Puky wheelchairs : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

Like children's bicycles, the market for draisiennes is proliferating. Alongside other European brands, the German brand Puky proudly stands out with its impressive models of designer and safe draisiennes. This bike without pedals is a major asset for your child's motor skills. Discover the advantages and the best products of the brand to spoil your little one.

Puky - Draisienne LR M Classic 1

Best value for money

Puky - Draisienne LR M Classic

The best Puky draisienne in 2021

This is a model intended for children of 2 years and more. At first sight, we are seduced by its style embellished by this plastic woven basket. Classic and timeless, it will make your little one very happy.

88,80 £ on Amazon

With this look, little girls and boys will be over the moon when they receive their gift. They'll love the handlebar basket that will hold their snacks while they're out walking. The handlebars have a safety handle on both sides for easy grip. Like the saddle, its height is adjustable.

Safety is enhanced by the structure of the frame which optimizes the steering of the bike. Although this bike does not have a brake, this detail is an asset for a smooth deceleration. After starting, the footboard takes over for convenient use. In addition to all these advantages, there are the characteristics of its tires, made with foam.

Puky – Draisienne Laufrad M 2

Best value for money

Puky – Draisienne Laufrad M

The best entry-level Puky draisienne

A draisienne that meets the standards of comfort for a child use. It is very light and therefore easy to handle. In addition, it is one of the latest models of the brand.

62,31 £ on Amazon
Puky - Draisienne LR 1L BR 3

Best value for money

Puky - Draisienne LR 1L BR

The best high-end Puky draisienne

Opt for this top-of-the-line draisienne to have all the safety features of Puky. The efficiency of its braking system is impressive. However, its heavier weight requires a controlled ride.

114 £ on Amazon

Want to make your little one happy? Give him a well-equipped draisienne with a brake, a kickstand and a footboard. Don't worry, this drum brake is well adapted to your child's small hands. The ball bearing wheels are inflatable for this model, which simplifies their maintenance in case of a crack. This little car is made of metal for the most part. This is quite reassuring in terms of its lifespan.

On the other hand, this explains its higher weight. In any case, the padding of the handlebars offers the child an extra comfort to ride. With this unisex color, this model knows how to be versatile. However, it is recommended for children of 3 years and older because of its weight of 5 kg and its adjustable height between 90 and 115 cm.

Puky - Draisienne LR M Plus 4


Puky - Draisienne LR M Plus

The best equipped Puky draisienne

Here is another fairly new model, released in 2018. It features all the features that parents have always dreamed of for their child's draisienne. This vehicle accompanies your baby throughout his or her childhood considering its size.

71,91 £ on Amazon

This draisienne has everything to please. Like all the other models, it includes a protection device in the middle of the handlebars, but also on the sides of the handlebars. Both the saddle and the handlebars are adjustable. And the wheels are protected by a very effective mudguard. This means that the draisienne can be used on muddy roads.

A stand allows to hold it upright when it is not in use. A fun and easily accessible bell adds to all these features to entice you and your child. The foam tires are very durable and flexible.

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Best Puky draisienne

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The best Puky draisienne in 2021

The best entry-level Puky draisienne

The best high-end Puky draisienne

The best equipped Puky draisienne

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Comparison table of the best Puky wheelchairs

Puky - Draisienne LR M Classic 5
Puky – Draisienne Laufrad M 6
Puky - Draisienne LR 1L BR 7
Puky - Draisienne LR M Plus 8
Puky - Draisienne LR M Classic
Puky – Draisienne Laufrad M
Puky - Draisienne LR 1L BR
Puky - Draisienne LR M Plus
This is a model intended for children of 2 years and more. At first sight, we are seduced by its style embellished by this plastic woven basket. Classic and timeless, it will make your little one very happy.
A draisienne that meets the standards of comfort for a child use. It is very light and therefore easy to handle. In addition, it is one of the latest models of the brand.
Opt for this top-of-the-line draisienne to have all the safety features of Puky. The efficiency of its braking system is impressive. However, its heavier weight requires a controlled ride.
Here is another fairly new model, released in 2018. It features all the features that parents have always dreamed of for their child's draisienne. This vehicle accompanies your baby throughout his or her childhood considering its size.
3.5 kg
1 kg
5 kg

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Our opinion on the Puky wheelchairs

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Our opinion on the Puky wheelchair

Puky knows how to distinguish itself by the solidity of its products. This is the key element of its success and customer satisfaction. This is true for the draisiennes, but also for the other children's vehicles sold by its partners and on its website.

A successful German brand

A company based in Germany, Puky remains faithful to the quality of manufacturing that distinguishes it from its competitors. With the manufacture of draisiennes, it promotes the physical and intellectual development of children while reassuring parents about their safety. This brand makes it a point of honor to always offer ergonomic vehicles of exceptional quality for a price ranging from 60 to 200 euros. It must be said that its experience acquired during nearly 100 years of existence is greatly felt in the results of its research and manufacturing.

The characteristics of the company's wheelchairs

The Puky toys on the market are ergonomically designed with equipment that promotes balance and the development of the user's autonomy from an early age. Robust and durable materials are at the heart of the brand's production. Moreover, it is not afraid to promise years of use to parents who do not fail to give full confidence to this brand. The fact is that it has largely proven itself and continues to seduce many customers with the best quality/price ratio.

A well thought-out and safe design

Puky serves the youngest children. From the age of 12 months, they can easily find models adapted to their size and their cognitive and physical abilities. Even at this stage of growth, Puky toys are easy to handle. The credit goes to the way the bikes are designed for this. In fact, this brand collaborates with professionals in the field of children's health and wellness to find the right compromise of comfort and safety. With a perfectly adequate size, the user can easily walk with the draisienne in its early stages before sitting on the saddle, which is also designed to adapt to his morphology.

Attractive design for young children

There are different styles from this German manufacturer. From vintage design to the most trendy styles, there is something for everyone. The models come in a wide range of colors. Girls and boys alike are spoilt for choice with the various finishes on offer. Even parents can't resist their charm and authenticity.

Other Puky products

There are other products besides the draisiennes in the Puky catalog. All of them are designed for babies from one year old. The carrier, for example, is designed in different variations to allow the youngest to enjoy a ride in a stable vehicle. It has 4 wheels and an ergonomic seat. There are also the classic two-wheeled bikes that come in different styles that are just as interesting.

Puky's draisiennes have everything to please. In fact, the brand's customers are loyal to it thanks to the reassuring safety of its products, among other things. It must be said that this is an undeniable quality of Puky. It is truly a choice of choice to ensure the happiness of your little ones.

Puky or Berg Biky scooter

Puky Draisienne

Puky's wheelchairs are ideal for very young children, from 12 months to over 4 years old. The design and equipment are designed to support the early stages of their learning in this area. Despite the company's long history in the market, it is committed to continuous innovation. Its products adapt to the evolving needs of parents and users. Between safety and the feeling of speed, the brand relies on a good balance to reassure parents on the one hand and satisfy the little ones on the other.

Draisienne Berg Biky

Berg Biky stands out for its sporty looking bikes for children from 2 to 5 years old. There are few models for children even younger than that. In any case, the brand's models appeal more to boys than to girls with their somewhat masculine look. We are not insensitive to the comfort elements of the brand's products such as a light and solid frame, a well-designed fork or an evolving design. Berg Biky also offers a few accessories that are far from trivial to enhance the experience of the little ones.


Puky bikes are rich in accessories from the moment of purchase. Not only that, but it also offers a wide range of parts that allow customers to take care of their child's bike without the risk of using incompatible components. Its training bikes are suitable for standard terrain. Berg Biky's training bikes are suitable for standard terrain, while those offered by Berg Biky are extremely durable. And they're even suitable for rougher roads. In short, it's all a matter of taste, as each brand has considerable strengths and is worth trying.

How to choose your Puky draisienne

Use these criteria to check the quality of the Puky wheelchair for your child. It is essential to ensure real comfort, style and a high level of safety.

Criterion 1 : The material

Almost all Puky bikes are made of steel or aluminum, and it is very rare, if not impossible, to see wooden models from this German brand. This is a good point for the solidity of the bike given the trials it will face. Since the materials are the same, pay attention to the design finishes, especially on the frame and handlebars. They must be comfortable, but also resistant in case of a fall. Be careful, this solidity has a price.

Steel bikes can be heavier and therefore difficult to handle. The material/weight ratio should be checked especially when you choose a Puky wheelchair. Aluminum models are more elegant, but seem to be more fragile than their steel counterparts. However, they are weatherproof and light.

Saddle materials are equally important. Make sure they don't tear easily. Choose materials that can be cleaned and removed. Finally, check the quality of the handlebars by looking at the choice of materials. All this, without neglecting the visual appearance of the machine.

Criterion 2 : The ergonomics of the structure

The lightness of the bike is part of its ergonomic characteristics. This depends on the material used for all parts of the Puky bike. Then, make sure that it will be easy to tame by the child. To do this, the model must fit the child's body shape so that he or she is comfortable. An ergonomic bike saves him the risk of falling. Not only that, but the location and axis of the wheels also contribute to his comfort. The same goes for the access to the various equipments: brake, handlebars, saddle...

Criterion 3 : The equipment

The Puky draisiennes are well equipped to facilitate the driving of this machine without pedals. Opt for a model with a footboard. It's very practical on some types of terrain. Plus, it's another safety feature. Check the quality of the tires: their materials and integrated technology. The latter must be in line with the standards for the production of this type of children's bike.

The presence of brakes is desirable as soon as the user masters the driving. Also, consider choosing a model with a shock absorber to facilitate the use of this small vehicle. Your baby will love the performance of this one. Top it off with a kickstand that is not only reassuring, but also fun for little ones.

Criterion 4 : The life span

A good quality draisienne is a durable draisienne. When you choose Puky, you're making a long-term investment. Solid materials, safe equipment and easy handling. These are the guarantees of your satisfaction on this point. The draisienne will accompany your child during his first years of growth. And when the time comes for him to switch to a bike with pedals, you can always resell the wheelchair at a good price if the quality is good. The access to spare parts will make your life easier for maintenance needs during use.

Criterion 5 : The size of the child

The last criterion, but certainly not the least, concerns the child's size. The height of the saddle is adapted to his size. In order to follow the evolution of his morphology, it must integrate an adjustment system so that his legs can bend slightly when he sits on it. His feet will then be able to ensure the balance of the vehicle.

Why buy a good Puky wheelchair?

To ensure your child's comfort

Everything about the structure of Puky's toys reassures buyers. You can be sure that your little angels will be happy, because they promise an easy grip and remarkable comfort.

To introduce your child to cycling

You don't have to wait until your child is a little older to let him or her enjoy a ride on two wheels. The Puky bike is a solution to teach your child how to ride a bike safely. This device allows him to get familiar with speed.

To benefit from several compatible accessories

Puky provides all the accessories you need to properly equip your little one. In addition to the spare parts needed to maintain the bike, you can buy other useful products such as helmets and wheels.

For a lasting investment

The Puky wheelchair is known for its durability and long life. So this purchase is a long-term investment. You can still sell it when your baby is old enough to play with it.

To develop your child's motor skills

Playing with a draisienne is a good way to train your child's motor skills before moving on to more advanced two-wheelers, without forcing him or her to do anything. It is also important that the instrument of locomotion is compatible with the shape of the baby's body.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Puky wheelchairs:

Early Rider

This is another German brand that you can trust when choosing a wheelchair for your child. It has a very rich offer for an age range from 2 to 5 years. This is the manufacturer you need to find a good wooden draisienne model with as much quality as Puky's products.

Early Rider is well known in the children's bike and draisian market. But not only! This name is also found in the field of adult bicycles. Like Puky, it appeals because of the reliability of the materials used. In addition, this brand offers more variants for the draisiennes. All of them are characterized by a rather American style.

Chicco is a British company that regularly develops new models of children's toys and bikes. Chicco's range of products is second to none. That's why it deserves its place on the same level as our German brand. Its customers boast about the safety of its products.

Smoby is a French alternative to Puky. Apart from the draisiennes, it offers several ranges of games and toys for the little ones to awaken their creativity. Smoby is very interested in the playful aspect of its creations. It seems to be ahead of Puky in terms of versatility.

Btwin is no longer to be presented in the bicycle sector. Although it is more active in the adult bicycle market, it also manufactures children's bikes. With a wealth of experience, it is trusted by parents for this type of product.


Buy parts from the same brand

In case of problems with your Puky wheelchair, prefer parts from the same brand. You will not lack choice on the brand's website. For accessories, Puky has everything you need: helmets, baskets, stability wheels... It allocates a separate section to these products.

Choose the terrain carefully

The Puky draisienne is suitable for all flat and unobstructed terrains. It ensures maximum safety on slopes, provided that it is equipped with a brake system. This bike can overcome light climbs. Your child can use it very well in a crowded place thanks to the bell on almost all models.

Equip your child with all the accessories compatible with a Puky wheelchair

For your child's comfort and safety, buy all the necessary equipment we mentioned beforehand. Puky offers helmets with various designs to suit all tastes. They come with practical bags for family outings. Check to see if your model can accommodate a seat belt. That would be really great.

Benefit from the brand's after-sales service

Puky offers satisfactory after-sales service, so you might as well take advantage of it. All draisiennes are covered by a 5-year warranty. Be aware, however, that it only covers the frame, fork and handlebars. Refer to the clauses established by the brand.

The Puky wheelchair test before you buy

Difficult to test your draisienne if you buy online. That's why we're gathering the best models in this article. You can also rely on user reviews on the internet and social networks.


How to replace the wheels of a Puky wheelchair?

The procedure is the same as with a draisienne of another brand to replace the wheels of Puky's. You will need a tire iron, a wrench to handle the nuts and a pump. Start by removing the wheel to be replaced. It's best to deflate the tire so it can be removed easily. Before installing the new one, fill the tube lightly and install the tire on the rim.

Why replace the tires of a Puky wheelchair?

Tires will wear out over time. They fall victim to weather and sun exposure, factors you can't control. The same is true for temperatures that are constantly changing. However, they may have been subjected to sudden or frequent impacts. Deterioration of this part of the bike compromises its proper operation and replacement becomes mandatory.

How to adjust the wheelchair of this brand?

When delivered, the seat, wheels and handlebars may not be attached to the body of the Puky bike. Follow the manual carefully for installation. The manufacturer supplies the necessary tools for this. Adjust the height of the saddle and lock it with the clamping ring on the right level. The handlebars are adjusted in a 90° angle to the front wheel.

What is the ideal weight for a Puky wheelchair?

There is no preset standard weight, as everything depends on the size and age of the child. Nevertheless, there is a range you can rely on to avoid making mistakes. The ideal is to choose a draisienne of 3 to 5 kilos if it is the first model of your little one.


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Puky - Draisienne LR M Classic
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Puky – Draisienne Laufrad M
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Puky - Draisienne LR 1L BR
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Puky - Draisienne LR M Plus


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