The best trimmers for pubic hair in the UK 2023

Pubic hair trimmers are the perfect way to get rid of hair in your intimate area. They are a great alternative to more aggressive razors and more expensive full body hair removal. Many brands and models are available on the market. To help you make the right choice, we've put together this buying guide to the best pubic hair trimmers.

Philips BRT383/15 1

Editor's Choice

Philips BRT383/15

The best pubic hair trimmer

For clean, clear skin, opt for the Philips BRT383/15 BikiniGenie Bikini Trimmer for a smooth, irritation-free session.

19,99 £ on Amazon

Waterproof, this pubic hair trimmer can be used dry or underwater. It has 2 trimming combs to ensure precise cuts up to 3.5mm. It allows a good grip thanks to its non-slip and ergonomic handle. This Philips pack includes a special bikini trimmer, 2 combs, 1 clipping shoe, 1 mini clipping head, 1 storage pouch, 1 cleaning brush and 1 AA battery.

Remington BKT4000 2

The best cheapest

Remington BKT4000

The best entry-level pubic hair trimmer

This Remignton clipper offers a pleasant grip and a great cutting efficiency on intimate areas. Moreover, it is offered at an attractive price that will delight users.

19,07 £ on Amazon

The Remington BKT4000 is a cordless bikini trimmer. It is powered by a rechargeable battery made of lithium. It admits an autonomy of use of approximately 60 minutes for a time of load of 4 hours. It is waterproof and does not present any risk of use if you use it under the shower.

It is delivered with 2 cutting guides of 2 and 4 mm. It can also be used directly without these guides and reaches a cutting precision of 0.2mm. This trimmer offers an efficient cut of the bikini area with precision and speed. Because of its light weight, the Remington BKT4000 is ideal for travel.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890 3

The best high-end

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890

The best premium pubic hair trimmer

Using Micro-Grip tweezer technology, the pubic hair trimmer ensures smooth, clean skin for weeks. It is available in two colors.

102 £ on Amazon

With its wide pivoting head, the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890 provides effortless, easy and effective hair removal. With its precise lines, this trimmer can sculpt precise shapes, lines and contours. In addition, this unit is completely waterproof and you can use it in the shower for a painless shave. For sensitive areas, a shaving head can be used instead of the epilation head.

Veet Sensitive Precision Expert 4

Special private parts

Veet Sensitive Precision Expert

For delicate areas

Veet Sensitive Precision Expert can be used to ensure a smooth and fast shave. It guarantees a precise and painless cleaning.

20,71 £ on Amazon

This first device from Veet will gently and precisely remove your unwanted hair. Even in sensitive areas, there's no need to worry because the blades don't even touch the skin. To ensure perfect precision, Veet Sensitive Precision Expert has several specific accessories. In addition, this beauty styler can go anywhere for quick touch-ups.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pubic hair trimmer

Any specific needs?

The best pubic hair trimmer

The best entry-level pubic hair trimmer

The best premium pubic hair trimmer

For delicate areas

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Comparison table of the best trimmers for pubic hair

Philips BRT383/15 5
Remington BKT4000 6
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890 7
Veet Sensitive Precision Expert 8
Philips BRT383/15
Remington BKT4000
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890
Veet Sensitive Precision Expert
For clean, clear skin, opt for the Philips BRT383/15 BikiniGenie Bikini Trimmer for a smooth, irritation-free session.
This Remignton clipper offers a pleasant grip and a great cutting efficiency on intimate areas. Moreover, it is offered at an attractive price that will delight users.
Using Micro-Grip tweezer technology, the pubic hair trimmer ensures smooth, clean skin for weeks. It is available in two colors.
Veet Sensitive Precision Expert can be used to ensure a smooth and fast shave. It guarantees a precise and painless cleaning.
limited depending on the AA batteries used
60 minutes
50 minutes
limited depending on the capacity of the AA battery used
Cutting Guide Thicknesses
3mm and 5 mm
2 mm and 4 mm

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Buying guide - pubic hair trimmer

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How to choose your pubic hair trimmer

To better choose your pubic hair trimmer, consider the following criteria.

#1 - Power mode

A pubic hair trimmer can be powered directly from the mains via an electric cord or it can operate in cordless mode. The choice of the type of power supply is a criterion that greatly influences the use of the device. A wired model is usable as long as the mains power supply works. But it is not very comfortable to use and the movements that can be made are restricted by the presence of the electric wire.

The wireless models have either a rechargeable battery or batteries to operate. Therefore, they are more comfortable and convenient to use. Rechargeable battery models are heavier, but they have a long autonomy. Nevertheless, they are more cumbersome to transport because of the presence of wire and recharging base. The battery models are lighter and less bulky, but the autonomy is reduced.

#2 - Number of shoes/cutting height


number of shoes is an important part of the criteria for choosing a good pubic hair trimmer. Indeed, the effective model is one that has a multitude of shoes to define the cutting thickness. At least, a good device should have 3 different cutting heights, therefore 3 different blades. However, you can also find models that have an adjustable cutting height directly on the device.

#3 - Autonomy

Autonomy is a key point when buying a pubic hair trimmer. It is essential to choose a model with a good autonomy. Corded models are not affected by this criterion since they are permanently connected to the power outlet. As long as there is electricity, the device works. But for wireless models, it is important to choose a product that allows you to benefit from an uninterrupted session for more convenience and efficiency. The autonomy varies between 30 minutes to 2 hours for cordless devices.

#4 - Waterproofing


models of pubic hair clippers are waterproof and can be used in the shower. These are waterproof models. This type of device is accessible at a higher price compared to the normal model. Other models even have non-slip surfaces for use with wet hands. Using waterproof pubic hair clippers is a great time saver. Plus, this feature is very convenient.

#5 - Size and weight


you are constantly traveling or on the go and taking your pubic hair trimmer with you, it is ideal to choose a less bulky and lightweight model. Plus, its light weight allows for easy handling of the device and great precision.

Moisturize the skin

Moisturizing the skin before shaving is recommended to improve skin suppleness, open pores and reduce the occurrence of skin irritation or redness.

The different types of trimmers for pubic hair

3 types of pubic hair clippers exist on the market. They are differentiated by their power supply. There are corded, battery operated and finally battery operated models.

Corded pubic hair trimmer

This type of pubic hair trimmer does not have any restrictions in autonomy. As long as the device is connected to the electrical outlet and the power is on, it can be used. Therefore, it has a great performance. Nevertheless, it has some disadvantages, as the freedom of movement is quite limited, due to the presence of the electric wire feeding the device. Thus, access to delicate areas is quite difficult due to this problem.

Battery powered pubic hair trimmer


battery operated pubic hair trimmer is powered by a rechargeable battery. It is a cordless model. Its use provides a great possibility of movement and the user will be able to treat sensitive and hard-to-reach areas. The absence of wire is a real advantage. However, the rechargeable battery that makes up this type of device has a limited autonomy.

Depending on the model, the battery can take more or less time to recharge. Generally speaking, the battery operated pubic hair clippers available on the market have a battery life of 60 to 70 minutes. This type of pubic hair trimmer is suitable for travel. But the charging base as well as the cord that makes it up takes up space during transportation.

Battery powered pubic hair trimmer

Battery operated pubic hair trimmers are the lightest of the types of pubic hair trimmers. They are handy and can access any hard-to-reach area thanks to the absence of an annoying and less convenient power cord. But as a cordless model, its autonomy is limited. For this type, the autonomy is fixed by the power of the batteries that feed the device.

Batteries are more polluting for the environment than other power supply methods. It is recommended to use rechargeable batteries to limit this pollution and adopt a more ecological attitude. Battery operated pubic hair trimmers are the easiest to carry for travel as they are both lightweight and less bulky.

Corded or wireless?


Wired models are efficient because they are connected directly to the mains. They have to be permanently connected to operate. This situation makes the use less comfortable and the handling of the device is limited. You are no longer completely free in your movements. In addition, you risk having cuts due to the discomfort caused by the presence of the electric wire.


The cordless models are more suitable for trimming intimate parts. They are easier to handle and you are not hindered during your movements. This reduces the risk of cuts. However, the time allowed for use is limited by the autonomy that the rechargeable battery or the batteries can offer.


In conclusion, even though cordless pubic hair trimmers have a limited use time due to their autonomy, they are more the ideal models for trimming your pubic hair because of the comfort they offer and their excellent handling.

Why buy a pubic hair trimmer?

Find below some reasons to use a pubic hair trimmer.


A well-maintained pubic area is good for your health. The presence of thick hair on this part of the body can retain unpleasant odors. The use of this device contributes to your sexual hygiene and your well-being.


The pubic hair trimmer is an economical solution compared to other methods. Indeed, it is a device that is made to last and to be used on the long term compared to disposable razors or depilatory cream.

Less painful

Using a pubic hair trimmer is virtually painless and respects the fragile skin of the pubic area.

Saves time

Using a pubic hair trimmer means saving a lot of time. It is a powerful and efficient device. You will get the desired result in no time thanks to its speed.


This type of trimmer is suitable for trimming pubic hair. It does this job perfectly and its design has been thought to be as efficient as possible with maximum comfort and maneuverability.


Use clippers in the opposite direction of hair growth

To avoid having hard, thick and rough hairs during the regrowth, it is advised to trim the hairs in the opposite direction of the regrowth. The clippers are more efficient in this position. This will prevent irritation, itching and even ingrown hairs.

Preparing the skin


proceeding to trim pubic hair, it is wise to soak the skin in water using a bath or shower for about ten minutes and apply water abundantly on the pubic area. This action is intended to make the skin more supple and open the pores to limit irritation and ingrown hairs.

Regrowing hair


shaving it is advisable to apply a cream on the surface of the skin to slow down hair growth, but without them being blocked under the epidermis


Tips for men


is recommended that you stand upright and that you use a chair, for example, to put one foot up. So you will have one foot touching the floor and one foot elevated on a chair. This makes it easier for you to access the area to be mowed. You can hold and manipulate the mower with your dominant hand and stretch the skin for the mower to pass. Be very careful when passing over delicate areas such as the base of the penis or the scrotum.

Tips for women


ideal position to perform pubic hair trimming for women is to be positioned on the edge of the bathtub or sitting on the toilet seat. The dominant hand holds the clippers and the other holds the skin.

Be careful


going over intimate areas, it is important to be very careful. Some clippers have systems that prevent cuts. Make upward and then downward strokes with the clippers, always holding the skin taut. However, avoid going over the same area several times due to the high sensitivity of this area and to prevent irritation or itching.


What is the best pubic hair trimmer?

The best pubic hair trimmer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Is trimming pubic hair healthy?


, trimming your pubic hair does not pose any risk to your health. This action even contributes to your hygiene.

Can I use the pubic hair trimmer on my dry, sensitive skin?


, you can use hair clippers even with this type of skin. However, you need to moisturize your skin before the clipping session. Also, there are some models that have moisturizing technology. This helps to reduce irritation and itching.

How long does it take for hair to grow back?

We don

't have an exact answer for this one because this length of time varies depending on the individual. However, this regrowth time is faster compared to using an electric epilator for example. In addition, the cutting height also factors into this time.

How do I clean my pubic hair trimmer?


your trimmer is suitable for use under the bath or waterproof, you can clean it under tap water or rinse it in water. On the other hand, if you have a model that is not designed to come into contact with water, you can use a small dry brush. For disinfection, hydrogen peroxide or a wipe will do the trick.


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Philips BRT383/15 9
Philips BRT383/15
Remington BKT4000 10
Remington BKT4000
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Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890
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Veet Sensitive Precision Expert


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