The best road bike gloves in the UK 2023

The practice of cycling requires the respect of a minimum of rules, especially in terms of protective accessories, especially when it comes to road bikes. Among them are road bike gloves, which are of major importance for all trips, whether long or short distances. Find out how to choose the right road bike gloves.

Boildeg LSC038 1

Excellent road bike gloves

Boildeg LSC038

The best road bike gloves

Beautiful gloves straight from Boildeg combining elegance, protection and comfort. Comfort is enhanced by the absence of protruding seams in the lining. Cycling gloves with anti-slip pads are perfect for your cycling trips, whether on the road or mountain bike.

18,69 £ on Amazon
Morethan XS 2

Best cheapest

Morethan XS

The best cheap road bike gloves

In case your child is reluctant to put on bike gloves, these kids gloves will eventually convince them. An attractive design with tag patterns as well as exposed fingertips, they have everything to appeal to budding cyclists.

8,72 £ on Amazon

Comfort and safety are ensured by a 5 mm foam padding on the palm of the hand. Very flexible, the gloves allow good finger mobility and an excellent grip on tactile objects, such as the smartphone. The gaps between the fingers are reinforced to prevent tearing. These gloves are perfect for boys or girls from 4 to 12 years old.

Designed for hand protection, the Child Boy Girl Bike Gloves can be used for mountain biking or road cycling, but also for skateboarding or other sports. They are made by Morethan with high quality CE certified material: microfiber leather, lycra and sponge. Finger movements are facilitated by the extreme flexibility of the material. In the end, you have soft, light and comfortable gloves to wear.


Best premium gloves


The best high-end road bike gloves

Protection and comfort is what these Nicewin cycling gloves for men and women offer. With its elegant look, it is intended for a versatile use. It is suitable for mountain biking and road cycling as well as for mountain biking.

46,89 £ on Amazon

Best value for money


Very good road bike gloves

The INBIKE Men's Cycling Gloves combine versatility and comfort. They protect your hands and wrists during any activity requiring gloves: mountain biking, road biking, hiking or camping. These gloves do not fear bad weather or cold and keep your hands warm and dry.

39,99 £ on Amazon

The gloves contain a water-repellent moisture-wicking membrane on the outside. The inside has a soft fleece lining to keep hands warm and protected from the cold. The palm has non-slip protective pads in strategic areas to ensure ideal contact between the hand and the handlebars. The fingers are also equipped with a special device to facilitate movement in the fingers, but also to protect the joints.

The thumb and index finger on each glove are equipped with conductive microfiber to allow you to handle your phone or tablet without removing the gloves. For better visibility and safety, reflective strips are placed on the back of the glove and on the fingers when driving in the dark. The extended cuff gives them a stylish look, but also acts as a windbreaker.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best road bike gloves

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The best road bike gloves

The best cheap road bike gloves

The best high-end road bike gloves

Very good road bike gloves

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Comparison table of the best road bike gloves

Editor's Choice Inexpensive Premium Excellent
Boildeg LSC038 5
Morethan XS 6
Boildeg LSC038
Morethan XS
Beautiful gloves straight from Boildeg combining elegance, protection and comfort. Comfort is enhanced by the absence of protruding seams in the lining. Cycling gloves with anti-slip pads are perfect for your cycling trips, whether on the road or mountain bike.
In case your child is reluctant to put on bike gloves, these kids gloves will eventually convince them. An attractive design with tag patterns as well as exposed fingertips, they have everything to appeal to budding cyclists.
Protection and comfort is what these Nicewin cycling gloves for men and women offer. With its elegant look, it is intended for a versatile use. It is suitable for mountain biking and road cycling as well as for mountain biking.
The INBIKE Men's Cycling Gloves combine versatility and comfort. They protect your hands and wrists during any activity requiring gloves: mountain biking, road biking, hiking or camping. These gloves do not fear bad weather or cold and keep your hands warm and dry.
XS / S
Microfiber leather (PU) + Lycra fabric + sponge
Fleece, stretch suede and spandex
Demi finger
Closure type
Hook and loop

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Buying guide - road bike gloves

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How to choose your road bike gloves

The choice of road bike gloves is based on well-defined criteria so that these accessories can represent an essential element of safety.

#1 - Gloves for the season

In order to have comfortable accessories, it is always better to adapt your road cycling gloves according to the season. Thus, for seasoned cyclists who practice throughout the year, it is recommended to have gloves for all seasons, that is, a pair for winter and fall, and another for summer, lighter and more breathable.

#2 - Gloves that fit

Being both a protective and safety accessory, road bike gloves are unavoidable at every bike ride. Thus, one of the criteria to take into account concerns the size, which must be well adapted to the cyclist's hands. This allows to have comfortable gloves, not conferring any discomfort, and even less discomfort.

#3 - Gloves that are well ventilated

In summer, it is advisable to favor gloves with light fabrics, or a mitt, allowing an optimal freedom of movement. In winter, it will be rather long and protective gloves. But in all cases, you should always opt for well-ventilated road cycling gloves to avoid accumulating perspiration and also accidents.

#4 - Gloves that are comfortable in any season

Whether in winter, summer or fall, you should always choose road cycling gloves with gel inserts. This criterion is very important to avoid sensations of numbness while riding insofar as the gel largely contributes to protect against this condition.

#5 - Glove options and details

The choice of one's pair of road bike gloves can be influenced by the options and details of the model. This concerns in particular the robustness of the wrist closure, the reflective strips or the technological option (touch) allowing access to the smartphone without removing his gloves and especially the aesthetics.

Why wear road bike gloves?


Wearing road bike gloves is a way to respect, first of all, the safety rules in cycling, whatever the type (VAE, cycle touring, Biking, Mountain biking...). This results from the fact that cycling gloves represent a protective accessory to limit the risk of injury in case of a fall.

By using bike gloves, cyclists give themselves the ability to limit vibration at the handlebars while providing a firm grip.

Wearing cycling gloves, especially in the winter, is a solution for warming your hands during the ride and avoiding numbness at the same time.

The different types of road bike gloves

Road bike gloves for summer

Each cycling glove is specific to a particular practice, but the main interest is to protect the cyclist. For example, you should use adapted road cycling gloves that serve to protect the palm of the hands while wicking away perspiration. The advantage of this type of glove lies in its design with ultra-perforated mesh and breathable fabric. Even better, they are reinforced with gel or foam.

If in summer it is better to opt for light gloves, in autumn and winter it is better to choose gloves with long fingers and waterproof. Water resistance and impermeability are also important criteria for these seasons.

This type of gloves is particularly suitable for cyclists who run regardless of the season, for fun or for health.

Road bike gloves for touring cyclists

The user of road bike gloves for cycling enthusiasts should consider comfort and ventilation as well as reinforcements. These should even be beefier with more gel under the palms for comfort. These elements are necessary to optimize the level of pressure on the palm so that the hands do not become numb during long-distance bike rides.

Some cyclists use their smartphones as GPS devices and manufacturers have taken this into account to design tactile road cycling gloves that allow the use of the phone to optimize the ride.

This type of glove is mainly for cyclists who like to go on adventures in the mountains, in the countryside or on trails in rural areas.

Urban bike gloves and VAE

Urban and VAE bike gloves are intended for mountain biking, VAE and for urban routes. They are a protective and comfortable accessory, combining breathable material, waterproofing and urban style. They also serve as a visibility accessory, as it increases the cyclist's safety on urban roads.

These gloves are above all aesthetic and elegant and are adapted to different temperatures depending on the model. They are enhanced with reflective colors to indicate any intentions to change direction, especially in winter or at night, regardless of the season.

This type of protection is suitable for all bicycle users (mountain bikes or EVs) who ride in the city, regardless of the season, to guarantee their safety.

Road bike gloves or city bike gloves?

Road bike gloves

Road cycling gloves are used to protect the cyclist during his or her rides, whether on the road or in the city. At the same time, they absorb the vibrations of the bike while ensuring a better support of the handlebars. In addition, thanks to its material, they can be used to wick sweat from the forehead in hot weather and warm the cyclist in cold weather. Even better, they protect the hands in case of a fall. At the beginning of the use, the road bike gloves can represent a rather awkward accessory for the not accustomed cyclists.

Urban cycling gloves

The urban cycling gloves are used to provide maximum reinforcement for the cyclist. They also provide more comfort while protecting the cyclist in case of a fall. When riding at night or in winter weather, the reflective materials they are made of provide a safety element for better visibility on the road. Urban cycling gloves are not practical if the materials are not adapted to the season. Moreover, for the discreet individuals, the reflective stripes represent elements that are not compatible with their personality.


In any case, it is always recommended to choose road cycling gloves that are well adapted to your practice, whether it is urban, VAE, bicycle touring or road.

Why buy road cycling gloves?

Road cycling gloves are useful accessories for all cyclists who want to be comfortable while riding. This is because they absorb vibrations while riding.

Adopting the right gloves increases the cyclist's visibility in winter or in the evening. In cold weather, these gloves are also an accessory that provides more warmth while riding.

In the same way, gloves serve to protect the cyclist from the risk of injury in the event of a fall on the asphalt or a collision.

Gloves also provide comfort, especially during long distance rides. Indeed, holding the handlebars with bare hands can lead to blisters, and gloves help to avoid this.

Wearing road bike gloves is a way to limit the vibrations that reach the handlebars while ensuring a firm grip at the same time.

The best brands of road bike gloves

In our opinion, the best brands of road bike gloves in 2022 are :


Giro is a popular brand in the design of road cycling gloves. Its models are equipped with a closing system and an anti-perspirant insert. Thanks to its 3mm gel, they offer good protection, especially since they can be used in all seasons, thanks to the quality materials.

Gripsgrab designs road cycling gloves, but especially offer quality gloves suitable for the winter season. Made of 70% nylon, these gloves keep cyclists warm while protecting them. Moreover, with the synthetic leather insert located at the palm of the hands, they are resistant to both shocks and falls.

Mavic is another popular brand in the manufacture of road cycling gloves. The specificity of this brand's models lies in the preferred materials especially polyester. Thus, the models of this brand can be worn all year round. In addition to reliable closure systems, they have silicone printed fingertips as well as an anti-perspiration yoke.

The Castelli brand road cycling gloves are waterproof with padding on the palm of the hands for even more safety. These models are versatile and suitable for both summer and winter. They are used to keep warm in winter while protecting from falls.

BLB is a brand that prioritizes comfort and total safety. The materials used to make its gloves are very resistant, either crochet fabrics offering great ventilation for more coolness in hot weather. Faux fur and natural leather form the palm area to ensure an optimal grip on the bike handlebars.

What is the price road bike gloves

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


The right gloves for the sport

Before buying cycling gloves, you should always know what they are for, as mountain bike gloves are different from road bike gloves. They must be perfectly suited to the use to provide optimal protection. Likewise, the size must also be compatible with the cyclist's hands.

The right material for cycling gloves

Before deciding on a particular model of gloves, it is important to ensure its quality. This includes among other things materials and design. Thus, you should favor a ventilated glove, with light, but resistant fabrics, whatever the season, to optimize freedom of movement. In this case, in winter, it will be gloves that are as long as they are protective and especially optimized with gel inserts to avoid the feeling of numbness on the road.

The aesthetics

Besides style, gloves should also have even a small touch of aesthetics. That said, the choice should take into account design and color, especially if you want to match your accessories to your jersey or helmet. Nevertheless, gloves must be versatile, hence these aspects should not be chosen at random. In fact, the choice takes into account optimal protection as well as aesthetics.

The options available

To choose your gloves, it is also important to check the options offered by the accessories. This can be, as an example, the reflective strips allowing a better visibility at night or in winter time. This is a really valuable asset as it provides optimal protection at all times. This can also be a more reliable closure at the wrists as well as stronger seams.

The details to consider

Some glove models offer an opportunity to optimize the touch use of a smartphone. In this case, this technological detail allows the cyclist to consult their phone without having to remove their gloves.


Which road bike glove for big hands?

Road cycling gloves exist for big hands. To choose them, you have to find the models most adapted to your practice as well as to the season. As far as possible, to choose gloves for large hands, you should especially consider the material and favor resistant natural materials (natural leather).

Why fingerless gloves on a bike?

Fingerless gloves for cycling allow cyclists to have more feeling so as to have a better grip on the handlebars. In addition to that, this option is better suited to have more ventilated hands, especially in the summer period. Otherwise, in winter, it is wiser to choose gloves with fingers to drive his bike.

How to know your road bike glove size?

To know the size of his glove, simply take the measurement of his hand circumference, just below the knuckles, and this, closed fists. This measurement represents the size of the hand width. If possible, for an intermediate size, it is preferable to choose the smallest size, provided that you try them on to avoid being too tight.

Which road bike gloves for winter?

The cycling gloves for winter must be waterproof and have good insulation against the cold so as not to alter the sensitivity of the fingers when handling the handlebars. The choice should also take into account the size, which should be above the normal size, given the fur padding.


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