The best fold-away beds in the UK 2023

Looking for a bed, but lacking space in your home? Kill two birds with one stone by adopting a retractable bed. Modern, stylish and practical, this equipment will make your life easier in many ways. But which model to choose? Take a look at our selection of the best foldaway beds available today.

SMARTBett 140 Horizontal Retractable Bed 1

Best value for money

SMARTBett 140 Horizontal Retractable Bed

The best retractable bed in 2021

It's hard to choose between folding beds without looking at some Smartbett products. With its model, 140 horizontal, this brand offers us a model of first choice.

788 £ on Amazon

The Smartbett 140x200 cm foldaway bed is a model with an oak front. Thanks to an air spring device, you will have no trouble opening and closing it, and this, in perfect silence. This Basic Serie bed has retractable legs made of metal, thanks to which it can support a maximum load of 250 kg. You will also appreciate the stainless steel handle, impressive for its stability and modernity.

It is a traditional folding bed with extra storage space for photos, alarm clock and other useful accessories for the evening and morning. It also has an integrated slatted base with a standard shape and a wooden frame, a feature that brings comfort to the practicality of this bed model. Finally, you should know that its white frame makes it a piece of furniture that will fit perfectly with all decorative styles, ranging from modern to rustic.

Retractable bed TEDDY FurnitureByJDM 2

Best value for money

Retractable bed TEDDY FurnitureByJDM

The best entry-level retractable bed

Looking for a single bed that is as compact as it is sturdy, this model from FurnitureByJDM will convince you with its sleek design.

527 £ on Amazon

This TEDDY single bed was designed at FurnitureByJDM. Its sturdiness is the result of a careful design and choice of materials of composition. Indeed, it features high quality MDF panels as well as laminated wood fiber panels, all supported by nickel-plated steel and copper screws and hinges. We also appreciate its high quality ABS finish.

The FurnitureByJDM TEDDY Retractable Bed weighs 76 kg and can support a maximum load of 110 kg. This smart and fully compact bed is the right solution for space saving and clever storage. You can assemble it yourself without the need for a professional. Because of its design, it is best to use two people. For your safety, it should be screwed to the solid wall. Once installed, you will be able to fully enjoy your folding bed in complete peace of mind.

Retractable bed and shelves 237.8 x 211.9 cm ROS 3

Best value for money

Retractable bed and shelves 237.8 x 211.9 cm ROS

The best high-end retractable bed

ROS furniture is a must in the bedding market. With this retractable king size bed, this brand offers you a real multifunctional furniture.

1 650 £ on Amazon

Your whole life or almost your whole life can fit in this bed. We're exaggerating a bit, but we have to admit that it's really a multifunctional folding bed. This vertical model is optimized for small rooms where you need a large bed. Having passed its tests with flying colors, this bed perfectly meets the UNE-EN 1129-2 safety standards.

This bed has PVC edges of 1.2 mm and 0.4 mm, as well as door frames, drawers, interior shelves and cubes. It can accommodate a maximum load of 300 kg and is designed for a maximum mattress height of 21 cm. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty. The bed is delivered in kit, to assemble oneself. The only drawback is that the fixing system is incompatible with a plasterboard wall. Also, pay attention to the place where you will fix the device.

SMARTbett 160 Vertical Confort 4

A great choice

SMARTbett 160 Vertical Confort

Alternative high-end

Here is a folding bed with two places signed SMARTbett, the master in the field. This model can support a maximum and exceptional load of 300 kg.

1 321 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best retractable bed

Any specific needs?

The best retractable bed in 2021

The best entry-level retractable bed

The best high-end retractable bed

Alternative high-end

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Comparison table of the best fold-away beds

SMARTBett 140 Horizontal Retractable Bed 5
Retractable bed TEDDY FurnitureByJDM 6
Retractable bed and shelves 237.8 x 211.9 cm ROS 7
SMARTbett 160 Vertical Confort 8
SMARTBett 140 Horizontal Retractable Bed
Retractable bed TEDDY FurnitureByJDM
Retractable bed and shelves 237.8 x 211.9 cm ROS
SMARTbett 160 Vertical Confort
It's hard to choose between folding beds without looking at some Smartbett products. With its model, 140 horizontal, this brand offers us a model of first choice.
Looking for a single bed that is as compact as it is sturdy, this model from FurnitureByJDM will convince you with its sleek design.
ROS furniture is a must in the bedding market. With this retractable king size bed, this brand offers you a real multifunctional furniture.
Here is a folding bed with two places signed SMARTbett, the master in the field. This model can support a maximum and exceptional load of 300 kg.
140X200 cm
90 x 200 cm
237.8 x 211.9 cm
Load capacity
250 kg
110 kg
300 kg
300 kg
Frame material
Sonoma Oak
Engineered wood
Seat height
50 cm
50 cm
50 cm
50 cm

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Buying guide - retractable bed

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How to choose your retractable bed

The retractable bed is a furniture designed to optimize space and is ideal when you have a limited interior. There are various varieties, designs, friends also of designs on the market today. How to choose the right model? By taking into account the following criteria:

#1 - Type

There are two main types of wall beds to choose from: traditional models that are built into furniture and sliding models that require a niche built into furniture or the wall. It goes without saying that the space available should determine your choice. If you have the space to integrate the sliding folding bed, you can go ahead. On the other hand, if the interior is very limited, it is better to opt for the traditional model.

#2 - Dimensions

Always in order to optimize the available space, you will have to take into account the dimensions of the bed of your choice. Take the time to measure the actual dimensions and consider the area dedicated to sleeping to avoid surprises. The real advantage of choosing a wall bed is that you can get a large model without the constraints of space. Also, get the widest model possible.

#3 - Maximum load

Each bed has a seating device that determines the maximum load supported. You'll want to stay below that load to prolong the life of your bed. So, don't forget to check this information to avoid ending up with a bed that doesn't meet your needs. The maximum load supported by a standard retractable bed varies between 110 and 300 kg. Make an estimate based on your weight, not to mention the weight of the mattress.

#4 - Design materials

Don't buy a bed without reviewing the different materials that make it up. Ask about the type of frame, the headboard, but especially the fasteners including screws and hinges. Also look at the springs, jacks, box spring materials if there are any and all the components of the bed. This will check for sturdiness, but more importantly, the overall smoothness of the installation.

#5 - Design

When you've found a sturdy and appropriately sized model, stop one last time at the colors and overall design of your bed as well as the furniture it's integrated with. Whenever possible, opt for a retractable bed with neutral tones or an authentic style so that it can be incorporated into any possible decor. It is an essential decorative element, so it is better not to botch this step.

Retractable bed: a space saver but not only!

The retractable bed is a furniture with a thousand facets, having as main asset to be stored in a small frame when not in use. It allows to reduce the space dedicated to furniture, which allows to increase the area dedicated to the circulation within a room. This space saving is the main advantage of this type of bed, but it has many others.

Moreover, thanks to this particular bed, it is easier to do the chores of cleaning. There's no need to bend over or risk pulling a muscle when moving the bed, just a few simple steps to put it back in its storage frame. Plus, since it's stored in a virtually airtight space, it won't accumulate waste or dust. In short, the retractable bed is beneficial in terms of saving space, but it also has another advantage in terms of hygiene.

The different types of fold-away beds

Currently, there are two main families of retractable beds: the traditional and the sliding ones. Zoom on the essential characteristics of these two models:

Traditional retractable bed

The traditional folding bed is characterized by a design that allows it to be integrated into a piece of furniture. Depending on the range of the product, it can be a wardrobe, a sideboard or another piece of furniture large enough to contain the bed when folded. Also depending on the design, there are models with or without a headboard. There are also models integrated into the walls or ceiling.

Traditional folding beds are the stars of the market today, as they are the perfect answer to the need to save space. On the other hand, compared to traditional models, they are more fragile and more prone to corrosion, especially at the seat.

Sliding retractable bed

Most of the time, this second type of product is presented as a single bed, but it could also be called a drawer bed. Indeed, the vast majority of products currently available come in this form, i.e. a bed integrated into a piece of furniture that can, for example, be transformed into a work table.

This second category of product is also very popular, but has the disadvantage of requiring a niche in the wall in order to meet the space-saving criteria. It goes without saying that if the bed is integrated into a piece of furniture, it will require a dedicated storage area. Therefore, the space saving is not significant with this type of retractable bed.

Retractable bed or mezzanine bed?

Retractable bed

The retractable bed is the ideal solution to optimize the layout of a room by providing additional space that is always useful. Thanks to its design, this type of bed can be stored in the furniture, in a wall or in the ceiling. Thus, no need to devote a whole portion of the room to put the bed. However, unlike a loft bed, there are far fewer storage compartments.

Mezzanine bed

The loft bed is another perfect solution to optimize the design of a room. Most of the time, it is a piece of furniture with a bed located on top and the lower part acting as a desk, a closet or both, depending on the design. If this type of bed offers more compartments to get organized, its drawback is that it stays in its place and does not retract. So, you still need to have the space to install it.


It all depends on your needs and storage possibilities. If the room you have available is really cramped, you should choose the foldaway bed. On the other hand, if you have room for a bed, you could opt for a loft bed and install a desk or a mini-living room in the lower part to save space in another way.

Why buy a retractable bed?

For more space

The main reason for choosing a foldaway bed is to increase the space available, which can always be useful. With a pull-out bed, you can store the bed in its box and use the space it used to occupy for something else. This will come in handy when you are having people over or need space to do some work.

For its ease of installation

The retractable bed is designed to facilitate the life of its users. Apart from saving space, it also stands out for its construction allowing users to assemble and install it by their own means. All you have to do is make sure that the installation is fixed on a solid and stable wall and that the screws and hinges are well in place and it's done.

For comfort

The retractable bed is practical, easy to install and designed to be stored without taking up too much space. This type of bed also has the advantage of ensuring comfort, thanks to its design. In short, it is a ready-made bed where you can sleep comfortably, especially when it is equipped with a box spring. In other words, if you're looking for a ready-made bed that's easy to install and provides comfort, opt for the retractable model.

To enjoy its design

At first glance, when not yet unfolded, the wall bed looks like a piece of furniture that stands proudly in the room. Once unfolded, it shows itself in all its splendor, especially if the bed frame is made of solid wood and has storage compartments. All in all, the retractable bed represents a real plus in terms of decoration.

To make cleaning easier

With a retractable bed that can be unfolded as you wish, you reduce the amount of energy required to perform cleaning tasks. Indeed, you only have to lift to polish the feet and the underside of the bed. Plus, when not in use, it's insulated in its frame, so it collects less dust and dirt, which is always good to have in these times.

The best brands of fold-away beds

In our opinion, the best brands of fold-away beds in 2022 are :

Meuble Ros
Itamoby Kentaro

SmartBett is one of the European references in the bedding sector. In addition to foldaway beds, this brand has also made a name for itself in the design and marketing of various pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers or wardrobes with exceptional designs.

Founded in 1933, the ROS brand is the undisputed leader of furniture in Spain and neighboring countries. Specialized in the design of beds and folding beds, mezzanine beds, it has made a name for itself among users looking for children's furniture.

WallbedKing is the undisputed leader of the wall bed market in Europe. Each time a product is released, many users snap up their wall beds. Elegant, minimalist and discreet, their models are perfectly camouflaged, no matter the design.

If you sort through various models of traditional wall beds, you are bound to find some products signed ELBM. This brand has been a permanent fixture in this industry for many years.

If you're looking for a retractable bed that performs well and is different, don't pass by without looking at a few product lines from this brand. They have proven themselves to many users in the European Union.

What is the price for a retractable bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

500 £ to 1000 £
1000 £ to 1500 £
more than 1500 £
Price range diagram


Read the instructions

Before you start installing your retractable bed, read the instructions carefully. Generally speaking, you can help yourself just by looking at the pictures. If you come across a foreign language manual, open an online dictionary to speed up the process. The installation of a retractable bed is not a big deal, a little help is always good.

Install in pairs

It is not recommended to install a retractable bed tower alone. Indeed, it is better to solicit an external help to hold the bed while it is fixed to the wall. Also, when you're doing DIY, it's always more rewarding to work with others. If necessary, you can call in a professional to help.

Unfold and fold as little as possible

Once you've set up your bed and find that everything works like clockwork, you'll want to unfold and fold it very often. This is not a good idea, as you will accelerate wear and tear on the mechanisms. If you don't need to unfold it, leave it in place. Likewise, if you don't especially need to fold it back in, refrain from doing so.

Avoid fixing to the plasterboard

Plasterboard is a successful material that has won over many users around the world. Waterproof, insulating and fairly modular, its main disadvantage is that you can't attach solid things to it. For paintings or shelves, it's okay, but for a retractable bed, it might be a bit tight.

Add coverings to the bed

If you're not satisfied with the design of the bed while there's nothing to say about its performance, get some plastic film covers and decorate the bed or its surroundings according to your taste. You can also paint it, but make sure you use a non-toxic paint that dries quickly.


Is there any maintenance required?

Since it is a moving system, the parts can wear out over the years. However, while being careful, you shouldn't worry too much, because if you've opted for a good quality retractable bed, it should last for several years. However, check the fasteners regularly to see if there are any screws or other things that might fail.

What mattress should I use for my wall bed?

It depends on the dimensions of the bed. If you have a mattress that you value and sleep well on, why change. Consider buying a bed that matches the dimensions of your mattress. Also be careful with the maximum load, as the bed needs to support your weight added with the weight of the mattress.

Who invented the wall bed?

The invention of this particular kind of bed is said to date back to the early 19th century. It would be the work of a certain William Lawrence Murphy who imagined a bed that could be stored in a closet to have more space in order to court a singer he was in love with. The man later married the singer and patented his invention in 1911, giving birth to a line of foldaway beds.

Is it safe for a child to jump on the bed?

The majority of foldaway beds available today are designed for this purpose. They have the safety systems necessary to perform the functions of a standard bed. However, jumping or standing on a mattress promotes its deformation. In other words, don't do this too often to keep your bed performing well over time.


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SMARTBett 140 Horizontal Retractable Bed 9
SMARTBett 140 Horizontal Retractable Bed
Retractable bed TEDDY FurnitureByJDM 10
Retractable bed TEDDY FurnitureByJDM
Retractable bed and shelves 237.8 x 211.9 cm ROS 11
Retractable bed and shelves 237.8 x 211.9 cm ROS
SMARTbett 160 Vertical Confort 12
SMARTbett 160 Vertical Confort


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