The best perforators in the UK 2023

Do you need a powerful tool to work on hard materials such as concrete, granite or other materials? You need a drill. The tool market offers a wide range of tools to choose from. That's why we recommend that you consult our comparison of the best drills in order to find the model that meets your needs.

BOSCH GBH 2-28 F 1

Editor's Choice


The best punch in 2021

This drill from Bosch has all the essential features for large-scale work on hard material. It is perfectly suited for professional use.

159 £ on Manomano

Best entry-level


The best entry-level punch

The Bosch PBH 2100 SRE is a high-performance drill that is perfect for domestic work. Considering its selling price and the features presented, it is hard to find a better drill on the market.

67,19 £ on Amazon

The Bosch brand offers a wide range of tools and its range of drills is no exception to the rule. There is something for everyone and at every price point. Indeed, the PBH 2100 SRE is available at a price that will discourage all its competitors, given the performance of the device. Equipped with a 550 W motor, it has a striking force of 1.7 J and operates at a speed of 2300 rpm. Supplied with a drill chuck and standard bits, this model impresses with its versatility.

One of the strengths of this tool is its ergonomics, as it weighs only 2.2 kg and has a compact design combined with a Softgrip handle. In short, it has everything you need to work in the best conditions. You will also appreciate the presence of the Bosch SDS-plus system, which makes it easy to change accessories. Finally, you will be delighted to use its integrated chisel function with Vario-Lock.


Best high-end


The best high-end punch

Makita is a safe bet in the power tool sector. With this model intended for professional use, the Japanese brand demonstrates its know-how.

359 £ on Manomano

Makita is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools, and this cordless drill is a testament to the Japanese company's reputation. Equipped with a carbonless motor, it offers unparalleled power and compactness compared to other models available today. With a softgrip handle mounted in the center of the drill, you'll enjoy exceptional maneuverability, ideal for large jobs.

On the safety side, you'll appreciate the presence of a torque limiting system to protect the motor and the user. Nothing better to prevent blockages. You'll also enjoy superior vibration resistance thanks to a damped battery suspension. Its batteries charge in 45 minutes at most. Finally, you should know that the pack comes with a MAK-PAC case to make it easier for you to travel.




The best alternative

If you are looking for a handy and powerful punch for professional use, the D25134K-QS model designed by DeWalt will perfectly meet your expectations.

140 £ on Manomano
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Best punch

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The best punch in 2021

The best entry-level punch

The best high-end punch

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best perforators

BOSCH GBH 2-28 F 5
This drill from Bosch has all the essential features for large-scale work on hard material. It is perfectly suited for professional use.
The Bosch PBH 2100 SRE is a high-performance drill that is perfect for domestic work. Considering its selling price and the features presented, it is hard to find a better drill on the market.
Makita is a safe bet in the power tool sector. With this model intended for professional use, the Japanese brand demonstrates its know-how.
If you are looking for a handy and powerful punch for professional use, the D25134K-QS model designed by DeWalt will perfectly meet your expectations.
900 rpm
2300 rpm
950 rpm
1500 rpm
3.1 kg
2.2 kg
3.7 kg
3 kg
Strike force
3.2 J
1.7 J
2 J
2.6 J
230 V
230 V
18 V
230 V

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How to choose your punch

Each drill model has its own characteristics that correspond to a specific use. That's why you need to take the time to study each one to find the one that suits your needs. During your research, keep in mind the following parameters:

#1 - Power

The power of a drill is undoubtedly the most important criterion to consider for this type of device. This value is expressed in watts for corded tools and in volts for cordless tools. For corded models, a power of 600 to 800 W would be perfectly adequate for regular use. Prefer 18V minimum for cordless models.

#2 - Speed of rotation

The speed of rotation also represents an important criterion for evaluating the performance of a drill. However, you have to be careful, because unlike drills, this tool is not specifically designed to go very fast. Also, if you find a model reaching 800 to 900 rpm, this one will do perfectly well.

#3 - Safety

For the safety of the user, you should check the presence of devices such as kickback control or safety disengagement thanks to which, the engine stops automatically in case of blockage. In addition to ensuring the safety of the user, this function will extend the life of the device. Finally, also make sure that the control devices are easily reachable.

#4 - Weight and ergonomics

For the comfort of the users, it is better to opt for a light and easy to handle device. Also check for a softgrip handle that will allow you to hold the tool securely. The handle should fit in your hand without having to strain. Finally, also make sure your device has an extra handle to optimize your grip.

#5 - Brand

With this kind of device, it's always wiser to go for the brands that have a proven track record. By giving priority to industry giants including Bosch, Makita, Einhell or even DeWalt, you will be assured of the most advanced technologies as well as a support service that will listen to you, in case there is a problem.

How to maintain a drill ?

In order to prolong the life of this device, which is so useful on a daily basis, it is necessary to grease the motor at least every 6 months. To do this, you must follow the instructions written on the manual, as the location of the motor may vary depending on the designer. During its use, it is necessary to take care not to overheat it, because the consequences could be disastrous if it happened. Also remember to clean it after each use. Clean all accessories with a cloth. A little blowing with a blower is not too bad for removing embedded dust.

Be sure to store your device in a place that is protected from humidity and excessive heat. Whenever possible, store it and its accessories in its box or case for safekeeping. This way, you will find them more easily. Finally, don't overdo it when working on tough materials like concrete. It's better to work with finesse with your drill, but not to go overboard.

The different types of perforators

There are currently 2 main families of drills: corded and cordless models. Here are the differences between these two types of tools:

Corded drill

As the name suggests, this first type of drill is powered by a cable that is connected to the mains. The corded models are the most popular at the moment, as they offer a good guarantee of reliability and are generally less expensive than those powered by a rechargeable battery.

Generally speaking, corded drills offer better power and the guarantee of working in any location, provided that there is a power source. On the other hand, the presence of the cable can limit movement and represents a risk, especially on construction sites.

Cordless drill

Cordless drills are also very popular, especially among itinerant workers who cannot rely on the presence of a generator to do their work. These models are usually equipped with one or two lithium-ion batteries and a charger.

Cordless drills offer a greater range of motion and allow you to work completely independently. On the other hand, they generally offer less power than corded drills and despite the margin in terms of autonomy, you are still dependent on electricity to operate them.

Hole punch or drill?


The perforator is a tool designed primarily to work on the most resistant materials such as concrete, ceramic or steel. Its design makes it halfway between a jackhammer and a drill. Unlike a percussion drill, it allows you to complete large masonry jobs with a minimum of effort. On the other hand, it is not very suitable for precision work and weighs more than standard drills.

Drilling machine

The standard electric drill also allows you to work on hard materials, but with significant effort. In addition, this can put the device at risk, especially if the drill bit gets stuck. The drill is mainly designed for wood, brick or plasterboard walls. In short, its use would be more suitable for domestic work such as the installation of rods or shelves.


To work on concrete, sturdy ceramics or steel, it is wiser to prefer a drill. It will be more efficient and less energy consuming. For domestic work such as installing TV fixtures, towel racks or electrical outlets, it is better to use a drill, which is more precise and much lighter than a drill.

Why buy a hole punch?

To make it easier for yourself on big jobs

If you have to dig conduits to lay electrical cables or pipes in concrete or thick plaster, you can do it by hand or with a percussion drill. But wouldn't it be more practical to have a drill with which you can cut the time and energy spent on the job in half?

For its versatility

The majority of drills available today are 2 or 3-in-1 tools that can be used for drilling, chiseling and drilling in hard and resistant materials. They are also designed to work on softer materials such as wood or brick walls. In short, this tool can do almost anything.

For its speed

The drill allows you to work on concrete, granite and the toughest materials faster. In fact, if you use it to do small jobs around the house, you'll go twice as fast, as long as you set up the tool properly.

For its maneuverability

The drill is a tool designed to make the worker's job easier. Its handles are designed to make it easy to grip while avoiding accidents. But the greatest strength of the drills is the presence of the SDS chuck or more. In addition to ensuring minimum effort, it allows for easy addition of accessories and change of drills at the user's discretion.

To help your loved ones

Having this tool allows you to do domestic or professional work depending on the product range. If you rarely use it, some of your relatives may need it. Also, if they use it in a professional setting, you may receive a small compensation.

The best brands of perforators

In our opinion, the best brands of perforators in 2022 are :


Bosch is the undisputed leader in the electronics and tools sector. Founded in 1886, the German brand has delighted hundreds of thousands of do-it-yourselfers and construction professionals with its tools, which include drills with unmistakable performance.

The Japanese brand Makita is also one of the key players in the design, production and sale of tools for individuals and professionals. Makita drills of all ranges are in great demand.

DeWalt was born in 1994. Now part of the American Stanley Black & Decker group, it has made a name for itself in the power tool and electroportable sector, including in particular drills and other percussion drills.

Hitachi is part of the crème de la crème in the electroportable and electric tool sector. Based in Tokyo, Japan, this company designs and markets a wide range of products. There is something for every purpose and every wallet.

Ryobi is also one of the jewels of the Japanese electronics industry. Having specialized in the design of electronic components for automobiles and telecommunication tools, Ryobi is also a master in the field of punches.

What is the price for a punch

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

80 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


List your accessories

Before you launch into a project, make sure that everything is ready, especially the accessories. You won't need to do this if you have the case with you. If not, take the time to list the drills, wrenches, and all the personal protective equipment you need.

Wear PPE

Working with a drill exposes the user to certain hazards, otherwise you wouldn't need such a powerful tool. In addition, you have to watch out for dust, sawdust or steel powder. Because of this, consider wearing goggles, a mask, gloves and, if possible, coveralls.

If it's your first time, start with the instructions

If you're using the drill for the first time, be careful to follow the instructions. To do this, start by reading the instructions carefully and don't hesitate to start over until you understand. If necessary, watch some tutorials online, it will help you to see more clearly.

Build a cleaning kit

To take care of your punch, you need to maintain it regularly. To make cleaning easier for you, get a compressed air bottle with an air blower. You'll need a rag and a flat surface to put the tool on. Don't stop until your unit is nickel-plated.

Follow the maintenance instructions

When reading the instruction manual, pay special attention to the cleaning instructions. Follow the instructions, especially for lubricating the motor. If you follow these instructions carefully, you should be able to enjoy your drill for many years.


What should I do if my corded drill won't turn on?

If your drill doesn't turn on, check that everything is plugged in properly. Check if the power supply is working as it should. If it still doesn't work, check with a test screwdriver to see if the power supply is working properly. If it still doesn't work, consider contacting the manufacturer's service department.

What is the difference between a drill and a chisel?

The chisel is a tool designed primarily for demolition while the drill is primarily for masonry work on resistant material. These two functions are often combined on quality perforators, this tool being especially appreciated for its versatility.

What safety equipment should I bring?

In order to work in the best conditions with your perforator, you must wear personal protective equipment. This will require gloves, goggles, a dust mask, and a helmet or earplugs. If you can afford it, wear protective footwear or safety sneakers.

What is an SDS drill?

SDS drill refers to tools equipped with a chuck designed for secure fastening. There is the standard SDS which allows the chuck to not slip, the SDS+ which can accommodate large diameter accessories (30 mm) as well as the SDS Max allowing for larger holes up to 50 mm.


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