just rinse it between each dish. But it's still best to always wash it after each use.

Which pan for induction ?

It's highly recommended that you know the base material of your pan. Already, pans that are not made of metal are not compatible with induction. But it is best to always ask before you buy.

Which pan for ceramic hob ?

As the glass-ceramic hob is a fairly recent innovation, it is best to always ask your supplier about the compatibility between your pan and the hob.

How to clean a burnt or blackened pan ?

If time has allowed your fire to leave a black mark on the coating of your pan, don't worry. Simply dip the blackened area in boiling water, then scrub with dishwashing liquid and salt.


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Tefal Ingenio Authentic L6719012 9
Tefal Ingenio Authentic L6719012
Beka Polo 12036184 10
Beka Polo 12036184
Mauviel1830 M'Heritage 150s 611020 11
Mauviel1830 M'Heritage 150s 611020
Kamberg 0008038 12
Kamberg 0008038


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