The best sabre saws in the UK 2023

You can't do DIY if you don't have the right tools. Among the essentials, let's talk more today about the saber saw, a complementary tool to the drill, the screwdriver, the jackhammer or the drill. If the Bosch Professional GSA1100E is at the top of our ranking, it is mainly because it meets all needs and various budget constraints.

Bosch Professional GSA1100E 1

Best value for money

Bosch Professional GSA1100E

The best saber saw in 2021

The Bosch Professional GSA1100E is a must-have. Offering an exceptional grip, this saber saw stands out for its cutting capacity and the speed with which you can change the blade.

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The Bosch Professional GSA1100E corded sabre saw is a good solution for work in dark areas. It offers unparalleled precision and power. This model also has several LED light points located on the housing. Note that it comes with a carrying case, a saber saw blade for wood and a saber saw blade for metal.

In addition, the Bosch Professional GSA1100E has a guide rail. This will allow you to easily saw along a wall or on the floor. The unit can perform 0 to 2700 strokes/min with a saw stroke length of 28 mm. In wood, its cutting capacity reaches 23 cm against 2 cm in metal.

Ryobi Rrs 1801 M 2

Best value for money

Ryobi Rrs 1801 M

The best entry-level saber saw

For less than $80, get a cordless saber saw that can help you with small cutting jobs. In fact, the Ryobi Rrs 1801 M offers advantages that are impossible to ignore.

56,98 £ on Cdiscount

Get the Ryobi Rrs 1801 M, a cordless saber saw that is both practical and correctly efficient. The device weighs less than 2 kg without battery and measures 8.5 x 16.5 x 43 cm. Unfortunately, the 18 V, 1.4 Ah lithium-ion battery will be sold separately. But if you have other Ryobi power tools, their battery will be compatible.

The Ryobi Rrs 1801 M is a multi-purpose tool with a dual-material trigger switch and an electronic speed control for a wide range of DIY jobs. Its anti-vibration system combined with its Gripzone handle offers excellent comfort of use. The adjustable foot ensures control of the cut.

Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI 3

Best value for money

Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI

The best high-end saber saw

The Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI allows for easy blade changes via the SDS system. The tool has a softgrip handle and a phenomenal cutting capacity.

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The Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI is certainly one of the best cordless sabers on the market. Offering exceptional performance, this model has a power of 18 V. It comes specifically with a wood saw blade S 2345 X, a metal saw blade S 123 XF and an L-Boxx storage case.

You can't help but love the great sturdiness and maneuverability of this tool. Moreover, its speed is adjustable on 2 positions, perfect for working on different types of materials. A single load can process 100 spruce beams of 100 x 100 mm!

Einhell TE-AP 1050 E 4


Einhell TE-AP 1050 E

The best universal saber saw

German made, the Einhell TE-AP 1050 E corded saber saw is as practical as it is efficient. We highly recommend it for the smooth running of your DIY activities.

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The Einhell TE-AP 1050 E is a universal sabre saw with a 1,050 W motor. This gives it a speed of 2,700 rpm. Thanks to its variable speed drive, you will be able to perform various cutting jobs with a cutting height of 29 mm. The device also offers a cutting capacity of 200 mm in wood and 20 mm in metal.

The presence of the swivel saw head guarantees pendulum movements. To facilitate the grip, you will have a softgrip handle. If you want to work with peace of mind and without battery life constraints, treat yourself to this corded saber saw.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best sabre saw

Any specific needs?

The best saber saw in 2021

The best entry-level saber saw

The best high-end saber saw

The best universal saber saw

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Comparison table of the best sabre saws

Bosch Professional GSA1100E 5
Ryobi Rrs 1801 M 6
Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI 7
Einhell TE-AP 1050 E 8
Bosch Professional GSA1100E
Ryobi Rrs 1801 M
Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI
Einhell TE-AP 1050 E
The Bosch Professional GSA1100E is a must-have. Offering an exceptional grip, this saber saw stands out for its cutting capacity and the speed with which you can change the blade.
For less than $80, get a cordless saber saw that can help you with small cutting jobs. In fact, the Ryobi Rrs 1801 M offers advantages that are impossible to ignore.
The Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI allows for easy blade changes via the SDS system. The tool has a softgrip handle and a phenomenal cutting capacity.
German made, the Einhell TE-AP 1050 E corded saber saw is as practical as it is efficient. We highly recommend it for the smooth running of your DIY activities.
Power type
Corded (1100 W)
Battery operated (Lithium-ion 18 V 1.4 Ah)
Battery operated (Lithium-ion 18 V)
Wired (1050 W)
Cutting capacity
Wood: 230 mmMetal: 20 mm
Wood: 180 mm
Wood: 200 mmMetal: 20 mm
Blade stroke
28 mm
22 mm
28 mm
29 mm
0 - 2700 strokes/min
3100 rpm
2400 - 2700 strokes/minute
0 to 2700 rpm
30 x 13.5 x 57.5 cm
8.5 x 16.5 x 43 cm
44.3 x 36.1 x 25.5 cm
54 x 9 x 19 cm

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Buying guide - sabre saw

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How to choose your sabre saw

The sabre saw appears to be one of the most indispensable tools for all DIYers, whether they are amateurs or professionals. In order not to make a mistake, here are the main parameters to check before buying.

#1 - The blades

Usually, a minimum of one blade comes with your saber saw. This blade is usually specific to a material such as metal or wood. However, some are universal, which means that one blade is enough to make cuts on different materials. For more versatility, choose models withat least 2 blades. Also consider the quality (strength, efficiency and durability) of the blades.

#2 - The power

The power you'll need depends primarily on the intended use of the saber saw. On average, this type of DIY tool has a powerful 650W motor. This is more than enough if you plan to do small jobs occasionally. However, choose a saber saw with a minimum power of 1,000 W for intensive use.

#3 - Cutting speed

This is expressed in strokes per minute and represents the efficiency of your saber saw. So-called "high-performance" models go up to 2,500 to 3,500 strokes/min. Don't forget that a variable speed drive will be essential to better adapt the speed to the material to be cut.

#4 - The battery

Specific to

cordless saber saw models, the ideal battery would be li-ion or lithium-ion. This technology favorably optimizes the longevity of life and autonomy of the device. In terms of power, have a preference for models with 2 to 5 Ah


#5 - Additional features

Like other types of saws, the saber saw offers various additional features. Among others, you will benefit from an easy change of the blade without any need for tools, a double LED light, a speed variator, a trigger allowing an instant stop of the device, a comfortable ergonomic handle...

How to maintain your sabre saw ?

For the maintenance to take place in the best conditions, you must go through 2 essential steps, namely the cleaning of the saw blade and the maintenance of the machine body.

Cleaning the blade

First of all, remove the residues that have remained stuck between the teeth of the blade. If there is wood resin, use alittle burnt alcohol like acetone. Rub the blade lightly with a cloth soaked in the product. If you expect your blade to glide like butter, apply lubricating grease or solid kerosene to it. Also, the blade needs regular sanding with steel wool, either at home or at a sharpener. And to protect it, don't hesitate to buy a plastic base or to hang the saber saw when it is not in use.

Saber saw maintenance

Several signs will alert you when your saber saw can no longer perform its function normally: small sparks, repetitive stops during work, emission of a burning smell... In this case, consider changing the collector and the coal. Seek professional advice if you don't know how to do it. Also, a few brush strokes are all it takes to remove dust from the inside of your saber saw. Using a bellows vacuum, blow out the motor.

The different types of sabre saws

In order to determine exactly what type of saber saw is right for you, you first need to know the environment in which you will be using it. To do so, discover all the particularities of a corded saber saw and a cordless saber saw.

Corded sabre saw

This is a particularly light saw. It has no battery, which makes it easier to handle. Measuring about 50 cm long, it promises great comfort of use. Its vibration level is minimal, as is the noise level. In addition, you can adjust the speed of the blade and control the cutting process more easily.

The biggest advantage of a corded saber saw is its autonomy

. You'll be able to work longer without having to worry about the condition of its battery. So, if you are looking for a powerful model for carrying out your various renovation, landscaping, intensive cutting or long-term work, do not hesitate to use a corded saber saw.

Cordless sabre saw


powerful compared to the corded model, the cordless saber saw allows for increased maneuverability. It easily gets into hard-to-reach places and gives you the ability to make intense cuts. The unit is effective against hard materials as long as you use a battery that delivers consistent voltage.

This type of saber saw is perfect for routine work and is usually equipped with a lithium-ion battery. The same is true if you want to cut wood or metal in an area without a power source. Take advantage of its performance to make wider movements, vertically or horizontally, without being hindered by a power cord.

The air sabre saw or pneumatic sabre saw

The pneumatic sabre saw is powered by a compressor or a gas contained in a cylinder such as carbon dioxide. It is lighter and more compact in size, which guarantees optimal efficiency compared to other models. With its high power, the power tool can cut wood, but also stone, fiberglass and plastic.

Sabre saw or jigsaw?

Sabre saw

Also known as a power saw, the sabre saw is a device designed specifically for electric sawing. It is equally important in renovation, demolition, gardening and construction work. What's more, it is a DIY tool that can also be used in other areas such as tree pruning, sanding, etc. It allows you to make small cuts on a curved surface.

Thanks to a powerful motor, the blade, placed in the axis of the body of the device, will be able to make regular back and forth movements in order to cut the material (wood, glass, metal, concrete...). Many types of blades can be used if you want to enjoy its multifunctionality.


A jigsaw is another type of DIY device. It consists mainly of a fine toothed blade that is attached directly to the motor. As soon as you switch on the tool, it activates and moves back and forth vertically to cut the material. It is very easy to handle as it weighs only a maximum of 2.5 kg.

Ideal if you plan to make straight cuts, the jigsaw also offers the opportunity to cut out rounded shapes. Its greatest asset? This type of tool is very well suited to various materials: wood, aluminium, metal, ceramics...


If you want to make complex cuts or reach hard-to-reach areas, you should use a sabre saw. It is particularly useful for small jobs such as construction work. It is suitable for making straight cuts.

We recommend the jigsaw, however, if you are working with thinner materials or if you want to make more precise, rounded cuts. The jigsaw is suitable for use in interior design, furniture design and decorating.


Get to hard-to-reach places.

Cutting horizontally or vertically is the main purpose of the mini-saw. You can even make curved cuts. Choose a compact, cordless model if you want it to fit in every nook and cranny. Get an extra battery to prevent unexpected discharge.

Choose the right type of blade.


choice of blade depends on the type of material being cut. It usually attaches to the head of the saber saw. Changing it is quick and requires no tools. Choose the special wood blade for cutting wood, likewise for metal. There are currently universal blades

with a carbide tip for cutting brick, porous concrete, cement...

Maintain your sabre saw.

Regular maintenance of the saber saw gives it a longer life. Therefore, we advise you to clean the blade by removing the traces of residues as indicated above. Grease it generously to facilitate its sliding movements and to avoid the risks of scratching or oxidation.

Sand the blade with steel wool.


oxidation is advanced, the saber saw blade requires gentle sanding with steel wool. Sharpen it with an oil stone and clean it with a hard brush. It is also possible to clean it with petroleum and why not place it in a hot oven for 36 hours.

Store the unit in a safe place.


the saber saw blade as much as possible to prolong its life. To do this, place it in its original cover or a specific blade guard. You can hang it up, for example.


What is the best sabre saw?

The best sabre saw depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best.

What is the main purpose of a sabre saw?

A sabre saw gives you the opportunity to cut different types of materials perfectly without having to put in much effort. It is also used in the field of carving.

What is the difference between a sabre saw and a conventional saw?

The sabre saw offers more efficiency thanks to its powerful motor. Although heavy compared to the classic saw, it promises a cleaner, more precise and faster finish.

Can a beginner use a sabre saw?

Yes, the device is even easier to hold thanks to its ergonomic handle, which is often equipped with a SoftGrip coating.

What is the average cutting capacity of a sabre saw?

The cutting capacity of a sabre saw varies according to the material. It ranges from 10 to 130 mm for steel and from 90 to 230 mm for wood.


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