The best radar detectors in the UK 2023

Speed cameras are real pet peeves for drivers. Indeed, to be flasher with each corner of street is sometimes frustrating. However, there is a way to get around these devices called speed camera detector or speed camera detector. In spite of the fact that its use is prohibited in certain countries, we make a point of helping you to better choose it through our guide.

Ruccess STR-S900-G 1

Best value for money

Ruccess STR-S900-G

The best radar detector in 2021

This 360° radar detector is a powerful device integrating a GPS with free update. It has many databases and anticipates all movements in danger zones.

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We stopped on this detector of radar by its functionalities and its simplicity of use. Both discreet and compact, this device adapts to any type of road whether it is a highway or an urban road and reduces false alarms in an optimal way thanks to a powerful filter. Equipped with a large LED screen, it displays precise data on the speed cameras present on a route.

Rucess STR-S900-G runs on a high-performance ST Micro Electronics processor with a 360° overview. You can adjust the alert volume and get voice assistance. It comes with a detector, charger, user manual, installation kit and 12 months warranty. The only drawback is that this guide is in Russian.

KKmoon détecteur de radar 2

Best value for money

KKmoon détecteur de radar

The best cheap radar detector

Cheap, but powerful, this radar detector KKmoon also works as a reversing radar and parking assistance system thanks to its 8 ultra-sensitive sensors.

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Radenso Pro M 3

Best value for money

Radenso Pro M

The best high-end radar detector

With a sleek and stylish design, this high-end radar detector has multiple functions. It's certainly not the cheapest, but the price is justified, as it also comes with a radar jammer.

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The Radenso Pro M is a robust and powerful radar detector. It is equipped with a powerful digital processor that effectively suppresses radio signals. The filter eliminates any false alarms so that you can only pick up the waves emitted by law enforcement radars. This alarm is also intelligent because of its automatic learning capability.

With optimal sensitivity, it has a range of several kilometers to allow you to reduce your speed in time. This device is also equipped with a GPS lock that records all the obstacles and dangers you encounter during your travels. Its database is composed of several thousand red lights and speed camera locations that you can update regularly.

Navty P1 Lifetime Edition 4

A great choice

Navty P1 Lifetime Edition

A high-end multifunction alternative

This Navty P1 Lifetime Ediction radar detector is the ideal option if you live in the UK. Not only does it offer a French guide, but it is authorized for purchase throughout Europe.

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Initially a performance tracker, this device designed by Navty offers many features. With this device, you can measure your performance and speed in real time. The P1R software warns you if you're approaching a danger zone and traffic control points. You also have a 360-degree sensor that instantly informs you of obstacles.

It is a legal device in the UK and in all Europe, because you just have to remove the software and it works like a normal GPS. The software is updated regularly, for free and for life. Of course, it is not cheap, but it is one of the best alarms of the moment and avoids you many troubles.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best radar detector

Any specific needs?

The best radar detector in 2021

The best cheap radar detector

The best high-end radar detector

A high-end multifunction alternative

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Comparison table of the best radar detectors

Ruccess STR-S900-G 5
KKmoon détecteur de radar 6
Radenso Pro M 7
Navty P1 Lifetime Edition 8
Ruccess STR-S900-G
KKmoon détecteur de radar
Radenso Pro M
Navty P1 Lifetime Edition
This 360° radar detector is a powerful device integrating a GPS with free update. It has many databases and anticipates all movements in danger zones.
Cheap, but powerful, this radar detector KKmoon also works as a reversing radar and parking assistance system thanks to its 8 ultra-sensitive sensors.
With a sleek and stylish design, this high-end radar detector has multiple functions. It's certainly not the cheapest, but the price is justified, as it also comes with a radar jammer.
This Navty P1 Lifetime Ediction radar detector is the ideal option if you live in the UK. Not only does it offer a French guide, but it is authorized for purchase throughout Europe.
Alert type
Choice (mute, ringtone, Chinese/English (optional), voice or voice (optional) + beep patterns)
Voice alerts with 260 different messages.
Digital LED display
Full digital
Amber OLED display
front sensor: 0.3 ~ 1.2 m; rear sensor: 0.3 ~ 2.2 m
several miles
Lifetime update
Lifetime update.
Upgraded for life and free

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Buying guide - radar detector

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How to choose your radar detector

Some criteria must be taken into account before making the acquisition of a radar detector. Apart from the look and the price, the following elements can influence your choice.

#1 - Legality of use

A radar detector is primarily useful to avoid being flashed on the road. This means that the driver cheats to avoid paying a fine for each speeding. The purchase of a speed camera thus depends on what the law says in the country where you live, because in some countries the use is allowed, while in others it is strictly forbidden to use it. Since these regulations change frequently, suppliers have approved their products accordingly. They have adopted other names such as "driver assistance" which only indicate danger zones without any precision on the presence of any radar.

Avoid installing a stealth or covert detector in your vehicle in countries where it is against the law. You would risk having a colossal fine in case the forces of order notice the presence of this device in your car.

#2 - The installation on board the vehicle

Optfor a compact and discrete detector of radar. The mounting in the vehicle varies according to the model and obviously if it is legal or not. If you opt for a driver assistance system, you won't have to hide its existence. You can choose between a corded detector that mounts on the front window with a suction cup and is connected to a power source in the cabin. You can also choose a wireless detector that does not need to be fixed, and is very autonomous. It works most often with a battery. There is also the remote detector which is completely undetectable.

#3 - The screen

Itis highly recommended to choose a detector with a screen. This way, the data will be perfectly readable and accurate. The only disadvantage is that it is cumbersome and is exposed in plain sight. It can also distract the driver while driving. Some devices provide a touch screen for easy operation.

#4 - The integrated GPS

The better your device has a GPS, the easier it will be to use. It is always essential to check that the GPS is well set up so that it can display all the information concerning risk zones and especially speed cameras, whether fixed or mobile. Moreover, the devices equipped with a GPS are more or less authorized compared to those with laser or electromagnetic.

It also has the advantage of adapting to the driver's preferences. For example, limit the speed, memorize the roads or areas where there are speed cameras, download other useful data that allow to drive comfortably.

#5 - The type of alert

This last element is just as important as the previous ones. The alert emitted by the detector varies depending on the model and brand. There are several types of alert such as voice alert, audible alert, visual alert. The most advanced detectors combine all these types of alerts to signal the danger zones where there are radars and risk zones like a pin.

What is a radar detector and how does it work?

High-tech device, the radar detector is used by drivers to bypass any type of radar. It works with a powerful system able to detect the electromagnetic waves emitted by the devices of speed control. Often placed in the passenger compartment, specifically on the dashboard or windshield, the radar detector is connected to a GPS and warns the driver, either by an audible signal or by a visual warning of the presence of a radar during the journey.

The device emits a small green light as soon as it is switched on and detects at once the frequency emitted by a radar by a very powerful electronic system. However, the frequency varies from one place to another and especially from one country to another. Some devices with advanced features can work in a dozen countries in Europe.

What does the law say about radar detectors?

Since 2012, the use of any device to jam or detect radar is formally prohibited by law. However, the devices of assistance to the driving are not concerned. Are punished by the law in force, the installation or the possession of a box able to detect the electromagnetic waves in front of the vehicle. Moreover, the article R413-15 of the Highway Code strongly reprimands the use of this device and foresees a severe sanction for any offender.

The different types of radar detectors

To know the different types of radars is essential to find the good model. It also allows to know if the device is legal or if it is forbidden of use.

The classic radar detectors

Often fed by a cable or by a battery, this type of detector is compact, of small size and perfectly functional. It allows to detect all the radars, fixed or mobile and uses the frequencies of electromagnetic waves to collect the data. It even happens that it signals the laser guns used by the forces of order.

The only drawback is that it is slow and the information is only half reliable. The device can also malfunction when the signal is disrupted. <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-54668" src="" alt=" width="700" height="400" />

The anti-radar box

The benefits of the anti-radar box are many. It works thanks to electromagnetic waves and is able to jam the radar and make it not operational when the car equipped with the device passes. To this effect, the radar will not display any data and it will be impossible for it to take the exact speed of the vehicle.

Due to its operation, the use of this device remains illegal in several countries.<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-54672" src="" alt=" width="700" height="400" />

The danger detector

This type of warning device uses the GPS coordinates already stored to operate. It is a legally authorized device that is safe for use by both the driver and the vehicle.

But this device is extremely energy consuming. It is therefore advisable to use a detector with a database updated in a regular manner. <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-54673" src="" alt=" width="700" height="400" />

The driver assistance system

This is sort of a limited function speed camera detector. It displays the danger zones, i.e. where the speed cameras are placed, but does not give any precise indication of their exact location.

You have to buy a subscription if you want to get more detailed and updated information. The free versions are sometimes temperamental and only display a limited amount of data.<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-54675" src="" alt=" width="700" height="400" />

Radar detector or mobile application?

Radar warning device

The detector of radar gives precise information on the presence of this last on several kilometers. It can pick up several kinds of waves, but eliminates all that can hinder to its good functioning, that is to say the false alarms. This apparatus blocks squarely the radars through a device RDD or radar dectector detector.

The effectiveness of a detector depends on the range and the model. The products of entry of range are sometimes unstable and do not detect the fixed radars. Certain warnings are also very expensive and cumbersome.

Mobile application

Mobile applications are both convenient and easy to use. It's just a click away. You can also share data and alerts with other drivers or your friends. Paid mobile applications are the most efficient because they are updated automatically. Plus, you won't have to buy any additional devices, since you have the tool in your smartphone.

However, you'll need to sign up for a subscription to access certain features. As for the accuracy, it depends on the number of users in the area to be covered and the GPS chip of the cell phone.


Mobile apps are easy to use and you will have it with you all the time. This allows you to move from one vehicle to another. However, to get accurate and reliable information, it helps to buy a traditional radar detector.


Use an application instead of a radar detector

Using a mobile application to detect a speed camera is not prohibited since you use your phone on a daily basis. It will show you data without going into details. Because of this, you will not risk being punished.

The reflective plate, a good alternative to the radar detector, but...

Even if the reflective plate is not 100% effective, it can be useful to bypass a radar. Indeed, this type of license plate appears white on the recordings. However, the law also prohibits the use of these camouflage devices.

Knowing how to take the foot off the gas at the right time

The safest way to avoid penalties is to limit your speed when passing a radar. This will save you a lot of trouble with the law and possible accidents.

Using the radar detector as a GPS

A radar detector can act as a GPS. If yours is out of order and you have one of these devices at home, you can perfectly use it to orient yourself by connecting it like a GPS usb.

Bringing a GPS sensor into compliance

Since it is forbidden to use a radar detector on board a vehicle, you must conform your device to the legislation in force. That is to say deactivate the option of detection of radar or reprogram the device so that it indicates you the radars otherwise. In this way, you will not expose yourself to a fine or any other sanction.


What is the best radar detector?

The best radar detector depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Can we combine a radar detector and a laser jammer?

Yes, you can have both devices in your vehicle. There is no risk of interference as each device operates independently.

What is the range of a radar detector?

A radar detector can operate within a radius of 80 to 500 m, but the best ones have a longer range. Whether or not the device works properly can vary depending on the terrain or climate, but also on other technical factors.

How to install a radar detector?

The first thing to do is to power the device properly. It should always be installed in a place that is easily visible to the driver, such as the front of the car. The best location is under the windshield. You must then proceed with the programming and set the various parameters: language, type of signal or alert, country to be covered, etc.

How to maintain a radar detector?

The good performance of a radar detector depends mainly on its installation. It does not need a specific maintenance. Take care all the same to protect well the screen of dust or a crack, and especially change your battery regularly or connect the device correctly with a source of food.


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Ruccess STR-S900-G
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