The best reading lamps in the UK 2023

Unlike the desk lamp and the bedside lamp, the reading lamp does not dazzle and stays at a reasonable light temperature so as not to damage the eyes. In general, this type of lamp offers 3 colors of light and can be twisted in all directions. There are all kinds: table, clip, wall, gooseneck or wrap around the neck. Are you also looking for a reading lamp? Check out our guide and find the best.

Cocoda reading lamp 1

Best value for money

Cocoda reading lamp

The best reading lamp in 2021

The Cocoda reading lamp is a rechargeable gooseneck model. Equipped with a clip, it has a neck that can twist 360° and can be placed only on its support or clamped to a book, the edge of a table, etc.

11,99 £ on Amazon

The Cocoda Reading Lamp offers 3 lighting modes. The touch switch allows you to select 3 light colors, namely warm white, cool white and mixed. It all depends on what you want. The flexible neck of this gooseneck lamp can be rotated 360°, allowing the lamp to be adjusted to any angle, providing omni-directional lighting. Moreover, this flexibility, combined with the compactness of the Cocoda, makes it easy to carry.

The 600 mAh battery provides 12 hours of light at low light. It takes 2 hours for a full charge. Conveniently, this reading lamp has a battery indicator that informs about the remaining charge or the status of the charge. The inside of the clip has non-slip mats to protect the stand on which you attach the reading lamp while preventing it from slipping.

Gritin reading lamp 2

Best value for money

Gritin reading lamp

The best cheap reading lamp

Excellent find that this Gritin reading lamp! Its autonomy varies from 5 to 48 hours depending on the lighting intensity. Moreover, the light temperature can reach 6000 K, incredible at such a low price.

8,79 £ on Amazon

This dimmable reading lamp has 9 LEDs and offers 3 colors. Simply press the button to select the color that matches the brightness of the room you are reading in (warm white, cool white, mixed color). Press and hold to adjust the high and low brightness of each color (from 100% to 20%). We appreciate the anti-glare and flicker-freelighting, which adds to the comfort of reading. And all this for about ten euros!

But beyond the price and the quality of lighting, the real plus of the Gritin reading lamp concerns its rechargeable battery of 1 000 mAh. It can last 5 to 7 hours in high light and up to 48 hours in low light. Recharging is done via the UB cable offered. Finally, this lamp has a 360° flexible silicone gooseneck. A clip allows you to attach it to just about anything.

Glocusent reading lamp 3

Best premium value for money

Glocusent reading lamp

The best high-end reading lamp

Available in 3 colors, the Glocusent embodies the ultimate generation of reading lamps, those that wrap around the neck. This model diffuses a yellow, warm white or cool white light between 3000 and 6000 K.

20,79 £ on Amazon

The Glocusent reading light is rechargeable via USB Type-C. The port is reversible, so it's easier to plug in compared to other micro USB ports. This neck lamp can offer 80 h of reading time with a single head on, a feat made possible by the 1,000 mAh battery. As usual, you'll get 3 colors: 3,000K yellow, 4,000K warm white and 6,000K cool white. And on this reading lamp, the user will be able to enjoy 6 light intensities.

Each head of the Glocusent reading lamp has an independent switch and brightness adjustable on 3 levels. You can choose the settings as you like. In addition, you can use this narrow beam lamp for knitting, crafting, lighting up at night in the nature, etc. Design. The beam will be bright enough for the area to be lit and dim enough not to dazzle you or disturb the person sleeping next to you.

Lampe de lecture Fifilary - Lot de 2 4

Wall mounted reading light

Lampe de lecture Fifilary - Lot de 2

A great wall reading lamp

So far, we have offered you reading lamps to clip on, to put on a flat surface or to wrap around the neck. These 2 Fifilary reading lamps are wall mounted. And they can be used to light up bedside tables.

17,59 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best reading lamp

Any specific needs?

The best reading lamp in 2021

The best cheap reading lamp

The best high-end reading lamp

A great wall reading lamp

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Comparison table of the best reading lamps

Cocoda reading lamp 5
Gritin reading lamp 6
Glocusent reading lamp 7
Lampe de lecture Fifilary - Lot de 2 8
Cocoda reading lamp
Gritin reading lamp
Glocusent reading lamp
Lampe de lecture Fifilary - Lot de 2
The Cocoda reading lamp is a rechargeable gooseneck model. Equipped with a clip, it has a neck that can twist 360° and can be placed only on its support or clamped to a book, the edge of a table, etc.
Excellent find that this Gritin reading lamp! Its autonomy varies from 5 to 48 hours depending on the lighting intensity. Moreover, the light temperature can reach 6000 K, incredible at such a low price.
Available in 3 colors, the Glocusent embodies the ultimate generation of reading lamps, those that wrap around the neck. This model diffuses a yellow, warm white or cool white light between 3000 and 6000 K.
So far, we have offered you reading lamps to clip on, to put on a flat surface or to wrap around the neck. These 2 Fifilary reading lamps are wall mounted. And they can be used to light up bedside tables.
Gooseneck lamp
Gooseneck lamp
Neck reading lamp
Wall-mounted gooseneck lamp
Lighting angle
Light color
Warm white, cool white, mixed
Warm white, cool white, mixed
White and Yellow
Warm white
3,000 K
6,000 K
3000 to 6000 K
3,000 K
12 hrs. for 2 hrs. full charge
5 to 47 hrs
6 to 80 h
5 to 8 hrs

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Buying guide - reading lamp

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How to choose your reading lamp

Of reading lamps, there are all kinds on the market. But how to choose them? To enjoy your reading, here are some tips that can help you make the right choice.

#1 - Bulb type

The best way to get a good reading depends on the type of lamp you use. The incandescent bulb is losing ground because it is not very economical and is subject to the risk of burns. However, it has the best color rendering index since it is very close to daylight.

20 to 30% more efficient than an incandescent bulb, the halogen bulb allows energy savings of about 30 to 50%. With a brightness close to that of the sun, this bulb is much more suitable for reading and/or detailed work. Conventional LED lamps will do well if you are reading at night.

#2 - Lighting angle

It is the area illuminated by the lamp, that is, swept by the light beam. The area highlighted is an important criterion because you'll have to make a choice between a wide-angle reading lamp to get the best possible illumination or a low-angle reading lamp to avoid disturbing others.

If the goal is to have a lamp that illuminates mainly a work area or a predefined surface while making sure not to disturb anyone, it is better to opt for a lighting angle varying between 30 and 60°. Conversely, if you want a view that covers the entire office, an angle greater than 60° is best.

#3 - Light color

The color of the light emitted by a reading lamp presents itself as an essential factor in the buyer's choice when making a purchase. When we talk about the color of the light, we are talking mostly about the warmth of the light because the health of the eyes depends on it. The eye being very sensitive, a light that is too blinding or too hot would have a considerable impact.

Most of the time, there is: either a white light, or a yellow light, or a bluish light, but the evolution of technology allows today to have, for the same lamp, two or three colors of light to be able to adjust the color according to the situation.

#4 - Brightness

When we talk about lamp, whether it is, in our case, a reading lamp or other, the most important thing remains the intensity of the emitted light or the brightness. If we have to choose a reading lamp according to its brightness, we have to take into account that a too intense light could have an impact on the health of the eyes and a too minimal brightness would not help at all to read or to work.

Generally, to preserve the eyes and prevent problems, it is better to use a low light (2,500 to 4,000 K) without choosing one that is too dark. If, on the other hand, the aim is to see very clearly in the dark, for those who like to read at night, you should choose a lamp with a higher or lower brightness (4100 to 7000K). However, there are lamps with adjustable brightness.

#5 - Autonomy

Reading is an exciting activity. On average, you need to spend 3 to 4 hours for a complete and comprehensive reading, especially for enthusiasts. But a reading lamp can also be used for working on paperwork or doing homework. So, if we want to buy a reading lamp for our reading, it will have to last at least the time we spend on our work space.

Most of the reading lamps are, today, adjustable on the brightness and color of the light. It should be noted that the autonomy of a lamp depends greatly on its brightness and color of light. Generally, a lamp can last between 4 to 6 hours without interruption. But, as mentioned above, it is mostly about the brightness and color of the light because some lamps can last up to a whole month with its minimum brightness.

How to increase the autonomy of a reading lamp?

For people who love to read, reading becomes a habit. Books make them addicted. This can even lead to reading at night. The reading lamp allows them to enjoy the night and concentrate on their reading without disturbing others. Here are some tips to help you keep your lamp on a little longer while you read.

Adjust the brightness

Most reading lamp models have a feature with which you can adjust the brightness. It would be ideal to adjust the intensity of the light in relation to the natural lighting.

Respect the charging time

It is better to respect the charging time written on the box of the lamp. This will ensure the life of the lamp's battery. Avoid charging the device for too long.

Avoid overuse

Moderate use of the device provides better battery life. Use the lamp only when necessary. This will increase the life of the device and also its autonomy.

The different types of reading lamps

To buy the right reading lamp for the right person and the right use, you must first choose the right type, and here are three.

Neck lamp

As its name suggests, this lamp is worn around the neck and has two illuminating ends. Since it is attached to the neck, it follows the reader's or worker's movements without wasting time readjusting it every time he changes position. Since it has, in most cases, two adjustable hands, it is possible to illuminate two different areas at the same time.

However, a problem often arises when talking about the neck lamp, especially if the design is not detailed: the lamp slides around the neck, especially when the reader is lying on his bed. So, if the goal is to opt for a neck lamp, the best neck lamp is the one with a non-slip surface.

A standing reading lamp

The stand reading lamp is the oldest and most used type of reading lamp in the world because of its simplicity. So it has a supporting foot, a long flexible neck and a head with the illuminating bulbs. The fact that it is on a stand gives a huge advantage because it will just stand on the work surface and light up because of its long flexible neck.

The floor standing reading lamp is easy to move and can be placed anywhere in the house. Nonetheless, most standing reading lamps are for use on AC power, meaning they must constantly be plugged into an electrical outlet, which can be inconvenient for some readers who like to move around while reading.

Clip-on reading lamp

According to the design, the clip-on reading lamp is quite similar to the standing readinglamp.Only one thing differentiates them: where they are placed. Indeed, the clip-on reading lamp has, like the standing reading lamp, a bulb-carrying head and a long, flexible gooseneck, but instead of a simple stand, it has a clip at its end.

Thus, the great advantage of the clip-on reading lamp is that it can be hung on a wall near the work area or directly on the book if it is thick enough. If you want to read in peace on your bed, it is possible to hang it on your bed and use the flexible gooseneck to direct it towards your reading.

Reading lamp or desk lamp?

Reading lamp

The reading lamp is generally presented in three parts: the support which can itself be presented in 3 types: a simple support, a wall support or a clip (clamp); the gooseneck, the flexible part allowing to adjust the lamp to point it towards the working space or the desired zone. Finally, the head of the lamp which comes in a variety of shapes (square, rectangular, oval, etc...) including the bulbs.

The advantage of the reading lamp is the possibility of moving it at will and adjusting the orientation of the lighting of the lamp to direct it to the desired area. It is distinguished above all by its reduced lighting angle for maximum concentration on the reading or the task at hand and to avoid disturbing people in the vicinity during night-time reading.

Desk lamp

The physical aspect of the desk lamp also comes in three parts: the stand, the gooseneck and the head. Nevertheless, the stand of the desk lamp is always a simple stand, that is, it is only used to place the lamp on a table. Also, the gooseneck of a desk lamp is usually not flexible. In addition, its head is usually very large and has about ten bulbs.

The desk lamp is distinguished by its size and, thus, by its lighting surface. It is placed above the work area and offers a view of the entire office. It is intended for people who work on several tasks at once or work with multiple tools because it illuminates a very large area.


The reading lamp is an accessory dedicated to book lovers who like quiet or night reading. It can also be used for various purposes such as knitting or other manual work requiring a great deal of concentration on a particular object, what is important is that it serves to highlight a single area on which the person wants to focus.

The desk lamp, on the other hand, is used when it is necessary to have an unobstructed view of a larger area of the work surface. Whether for professionals (sorting files, repairing an electronic device, reading documents, etc.) or students (doing homework, reviewing notes, writing a paper, etc.), the fact is that the desk lamp is used to illuminate all the tools needed for a specific task.


Recharge your reading lamp regularly

Recharging your lamp the right way will preserve its life. It's best to recharge it before the battery runs out.

Add brightness to your reading lamp

The brightness of a reading lamp can be adjusted to the desired intensity. If the lamp does not have this feature, the ideal is to place the lamp high up and find a way to dim the light if necessary.

Install the reading lamp nearby

To enjoy acceptable visual comfort, avoid placing the reading lamp more than 5 feet away from your book. Indeed, if the lamp is too far away, the beam will not illuminate the book properly.

Be careful when bending the neck of the lamp

Flexible does not mean to bend indefinitely! Fold the reading lamp back gently and put it back at the right angle when you're done using it.

Use your reading lamp as a desk lamp

Yes, it's possible if your desk lamp should give up the ghost. Just place the reading lamp high enough and set it to maximum light temperature. But keep in mind that this is a temporary solution.


How to choose the right reading lamp?

This choice depends on where you want to do your reading. If you are constantly traveling or on the move, it is better to go for portable lamps. And if you want to enjoy quiet reading in your living room, the ideal choice is the stationary reading lamps.

How to recharge a reading lamp?

You can charge a reading lamp via the USB support of a computer with the cable already provided. Make sure the cable is properly connected and a light comes on.

How to install a reading lamp?

With the help of the clamp, you can simply attach the reading lamp to a stand so that the base can come to rest. You can then adjust the lamp with its flexible, rotating neck.

How to adjust the lighting of a reading lamp?

You can adjust the brightness ofa reading lamp with the off/on button. Just press until the intensity is normal. If it does not have this feature, it is ideal to place it high.

How to replace the bulb of a reading lamp?

On an LED reading lamp, the intervention of a professional is necessary. But on a lamp with a bulb, it is enough to unscrew the bulb and install the new one in place. Not to mention that you need to turn off the device first.


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Cocoda reading lamp
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Gritin reading lamp
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Glocusent reading lamp
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